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She looked back at me, a teasing look in her eye. We sat facing each other. My heart beating ever quicker. She smiled at me, her mouth quirking upwards at each side, her nose crinkling and her eyes spasmodically shutting. . I laughed softly, this was a silence that was not entirely awkward. Her blonde hair was shoulder length, her green eyes set in a perfect face framed by cheeky bangs. Her body was equally perfect, but it was her face that held me captive.

I repeated myself, ‘you are, you’re perfect.’ My conviction on the matter was so sincere that I was almost bemused that she thought I was making fun of her. I ran my hand down the stubble on my right cheek, scratched my chin, before moving my hand to her knee. ‘I mean it.’

She looked embarrassed, turned her eyes down, and then looked back. ‘I’m glad you think so, but I’m not, I’m over-weight.’ She again turned her eyes to her lap.

‘I’m not the only one, every guy who knows you loves you.’ I said, as I wondered to myself if I was laying it on a little too thick. She laughed, a low tilting sound that I had been dreaming of since I met her.

She looked up, and found my eyes with her own. ‘Thank you. You’re a very sweet boy.’ She unfolded her legs, before moving towards me on Bahçelievler escort all fours like a lioness. ‘You just implied that you love me.’

It was my turn to be embarrassed. I looked down, but only to steel my resolve. I looked back. ‘Yes. I do. I always have.’ My pulse raced. I was terrified. Now I would either have all my hopes dashed, or my dreams realised.

She smiled again, this time with only the right side of her lips, her eyes narrowing. ‘I love you too.’

I gulped. It was one of those actions that looks contrived in my memory, when I project what I must have looked like. But it wasn’t. My reaction too finding that my feelings were reciprocated by the woman of my dreams, was a comical gulp. She smiled wider, then we were kissing. I don’t remember the approach, whether I went left or right, whether I closed my eyes on the way in, we were just kissing, my tongue swirling with hers.

I have not since been happier than I was in that moment. When our lips parted I stroked her face, placed my thumb gently on her lips before resting my fore-head against hers. My left hand moved to her shoulder, and I gently pushed her onto her left side. I followed her down, so we were facing, then resumed the kissing. Bahçelievler escort bayan Our hands were all over each other, she rubbing my arms and chest, buttocks and thighs, I her breasts and belly.

We were undressed in what seems like one fluid motion, garments tossed aside creating a scene of havoc. Her pink nipples were erect, the beautiful creamy skin of her breasts and tummy giving way to a light down of wispy blonde pubic hair.

I was almost painfully erect. Throbbing. Rigid. I noticed that her eyes were glued to it, I nearly came on the spot. Pulling myself forcibly back from the brink, I kissed her breasts tenderly and lapped at her nipples, worshipping them with my warm tongue. Her moans told me I was performing well. I lightly kissed a trail down her belly, until reached her public mound. I rubbed my nose from side to side through her blonde fur and came into view of her sex.

I was intoxicated by the smell, my face became redder, my penis seemed to stiffen further. I ran my tongue around her inner thighs, before I licked her properly. I moved my tongue all around, near her entrance, all over her rosy lips, and the around her clitoris. I wasn’t sure how direct she liked it, but when Escort bahçelievler I hit her nub for the first time she gasped and breathed ‘right there’.

After several minutes of such treatment, she seemed to explode, her thighs clamped painfully around my face, and her hands which were mingling in her hair, tightened in to fists. She shuddered for a time, before relaxing. At first I was afraid that she had fallen asleep, but then I heard her feeling around in a drawer, and looked up to see her withdraw a pack of condoms, which she threw towards me. I wasted no time in rolling one onto my penis.

I eased into her slick vagina, until I was buried to the hilt. She was wincing in obvious pleasure. Her mouth slightly agape. She huskily whispered, ‘you feel so big in there, so good.’ I began to thrust. In. Out. The pleasure I was feeling was monumental, I was in heaven. She gasped for me to do it harder, and I did. I was pumping into her deep and hard, all the while her right hand was working in a circular motion on her clitoris. I couldn’t take it. It was too much. I came.

My penis throbbed with that glorious ache, and then pulsed, in what must have been furious spurts. Moments after I had returned to the land of the conscious, she squealed, and came once more, clamping painfully onto my still hard penis, I waited till she was done, watching her until her lovely eyes opened again, then lowered myself onto her gently, and rested my head above her breasts, spent.

She stroked my hair, and kissed my right temple, as we gently held each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32