New Discoveries Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

I’m Kyle, and my best bud Zander and I were hanging at my house during the summer before college. We were at my house mainly because my parents were better off than his and we had a pool. We had been on the swim team throughout high school and were ultra competitive with each other about swimming and everything else especially bragging about girls. The truth of it was neither one of us had much experience beyond French kissing and feeling girls up over their clothes, but we both bragged about doing much more than that.

We had tight swimmer bodies, and I’d say we looked pretty good in our team nylon suits we always swam in even at my house. Our competitions always had imaginary stakes for winning, and us being horny 18 year olds those stakes were often the opportunity to be with one of the hotties at our school. Lately though we had been vying for the attentions of my neighbor’s daughter during our swim races and video game battles. Lesley was a year older than us and already in college, but she had gotten home for the summer recently and Zander and I were hoping she’d be spending some time with us poolside like she’d done many times growing up. She had beautiful features, dark blonde/reddish hair, long legs, a tight ass, and perky tits that filled up her bikini top nicely. We knew from past experience when she got out of our pool wet it sure looked like she had long thick nipples and probably shaved her pussy.

We’d been lounging around for a while with our suntan lotion on and the sun baking us to the point of sweat forming and dripping down our chests, so it really wasn’t a surprise when Zander suggested a 5 lap race with the winner getting a date with Lesley. Neither one of us had the courage to actually ask her out, but we considered the results of our competitions sure things. We took our marks and dove in together. I had the lead for the first three laps, but Zander was closing in on me. He caught me in the 4th lap, and wound up beating me by a hand at the finish. We both came out of the water catching our breath, and he started bragging about all of the things he and Lesley were going to do on their date. Neither one of us ever wanted to concede easily so I told him not so fast, and I wanted to battle it out on the game system in our basement rec room to decide the final winner. He complained about already winning, but in the end his competitive spirit won out and he decided if he won the video game battle he would be a decisive winner.

After we toweled off, we headed downstairs and took our positions in an open area on the floor with our backs against the sofa. Our football game was neck and neck with him leading by a touchdown at halftime, but I pulled off some spectacular passing plays in the second half and edged him out with a field goal at the buzzer. At first he protested that he had already won the date with Lesley outside, but I insisted it was now a tie and we needed to find a way to settle it. He seemed to take that as a cue and lunged at me while telling me we were going to wrestle for it. We’d had wrestling matches before with one of us gaining the upper hand then the other one and so on until one of us got more tired and got pinned. Today was no different at first with his initial lunge catching me off guard and giving him the advantage to start with. I was able to turn to the side slightly so we wound up with him on top of me and me laying on my side. There had never been anything sexual about our wrestling matches before and we had never done anything sexual with each other before, but with him on top of me istanbul escort I could feel his soft dick pressed up against my hip through our suits. Then he started talking about this being one of the things he would definitely want to do during his date with Lesley and how much she was going to like feeling him up against her like this. I felt him rotate his hips slightly when he said that, and I swore I could feel his dick growing a little up against me. With that I tried twisting out of his grip, but he did his best to stay pressed up against me and I felt his growing bulge rub across my ass as I turned. I was able to break free, and my mind started racing with many thoughts. Why was Zander doing these things now? Did I actually like feeling him rubbing his dick on me? Was my dick starting to get hard also? Did I want to continue this, or stop it right here? My raging hormones got the best of me so while I didn’t know what his plan was I decided feeling him against me wasn’t unpleasant, I was definitely starting to stiffen up, and I wanted to keep going at least for now to see what was going to happen.

We were both on all fours facing each other when he reached between his legs to adjust himself in his suit. I took the opportunity and pounced on him this time. We writhed around until we wound up with him on his side and me on top of him this time. The way my legs were positioned I could feel his bulge up against my thigh, and I knew he could feel me up against his hip. I had a firm grip with my arms and my legs in this position so I knew he couldn’t get out no matter how much he squirmed. All of his squirming had the affect of both of our crotches experiencing more contact with another person than they ever had before, and I could feel myself and him starting to stiffen again. He started talking again at the same time his motions changed to more of a rocking of his hips. He said see I told you Lesley would love to be here doing this with me right now. She would really be into rubbing her pussy against my hip just like that. I could feel the nylon of my suit rubbing up against my glans which really felt good and definitely had me getting harder. At the same time, I could feel his dick swelling as he thrust it against my thigh. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about all this and whether I wanted to let on I was really enjoying it so I loosened my grip slightly, and he used that to work his way free from our current position.

We grappled and writhed around some more with both of us starting to sweat again and breath a little harder. I didn’t know if our labored breathing was from the wrestling we were doing or the fact that whenever we came in close enough contact we could feel each other heading towards full blown hard-ons. At one point he surprised me by spinning around so we were head to toe, and managed to get my head in a scissor lock between his legs so I applied the same hold to him. I realized quickly in this position I could feel his very hard dick straining in his suit right up against my cheek and neck, and from the way heat was engulfing my manhood he could feel the same. He continued that hold long enough to start talking again while he rocked his hips causing his dick to slide ever so slightly against my face. He said he was certain this would be another position that Lesley would really enjoy, and with that I could feel him reaching further between my legs with his head. He continued by saying how Lesley would make it easier on him by spreading her legs slightly so I did just that. kadıköy escort This whole time his rocking continued and I could feel his now rock hard dick sliding inside his suit up against my face. With my legs loosened a little I felt him crane his neck a little more, and he said Lesley spreading her legs was a sure sign she wanted to feel his mouth on her pussy. As soon as he said that, I felt him close his mouth on the area right behind my balls and could feel his tongue pressing against my suit. That sensation caused my dick to throb and let loose a big drop of precum into my suit. The added wetness added to the sensations I was feeling as the nylon rubbing against my glans. The more I felt his tongue wriggling and pressing against my perineum, the more precum flowed from my dick. All of the sudden I became aware of his suit feeling wetter against my cheek too, and I knew he was enjoying rubbing himself on me as much as I was enjoying feeling what his tongue was doing to me.

