Natural Inclinations Pt. 05

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Big Tits

To those of you who have been following along, I say…,


For those who are just joining us…,

A brief recap:

The hero of our story is named Peter. His parents have recently left him at home while they take an extended vacation. Not to worry. At eighteen years old, Peter is quite capable of takeing care of himself. It was on his first day of independence that, purely by chance, he met middle-aged Janice Kearny, his new next-door neighbor.

However, it was the freak manner in which they met that would serve as the catalyst for everything that has followed and continues even now. (See Chapter 1)

Like most guys his age, Peter is overflowing with sexual desires and drive. The only problem; he had been having next to zero luck with the girls his own age. When by himself, he was full of certainty that intellectually and physically, he could more than satisfy the needs and wants of any girl. However, his shyness and introverted nature always got in the way. On the other hand, and unbeknownst to him, Janice has had extensive experience dealing with young adult men in the same situation.

After befriending Peter, Janice offered to help improve his luck with women. To do so, he needed to better understand them. Aided by some alcohol to dull his inhibitions, she began playing mind games and employing hypnotic suggestions. Soon, Janice had the teen convinced there is only one action to take: He must spend some time living as a girl — including periodic role-playing as her adult daughter. He is told that he needs to learn how to think, speak, and do things like a girl. And it all starts with wearing the kinds of garments that girls wear, beginning with panties and bras.

Naive, impressionable, and so intensely sexually frustrated, Peter takes the bait, agreeing to follow whatever Janice tells him to do every step of the way. From that point on, she takes charge. He has no idea that “Miss Janice” has seen untapped tendencies in the lad. She has an entirely different future in mind for the innocent teen. Her goal is not so he can gain confidence with dating. She plans to expose and develop his so far hidden traits. The ultimate goal is transforming him into A SISSY. A guy whose only mission is providing sexual favors to others — both females and males.

Chapter 16 (in Part 4) ended with Peter consenting to being blindfolded by his new best friend. He was then ordered to keep his hands behind his back, leaving him not only blind but helpless as well. Much to Peter’s surprise, he next found himself taking a stranger’s rigid cock into his mouth.

And just like that, some natural instinct kicked in. An inclination that had obviously always existed yet never before revealed itself. After only momentary resistance did unreserved cock-sucking ensue.

If this has piqued your interest and you want in on the nitty-gritty, I suggest you start at the beginning with Part 1, Chapter 1. Or not. It’s up to you.

And now… on with our story.

* * * * *

Chapter 17

The gears had already been set in motion. Without pausing, Peter’s head continued moving forward and back. Although blindfolded, his mind fixated on the mission at hand — and the cock in his mouth. He was owed a mouthful of cum, and he was determined to get it.

The anticipation of receiving this reward, along with all the additional squirming to gain the best possible angle of attack, had allowed his own dick to wiggle itself free within its soaked and slimy confines. The tortoise head had emerged, its neck now fully extended.

For the first time in hours, Peter’s penis was once again erect and throbbing.

Meanwhile, Peter’s imagination had already created an image of the man whose cock he was orally worshiping, and that was good enough for him. He had no need or desire to actually see him.

However, Miss Janice had other ideas about how things were to proceed. She wanted to remove the blindfold so her student could “meet” the owner of said cock. The prospect of seeing this man threw in a whole new mix of emotions to join the lust and desire Peter was already experiencing. Embarrassment and humiliation, along with a ton of anxiety, were now filling him with a sense of dread.

Yet, one emotion overruled all of that: A desperate need for tasting and swallowing buckets of cum. To that end, Peter’s objective remained: Giving the very best blow-job with the ultimate goal of causing an explosive ejaculation and the spewing of massive quantities of cum into his mouth. And until all of those boxes were checked off, the work of completing this mission carried on unabated.

True, Peter was curious to see what the cock fucking his mouth looked like. But the teen had absolutely no desire to look into the craven eyes of the grown man his lips were coaxing towards orgasm.

Even if Janice could read the young teen’s thoughts, it would not have altered her intentions. Her playmate would see what she wanted to be seen. Off came the blindfold.

