Nazis of the Undead

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Obergefreiter Schroeder ran through the forest, most of the Mann’s had given up. Not Schroeder. Nor his three top officers, Sturmbannführer’s, Amsel, Fleischer, and Faust, who ran behind him armed with MP-40’s.
Faust turned around hearing the Americans drawing closer. He fired his MP-40, the weapon firing in a series of *pops* as fire was returned through the thick fog of the forest, except fast and furious. 
A thompson.
“Surrender!” an American voice cried,
“Fock you american piggy!” Faust yelled in English, his breath clear in the air, his accent thick, firing again.
“Ve get to my ca’ zen ve dlive out of herel.” the doctor, Schoeder, said with anger in his eyes.
“Your precious fucking riech fell! You lost! Give it up!” another American voice yelled,
Faust pulled a stick grenade from his long black trench coat, he pulled the top off throwing it. He turned forward his shoulders bounce back and forth with a glare foward as the doctor turned around with his rueger firing three shots off as they zoomed into the fog with a following explosion hearing a few voices cry out in pain and shock.
“Ve vill rlesart! A new vonderous forth riëch.” the doctor said he looked down to his silver flacon, “Under me.”
The sound of gunfire ripped out as the doctor fell. 
Red spurted out of his back.
Fleischer and Faust turned around going to one knee firing in a sweeping form yelling as Amsel checked on the scientist.
“Kann ich Ihnen helfen du?!” he yelled bending down,
“Nien… Ich sterbe…” Schoeder said slowly as he pulled a grenade from his lab coat, “Ve vill… Come coom back.” he promised in English pulling the top of the grenade, Amsel nodded at the doctor, ready to die. He tossed it inbetween all of them.
*flash* with the start of an errupting roar.
Then nothing.

The ground shifted. A helmet rose from the ground. The cold decayed hands that had been dead for fifty years or so rose.
The undead Nazi stood staring into the sky. Amsel, inspected his suit. There was something missing. His iron cross of bravery.
His brothers, his combatants in arms, rose.
“Vhat happened to zem? I vont zem beek.” Faust said, his voice extremely deep and gurtal.
“I agree, I sense their in the posession of a heef blreed. Let’s meek her a visit and show her vhat to fear.” another said as the rest laughed viley.
Most Nazi’s weren’t evil. 
These ones however were. These ones killed Jews for sport.
Then their commander rose. A shredded lab coat over a tattered uniform. 
“Za fourth riëch vill liase. Under me.” the obergefreiter’s decayed lips curling into a beeming smile of horror.
The three Nazi’s stood at attention as they lifted there arm at a 45,
“Sieg Heil! Heil Schoeder!” they cried,
Schoeder not loosing his villianous smiled lifted his hand in comply.

Carmen walked down the street a week after her experience with the long slender man. The Carmel colored women with blonde dyed hair and hazel eyes. 
With a sexy strut most of the men watched her as she walked out of any building. Her long, smooth legs and nice round ass. 
Her father was white, her mother was of Cherokee decent but her father was of German decent. Her grandfather was a Nazi she cherished her grandfathers documents. He was an officer in the Third Reich. He had pictures of Jews in a concentration camp. She was obessed with the occult.
Since that week she had kept her new prize possessions in her attic along with all of her other Nazi relics that she adored and collected. She wasn’t a dumb girl. She knew a real Nazi would kill her or at least keep her as a private little pet while severely beating her. But that was one thing that made it all the more sexy. She was something of a masochist. It was November seventh, and fall had taken the bleak streets of her fairly small town. The was a nice big city only a few miles down the road but her boyfriend was here so were all of her friends. Her boyfriend was a skin-head. He loved to beat and whip her. He also loved her heitage. He had another girlfriend, one that was pure white but Carmen got the feeling he loved her more then the white girl. Only wanted her for a white child to carry on his name. Besides Carmen would never want a kid.
She couldn’t imagine her sexy body being turned into a big ugly lump.
She kept a Nazi silver falcon on her at all times. Escort Ankara A gift from slender man. She didn’t know why but she wasn’t going to ask, exactly.

“Come on, you don’t want to kill her, she is a very dedicated women, very dedicated to the old ways to the third riech.” Ean said, shaking like a leaf, Carmen’s skin head boyfriend.
“Tell us vhere she is? Orl else ve’ll tear this whole town to pieces, helf-breed by helf-breed.” Schroeder said, Fleischer holding him by the elbows. Amsel and Faust standing next to Schoeder with MP-40’s.
“She’s coming back from a party a mile or two away. She lives a block away. 1217, Mensens Drive. It’s a red house.” he said,
“Zank you good man. Ve vill be in touch.” Schroeder promised as Freischer let the man go, “I may need your men.” Schoeder said walking out.
“Hey! Her grand-dad was some sort of general of the SS or something!” he called after them still in fear.

