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Last night I dreamt of you, and in my dream you were as beautiful outside as you are inside. Your hair was as black as midnight, and your eyes as dark as mine. Your skin softer than velvet, your every touch, intense. The sweet taste of your innocence, revealed, as I kiss your lips.

We lay on sheets of woven silk, you scented with your rose. Each kiss ignites another flame within our passions and desires. Embraced in my grasp, you anticipate our next move, I gaze into the depth of your eyes, almost instantly, I’m taken.

You arch backward as if to proudly offer your breast for my pleasures. I accept gracefully, slowly unbuttoning your blouse. I am amazed by your perfection, never had I seen such firm yet tender breast, with nipples as hard as pebbles. With every kiss and suckle, you breath grows a little harder, I work my way up to your neck, when I kiss the bottoms of your ears, you tremble. Then I kiss you long and hard, as if reaching into your very soul, as your kiss ignites the very flames within that of a young Crow.

We lay and kiss, tease and roll, all in a playing courtship. I remove my shirt, overheated from play. As you place your hands on my chest, I feel your love reach in. You look into anadolu yakası escort my eyes and see the sincerity, my love for you is relentless, and you too can feel its presence. Again I kiss you, this kiss is an extremely soft kiss, long and passionate, deeply desired.

I lay you on your back and admire your beauty again, slowly I work my hands over your breast, sliding them lightly on your hips. You twitch from tickle, I smile. My fingers hooked I slowly slide your silkened panties down, your beauty is stunning. As I feel my manhood harden never taking my eyes off your natural beauty. Unable to contain my own possession, I too remove my pants. Instantly I feel your eyes on my bulge as if asking for more. I remove my underwear, as I see your eyes fill with excitement.

Sliding my hands over your silkened body, slowly kissing your outer thighs, then to your ankle. Working my way to the other thigh, this time only on the inner. You open your legs with ease, as I carress your skin. I kiss my way up to your innocence. Slowly I kiss you around your love spot, avoiding your clit. Kissing your outer lips, then inserting my tongue deep within your love canal. You moan ataşehir escort deeply as you shove your hips forward, wanting just a little more. As I swallow your pleasure, I’m reminded of what heaven must be like, I work my out again. This time I make my way to your clit. Which by now was as hard as a pea. Gently at, first I begin by holding it with my tongue even holding it with my lips. Sucking on it and circling it, occasionally sliding my tongue deep inside of you. As you moan and your breathing is grows erratic. I know you are close to an extreme orgasm.

I bury my face deep within your love nest. As you grow nearer, you began calling my name, your legs tighten around my face. You hold the back of my head as if clinging to life itself. As your moans grow louder, I began to feel your love muscles tighten around my face. Just as you began to explode with a fury, I shove my tongue far in your entrance, as far as it would reach. I could feel the pulsating waves of your muscles, as your lady juices flowed. The taste of your nectar sent pleasure from one end of my body to the other.

I move my way up to meet your eyes, now slightly glazed, with lust. Slowly I rub myself against ümraniye escort your now dripping entrance. Almost as if knocking on a sacred door. Little by little I ease the tip of my now throbbing manhood into you tight virgin world. knowing of your innocence I slow my wanting thrust to a minimal. Shortly thereafter you adjust nicely, and slowly I give you more, from there the discomfort is gone, and your body and mine, become as one.

I lift your legs slightly, to offer another position, and also to reveal your love spot. This position allows me to touch your pleasures, while deep inside of you. I began by rubbing your clit, and within a minute, you explode in a wave of extreme excitement. This was almost enough to send me into a whirlwind of pleasure, but I held back.

Again I work my way up to your eyes, again we kiss. Again I re-insert, this time taking long even strokes, harder and harder. You began to buck underneath me like a pony throwing a rider. The harder I thrust, the more you buck until there is an unstoppable rhythm. As our bodies glide with the sweet we produced, the excitement grows with extreme intense. As I feel you began to shake. You reach your extreme peek, which sends me out of control. I explode with a vengeance, as you send electricity in and through my body. You scream out a loud moan of passion and yell to your maker. As she gave her innocence to her lover, he gave her his heart and soul. Soul mates throughout time, that could only survive the full force of natural passions.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32