Never Enough Ch. 13

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I stayed up in my office for most of the evening, going over invoices and inventories. I occasionally drifted through the crowded bar greeting some of the club’s regular customers.

Melissa Townsend came into the club around 10:00. She was alone, not with her husband Scott. She gestured she wanted to talk with me so I motioned for her to come up to the office. Melissa sat down across the desk from me.

“I just wanted to stop by and see if you were still hiring actresses for your movies.” She said.

“Not really. We’ve got about everyone we’re going to need for awhile.” I responded. “Why, are you interested?”

“Yeah, I’m definitely interested.” She answered. “Not for the money, just for the sex.”

“What about Scott?” I asked. “He change his mind about letting you get involved?”

“Scott and I are getting divorced.” Melissa stated. “We’ve already put the house up for sale.”

“Yeah, I noticed the sign in the yard the other day.” I said without thinking.

“Is that your car down at the new house on Lakeview Drive?” She asked. “Steven Well’s house.”

“Frank Well’s house, not Steven’s.” I corrected her. “I’m just leasing it.”

I had to choose my words carefully. I didn’t want Melissa to know we were going to shoot adult videos at the house. She could blab it to the wrong people and that could cause problems. Melissa was definitely not to be trusted! I needed to get the upper hand on her.

“Can you pass a drug test and a background check?” I asked, hitting upon an idea.

“Yeah, sure. Why?” She inquired.

“I’ve got a few special videos in mind.” I stated. “Think you might be perfect for the parts. That is, if you’re really interested?”

“I’m interested!” She exclaimed. “Are any of them with Chris or Richie?”

“Actually one is with both of them.” I replied, not having a clue as to what I could come up with.

“Damn, that’s got to be one hot video!” Melissa stated.

I took an employment application form from my attaché and handed it to her. She quickly began filling it out.

“Is there anything you won’t do sexually?” I inquired.

“Well, I can’t take it anally.” She replied. “If I have to I will but it hurts like hell.”

“I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable with.” I said, trying to ease her concerns but not really giving a damn.

Melissa hand me back the completed application form. I noticed her cell phone number had changed so I mentioned it to her.

“I’ve got another number so Scott can’t call and bother me.” She stated. “You can reach me anytime. I’ve always got it on.”

I told Melissa we’d be calling her next week. I reminded her to get a drug test at one of the hospitals and bring me the written report. I had doubts she might be able to pass the test. We chatted for awhile before she left but I was careful not to divulge any unnecessary information.

I left the club around 4:00am, after doing the closing with Marcus. The cool morning air was refreshing on the drive home. I took a shower before sliding into bed. I didn’t go to sleep right away, finding it hard to relax and forget about the previous day’s disappointments.

Distant thunder awoke me Sunday morning. It was a little after 10:00am. Amber was down in the kitchen putting on coffee. I slowly made my way to the bathroom to rinse off and fix my hair and make-up. I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt before going downstairs. Amber was sitting at the diningroom table sipping her coffee.

“Saw you talking with Melissa Townsend at the club last night.” Amber stated. “Noticed she was alone.”

“She and Scott are getting a divorce.” I responded. “That’s no big surprise!”

“She’s not still wanting to get involved in the adult videos, is she?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, now more than ever.” I replied. “I hired her to do a few videos.”

“You’re kidding!” Amber exclaimed. “What the hell for?”

“Mostly, to keep her trap shut about the house.” I answered. “She’s seen my car there. Wouldn’t take her long to figure out what’s going on. She might get the neighborhood all stirred up.”

“So it’s kind of a bribe then.” Amber said. “Put her in a few videos so she’ll keep her mouth shut.”

“Actually, it’s more of an insurance policy.” I responded. “Once I get her on video with a cock jammed in her mouth, she’ll have to keep quiet.”

“You and Dave still going horseback riding today?” She asked. “Didn’t see him at the club last night.”

“No, we’re not seeing each other anymore, at least not for awhile anyway.” I muttered.

“What the hell happened this time?” She exclaimed. “Everything seemed ok when I left.”

“Isn’t he cool with you making the movies?” Amber added. “What changed his mind?”

“I don’t think it’s the just the movie business.” I replied. “I think it’s knowing Chris and I fucked each.”

“If it weren’t for Chris, you two probably would never have met.” Amber said. “Doesn’t he realize that?”

I didn’t bother to answer Amber’s question. I wasn’t sure what David was thinking.