Carmen opened her door after twisting the key and hearing the click from the door. She entered her pitch black house locking it, knowing that she just had to to reach to the left to flip on the light.
As she walked in, having just gotten back from work at a gun store, where she had met Ean, she pulled her purse off her shoulder and tussled her hair a bit. She was wearing yoga pants that stopped just above the ankles where there was a tatoo of a swastika. Her hair was long and silky black. She wore a stripped purple and white tank top and ankle high boots. Black. She set her purse down on the table before going to the mirror in the bathroom right next to the kitchen. She looked at herself as the shadows behind her shifted. She puckered her lips, they were covered in a pale purple lipstick. Her fingernail covered in the same colored shade.
She heard the front door open.
“Hey babe, I threw some rocks at some niggers today. Then I kicked a hobo, I pretty sure he was Jewish. That make you hot?” she said with a smile.
There was no answer as the door slammed shut.
“Are you ok?” she asked teasingly, “Are you in a bad mood?” leaned back on the counter then lifting herself onto it crossing one leg over the other with thoughts of him choking her while slamming into her mingled into her mind. He tantalizing the thoughts letting them play as they got darker, and rougher.
Yet there was no answer.
“Ean?” she called out, hopping off the table and walking out. The door wasn’t forced obviously and the only other one who had a key was Ean.
She started walking out as the lights turned off in the living room.
She rolled her eyes while smiling.
“Really?” she asked thinking he was making a pathetic attempt to scare her. She pressed on walking into the darkness looking for the other light switch. She flipped it on.
Her empty living room.
She looked down her hallway seeing a sillouette in the darkness.
“Hey dickhead, are you just gonna stand there? Or…” she left the thought linger as she turned around, lettig her hand slide from her waist down over her apple ass in spandex, to the back of her thigh, “Do you want some of this instead.” she said turning her head back letting her hair flutter back.
“I must admeet, you are featching for a helf blreed whore.” a deep gurtle, German voice said, she suddenly spun around. The shadow in the hall moved forward into the light.
He vision was filled with the horrific vision of decaying dead skin, life still in the monstrousitys red eyes. A tattered red patch with a swastika still on the arm. A ripped torn and worn lab coat.
She turned to the kitchen running in suddenly seeing another one, this time it was in a grey uniform with an MP-40. She grabbed her purse as the undead Nazi pointed his weapon at her.
“Nicht bewegen!” the heavy set voice roared,
She immeditly ducked behind the counter screaming, “Fick dich!” back in their own language pulling a glock from her purse.
The response was the old rusty MP-40 being fired at the counter. A weapon that rounds shouldn’t of even fired.
“Fotze!” the large hulking Nazi roared.
Carmen fell out of the side of the counter, firing back. The Nazi took four bullets then hit the ground.
Carmen stood up running past the dead Nazi spitting upon him as she ran by.
She started up her stairs to get to higher ground. Seeing as it was her only option at he time.

