New Traditions

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I didn’t have much time but I wanted to be in the winter contest this year. Everyone is 18 or over.


His yawn almost lasted the trek up the stairs.

Ben was groggy and grabbed at his junk, tugging on it through the tight briefs.

Christmas was great and all, but he was desperate for a bowl of cereal. To his surprise, he laid eyes on cake. More specifically, the heart shaped, creamy vanilla cheeks of his step-mom Cynthia.

It’s not the first time he’s come up the stairs to her bent over and rummaging through the fridge. However, he had never seen this much of her, much less the white lace panties that were completely devoured by her butt.

The plump outline between her thighs was a beacon and he bit his lip. She started to rise as he admired her long, delicious legs.

“Oh, hey, baby boy.”

He would never, ever, get tired of her southern drawl. It melted him down and made him fuzzy inside. Couple that with that big, five foot ten stature and her ugly Christmas sweater and he had a recipe for later, stored away in the bank. He couldn’t wait to have those wavy blond strands between his finger tips. The imagination was wonderful.


The disheveled woman pushed up her round, rose gold glasses and sipped her coffee. He felt her gaze while he was in the cupboard and suddenly realized just how far he stuck out after it grazed the cabinet below. Too late to hide it now, he just had to act normal.

He had a seat with his fruity flavored pebbles and gave in to her persistent stare from across the island. They smiled and he went to take a bite.

“That the usual?”

“We’re out of puffs,” he said with a chomp.

“Or are you happy to see me?”

The loud chewing stopped and he looked around, mostly towards the living room.

“He’s totally smashed and passed out,” she said with a quick reassurance.

The subtle, lighthearted flirting over the last couple of years had started to cross a line this morning. No way he would stop this.

Without a doubt her presence in his life made high school a breeze. Senior year was done and gone. He loved her and their secret interactions interspersed through their busy days.

“That’s a trick question.” He finally spoke up.

She nodded with a sly smile. “You’re not wrong.”

He contemplated and took a bite. “Both but one more than the other. How was the fancy corporate party?”

A grin took over with another sip of black roast. “I accept your answer and topic change.” She cupped the mug. “It was fun. Everyone was toast and your sister was nearby and turned into the designated driver. I was way, way too fucked up to drive.”

“Oh, is she here?”

“No, no. She had the kids and new boyfriend. Just you and I.”

“That’s how I like it,” he blurted out.

She leaned in on her elbows and arched out. “I know.”

Getting lost in those baby blues was as natural as breathing. Those perfect, plump lips moved but he was entranced. What would it feel like to have those wrapped around him?


She reached out and ruffled his hair. “I said, do you want to swap early gifts?”

God damn. Was he awake yet?

“We should.” Took him forever to reply.

She beamed, pearly whites and all with a nod. “Yeah?”

The voice was nearly a whisper and lengthy fingernails slid into his beard. A light graze was all the boy needed and he leaned in to find out just how soft her lips were. Long, gentle moans pushed through him and in turn, shoved hard into the grain below. He wanted to grab it but wasn’t sure how far this would go or how she would take it.

The cereal was slid away and he found the sides of her sweater puppies that dangled.

He had always wanted to get a hold of those and they felt so heavy in his palms. There wasn’t a protest and she wanted in on the fun, but couldn’t reach.

In a flash, she was around the counter top and had his face buried into the cotton, nestled between the all naturals. Digging into her deep wedgie, the heat from her inner thighs was a guide for his fingertips and he dipped them into the honey pot, a first for him.

“That’s my boy,” she whispered. Fingernails lined his scalp and she held him tight. “My stocking looks stuffed escort bayan down there. Oh, yeah—definitely not a lump of coal.”

She wasn’t wrong. His briefs were taxed, wet and a straight line that nudged into the wood.

“What’s in there?” She teased and caressed his neck. “Looks huge—I have to see it.”

The hem was pulled towards the head, exposing his fatness. A sigh blew out of her and she had always known, but to watch him struggle to get it out just made her tingly. She hooked in and pulled until the fabric snapped, revealing a shiny, engorged purple top.

“I’ve been a naughty girl this year. Santa must have skipped over my list.”

With haste, she jerked the sweater and draped warmth across his cheeks. His face was devoured in hot, jiggly flesh that was smashed between her arms. She took him by the back of both heads and tugged below, sending light groans into her sternum.

“Momma loves a big hard one on Christmas morning,” she said casually.

It fed the beast and kept it amazingly rigid between her tight grip. A light squish added to his inability to hold it all back and she didn’t stop, letting his arousal leak out as a hot lube.

“Hey, Cynthia!”

“Blow your loa—”

Blonde waves snapped around and they both froze, ripped from a euphoric haze. She let go and his smushed cheeks were released out of her cleavage.

“Yeah, honey?”

She scrambled to fix her clothing and kissed his forehead.

“I can’t find my goddamn slacks!”

