Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 10

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Chapter 12

Mark had just about time to put his dildo down before the door to his room opened. His hand was still wrapped around the base, and well there was no real way he could ever hide anything of what had been going on. He was caught red-handed and could only really look at his girlfriend, or rather his ex-girlfriend in horror. After all, why else than to officially dump him would she be here.

Lisa herself was a bit shocked when she entered the room in her white t-shirt, daisy dukes and black thigh high socks paired with black Vans. She knew about the panties and such, she had also known about John’s plan to make Mark suck that dildo. Being confronted with the sight was something completely different though.

She did like what she was seeing. Her boyfriend being so girly looking, helpless and completely embarrassed was pretty hot. He looked so scared of her as well. It was perfect, perfect to start her role as the supportive girlfriend. Adding a bit more fear before offering some relief would be easy.

Linda had told her that confusing Mark was the easiest way to control and manipulate him. Just the right mix of fear and support would do that. She had to get him to a point where he would where he wanted to confide in her, while also remaining scared enough to not want to anger her. Judging from the look on his face that last part was going great already.

She kept the silent shocked staring going for more than a minute to the point where it got too awkward for Mark to remain silent. He just felt like he needed to apologise or something. Anything was better than this stare his girlfriend gave him. The way so he thought she stared at him in disgust. It was scary, and it made him terribly nervous. Not that he could blame her regarding what she had just seen and was still seeing.

“L…Lisa, I didn’t expect you to come over. This isn’t what it looks like, I swear. I am so sorry you had to see this. I swear there is a…” Mark stammered in his panicky horror, Lisa just kept on staring him down until she had had enough, and she cut him off.

“Shut it Mark, this is exactly what it looks like and don’t you dare fucking lie to me. You are nothing but a fucking huge sissy. I mean there really isn’t any other explanation for this, whatever it is you have just been doing so quit lying, this is exactly what it looks like. The only part of your statement I believe is that you didn’t expect me to come over.” Lisa snapped angrily leaving a long uncomfortable pause.

“I mean you have been keeping this for me for so long, so I am sure you would have tried to hide it again. That will no longer work though. You see, if I am honest with myself I should have known you were a sissy from the beginning. Like now that I know, all the signs where there and it was really obvious. So I have decided to help you be who you are supposed to be. You don’t need to hide yourself from me anymore. In fact, I won’t allow that behaviour again.” Lisa said way gentler yet still firm.

Mark had hung his head, cowering in fear when Lisa had started shouting. Now with her switch in tone and message he looked more confused than anything. He had fully expected this to be another cursing-tirade thrown at him before she officially ended their relationship. So this sudden chance was unexpected to say the least.

He wasn’t entirely relieved either Lisa’s words had stung. Had he really always been a sissy without realising it? Was it that obvious? What did she mean by helping him be who he was supposed to be? Or with no longer tolerating this behaviour? It sounded wrong, but he didn’t dare say anything to mess this up. After all, pretty much everything was better than facing his girlfriend’s rage again.

After a minute of silence Mark finally spoke up. It was timid and somewhat hesitant. “Th…thank you Lisa, I was really worried you would dump me and tell everyone. Thank you so much.” He said being not very convincing with his gratitude.

It didn’t really matter to Lisa, she just smirked. Mark truly was a sissy, he had reacted just the way Linda had predicted. It was almost too easy, but then again, his defences had already been broken down quite extensively form before she found out about this whole sissy stuff.

Linda had also told her that as long as she was assertive enough she would be able to make Mark do nearly anything. If that didn’t work Linda had told her to just use a threat. She had warned Lisa not to go over to punishment yet though, no matter how much fun spankings were. She had told her to insist coming along to the store on Monday, so she could teach her a bit more in front of Mark. That way he would think she really was just trying to learn and help.

While Lisa was smirking Mark was praying that the speakers in his room wouldn’t come back to life. It would be yet another thing he had no idea how to explain. He knew he was getting watched right now and so was Lisa without her knowledge he thought. What would she say if she found out? She would probably Kadıköy Yabancı Escort be so pissed.

