Nanny to Teach Ch. 10

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“Susan,” Laura asked, “How is the teaching going? Are the kids learning anything?”

“They are doing quite well. Gene has been having a little trouble with languages, but we’ve spend some extra time and he’s dong much better.”

“And the sex education” How have they responded to that?”

“What can I tell you?” Susan answered. “They love it! They can hardly wait from one class to the next.”

“And what do you study?” Laura continued.

“The human body, the sex organs, various forms of sexual intercourse, sexual techniques, and foreplay,” Susan answered candidly.

“Sounds like the kind of class I should have had,” Laura said. “Do you mind if I sit in for one class and see for myself? Russ is out of town this week and I don’t have too much to do.”

“Not at all,” Susan said. “Our next class is scheduled for tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.”

“Why not spend the night with me in Russ’ & my bedroom?” Laura asked.

“That would be nice! See you in a few minutes in the bedroom!” Susan answered.

The following morning Susan, Karen, and Gene had just assembled in the Family Room when Laura entered.

“Gene, Karen, your mom is going to sit in with us today. Isn’t that great!” Susan announced.

“Wow!” Gene exclaimed.

“What is our first requirement?” Susan asked.

“To take off our clothes!” Karen answered.

All four quickly stripped off their clothing.

“I feel a little nervous,” Gene said a little hesitantly.

“Why?” Susan asked.

“There are three of the most beautiful women in the world standing here stark naked and I’m all alone with them. I don’t think I can handle three of you.”

All three women stared at his slowly stiffening cock. It was magnificent. Laura walked toward him.

“Jesus, Gene. You’re going to be hung just like your Dad. That thing must be six or seven inches long!”

“Nearly seven, Mom!” Gene beamed. “It’s grown a lot this summer.”

Laura reached for his throbbing erect cock and wrapped her hand around its solid, seven-inch length. God, it was seven inches, just like he said, Laura reassured herself. It was like a spear sticking up from his groin. Laura examined the heavy sack hanging beneath.

“You’re like a young bull!” Laura sighed. “Lie down, here on the rug, where I can get at you.”

She pulled him down. “And Karen! I can’t get over it. You’ve become a woman this summer. Your Daddy told me you are quite the little lover.”

“He told you?” she gasped.

Laura laughed. “We have no secrets from each other.”

Gene, lying naked beside his mother, reached over and started caressing her. God, but this was a dream come true. He had fantasized about making love to his mother as long as he could remember. His hands were all over her; stroking her soft, naked skin, cupping her soft large tits, scrubbing her already excited nipples, making them burn.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Oh, Gene, that feels so good! God, I’m so horny! Your father has been gone for nearly a week now”

As her passion surged higher, Laura reached for him and measured the wonderful strength of his body, tested the hardness of his muscles. He felt hot and excited as she stroked his back and shoulders, digging her fingers into his smooth skin.

“Oh, Mom, you are so beautiful,” Gene breathed in her ear.

He was pinching and twisting her nipples; then he was sliding one hand down, lower and lower, toward her burning cunt. She spread her quivering thighs for him. She felt his finger brush her great black bush of pubic hair, then press against her clit. That hesitant touch was like fire through her body, a lightening bolt of pleasure. The steady pressure he exerted on her clit was turning her on immensely. She reached for his throbbing cock and wrapped her hand around its solid, seven-inch length. It was like a velvet-wrapped club, a bludgeon, a battering ram that might soon be poised before the gates of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned in eryaman escort a deep, purring sound. Laura writhed, flat on her back, clinging to his cockshaft while her young son plunged his fingers into the opening of her cunt, maintaining a steady pressure on her clit as he did so. He massaged her steaming-hot tissues. Digging her hells into the rug, she lifted her pelvis against his hand as he massaged her cunt into a juice-slicked pudding of lust. Susan and Karen sitting on the couch, watched in breathless anticipation, as mother and son turned each other on in preparation for a loving neither would forget. Susan leaned over and pulled Karen close and kissed her on the mouth and rubbed her big bouncy tits against Karen’s. Slowly Karen’s legs spread and Susan’s hand found it’s way to the lovely young girl’s bush and inserted a middle finger in her wet warm pussy.

“Mmmmm! Oh, Susan, that feels so good!”

Laura’s hand was sticky now as she rubbed her fingers over the head of Gene’s cock. The slippery juices gave Laura a wild feeling. Releasing him for just a second, she licked the juices from her fingers. He was ready. She rolled toward hi, lifting one leg and slipping it over his. Her cunt was gaping open hungrily as she squirmed over him. She reached down and guided his cock into her puffy cunt. The first touch of his cock against the internal folds of her pussy was enough to make Laura gasp and dig her fingers into his youthful shoulder. Worming her hips around, she worked the shaft of his prick into her, wedging her cunt open with its head

“Karen, come over here,” Laura groaned. “I want to eat your pussy while Gene fucks me, Okay?”