The resentment that poured out of her was visible. Her eyes were sharp and lingered off towards the back of the house. She helped rearrange his soaked underwear and fondled his heavy balls.

“Fuck, I was there,” he said with a sigh.

An ear was pecked and teased with hot breaths.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to drain you dry later on. Wait for me.”

With a nod, she stomped away.

“Maybe if you had more than one mother fucking pa—”

That was all he heard before the bedroom door slammed and he was left with an intense ache and soggy cereal. It wouldn’t be a balanced breakfast without those two getting into a fight.


Talk about tension.

The whole family was crammed into their modest basement. Uncles and aunts from both sides of the country, annoying siblings and nieces and nephews. I dont even know some of these people.

They couldn’t take his mind off of what happened earlier. He had a slutty southern blond to deal with; a nuclear power in female form. He knew it was wrong, but that feeling was intoxicating.

She had plenty of opportunity to finish their sneaky encounter but she waited. He trusted her, but the frustration started to build. Must be a man thing.

His father is cranky for a week and then the next day he’s upbeat and full of life. Post-nut clarity is probably different after being with Cynthia; his hand doesn’t smile back after he’s finished.

There were plenty of gifts for him to unwrap and he was grateful, but across the way was this statuesque treasure that was promised to him.

Cynthia was always the best dressed in their family, but she was extra today. To see her in knitted white thigh highs was a treat, but it was her normal on Christmas.

The nickname ‘Sinthia’ floated around behind her back, but they were all jealous that his father had a goddess for a wife; not a trophy wife, either. She was in charge.

The men stared while the women gossiped. To see her cause that much disruption for being herself was amusing.

Of course, the decorated red sweater that just barely kept that juicy, corn fed delight hidden was also a staple but he couldn’t pinpoint it until she leaned back to talk to Uncle Ryan. It all clicked: her rose gold combo.

Beneath those heavy blond layers were big, thin hoops she asked him about a week ago. Then, a pair of round specs she pestered him about over a month ago.

Draped in the middle of her braless chest was a diamond encrusted heart pendant with a long, skinny chain that she called him over the phone about. He just said yes to the question and forgot the conversation ever happened.

With a squint and a tilted head, he finally realized her two hour long stint to get ready for the day was for tuzla genç escort him. He had been too distracted by the impossible morning.

She had told him to calm down twice before the house was flooded with near strangers. Before that he tried to cop a feel in the kitchen where she playfully beat him away with a wooden spoon.

He couldn’t hear what she told his father, but she was up amongst the chaos. He was beckoned with a finger as she stepped over toys and torn paper. They made it up the stairs and no one cared.

With a light grip on his hand, she led him up the second set of stairs where he found black lace nestled between those generous buns. He wanted to taste it so bad; the loads blown in his room to those cheeks were some of the best.

“Lock the door,” she told him while headed to the bathroom.

He did as he was told. “What did you tell Dad?”

With a hair tie snapped onto her wrist, she returned and pulled the boy into a hug around the waist.

“That I was going to suck his son’s big yummy dick.”

It was quiet. His eyebrows raised.

“You are?”

The smile was mischievous.

“It’s only like five inche—”

“So, for your research, you measured the length, but what about the girth?”

She blinked at him and waited.

“Yeah, I didn’t think of that.”

“Believe me, you’re…hnng,” she growled. “My big boy. Don’t ever question all of this.”

“Fuck,” he sighed.

“Killing you, isn’t it? You want me to suck it?”

It was a quiet whisper, followed up with her hot breath falling on his face with a kiss on his nose. She trailed his cheek with plump pink gloss until his head was turned and then slurped on his ear. The young man shuddered and slumped into the door.

“Tell me what you want for Christmas, baby boy.”

There was a long gulp and attempt to catch his breath. She radiated a paralyzing energy and he was caught in the aura.

Eyes opened and he took her hips as she turned around and lifted his expansive bulge with that giant, heavenly ass. They both yanked at her sweater and revealed her tight, smashed bubble. His hands were nearly wrestled away and she pushed him back into the door with a thud. Holy fuck.

“Breathing heavy already?”

The reindeers and snowmen flew away and he was snatched up to palm her fat tits. The fruity scented strands of blonde were flipped onto his face and he struggled to stay afloat. All of this woman in front of him; the defined back side and sexy panties—She was just too much. There was no way he’d last another minute. Oh my god.

“Bend me over and fuck me.”

“Wait, wait!”

“Nah uh. You wanted this.”

“I think I’m gonna cum, though!”

Cynthia turned and filled one hand with a heaping amount of his bloated crotch and squeezed.

“Oh, I know you are.”

As soon as she said it and moaned into his face, he knew it was past the point of no return. God, that fucking voice. Holy fuck, look at her. Look at those titties.

Both of them went after his pants as a team. She flung the belt and he dropped the zipper. Again, caught in a sea of bright blue and with a never faltering stare.