Another worry was that she might make him break the rules that had been forced on him. How would the person behind the speakers react to that? He certainly hoped it wouldn’t get him in trouble with him, or her, or whoever was behind all this.

“Alright sissy Marcy, what where you just doing when I entered? Cause judging from that dark spot in your pretty panties it looks like you were having a lot off fun. Isn’t that right?” Lisa asked tauntingly enjoying how her words brought and instant bright blush to Marks face. It was pushing her supportive girlfriend act slightly, but from what she had learned from Linda it wasn’t like Mark wasn’t used to it yet anyways.

Paired with his embarrassment was also a good amount of confusion. “Marcy? I don’t know any Marcy’s.” Mark said confused. Well of course there was his ex-teacher, but he couldn’t really say that could he? One thing was for sure he didn’t want to be called Marcy.

“Well of course you do silly, it is right there on your sheets Marcy. I guess those are even custom made. They probably have cost a lot of money as well. So the name Marcy must really mean a lot to you. They are such a pretty sissy sheets as well. It just further proves how badly the sissy in you is screaming to come out, but don’t worry. I am here for you. You can be yourself around me. In fact, I insist that you don’t hide your true self from me any longer, so I will respect your name and call you Marcy from now on sweetie.” Lisa said trying her best to sound as understanding as possible.

Mark was in shock. What had just happened? How? He really wanted to stop this ridiculous new twist, but he couldn’t. After all, just going along with what Lisa was saying was easier than explaining he had stolen them from the teacher he had had the hots for. Lisa probably wouldn’t take that revelation nicely, and it still wouldn’t explain why he had put such sissy sheets on his bed.

Lisa could easily see the conflict on her boyfriend’s face and she loved it. She knew that he would have never chosen such sheets himself. She also knew that there would be no possible explanation for them either. At least not one he felt comfortable telling his girlfriend who knew “nothing”. This plan was working out better than she had expected.

“So Marcy, I believe you were about to tell me what it was you were doing that made you so excited. I mean those soiled panties don’t lie now do they?” Lisa asked again trying to keep herself from smirking too much, but having a hard time doing so.

“I was uhm, I was doing nothing. I was just getting out of bed. Yeah, that’s right. I was getting out of bed.” Mark said trying to explain himself. His stammering didn’t sound very convincing however.

“So you were getting out of bed and the first thing you do is grab your dildo? Interesting, since you claim you were just getting out of bed I suppose you had a wet dream from sleeping between your sissy sheets and wearing pretty panties. You probably dreamt of some big dick to play with to judging from the dildo you took first thing in the morning. At least that is what I make up from all this. Please correct me if I’m wrong.” Lisa said knowing full well that Mark would detest the idea of what she had said.

“Noooo!” Mark instantly screamed out trying to defend himself with his bright red face. Seeing how Lisa looked at him rather surprised however he started to panic. She was clearly expecting an explanation out of him and he wasn’t willing to give it. Afterall he couldn’t say that he had just fingered his ass and sucked that dildo, right? How would that make him look? Probably worse than the image Lisa had just painted.

Mortified he was forced to take his words back. “I mean yes, that is exactly what has happened. It is just so embarrassing.” Mark said hanging his head in shamed defeat. God how had he ever gotten into this position?

“Oh yes, it is very embarrassing indeed. You can’t even imagine how embarrassing it is to find out that my boyfriend, the guy I love is such a pathetic sissy. I mean just fucking look at yourself.” Lisa said with some sting in her words jabbing away at what ever remained of Mark’s ego. The words stung beyond believe, more so because Mark thought Lisa was right. He had indeed fallen very low, but there was nothing he could do about it.

It made him wonder if things would have been different if he had really stood up for himself instead of the pathetic attempts he made. He had been a coward, but now he was in way to deep to go back. Besides he wasn’t even sure if standing up for himself would have really mattered. No one seemed to believe him when he said he wasn’t a sissy so the people who would get one of the flyers probably wouldn’t either. Maybe standing up for himself would have ended up getting him even more screwed than he already was. That thought wasn’t much at all, but it was better than facing Kadıköy Yeni Escort the truth that he was in this mess due to his own cowardness.