However, Peter kept his eyelids pressed shut. “It’s okay, Kartal escort pumpkin. You can open your eyes now. I want you to meet my friend Hank.” Although eagerly sucking Hank’s cock, Peter refused to open his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Hank. My playmate is still kind of shy. Don’t be that way, precious,” she spoke sweetly. “Open your eyes, honey, and smile for Hank.” Peter’s lips curled and smiled as best he could around Hank’s cock. But when he still resisted opening his eyes, her tone became forceful. “Open your eyes, NOW!”

Just like a petulant child, he humphed but then cracked open one eye.

What he saw startled him. Both eyes became wide as saucers. Instead of a big burly man kneeling before Peter, shoving his cock into the eighteen-year-old’s hungry mouth, there was, in fact, no man at all. It was just Miss Janice! The “cock” he had been so urgently sucking on was really just a dildo she held in her hand.

Taking full advantage of his surprise, she forced his head down onto the pillow then shoved the artificial phallic past his tonsils and into his throat.

Before any of Peter’s reflexes could fully engage, she removed the dildo from his mouth completely. As he choked on saliva and gasped for air, she held up the dildo and said, “Sweetie, I’d like you to meet Hank.” The suddenness of having something pushed so far down his throat pissed him off.

Adding to his discontent, discovering that he had been fooled. Peter honestly believed that some stranger had been turned on by the way he was dressed. This was followed by a greater disappointment that “Hank” never actually existed. Seeing the way Miss Janice smiled proudly at the joke she’s played on him was also upsetting. Falling for her prank while blindfolded was plausible enough. But that he had so soundly convinced himself that he was enjoying sucking cock in the first place was something he was having difficulty reconciling.

And what about that cum feast he had been promised?

Speaking of which, that seemed to be pissing him off more than anything else. Realizing just how badly he had wanted the experience of a big hard cock erupting in his mouth. To taste the hot white lava before swallowing every last slimy drop. To Peter, thoughts like that should be reason enough to turn off any straight guy. Just because he had expressed curiosity about what life, as a girl, was like, was no reason for him to suddenly have desires for cocks and cum. So tell that to his drenched panties.

Dammit, all! Do you know what pissed him off most of all? He still wanted that experience.

Naturally, Janice expected Peter to have a strong reaction to what she had done. When he failed to say anything, she became concerned. Sensing that there was more going on in Peter’s mind than just regrouping from what he had just been put through, she pulled him to her and hugged him tightly to her naked chest, asking, “Are you okay, my sweet?”

Being nestled between Miss Janice’s breasts had an instant comforting effect. To a small degree anyway. Not that his normal voice was all that deep and masculine to begin with. But when he did finally reply, “I guess so,” it sounded like someone else entirely.

In a very soothing tone, Janice said, “I’m sorry if Hank got a little carried away. Sometimes men do that.” She adjusted herself, and no sooner had she offered her breast when he latched his mouth onto her erect nipple. “Men can get over-excited and become a little rough. It’s something we girls need to expect and be prepared for.” She got him to look up and into her warm but insistent gaze. “Remember, mommy will always be here for you.” And just like that. As if she had tapped some keys to tweak his logic processors, his emotions shifted from anger and disappointment to overall calm contentment.

“Mommy has so many things to teach you.” Peter melted. He could nurse on her tits and listen to her speak that way to him all day. “Although Hank was a little overly aggressive, at least you now know that your throat can stretch to take a cock down it. Every girl should know how to do that. Really, I’d say it is a must-learn skill. It just takes practice to do it comfortably.” This brought back to mind the discomfort of the dildo as it passed his tonsils and into his esophagus. At the same time, with each swallow, he had unusual thoughts of wondering if what she was saying was true; that with practice, it was possible to do that without discomfort.

Deep in the recesses of his brain, a voice began yelling at him: “What the hell?! Here you go again, thinking that you ARE a girl. You gotta stop this before things go any further.” Fortunately, having nursed at his surrogate mother’s breast (what boy could ask for more?) and now being cuddled by her, it allowed his conscious brain to suppress those obstructionist voices. After all, a guy would have to be crazy to do anything that would jeopardize what he had going for him — even if it did mean delving more deeply into the role of a girl.

“Here, sweetie. Let’s lay together and talk.” Laying on his side, Kurtköy Escort she spooned up behind him bare skin to bare skin. Heavenly!

Speaking just above a whisper, Janice went first. “Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got a talented tongue? Because you sure know how to use it.”

