Nancy Controls Her Household Ch. 03

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Nancy No Longer in Control

By Susan Greenway

This story involves incest, spanking and other punishments as well as several bodily functions, including menstruation. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. This story will likely make more sense if you first read the first two chapters first because events here do refer back to what occurred in those chapters.

Meg and Keith, both 25, no longer submitted to the will of Keith’s fiftyish mother, Nancy. She had been widowed for a couple of years but had indulged her need to dominate by controlling the behavior of her son and daughter-in-law. They had been living with her since they were married six months before.

Meg, a striking red-haired professor at the local university, and Keith, an up-and-coming partner in a prominent law firm, were already successful young professionals. They engineered their plan to end Nancy’s reign of embarrassing and humiliating them as well as controlling their sex life.

Now things had changed a lot. Meg and Keith thought they were being more than generous in inviting Nancy to move with them and to join them in their bed. Meg had initiated Nancy by spanking her and then satisfying her with digital stimulation between her legs.

It would take some time for Meg to select the right house for the three of them and to arrange for the move. In the meantime, they remained in the family house, but with changes. Keith and Meg moved into Nancy’s large master bedroom suite and Nancy found herself in Keith’s old bedroom which Meg and he had been using as an interim base.

Nancy had peed on Meg while being spanked. She was terribly embarrassed about having done that when she was being disciplined for the first time by her now powerful daughter-in-law. Meg never raised her voice when directing Nancy, even when she made her do very shameful things.

She would sweetly tell Nancy it was time for a panty inspection. Nancy learned to then pull down her panties and lift her skirt so Meg could scrutinize her panty crotch for stains. If any were discerned during Meg’s intimate inspection, the scrutiny would proceed to a close look at Nancy’s labia and clit. She then knew she had to hold herself open so Meg could see inside her vagina.

Nancy felt that she was being exposed almost as much as when her gynecologist performed a pelvic examination and held her vagina open with a speculum. During these embarrassing intrusive inspections, Nancy was now afraid every time of what penalty Meg would impose if Nancy failed the examination.

Meg also recalled with annoyance how she had been humiliated by Nancy when she subjected Meg to having her temperature taken rectally. Nancy had done this after spanking Meg in front of Nancy’s friends and then announcing when she removed the thermometer from Meg’s rectum that there was “dirt” on it and displaying the soiled thermometer to the group.

Thus, when she felt that Nancy had behaved especially badly, Meg reminded her that it was time to slip the thermometer “up your botty”. Meg was far more considerate than her mother-in-law, for she did not take Nancy’s temperature when others were around. If the thermometer emerged, however, with smudges from Nancy’s bowel, Meg might smile and place the soiled thermometer right under Nancy’s nose.

In view of Nancy’s loss of urinary control when Meg had spanked her, one punishment Meg had instituted was requiring Nancy to wear a diaper for a prescribed period or if Meg felt Nancy had behaved especially badly, the diaper would be worn indefinitely. A further refinement was having Nancy wear plastic pants over her diaper. The plastic would crinkle and make embarrassing noises when Nancy walked.

Nancy was now required to seek permission for her bathroom use. Meg, if she were home at the time, would supervise Nancy’s toilet activity, telling her when she could pull down her panties and start to pee, or begin to defecate. She would inspect the contents of the toilet after Nancy had wiped, and then decide whether to have Nancy put her diaper back on. Being freed from diaper use was now regarded as a major gift by Nancy.

Surprisingly, the presence now of Nancy in Keith and Meg’s marital bed proceeded without problems. Nancy was quite excitable, and Meg would often stimulate her manually and prepare her to receive Keith’s large penis. Meg might alternatively strap on a dildo and penetrate her mother-in-law’s cunt or her lubricated asshole. When the couple were engaged in coitus, Nancy would lie very close and excite Meg by caressing her labia and clit or licking her cute bottom-hole.

Neither Meg nor Nancy were bothered by having all this go on in each other’s presence. Keith relished having sex with his wife and his mother. Sometimes Meg would spank Keith in front of Nancy and frequently, both Keith and Meg would give Nancy a spanking before having sex with her. Meg knew that Keith did sometimes like her to spank him so she would do that quite lovingly while assuming a very severe tone and manner. Escort Bayan Usually after she had spanked him, too, she would lie back on the bed and beckon him with her finger to come between her open legs and either lick her or plunge his cock into her waiting and wet vagina.