Fausts, hand clentched into a balled Ankara Escort up fist, shaking in rage.
“Zicke!” he roared standing back up as black lumpy blood slowly leaving four places in his torso, “Dreckige Hure!” he cried,
It was the first time he had ever been bested, save one meeting with a grenade.
Amsel walked in.
“Are you ok?” he asked standing over him.
Faust nodded standing up. His decayed face contorted in anger as he pressed forward.
Carmen could here the heavy footfalls from below as they trudged up the stairs. She sat next to her chest filled with Nazi momentos. Including an old rueger which she dug out from the chest to help protect herself along with her glock. 
Things were being thrown around down below. German being spat. She could make most of it but It was still hard to keep up with the fast speaking monsters. 
All the noise suddenly ceased.
She didn’t dare move however. Suddenly holes formed all over the floor followed by the sound of MP-40’s. She screamed as the bullets riddled through and the door to the ceiling fell open. She could here the Nazis trudging up the stairs. The first suddenly came into view as she shot her first shot. Then her next and over and over she riddled the, only flintching, four Nazis. They kept going though walking straight for here as she kept trying to firing but her weapons would only click, both barrels smoking. She whipped one at one then her other as Amsel siezed her arm. She turned over socking him, his chin moved only slightly as Fleischer grabbed her other. Faust stood in front of her with an evil grin before stepping aside as the undead doctor stood staring.
“Zo, you leek pain. You leek being treated leek whore.” he asked with a devilish grin.
“Dees is something I believe we can do. Ve love to geeve pain.” he said, lifting his hand grasping the center of her shirt as she stared at him in horror. He tore down down.
Carmen screamed beginning to thrash around in the two Nazis arms as they grabbed her legs with their free hands lifting her off her feet to the ground. Faust moved in quick unbuckling her tattered pants as his comrades pulled her smooth legs apart. She cried out in desperation as Faust revealed his large member, erect and rotting. She watched as Schoeder circled around. She looked back to Faust. He was directly in her face. His rotting face oozing with black viscous blood from where she had shot him once. He maw wide open, some strands of black saliva hung from his black teeth. His tongue flickering like a snakes. He began to decend upon the her body ripping her bra off, his hands grabbing hold of her ample breasts. She shut her eyes grimancing in refusal.
She screamed loudly as she felt it’s cold hard, shriveled hands squeeze hard while pressing it’s fingernails into her breasts. Faust looked upon her soft living flesh with greedy lust. He launched his head forward taking a mouthful of her breast sucking and biting fiercly. His sandpaper like tongue circling her swollen nipple. His teeth dragged back slowly and painfully clamping over one nipple. She cried out feeling the pressure.
She cried out in revultion, yet her pussy was soaked. It was actually dripping wet. She had never been so turned on.
Faust finally released moving lower, his nails scratching down her soft tone belly then circling around feeling her ass in the spandex pants. His finger dug between her ass cheeks followed by a tearing sound. He pulled his hands back tearing the spandex from her body licking every inch of her thigh that he exposed. He moved back up to her thong. He bit the thin cloth and ripped it off with his bare barred teeth. Tears flowed free as she pleaded for him to stop, her thighs pressed firm against his head. But he went forward teeth barred. She screamed as loud as she could feeling the teeth press into her pussy. They slid over her lips and swollen clit painfully and yet gave her pleasure. He then opened her mouth as she began to lick her soaked pussy. Her head flew back screaming in tears when she began to choke suddenly. Her eyes flashed open seeing Schroeder standing over her, his massive rod shoved in her mouth. He pressed the  rotting member forward as she tried to cry out. He grabbed her hair violently yanking it shoving himself further in, to the base. Schroeder pulled out to let her breath for only a second before plunging back in Ankara Escort Bayan violently. Amsel let go of her arm as did Fleischer. Grabbed her hand forcing her to jack him off.
Carmen felt so violated. She quivered at the cold dry hard dead tongue plunging in her pussy flickering.
Her body began to lift as Faust lifted her up getting to his knees postioning her to his pelvis. Amsel began to wean his way under her pulling his rock hard erection out and placing it right as her ass crack. She tried to scream “no” but it wa to no avil. She felt the rock hard phallus slowly creep between her ass cheeks. She felt it’s makes it’s way up as tears streamed and she made gutteral sobs. She tried to scream again feeling it press against her asshole. Amsel grabbed her waist beginning to pull down. Her asshole began to stretch to accomadate his large cold rotting member.
“Your warm slut flesh feels zo good around my deek hure.” be whispered viciously biting the side of her neck then her earlobe. His dry tongue ringing around her ear as he pressed harder slowly pressing into her ass. She screamed and cried feeling his head make it’s way into her ass. This entire time Fausts cock was rubbing the enterance of her pussy up and down. She cried out feeling the member suddenly jolt into her swollen, soaked pussy. The massive cock in her ass pulled out then shoved itself back in ass she felt her ass cheeks squeeze together. The one in her pussy ravaged her as Faust went hardcore on her pussy ramming his pelvis into hers spreading her legs wide and back. Camrens tear filled eyes looked up at the undead mass above her. She squinted her eyes as a dropplet of black blood splattered on her face. She felt like vomiting.
Her legs were to her shoulders, cold dead hands holding the back of her thighs. Similar hands slapped her ass as a rock hard cock rammed it. Fleischer stood up, throwing one leg over her. He looked down at her bending a little. Her placed his hard undead cock dripping with a black viscous liquid between her two large ample breasts. He squeezed her two massive breasts together and then started sliding back and forth. Schroeder pressed in one last time before exploding into her mouth. She screamed in revultion not wanting to swallow it but instinctivly doing it, so she didn’t choke. 
The cold grimey feel.
Death present in the taste but not all bad.
Schroeder pulled out slapping her across the face. Her face whipped right as tears streamed. Fleischer released his iron grip pulling his hand back then whipping down with a devestating slap.
She cried out again. She cried out a moan feeling Amsels nails going down her bare back, her voice getting more and more hoarce. However she was fighting back far less.
Her pelvis jolted feeling a cold spray in her pussy. Her eyes fluttered back giving a soft heavenly moan feeling the cold semen settle in her. She jolted again as she felt a load unleash in her ass, her eyes rolling back, her eye lids flickering. She felt the cold fluid build up in her ass and follow the Nazis dick as he slowly withdrew from her. She could feel it leak from her asshole.
Her eyes were shut trying to take in everything that had just happened so fast to her. She opened her eyes hearing the one on top of her begin to grunt. She lifted her hands squeezing her tits harder around the cold hard creased shriveled dick. Fleischer looked up yelling in his deep gurtal voice as Carmen brought her head up with her mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out like a plate. He took his penis from her tits as he finished himself off shooting his black load all over her tits and face getting some one her tongue.
They all dropped her to the ground as the gathered around the chest beginning to search through it.
Schroeder pulled out his falcon.
“Zare you ah!” he said proudly as the others found there crosses of bravery.
“Schroeder?” Fleischer spoke.
He looked over.
“Her glrandfatha’, look!” he pointed,
He looked down to see a file with a few medals.
“Joseph Mendall… Ve vere under Mendall’s commands for a verzy long time.” Schroeder said,
He looked back to Carmen who was still replaying what had just happened through her head.
“Ok, I zink ve shood kept her alive for the sake and memorly of Joseph Mendall.” Schoeder said,
The others nodded in agreement.
“Plus, she is vedy fun.” Faust put in, they all snickered.
“Only ve vill be allowed to touch her.” Amsel spoke up, they all agreed.
“She vill mek a vedy fine hure.” Faust said who early spoke English.
“I vant her first.” Faust said.

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