I’m going up to the house for the day.” I stated. “You wanna Ataşehir Fetiş Escort go along?

“Nah, I’m going to get some boxes so I can start packing my clothes and stuff.” Amber answered. “I’m still planning on leaving next Saturday morning.”

It was almost 11:30 when I left the apartment. The storm had passed north of us without leaving any rain. The sky was clear except for a few puffy clouds.

I walked slowly through the house making sure everything was ready for the next day’s shooting session. I couldn’t find anything out of place so I decided to work on some storylines.

Taking the laptop from my attaché, I walked out on the terrace finding a shady spot to sit. I needed to come up with a video for Melissa and two guys. Some sort of fantasy scene. The harder I tried to come up with something, the more my mind drew blanks. I finally put the laptop away, spending the rest of the afternoon sitting down on the dock.

Monday morning, Amber and I arrived at the house before 8:00am. Frank and Jackie along with the camera crew were standing around in the kitchen. Jared and Katrina arrived a little later. Everyone seemed anxious to get started. I paced back and forth between the kitchen and the foyer. I finally sat down in the makeshift office eating on a donut and drinking another cup of coffee.

Rick and Diane got to the house at 9:00. Jackie took her into one of the bathrooms to get her hair and make-up done. We’d already chosen her wardrobe, a red evening dress slit up the side with accenting jewelry. Rick was wearing tan Dockers and a light blue sport shirt. It was what we’d requested he wear. He seemed quite nervous. I hoped the excitement of watching Chris screw his wife would overcome his anxiousness.

It was almost 9:30 before Chris arrived, getting caught in construction traffic along the way. He grabbed a quick cup of coffee, apologizing for running late. He seemed quite relaxed. Of course, this wasn’t anything new for him. He’d made over a hundred videos, this was just one more for him.

We got the camera crew situated in the bedroom. Jared and Katrina made a last minute audio check. I stood in the hallway with Rick, Diane and Chris going over the scene one more time. I don’t know which of us was more nervous, Diane or myself. I left the three of them in the hallway, entering the adjacent bedroom where we’d set up the monitors.

Standing in front of the monitors, I called for the scene to begin.

“Cameras ready! Audio ready! Start!” I commanded.

Chris entered the bedroom with his arm around Diane’s waist. Rick walked in right behind them, going to his chair positioned in the corner of the bedroom. Chris and Diane sat on the side of the bed and began kissing. Diane was resisting Chris’s advances. My eyes scanned back and forth over the three monitors. Everything looked great so far.

The scene progressed with Chris getting Diane’s dress off. She was wearing matching red panties and bra. Rick got up from his chair and started undressing, tossing his clothes in the corner. His cock was already hard. Watching Diane about to get the fucking of her life was definitely turning him on. I called “next” and Chris took the cue.

Chris worked Diane up slowly, removing her bra and panties. Her pussy was wet, glistening with moisture. The camera zoomed in on her pussy, capturing it perfectly. Chris quickly stripped down to his briefs. He spread Diane’s legs wide, licking her pussy. Diane was moaning constantly. She was really into the scene. Rick was stroking his hard cock. I hoped he wasn’t getting too far ahead of Chris and Diane. I called “next” and Chris responded to my cue once again.

Chris picked up Diane, tossing her to the center of the bed. He took off his briefs and climbed between her legs. He lifted her legs up, spreading them wide. I called out “wait” and both of them froze. Jackie ran in quickly, handing Diane a tube of lubricant. Diane squeezed an ample amount inside her pussy, handing the lube back to Jackie. “Start” I commanded as soon as Jackie came back to the monitor room. Chris slowly worked his huge cock inside Diane. She came for the second time, her body trembling.

Rick was still stroking his cock. He was doing great at holding back. His eyes were intently watching Chris fuck his wife. Chris fucked her slowly at first then hard, really hard. His pelvis was slapping hard against Diane’s ass. Her butt was getting red from the hard thrusts. I let them fuck for a few minutes before shouting “next”. Chris turned Diane over and got her in the doggie-style position, immediately penetrating her pussy.

Chris had a firm hold on Diane’s hips, forcing her back on his enormous cock. Diane orgasmed for the third time, shrieking out loud. I quickly looked at Jared. His face was cringing. Chris plunged his cock slowly in and out of Diane till he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot a rope of cum all the way to the back of her neck. Rick was standing in front of his chair. He shot of stream of cum towards the corner of the bed, landing all over the carpet. Diane Ataşehir Gecelik Escort slowly lowered herself down on the bed, turning her face towards the camera. Chris grabbed her head, shooting his second load all over Diane’s lips. Three perfect money shots in one scene! I let the three actors settle down before shouting “stop”.