Meg was pleased with how well the sex among the three of them was going. Nancy was usually happy since she had her days to herself and spent much time with her large range of friends. She volunteered to make dinner for the three most nights and this also pleased both Meg and Keith.

After discussing the matter between themselves, Keith and Meg summoned Nancy to the bedroom after dinner one night. They were all dressed, and Meg suggested that they get more comfortable, so she told Nancy to strip down to her bra and pants. Keith took off his shirt and suit, as well as socks and shoes, and was in his boxers. Meg removed her blouse and skirt but kept her hose and shoes on.

Then she asked Keith to discuss the matter before them.

“Mom,” he began, “we’ve decided that it makes more sense now for us all to remain in this house. I hope you have felt that you still are all right with staying here with us. It will save everyone some money and so long as we three are on the same wave length, we think it should work.”

Nancy was indeed happy with the present arrangement. She did feel embarrassed quite often when subjected to Meg’s intrusive inspections and punishments, but she also loved being included in their bedtime activities, being permitted, nay invited, to sleep with them, and being included in the running of the house.

There was also a side of her that had reveled when she had dominated Keith and Meg, but now she was just as happy being on the receiving end.

“You both have made this work for me,” she said, gratefully. “I’m happy with our staying here if you are.”

Keith nodded and thanked her. Then he went on and said that it made sense in view of the way things had changed for the ownership of the house to be transferred to Meg and him together. He said he hoped that Nancy would not oppose this, because they intended that she could always stay with them and that the present arrangement would not be changed.

Nancy had noticed that Meg was inspecting her less frequently and had reduced the times she had pulled Nancy’s panties down for a spanking. She was still delighted with her son and was very happy that Keith had time to give her sexual pleasure. It was also really pleasing to her that Meg did not seem at all jealous of Nancy’s having sex with Keith.

“I’ll sign it over,” she smiled. “I hope I can continue to rely on both of you. Some would say that I’m being naïve or reckless. I prefer to see this as an unconventional living style but one that has made me happier, even if you both do continue to discipline me and sometimes embarrass me terribly.”

That was good enough for both Keith and Meg. They each took Nancy in their arms and gave her a long, happy hug. Then Keith lovingly unhooked Nancy’s bra and slipped her pink panties down. Nancy was momentarily afraid that Meg might notice that the panties were very wet from Nancy’s excitement during this whole discussion.

He told her to get up on all fours on the bed. Both Keith and Meg liked to have Nancy assume this position because they enjoyed seeing her bottom-hole, dark and deeply recessed between her somewhat streaked cheeks, and then the hair that ran right through her legs to her cunt. Nancy had a nice dark bush which she kept well-trimmed. Keith liked to stand behind her and tease her winking anus, insert a finger to see if she would soon need to have a bowel movement, and reach through her legs to finger her, inserting one or two fingers into her wet vagina.

The sheer amazing nature of their intimate life together led to ritual-type colloquies such as when Keith might ask Nancy when she was on all fours if she was ready to fuck. Soon Nancy would respond more teasingly that she hoped he wouldn’t keep her waiting too long. Meg seemed to be pleasantly surprised when Nancy reacted so positively to having Keith’s cock deep inside her. She began to hope she would be as turned on when she reached her mother-in-law’s age.

Nancy also grew to enjoy being included when the couple screwed in her presence. Keith would suggest to her that she play with Meg’s perky tits and tease her with her fingers in and around Meg’s cute bottom-hole and on her clit while Keith’s prong was thrusting in and out right under her hand.

Nancy still got her period, so she remained on birth control and Meg was intending to do the same until she and Keith decided it was time to start their family. Nancy was wise enough not to raise this subject even though she longed for grandchildren to spoil. Not owning the house would also free her from worrying about maintenance and other costs and allow her to use her sizable income as she chose.