“Sure, Mom.” Karen responded enthusiastically, moving over to where her Mother and brother were laying on the floor. She straddled Laura’s head, facing away from Gene. The odor of her womanhood was overpowering. Laura’s lips touched tenderness as she ground her face into Karen’s cunt.

“Fuck her, Gene!” Gene encouraged her prized pupil. “Fuck your Mom like I’ve taught you1 Make her cum!”

Gene and Laura worked their hips against each other, drilling his cock into her cunt, deeper and deeper. As he wedged her pussy open with his prick, Laura began to feel fuller and fuller. She pressed against him, encouraging his pumping drives as he penetrated deeper and deeper. Their bodies pressed together as he neared the fullest possible depth of penetration. Laura felt her nipples digging into his chest. Another wiggle of his hips and hers and his cock was sheathed in her, his cock swathed in the hot folds of her cunt. Tendrils of passion seemed to burn through her cunt, tightening brutally as she pressed against him. As he pumped his cock in and out of her, she sucked Karen’s lust-distended clit. The faster and harder Gene fucked her, the rougher she got with Karen’s willing pussy.

She matched Gene’s drives carefully, digging her fingers into him and moaning as her excitement grew and grew with every stroke. She was burning with pleasure, fighting for every breath. She worked Karen’s cunt for all she was worth. The sweet aroma of cunt must excited Laura more than anything she’d ever felt before. The dripping juices were almost more than she could bear. But it drew her on irresistibly. Laura’s cunt felt like a blast furnace, and she could feel her juices flowing around Gene’s driving cock, tearing into her. She felt him jerk and push against her, shooting and driving. The he was still and straining. Deep inside, she felt his cock grow a fraction of an inch more, then jerk inside her, vigorously. Gallons of semen exploded into her cunt with each driving thrust. As the hot spurts of sperm filled her pussy, Laura arched her back, driving herself hard against his spurting cock, and squealed with pure physical pleasure. Her own orgasm nearly tore her apart. Her body was on fire with passion, her brain as wild orgy of sensations. It was like having a randy, young stallion fucking her cunt.

She etimesgut escort was totally satisfied, but Karen wasn’t! The young girl’s eyes bugged out as the sensation of her Mother’s sucking mouth stimulated her beyond imagination. Throughout the entire fuck orgy of Mother and Son, Laura’s mouth had never left Karen’s cunt except to moan in ecstasy as Gene pounded deeper and deeper into his Mother’s willing pussy. Karen pushed her streaming cunt down onto her Mother’s lusting face

“Eat me, Mother! Eat me now!” Karen moaned. Laura ate the pussy energetically, licking and chewing and tongue-fucking her daughter. John just relaxed with his cock in his mother’s pussy, watching her eat his little sister. Laura was unprepared as Karen’s love juices exploded and gushed out of her baby cunt. They filled her mouth and ran over her face and down her neck. Karen trembled in convulsions of ecstasy. She went into spasms of joy as Susan kissed her face, her lips, while her hands kneaded Karen’s large swollen tits. Karen shook and moaned. Gene rolled off Laura so she could sit up.

“Got anything left?” Laura asked her son.

“Sure. Who for?”

“For our darling teacher, Susan. She’s on fire. Aren’t you, Susan: You need to be fucked, don’t you?”

“Oh yes! Yes! Good God-almighty, Yes! Gene, you fucking stud, I’m going to fuck your eyeballs out! I’m so hot I’ll probably tear your cock out by the roots!”

“Promises. Promises. That’s all I ever get!” Gene laughed as Susan pushed him roughly onto his back, threw a leg over him, and impaled her cunt on his raging prick. She leaned over and kissed him madly, hotly. Her cunt was soggy with juices. Laura and Karen sat together, Laura’s arm wrapped around her daughter, watching Susan fuck Gene. Gene was absolutely lost in his fucking. Susan moved up and down on top of him. He forgot everything else as he fucked furiously, feeling his cock getting bigger and harder. It was amazing what Susan was doing to him. He felt like a powerful engine, capable of going on and on and on. He fucked with the energy and strength of a young bull. He was wrapped up totally in the sweetness and hot sweating joy of their fucking. Susan pumped with vigor, like a regular fucking machine. Her cunt began to flame with her need for him.

“Oh, cum now, baby cum fast!” she moaned. “Cum hard! I can’t take it any longer! It’s so… so…! She came with fury and she sank her teeth into his shoulder. Gene came fully too, as if it were his first time. He shot a huge load into her, and it felt like it was the first time in his life he had ever cum. It was a mutual explosion. When it finally subsided, they both relaxed on the floor.

“Oh, God, Mom and Susan. That was great! That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. I don’t believe you left a drop of cum in me!” Gene said.

“Oh, but you’re not finished yet, Gene!” Susan smiled wickedly.