Jackie and I rushed into the bedroom. Katrina still had the boom mike poised over the bed. Rick was sitting down in his chair. Chris had collapsed alongside Diane on the bed. The camera crew cleared out, pulling the video cables back. We made sure everyone was alright before going back to the adjoining bedroom. Frank was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching a replay clip.

“One down, a thousand more to go!” Jackie exclaimed, grinning. “You did it! Three money shots in one scene to boot!”

I had to sit down next to Frank on the bed. I felt so relieved that everything had gone so well. Frank put his arms around me, giving me a hug. I held onto him for comfort.

Amber helped get Diane into the bathroom. She was totally wiped out. Chris scurried down the hall to another vacant bathroom. I heard him turn the shower on.

I made my way down to the office to get everyone paid. I thanked everyone, reminding them of the next day’s shoot at 10:00. The camera guys were making more money working for me than they were for Carl. To me, they were well worth the extra money. Jared and Katrina left right behind the camera operators, anxious for the next day’s session.

Amber came down to the office, sitting on one of the tables.

“Who’s on for tomorrow?” She asked.

“Carson and Darcy, the tall blonde with the dancer’s legs”. I replied.

“We still doing our scene together Wednesday?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, and then you with Chris on Thursday.” I answered. “Know you can’t wait for that one!”

“Who’s on for Friday?” She inquired.

“Richie and Courtney.” I replied. “I hope this Courtney girl works out. Jackie thinks she’ll do great so I’m confident.”

Rick and Diane came into the office sitting next to each other across from us. I gave them each an envelope containing their pay. Rick was smiling. Diane was really overjoyed. I think she was still feeling the effects of Chris giving her multiple orgasms. We chatted briefly about future videos. They were both anxious to shoot more movies. I was just thankful they’d both worked out. My doubts about them were diminishing.

We still had the editing to do on our first video. I wasn’t thrilled about doing it myself, but I was reluctant to have an outside company do it for us. I waited till Chris left before replaying each camera’s video. We’d shot almost eighty minutes of video amongst the three cameras, which we’d have to cut to twenty minutes.

Frank and Jackie were rearranging the bedrooms for tomorrow’s session. Amber and I stripped the sheets and comforter off the bed so we could get them down to the laundry room. When we’d all finished our tasks, we took a break out on the terrace.

Everyone was winding down from the morning’s excitement. It gave us a chance to discuss future plans.

“I still think we need to hire a writer.” Jackie stated. “We need someone with fresh, new ideas. Someone who can script and write dialogue.”

“Yeah, and we need to get an editor too.” I said. “I’m not sure if I can do it so it looks professional enough.”

“How’s your money holding out?” Frank asked. “Can we afford more people?”

“Yeah, money’s not the problem.” I replied. “I can always take profit from the club if I need to. J.R.’s is running well into the black.”

“Problem is finding the right people, not the money.” I added. “Anyone got any ideas?”

“What about checking for writers over the internet?” Amber suggested. “Maybe one of the camera operators can help us on the editing?”

“That’s an idea.” I responded. “I’ll ask them tomorrow morning.”

“Why don’t I do some research over the internet for writers?” Jackie suggested. “Do we want to hire someone or how do you want to handle it?”

“I’d prefer to just buy a writer’s material, not hire anyone.” I replied. “We need to have them turn over any copyrights though. I want to make sure we own everything outright.”

“If you just buy the material straight out, that would eliminate another person on the payroll.” Frank stated. “You could also get a better variety of material. Seems like the way we should go.”

It was around 1:30 when Amber and I left for the club. I was thankful Monday’s weren’t usually busy at the club. If things were going smoothly at 7:00, I was going to leave early.

I phoned both our beer distributors about purchasing in truckload quantities for a better price. They were to fax me quotes before the end of the day. I was hoping for a big price break to make the investment pay off.

The phone behind the bar rang just before opening. Amber answered it, shouting it was for me. I had her transfer the call up to me.

“Hello, Ms. Kramer.” The voice greeted. “This is James Harper of Harper, Douglas and Klein.”

“Oh! Ataşehir Genç Escort Hello Mr. Harper.” I spoke. “What can I do for you?”

“Colin Douglas and I would like to set up a meeting with you.” He stated. “Sometime at your convenience, of course, maybe a luncheon meeting.”