“Anyways, like I said before, I am going to help you be who you are supposed to be, and you don’t have to hide your true self from me anymore. No matter how pathetic or embarrassing that is. From now on you can be yourself with me and I guess we are both going to have to learn to deal with this and embrace it.” Lisa firmly stated leaving Mark speechless.

“I mean if I can accept the pathetic sissy you are so should you. I only want what’s best for you Marcy, and I do realise that I am probably going to need to be hard on you because you are obviously very much in denial. Just know that I am here for you and everything will be fine.” Lisa said starting out hard but ending in a compassionate tone.

Mark didn’t know what to reply to that. It was all so confusing and well there really wasn’t a good answer he guessed. He wasn’t even sure that he was a sissy. He was a long way away from being sure that he wasn’t a sissy as well though. Now with his girlfriend on board telling him how he was a pathetic sissy he actually started to lean towards thinking this was what he had always been. One thing was for sure it didn’t help his male ego one bit.

“So Marcy the dildo, what where you going to do with it? Why were you grabbing it first thing in the morning? Where you going to put it up your ass? Is that it? Were you going to fuck yourself silly with this oversized toy you slut?” Lisa asked enjoying the pangs of shock she saw on her boyfriend’s face with every word she said.

“No, absolutely not. I would never do that!” Mark instantly defended himself. The idea of putting that dildo anywhere near his ass made him feel sick. Let alone actually putting it in his ass. Besides his fingers were already more than big enough for him. There was no way that dildo would even fit back there.

“Hmmm, I actually do believe you. Then there is only one reasonable explanation left I guess. You were going to suck it weren’t you? I mean no one gives a dildo a hand job so that has got to be it right?” Lisa said with a smirk knowing that it was exactly what had happened. Coming in here with more upfront knowledge than Mark knew off was really awesome. It allowed her to manipulate the situation even more.

“That’s not what,… I mean…” Mark stammered out the start of a protest. He didn’t get far though simply because he didn’t know what to say. Lisa was right, but he didn’t want to admit that to her and so he had made a fool of himself stammering out a protest that didn’t even go anywhere.

“Oh shut it Marcy, like I said before you are going to have to start accepting this. Lying is useless anyway cause you suck very hard at it. I mean the moment I said it, it was clearly readable on your face that I was right. Your pathetic protest only made it even more obvious. I mean you couldn’t even finish a damn sentence.” Lisa said harshly.

“Now let us see if you’ll suck that dildo just as hard as you suck at lying.” Lisa said laughing at her own joke before snatching the huge dildo off of Mark’s nightstand. She was surprised at how life like the thing felt. This dildo certainly was off very good quality. She had never even felt something that came remotely close to how realistic this dildo felt.

Just the thought of seeing Marks lips wrapped around this thing was already an incredible turn on. Not that she needed to stay happy with just the thought for much longer. One way or another she would have Mark sucking this very dildo in just a moment.

Then an idea entered Lisa’s head to make this all even hotter for her. She unzipped and opened up her daisy dukes, then placed the suction cup of the dildo tight against her pantied crotch, before closing the button of her shorts around the dildo. When she let go of the thing it hung down slightly but was mainly kept in place by her shorts. It almost looked as if she had a real penis sticking through the fly of her shorts.

She was surprised by just how well this little idea had worked out. So much even that she couldn’t help but let out a squeal of excitement. “Aaah look, I have a cock. Just look at it, oh god this is so awesome. Look at it flop.” She said bouncing slightly making the cock flop obscenely.

While Lisa was overtly excited Mark just looked on in horror. He certainly didn’t share Lisa’s excitement. Much to his horror she was right. It really looked as if she had a real cock and it was fucking with his mind. Along with the horror the worries about just what Lisa planned to do with it hit him hard as well. She looked way to excited which only increased his worries.

“Alright Marcy, get on your knees and suck my cock like the pretty little sissy you are. I know you want to, a big sissy as you must love the chance to suck cock. Besides you were about to suck that dildo anyway. Don’t you like it way more now that it looks like it is attached to a person? Kadıköy Masaj Salonu I bet you do.” Lisa said menacingly, clearly enjoying herself a little too much.