“What? C’mon, Susan! I can’t get it up again. I gave you everything I had!”

“Oh, it is for me. Your little sister here is on fire. She’s watched you fuck your Mom; she’s watched you fuck me. Surely you’re not going to make her suffer, are you?”

Laura smiled, “No, he won’t make her suffer, will you, Son?”

“Hey, what do you think I am, some kind of sex machine you can just turn off and on? God, Mom, I can’t fuck three women, one right after the other. No one ca.”

“Sure you can, baby. Anyone with a cock like that can do it easily.”

Gene looked very skeptical. He glanced down at his limp, sticky, bedraggled cock. He’d be lucky if he ever got a hard-on again!

“How about it, Karen?” Laura asked sweetly. “Do you need a good fucking?”

“Oh yes! My pussy feels like it’s on fire!” Karen answered.

“Well then, I’ll see what I can do!” Laura said. She got down on her knees between her son’s straddled legs and scooted toward his limp cock, which was still sticky and oozing semen from his lovemaking bout with her and Susan. Gingerly she put etlik escort his limp sperming prick into her mouth. She put her warm lips around it. Limp, it was small enough to get completely into her mouth without difficulty. She let the little sausage curl into her warm cavern; she sensed him stirring, moving slightly. Although she was doing this for her daughter, Laura’s cunt grew hot and she wanted his cock to stiffen, and she wanted him to shove it into her! She bit down, lightly on his meat and felt his prick swelling up instantly. It even grew to a semi-erect position from the nibbling she was doing on it. He looked at her hungrily as he felt his cock stiffening in her mouth. She moved her head up and down slowly. She was mouth-fucking him! The she let the swollen cock slip from her mouth, enclosing it in her hand and began slowly and erotically jacking him off so Susan and Karen could see every motion of the heavy foreskin as it moved back and forth over the big purple glans.

“Karen, over here! On your hands and knees!” Laura commanded, patting the rug next to her and Gene. Karen went to her knees immediately, her lovely upturned ass giving Gene a view of her dewy, hairy pink cunt.

“Gene, you fucking little stud, do your duty. Fuck your little sister! Make her cum all over! Fill her full of your cum!” Laura said breathlessly.

Gene crawled forward on hands and knees, took hold of her hips, as she reached under and guided his huge cock into her anticipating cunt, and drove into her hard! They both nearly collapsed. The youthful bar of his cock spread wide the lust-tightened channel of Karen’s cunt. Then Gene found himself wondering if he hadn’t stuck his prick into Karen’s asshole instead of her cunt. It was so incredibly tight as compared to the two cunts he’d just fucked, but her pussy felt great. His little sister was nearly circumcising his cock because of her tight pussy. Holding on to her for dear life, he began fucking her rapidly. Faster and faster, until the friction in her pussy made his cock feel as if it were on fire. Karen was shoving her ass back to meet his plunging large cock.

Aahhhh, that’s it, Gene! Fuck me! Like you did to Susan and Mother! Fuck me, make me cum hard!”

Laura and Susan stood nearby, hand-in-hand, watching in fascination as the young boy fucked Karen’s pussy.

“Oh, Karen! My cock is so fucking hot! Are you close? Ohhh, I’m cuming! I can’t stop! Shit, I can’t hold it back!” Gene shouted.

“Cum, Gene! Go ahead and cum in my cunt! Fill it full of jism! Oh, I’m cuming tooooo!” Karen screamed as the first shiver of orgasm tremored through her body. He pushed in, pulled out. She was groaning as if she were in pain. But it was the pain of sheer ecstasy. She felt his big balls slapping against her. She felt the first blast of foam from his fire hose. She knew it would help to put out the raging fire inside her pussy!

“Mmmmmm! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she clutched the carpet wildly as she convulsed wildly and gushed out streams of honey-sweet cunt juice to mingle with his sperm.

“Ohhhhhh!” he shouted and his balls trembled as his load of cum of boiling semen surged out of his cock into her accepting cunt.

“That lying little fucker!” Laura grinned at Susan. “He said he was empty. Hell, he’s pumped half a gallon of cum into her! Look at those balls! He’s still cuming in her1”

He shuddered, and Karen started gasping and moaning as he continued a few more jabs into her orgasming cunt. When it was over, Karen melted down onto the floor on her stomach, too weak to move. Gene fell beside her, totally and completely exhausted. The dozed momentarily, Karen dreaming of giant cocks and Gene remembering every second of the past hour when he’d made love to three gorgeous women – three of the sweetest, most delectable pussies in the entire world!

“Well, Gene, what did you think of our class today? Did you like it? They never taught sex like that when I was a kid!” She laughed.

“I would like to enroll for the rest of the summer class.”

“Be our guest, huh kids?” Susan asked.

“Right on!” Karen shouted

“We’ll be having sex class every morning from now on!” Susan answered.

“Right on!” Karen and John shouted at the same time!

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