Peter smiled to himself with pride. “It’s all yours for the asking,” he cooed with a chuckle. “Any time, any place.”

“I just might take you up on that, sweetie. But right now, I just want that girl within you to lay here next to me.”

Like a comfortable glove, Peter easily slipped back into character. “Did I make you happy, mommy?” His voicebox also seemed to have settled back into place, in a more like a girl pitch.

“Oh, yes! You made mommy feel really good. Mommy’s girl has made me very happy.” Comforted by that, he wiggled in more tightly to her. She laid her arm on his side with her hand across his chest and began playing with his bra-covered nipple. “Learning to be a girl is fun, isn’t it? You are having fun, aren’t you?”

At first, he just purred in response then said, “Yes, Miss Janice. Learning about being a girl is fun. I had no idea that girls have this kind of fun.”

With his back to her, he couldn’t see the smile his words brought to Janice’s face. “Oh my, yes,” she assured him. “It’s all part of growing up to be a woman. It starts out with wearing pretty bras and panties and doing other basic girlie stuff. She learns fun stuff too. Like what to touch, rub, and lick. The things that can give good feelings.”

“Of course, as a big girl, you also need to know what makes guys feel good. Like sucking cocks and drinking cum, and how to do it well.” Then in a ‘voice-of-experience’ tone, she added, “Guys just love it when someone shows a true interest in his cock and is hungry for his cum.”

His own recent preoccupation for orally worshiping cock was still very fresh in his mind — along with a lingering thirst for some cum — which caused him to blush.

“You said that you wanted to learn about life as a girl. Well,” Miss Janice continued, “so far, you’ve experienced just a small sample of my crash course in girl stuff.”

“Sample?” Peter questioned. “You mean there is more???”

Janice pinched his nipple. “Oh, my! You have no idea.”

Intrigued, “Like what?” he asked. Only the male side of his brain had taken control, causing him to ask in his normal voice, the sound of which took them both by surprise.

Before Peter could restate the question in his female voice, Janice lowered her hand to his crotch, grabbed his erection. Using the pre-cum that had soaked his panties, she began sliding her hand up and down the shaft. “It seems as though we have an intruder amongst us,” Janice quipped. Peter froze. The silky smooth fabric, slick with his own lube, felt simply incredible. “I bet he is about to shoot his load too.”

She was right. He was oh so close to cumming.

Just as he was about to cross over into euphoria, Miss Janice sat up, rolled him onto his back, and began tugging his panties down and off. His boner popped free and sharply slapped his abdomen. It seemed so strange to have nothing restraining his manhood. He watched as she placed the panties over the tip and around his dick like an overly long condom on a half-eaten hot dog. All new sensual sensations arose from his hard-on being encased in the slippery, slimy material. This caused energetic twitching and pulsing of his dick as it spewed pre-cum into the pocket of the fabric condom.

Laying herself almost on top of him, they began kissing; deeply. As they kissed, she stroked his joystick in earnest. Lost in a fog of passion and lust, Peter soon lost all control. His prostate, swollen with a build-up of semen from hours of restrictive confinement, released jet after jet of white creamy cum from his youthful gland.

Halfway to unconsciousness, he felt her lips leave his. This was just as well because his lips and tongue were no longer able to function in unison. By the time the eruptions subsided and motor skills were coming back online, he felt something soft, warm, and wet touching his lips. Realizing that his orgasm had interrupted sucking on Miss Janice’s tongue, he opened his mouth to pick up where he’d left off.

However, it was not his lover’s tongue passing between his lips and into his mouth. A heavenly flavor instantly coated his taste buds. It was cum. Oh, how he had been craving some cum. Miss Janice had used his panties to catch his sperm and was now dangling it above his lips. Ever since he had sucked what he thought was a real cock, a desperate yearning for cum consumed him. That newly revealed appetite for the slimy goo took over, and he eagerly sucked more and more of those cum laden panties into his mouth.

The intensity of his suction pulled the dainty pantie from her cum slicked fingers, and she watched as every trace of it disappeared between his cum covered lips. The yummy sounds he was making and the motion of his Adam’s apple revealed just how much he was enjoying what he Pendik Escort was swallowing.