“Noooo, this is ridiculous Lisa, I won’t do it. I mean come on this is just outrageous.” Mark protested using strong words, but out of his mouth they didn’t sound as strong as he would have wished. Everything he said sounded pathetic to him, mainly because he was really starting to view himself as pathetic.

“The only ridiculous thing I am seeing around here is you sissy, so get on your fucking knees before I get angry. I know this is embarrassing, but until you learn that you can be yourself around me I am going to stay stern. It really seems like the only way you listen and learn. Trust me I don’t want to do this either, but you leave me no other choice.” Lisa said calmly yet with an undertone that notified Mark not to push his luck any further.

“You were going to suck that damn dildo anyway, so I am really doing you a favour. You don’t even have to hold it anymore. I actually think I deserve a thank you for helping you be yourself and supporting you even when you’re a pathetic excuse for sissy. So before you get sucking I think you should do just that, thank me I mean. Now is your last chance, get on your knees!” Lisa added.

While Lisa hadn’t really threatened him with anything Mark still felt the fear grip him. Every time someone had raised their voice against him bad things had happened. He had come to expect it which is why he meekly did as Lisa had demanded.

Slowly Mark sunk down to his knees in front of his girlfriend. He looked up at her with pleading eyes, but only got a determined smile in return. It was clear that she wasn’t going to change her mind which meant that he would have no choice but to go through with it. Shuddering he looked down from her face to the huge dildo sticking out from her crotch. It looked so lifelike it was almost as if his girlfriend had a real cock hanging out the fly of her shorts.

Mark closed his eyes and was just about to start sucking when he suddenly felt a rather hard tap on his face. Opening his eyes again he saw how Lisa looked down annoyed and how she was using this dildo to slap him in the face.

As soon as Lisa saw she had Mark’s attention she spoke up. “Well sissy, where is that thank you I earned? You didn’t think I was joking right?” Her tone was rather aggressive and impatient. Not because she was annoyed, in fact she was more turned on than ever before. She just used this tone because it seemed to work well on Mark, and if anything, it turned her on even more.

She almost wished she had a real cock. It seemed so much fun, just slapping Mark around with this dildo was so hot, seeing her boyfriend down on his knees with her “cock”‘ in his face. If only she could feel what she was doing it would have been perfect.

One thing was for sure she really needed to look into a good dildo for this sometime. From porn she knew what a strap-on was, and she also knew that there were strap-ons that had a part for the wearer to enjoy as well. Maybe Linda had some experience with that. Maybe she could recommend her a good one to try. For now, this would have to do though.

Mark couldn’t believe this was happening. He had always known his girlfriend had a bit of a dominant side, but he never knew she had it in her to be this dominant. It scared him. It scared him enough that he didn’t even have the courage to tell her this was going way to far for him. A lack of courage wasn’t all that new for him anymore. It was an increasing problem, especially when it came to confrontation.

Avoiding confrontation at all costs was what was starting to matter to him most. Over the weeks of being treated like this Mark had learned that confrontation usually led to pain or something worse than what had initially been asked of him. Confrontation had constantly led to bad things which is how he got conditioned to just give in instead. Especially when someone raised their voice to him.

With a sigh Mark stammered a weak. “T… thank you Lisa.” He didn’t even dare make eye contact with his girlfriend instead he looked down at the floor.

“That’s all you got sissy? That’s all the thanks I get for the huge effort I am doing here? You don’t even say what you are thanking me for. This is unacceptable. Now try again and it better be good or else…” Lisa threatened without really saying what the consequences would be.

She didn’t have to, because this was all the encouragement Mark seemed to need to try his very best. “Sorry Lisa, I would like to thank you for being such a great supportive girlfriend, even after finding out that I am nothing but a pathetic sissy. Thank you for helping me be my true self and thank you so much for even wanting to help me suck this dildo.” Mark said just wanting to cry. Saying these words stung so much especially since he was beginning to think he really might be a sissy.

“See, this was so much better wouldn’t you agree Marcy. At least I know how grateful you are now even if I kind of had to drag it out of you. I know you are still embarrassed about all this, but it will get better. You will get used to it.” Lisa said cheerfully. Mark just felt his heart sink. He didn’t want to get used to this.

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