I could feel my heart racing and my breathing was quick, and then I felt his legs release me slightly so I used that to squirm free. My mind was really racing now that I had a full blown hard on. Would Lesley really enjoy doing the things he was talking about with him or even with me? Could either one of us possibly get her involved in a sexual situation like this? All of Zander’s talk was making me believe it was possible, and that was only intensifying my excitement. The head of my dick felt very hot rubbing against the slippery nylon of my suit. I looked at Zander, and could see his cheek and under his chin glistening from the precum that had gone through my suit. I looked further down and could see a pretty big wet spot on his suit with his hard dick head outlined behind it. I knew then that I still wanted to continue further with this. The distraction of what I was seeing and thinking gave him the opportunity to pounce on me again, but we were both slick from the sweat combined with the suntan lotion so neither of us got the upper hand as we writhed and rolled. In essence we were just grinding against each other almost coming crotch to crotch a couple times. Finally, I felt him weaken so I rolled on top of him holding his upper arms to the floor with my knees splayed and bent to either side of his thighs. This put my feet back over his knees which allowed me to keep his lower body under control also. This position also lined up our crotches and I felt my hard dick right next to his. He couldn’t squirm out or get up, but he could start rolling his hips again so he did just that while starting to talk again. He told me he would be glad to be pinned by Lesley like this as long as she rubbed her pussy against him just like this. The feeling of his hardness rubbing against mine through the slippery nylon had me dripping more and more precum. When he rolled his hips up I pressed down and he said see she would be loving it. I knew I was loving feeling his dick straining and throbbing against mine. I felt like I was about to explode when he continued saying how great it was to feel her pussy juices soaking her bikini and he would definitely invite her to take it off to be more comfortable. While he was saying that he really started moving his hips thrusting the length of his hardness alongside mine. That added friction had me throbbing and my precum seemed like it was flowing continuously. His dick felt so good rubbing alongside mine, but then I felt something different. It felt like I could feel his bare dick head rubbing against kağıthane escort my lower belly at the top of his upstroke. I knew my package was contained tightly by my drawstring, and then I realized. Earlier when we were face to face he hadn’t adjusted himself, but loosened his drawstring. Every upstroke I could feel more and more of his bare dick rubbing through my precum and sliding against my stomach.

It was like I could feel every vein in his rock hard dick which was starting to throb like mine. He said he knew Lesley would enjoy feeling her bare pussy rubbing up against him like this, and with that vision I felt my dick stiffen and my balls start to contract. I let out a long moan, started shuddering, and my cum started to pump out of my dick and through my suit. I just kept pressing down against Zander because each of his strokes was causing me to keep cumming and cumming. When he felt the added wetness and knew from my jerking I was cumming my brains out he said he knew Lesley would be soaking his hard dick with her cum right about then. His thrusting intensified as he was saying this and his motions started to get a little jerkier. I felt him give one final thrust and hold on the upstroke. I just had to see what it looked like between us so I lifted up until I could. What I saw was his dick head, shiny with my cum, flare out and start spurting a huge wad of cum. I quickly realized from my position with my head hanging down cum was headed right for my face. Before I could do anything I also realized my mouth was hanging open when I felt his first big spurt hit the roof of my mouth. I felt like it burned or shocked me, and I didn’t want him to know so I clamped my mouth shut and pressed back against him. With my mouth closed, his cum coated my tongue. It felt creamy and hot and tasted salty and a little bitter, but I wasn’t grossed out by it. In fact, knowing his cum was in my mouth caused another spasm in me and a little more cum to come out of my still hard dick. I could feel every pulse of his dick and the wet slipperiness growing between us while I could hear all of his moans of pleasure. It seemed like his thrusting and throbbing was going to continue forever, but then his motions calmed and he laid still beneath me.

I felt very awkward all of the sudden so I jumped up, threw him a towel that was on the bar, and headed for the bathroom. When I got in there I shut the door and stood with my hands on the sink just looking in the mirror. I saw our cum on my suit and belly, and I felt his cum on my tongue, My mind started replaying everything that just happened, and I wondered what was going through Zander’s mind. I knew that I didn’t want to let on how much I enjoyed what just happened even though it was the single hottest time of my life so far. I didn’t think we were all of the sudden gay because we had used Lesley as the motivating factor, but I knew I had enjoyed feeling rubbing all over him and feeling him against me. I still tasted his cum on my tongue. As soon as I closed my mouth when his first spurt went in and I felt his hot slippery cum on my tongue, I knew that was a vision and experience I would never forget. Even thinking about it in front of the mirror then was quicken my breathing and starting to make me hard again in my cum filled suit.

I decided I needed to clean up real quick and get back out there with him, but I was nervous about what his reaction would be. I took off my suit, wiped myself up and put on a looser pair of gym shorts that were in the bathroom. When I got back out in the family room Zander was sitting back against the sofa with the game controller in his hand and said what took you so long. I knew right then he didn’t want to talk about it, but we were fine. I wondered then if we would ever talk about it, or if anything like that would ever happen again as we started another epic video game battle. To be continued…

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