After several more minutes, Peter had savored and swallowed every trace of his emissions from those panties. Using just two fingers, he removed a tiny ball of material, efficiently squeezed and rolled by his tongue. Miss Janice beamed with pride. “Need I ask if you enjoyed that?” Peter smiled a contented smile. “I didn’t think so. I loved it too! Watching you make cum like a guy, and drink cum like a gal, is so fucking hot! My multi-talented playmate really knows how to make me happy.” Now it was his turn to feel prideful.

* * * * *

Chapter 18

It was only 3:15 in the afternoon, and Peter was back in his bedroom still carrying the large bag Miss Janice had sent him home with. She had rushed him from her house so quickly that the taste of his cum still coated his tongue.

Inside the bag was the blue bikini he had worn to her house this morning, as well as the peach-colored one he wore later on. Also, there were four of the five sets of ladies’ lingerie she had gifted him. (She had insisted that he redress quickly, so he was wearing the fifth set. Meaning he was once again wearing the same damp pair of panties that he had minutes earlier sucked his cum out of.)

One by one, he carefully assembled his treasures across his bed. When done, he gazed at his collection. They all looked so tantalizingly beautiful. His dick was stirring once more but not strong enough to overcome the restrictive nature of the women’s panties he wore. Unable to become erect caused a wave of endorphins to race through his brain, leaving him mentally primed and ready. Likewise, his well-stretched prostate gland began recharging. However, after three rounds of action in one afternoon, his dick still had little fight left and soon relaxed again.

Returning to the bag to discover what other surprises she had packed. Next, Peter found a folded note and an envelope. “Read Me First” was written on the outside of the note. The envelope was simply marked “


This was an unexpected twist. Hoping for the best yet fearful of the worst, Peter’s hands shook as he unfolded the note. His apprehension was understandable. It was only mid-afternoon when she had abruptly leaped from the bed and charged down the stairs while demanding he to get dressed.

His clothes were still downstairs, so with no other choice, he put the damp panties back on, adjusted himself back into the bra, then hurried down the stairs to finish dressing.

That’s when Peter remembered how Miss Janice had insisted that he take off his “boy clothes” before allowing him into her house.

His shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers were still outside on the porch chair, where she made him leave them this morning. Knowing that protesting about being forced to dress outdoors would get him nowhere, even if he was wearing semi-transparent girl’s underwear. So he simply sucked it up. Opening the front door, he stepped out onto the front porch and took his chances at being seen. Ignoring the fact that the mid-afternoon sun fully illuminated his every move, he proceeded to re-dress as quickly as he could. Through the still open front door he heard Miss Janice shouting from the kitchen that she had something to give him and for him not to leave until she did.

No sooner had he finished slipping into his sneakers when Miss Janice appeared in the doorway, thrust the shopping bag into his hands, thanked him for a fun day, and shut the door.

So yes, he had every reason to be apprehensive about the contents of her note. What if she was terminating their games? Suppose she never wanted to see him again?! That would be dreadful!

Did he dare to read her note? This note she must have hurriedly written while he was getting himself together? Goosebumps rose up, and his heart rate rose as well. This note was like nothing he had ever read before. It was brief yet very detailed. And, it was written just for him.

Best of all, it wasn’t bad news after all. Instead, Miss Janice had sent him home with a list of specific “tasks” she expected him to complete.

So overcome with relief that she wasn’t cutting him off, after all, his joy was uncontainable. With no one there to hear him, he read each item aloud. And the more he read, the more excited he became. Inwardly anyway. Since his dick had already seen more action in a single afternoon than it usually saw in several days, it remained unmoved.

Reaching the end of the bullet-listed note left him wanting more. So he reread it — only louder and with more emotion. He felt motivated to do precisely what Miss Janice wanted him to do. And he’d do it all as if she were right there observing and supervising his every move. Everything would be done to entertain and please his teacher.

First-things-first; just as she had written, he removed all of his outer clothing. With nothing but a dainty bra and bikini panties left to cover his body, he pulled down the front of the panties just enough to tuck the waistband beneath and behind his scrotum. This pushed his balls obscenely outward, creating the appearance of a soft pillow laid out for his stubby flaccid dick to rest upon. (As mentioned, his pecker had already had a pretty good workout for one day. Hadn’t it earned a nice pillow?)

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