His lids drooped as she fondled the heavy mound of meat before yanking the tight briefs away.

“Makin’ Mommy proud right now.”

The constant praise and gorgeous smile that beamed towards him was crippling every ounce of defense he thought he had.

It exploded out of there, angry and leaking. He followed her descent as she took a squat and his knees buckled. What was he supposed to do now? On instinct, a fist took hold and jerked frantically. Hot bulbs were shot out onto her chest and she reacted fast.

“Don’t hold ba—fuckin’ yes!”

Her hair was half way tied up the moment he splattered her glasses and the salty barrage lunged out to wrap around her scalp. Thick nut just sprayed into an incoherent scribble, her forehead glazed and thick lines racing down her cheeks.

“C’mon, bab—pfft-pshh,” she said before she was caked shut.

Her tongue burst through the fat globs with a desperate moan and coated her chin white. He bucked, fulfilling the cry for more and squirted a few heavy ropes on it that collapsed under its own weight. tuzla kendi evi olan escort The blob smacked her sternum, finding its way to the hem of her panties.

He couldn’t speak but he could put his engorged crown into the mess in her flooded mouth. She was delighted, even if she couldn’t see, and suckled him tight until her cheeks were caved in. The gulps were plentiful and made him shiver from the dampened sloshing in her hot throat.

Cynthia crept up his throbbing trunk and bobbed, taking the fat head deeper. He didn’t want that to stop and swept the messy ponytail into his grasp. With her palms on the door, he popped his hips and pounded through her slippery tunnel, banging his saggy eggs onto her wrecked chin.

“I’m still so hard,” he whispered through heavy gasps. “Oh, shit. Yeah–yeah–yeah!”

She couldn’t see his contorted mess of a face, but she didn’t need to. The loud, sloppy squish from her drooling lips would seal his fate. Fat tendrils of goop cascaded down until they peeled apart and smacked her legs. Her knees hit the carpet and she stood up tall. Long, flowing hair obscured the violence on her lips, a bubbly froth bursting from the seams and filling his ears with magic

Like she thought, he took her with both hands and she clamped his cute little butt until the frantic ball clapping became dangerously loud. She spanked him hard and he suddenly went silent.

A pause in breaths led to a mind-blowing sigh and the hot lava gushed into the back of her gurgling throat, tonsils lathered in seed. With a sneaky wrap around on his trembling balls, Cynthia cradled them with a gentle massage and made good on her promise to drain him dry. Each tug from her incessant drive sent a large stream until he was spent.

The slow swirl of her head caught up to him and he fell away with a plop. She went up and peeled away the stained glasses, then hooked them to her dripping pendant.

“Can finally see again,” she quipped with a smile. She smacked her lips and swiped her teeth clean before blowing him a kiss.

“So thick and creamy.”

He shrugged his shoulders lightly and floated his gaze between her and the ceiling. “Sorry.” His breaths were staggered and irregular.

Cynthia leaned her slightly damp body into him and jerked it at the base. “For being a strong, healthy young man?”

“What about you?”

“Silly boy, you don’t think I got anything from that?”

She shoved his hand into her soaked panties and his fingers were slathered immediately. He split her folds apart and squished around; another first for him.

“We’re pushing it,” she whispered. “Go lay down and calm yourself while I clean up.”

She stood at the corner of the bed and watched him fall down, his boner still tall and straight.

He thought about it and shook his head. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“You earned it.”

He glanced upside down towards her thigh highs and splattered chest.

“I did?”

She put a juicy kiss on his forehead and smiled.

“You’re lucky you’re cute. You don’t remember shit I tell you.”

“Did you really tell Dad that, though?”

A huge puff of air escaped her and hit him.

“Get rid of that boner so you can think straight, my love. You have two minutes.”

Better get started.


Ben was handed a couple of soda cans.

“Take those to your father,” Cynthia told him. She leaned over at the sliding door and laughed. “Alright! I’m not the only one getting covered in white today.”

“Jesus Christ,” he popped off.

He saw the snow and she playfully led him to the stairs by the shoulders.

“Can you please open Aunt Josey’s presents so she’ll shut the fuck up? Nails on a chalkboard, that broad.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” he muttered.

They both headed down as if nothing happened. Thousands of dollars were strung out across the floor and most of it wouldn’t be remembered six months from now. His gift, though…

Someone from the crowd sounded off that Christmas should be every day. The bunch laughed, but Ben felt her stare. That grin and that wink; he knew it all too well. She was geared up for someth—

“Hell, I think we can make that happen!”

The sudden embarrassment made him flush.

“Benji would love that I bet!”

His eyes darted towards his father’s sudden two cents.

“What?” He blurted out.

Cynthia sipped her chilled beer and lifted an eyebrow.

“Yeah, Benji.” She feathered her hair back and cocked her head. “You wanna swap gifts everyday?”

Oh, fuck.

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