“Would you mind telling me what the meeting would be about?” I asked. “If it has anything to do with Steven Wells, I wouldn’t be interested.”

“It has absolutely nothing to do with Steven, I guarantee you.” Harper responded. “Colin and I would like to discuss a possible business arrangement with you, an investment actually.”

“I see. Well, this week I’m much too busy with another business interest.” I stated. “I may have some free time Saturday or possibly Sunday. Not sure how that fits in with your schedule.”

“Colin and I play golf every Saturday at the country club.” Harper said. “Let’s exchange cell phone numbers so we can contact each other if a time opens for both of us.”

We exchanged cell phone numbers as James Harper suggested. I was curious about his reference to “arrangement or investment” as he put it. The last thing I needed was an investor in my nightclub. I wasn’t about to share the profits with anyone. It was still a good idea to have a prestigious law firm on my side. Having lunch with the two men wouldn’t hurt any. I’d at least hear them out before politely and subtly turning them down.

As usual, Monday night was slow. I spoke briefly with Amber, Fawn and Sarah before leaving. Marcus walked me out to my car, just like he always did.

“Tomorrow afternoon when I get in, we need to talk.” I stated to Marcus.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked. “Hope I haven’t made you mad about something.”

“No, there’s nothing wrong.” I replied. “I just want to discuss business with you.”

I drove home contemplating the next day’s session with Carson and Darcy. I hoped it would go as well as today’s session. I watched television while I went through my bank statements online. I phoned Amber at the club around 11:00 to see how things were going. I went to bed after she assured me everything was going smoothly.

I drove out to the house Tuesday morning arriving a little before 9:00am. Everyone was already there. The camera technicians were sitting out on the terrace talking with Jared and Katrina. Carson and Darcy were standing in the kitchen chatting about making the video. I poured myself a cup of coffee and joined the guys on the terrace for a cigarette before getting started.

Jackie and Frank had the bedroom scene all set up and ready to go. I took my position in front of the monitors. Jared had rigged up a speaker in the bedroom and a headset with microphone for me to wear. It would enable me to just speak in a normal voice level to the actors. I wouldn’t have to shout instructions like the day before. The camera guys ran checks on their equipment, as did Jared and Katrina on the audio equipment. We were shooting the scene with just two cameras, no need for a third.

I reviewed with Carson and Darcy how the scene was to be played out. Darcy would be the seductress getting Carson, a deliveryman in bed with her. Carson wore a work uniform for his part. Darcy wore a slinky white negligee with high-heels. She was drop dead gorgeous. Carson was chomping at the bit to get started. I could tell his massive cock was already hard. I made sure the lubricant was tucked underneath the pillow before the scene started. We took our positions with Darcy and Carson standing in the hallway leading to the bedroom.

“Cameras ready! Audio ready! Start!” I commanded.

Darcy led Carson into the bedroom, pulling him by the hand. She guided him towards the bed before pushing him down on it. They began kissing passionately. Darcy unbuttoned Carson’s shirt and pushed it open, kissing all over his chest. Carson was playing with Darcy’s breasts through the fabric of her negligee. I spoke “next” into the microphone.

Darcy unbuckled Carson’s pants, pulling them along with his briefs down his muscular legs. His massive cock stood straight up. Jackie gasped when she first saw it. He was huge, at least ten inches long and so thick; Marcy couldn’t get her fingers around its base. She licked up and down his cock, salivating all over it. Carson’s cock glistened in her hand. She worked her lips over the head of his cock barely getting it between her lips. The camera was focused for a great close-up of her mouth trying to work the head of his cock. Carson’s face was cringing trying to keep from cumming. I let Darcy suck his cock for a couple of minutes before speaking “next” into the microphone.

Darcy positioned herself in the sixty-nine position so Carson could work her pussy over with his mouth and lips. Darcy got off a good orgasm, moaning long and loud. I waited till Marcy’s orgasm subsided before speaking “next” into the microphone.

Darcy turned around facing Carson, straddling his muscular chest. I spoke “stop” into the microphone and both actors froze in position. “Use the lube under the pillow.” I said into the mike. Darcy squeezed a considerable amount of lube inside her pussy. She tossed the rest of it onto the floor, out of camera range. “Start” I spoke and Darcy worked her pussy down over Carson’s huge cock. It took her a minute or two to get most of it inside her hot little pussy. Jackie reached up and put her hand over my microphone.

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