Meg and Keith were able to identify some time for them to take a vacation together, so they scheduled a trip. Bayan Escort They called Nancy into the bedroom again and explained that they would be away for a week. When they told Nancy that they knew she didn’t want to be alone, Nancy wasn’t sure what they had in mind.

Meg then informed her that she was asking two of her grad school teaching assistants, Maryann Bates and Glenda Hayes, to stay in the house and supervise Nancy. This took Nancy by surprise because she didn’t like the prospect of being controlled by two 22-year-old women.

Meg had been silently assessing the women in her Women’s Studies class to select the right two to leave in charge of her mother-in-law. After she went over their school records, she called Maryann and Glenda into her office and told them she had a special project in mind for them.

“I have been investigating for some time how relationships develop between older and younger women, and in this instance, between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. At the start, the mother-in-law dominated her son and her daughter-in-law; before too long, the daughter-in-law decided to make this change to an environment where she was the dominant. In a sense, this was an example of the kind of sexual role reversal we have covered in class this term.

The project, she explained, would have the dominant daughter-in-law place the mother-in-law under the supervision and control, and yes, dominance, of two unrelated younger women, younger than the daughter-in-law.

“You two are both 22 and what will happen is that I will be placing you in charge for a week of my mother-in-law who is entering her 50’s,” she announced, much to the surprise of Maryann and Glenda.

“Could you give us some idea of what this dominance will involve?” Glenda then asked.

“Your supervision will be multi-faceted,” Meg answered. “She needs to be reminded that any privileges she is permitted are allowed entirely at your discretion. To maintain dominance, you will embarrass and humiliate her. This will not bar you from having sex with her if you are so inclined. I would be pleased if you found it stimulating to do that.”

Maryann found herself blushing. What her professor was outlining was an amazing turn-on, she realized, and that was why she could feel her panties becoming quite wet.

“Do you intend that we should punish her?” Glenda now inquired.

“Yes,” Meg replied. “She has been spanked and caned regularly. You should supervise her use of the toilet and may direct her behavior in the bathroom as minutely as you feel is needed. If she has visitors, and she will, because she has many friends, you may explain to them that she has been naughty and will be disciplined. Then you may decide how to embarrass and discipline her in front of them.”

“Wow,” Glenda exclaimed, “you are really giving us quite a responsibility. Do you think she will resist us? After all, you are older and more experienced than we are, professor.”

“I will make it absolutely clear to her that she had better do what you tell her to do,” Meg said definitively. “This is a test to see whether you two have learned what I have been aiming to teach the class about this skill. Mastering the skills of a dominant woman is necessary for ultimate success in both the working and social worlds.”

“Aside from earning a high grade on your project,” Meg went on, “I will plan on having you both serve as my chief aides next term if you perform well here.”

This brought a smile to the young women’s faces. Meg thought that it would be instructive to see how they looked when they assumed the role of dominants. Maryann had cute auburn bangs and Glenda sported a sandy blonde ponytail. Both were attractive young women with nice figures and ample busts and bottoms.

Meg then asked them a key question.

“Have you previously had the opportunity to discipline another woman, and have you ever been punished in this way yourself?” she addressed each of them.

“Do you mean have we spanked or caned, or been on the receiving end?” Glenda responded.

“Yes,” Meg declared. “I’m interested in learning about any experience you have had of this kind.”

Both young women blushed now.

“When were you last spanked?” Meg followed up.

“I haven’t been,’ Glenda answered.

“Blushing even more, Maryann managed to say softly, “When I was 18 ½, Professor. By my mother. What made it worse was that that was the first and only time she ever spanked me.”

Meg decided she would not embarrass Maryann any more by asking her the reason for her mother’s spanking her when she was already 18. “Have you ever had the occasion to spank anyone yourself?” Meg now asked.

Glenda nodded that she hadn’t. Maryann said that spanking was a rarity in her home.

“Were you spanked on your bare bottom?” Meg asked a now very self-conscious Maryann.

“Yes,” Maryann replied, growing ever more embarrassed as Meg kept asking her about an occasion she truly wanted to forget.

“It sounds like you’ve Escort had some useful experience,” Meg concluded, “although it also seems likely that you have no real opportunity to spank anyone. I’m going to lend each of you one of my canes. They are relatively thin and short enough so that you can bend them, and they will fit in a handbag.”

Maryann and Glenda each received her cane and handled it carefully. Maryann bent hers just enough to fit it into her large handbag. Glenda did the same.

“I have to let you in on something that must remain among us three,” Meg said very seriously. “When I came here to live, my husband and I were under the thumb of my mother-in-law. Yes, it hurts me to tell you, but she spanked and humiliated both of us.”

“That’s so surprising, Professor,” Maryann managed to interject.

“That it may be,” Meg went on, “but it did not take long before I told my husband that this was going to change. I took control of the situation and now, my mother-in-law, Nancy, whom I am asking you to supervise, is submissive to my husband and me, in particular, in all ways. She is spanked, caned, and supervised in the bathroom.”

Both young women responded with a strong affirmative when Meg asked them if after hearing all of this, they would be willing to stay in the house for the week and supervise Nancy as Meg had directed them.

Introducing them to Nancy, Meg began, “Maryann and Glenda are going to be my main aides in my Women’s Studies course,” Meg went on, “and I’ve told them that this is entirely a volunteer project for them but that they will receive appropriate course credit for their efforts. It will be much the same for you with them as it is with us, Nancy. They said they would be delighted to sleep with you, and I have explained to them that they may also discipline you if you are naughty when they are here.”

“You mean that they can spank me, and…do all the other things you two do when you say I have misbehaved?” Nancy asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from Meg.

“They will have full authority,” Meg said firmly. Then she spoke more sweetly: “I expect you to be on your best behavior with them. I hope that you will get along with them as I feel they will try their best since they understand without my telling them that how this works will affect how I grade them on the project.”

Nancy figured that she’d better go along with this arrangement rather than get Meg annoyed with her. Soon—in a few days—Keith and Meg were packed and on their way. They did leave a phone number and some information on where they were going with Nancy, treating her like a mature person.

Just as they were departing, Maryann and Glenda arrived at the house. Nancy thought that even though they were graduate students and 22 years old, they seem young to her. She invited them in and made some tea which she served with decent pastries. The two seemed happy enough to be there.

“I hope you don’t mind our calling you Nancy,” Maryann said as she sipped Nancy’s favorite brew, a special type of Darjeeling. Nancy smiled and said that that was fine and that she understood that Meg had briefed them on the arrangement for the way she and the couple lived together.

“Yes,” Glenda now said, “Professor Layton has been quite direct with us. She told us that she expected us to make sure your behavior continued to be good while she was away. I know that she spanks you on occasion. We would like you to sleep with us and be with us in the bedroom. Neither Maryann nor I really wishes to punish you, but we will have to report on everything that happens to our Professor—oh, Maryann, I think we can call her Meg while we’re here.”

“She specifically said that we could call her Meg,” Maryann responded. “So, Nancy, we do need to inspect you as Meg would. Would you stand and lift your skirt above your waist.”

Nancy understood that this was not meant to be a question. She rose and complied with Maryann’s order. Now her white cotton undies were on full display.

“Pull your panties down to your knees,” Glenda now instructed her.

When she had complied with this direction, Glenda came over and stared into the crotch of Nancy’s panties. There was some wetness but no stains. Glenda noticed that there was a string hanging out of Nancy’s vaginal opening.

“I assume that you are wearing a tampon and that you are on your period,” Glenda said.


“Yes, I started two days ago and am coming off what is usually my heaviest day,” Nancy responded, unable to suppress a blush at discussing one of her most intimate conditions, something she still had trouble talking about to anyone.

Nancy now suddenly recalled that Meg had told her that she was to use pads rather than tampons for this period. Meg had no particular reason for this imposition, but she occasionally just wanted to have Nancy primed to do just what Keith or she ordered. Meg realized that she was also remembering that her own mother had made her continue to use pads for a long time after Meg first had her period. Mrs. Layton belonged to the old school that did not approve of unmarried girls using tampons. Although Nancy obviously did not share Meg’s mother’s attitude on this subject, she did in some ways invite Meg’s comparison of her with her own mother.

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