Newlyweds In Minneapolis

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My wife and I wed in June. Unfortunately, I was finishing a work assignment in Minneapolis before and after the wedding.

Prior to the wedding it was not a problem. Rae, her mom and sisters planned the wedding. I stayed out of the way.

After the week-long honeymoon, I worked in Minneapolis during the week and flew to Kansas City Friday afternoon. Rae picked me up at the airport. We necked in the car for 5 minutes, drove to our Johnson County apartment and screwed like mink before dinner and a movie.

That is the way it was the first 2 weeks.

The following Monday the boss called me in to his office.

“Mike, how long until you finish up your assignment here?”

“This week and the next. Everything will be wrapped up a week from Friday.”

“We appreciate you staying with this assignment being around your wedding. As a token of appreciation, we will fly Rae in this Friday and here is $500 for you to spend at your will.”

Tom pulled out his wallet, peeled off 5 $100 bills and handed me the cash.

“Thanks Tom. We appreciate it.” This was 1985. $500 went a long way. We were going to have fun.

Friday, I picked Rae at the airport. I told her about work wrapping up in a week and $500 from the company for us to spend. She squealed with delight.

Since her flight arrived at 9:00 PM we got a pizza and returned to my apartment. After the pizza and a passionate love making session, we fell asleep.

We slept in Saturday morning. Once we were both awake, we had another passionate love making session.

Lying in bed I announced. “I have our day planned. After lunch we will head out to Nicolette Avenue, where all the downtown department stores are. It’s only a 1/2 mile walk. We will dine at a great Chinese restaurant on Nicolette. On the way back to my apartment is a pub called Brit’s. Brit’s features beer from around the world including Guinness on draught.”

Rae loved Guinness. She did her student teaching in London at the American School in London. While there Rae discovered a taste for Guinness. We tried Guinness out of a can. Rae did not like it. It was way too hoppy for me. Once we found Guinness on draught. It was great, rich in flavor and slightly hoppy.

We spend the afternoon shopping on Nicolette Avenue. We spent most of our time at the Dayton’s flagship store. The Dayton’s was an old-style classy downtown department store with wood floors, lots of inventory on display and sales help dressed sharper than your usual department store.

Rae was wearing an eyelet blouse with blue shorts and flats. To the unfashion conscious, like myself, the top looked like a drunk monkey attacked her blouse with a paper punch. I was wearing a white polo with tan shorts and topsiders.

After shopping all afternoon, I was carrying 2 bags of clothes. Rae was carrying 1.

At Chinese restaurant Rae had General Tso’s Chicken. A friend recommended Pressed Duck. I ordered it. The Porno Pressed Duck was OK.

Brit’s was on the way to my apartment. The walk was 1/4 mile to Brit’s and 1/4 mile to my apartment.

As we neared Brit’s Rae grabbed my arm and snuggled up as we walked. The closer to Brit’s the firmer her grip. It’s like she could smell the Guinness.

We entered Brit’s. The hostess seated us at a booth.

I ordered 2 pints of Guinness. The waitress returned with our pints inside a minute.

Rae took a long first drink. “Ahh.” She said with a look of satisfaction. Within 5 minutest she finished her first pint. I was not long behind her.

Brit’s Guinness on draught tasted great, just like I remembered.

Half way though the first pint Rae’s left hand lightly ran up and down my right thigh. She was getting horny. And she started giggling like Goldie Hawn.

By the time she started on her second pint she snuggled up to me. Her left leg was flush with my right leg. More giggling like Goldie Hawn. Stroking my left thigh continued. I added to the situation by probing her love box with my second and third fingers. Rae was getting hornier by the minute.

By the time she started on her third pint Rae was giggling more and leaning all over me.

She said “I’m going to fuck you tonight Rummy! I’m so horny.” That was the first time in front of me or maybe in her entire life she uttered the word “fuck”. She called my Rummy when she was horny.

Rae finished her third pint before me.

“Finish you Guinness Rummy. I’m so horny I could fuck you right here.” She tried to unzip my shorts. Due to her intoxication that did not work. She resorted to rubbing my cock though my shorts.

I finished my Guinness and settled up with the waitress. Seeing the state Rae was in the waitress gave me a big smile. We grabbed our bags and left Brit’s. I was walking ok, but Rae was staggering.

As we walked down the street to my apartment Rae looked down an alley.

“Rummy I’m going to show you how horny I am.”

She grabbed my left arm. With 3 Guinness pints in me I let her lead the way.

Rae stopped behind a large trash dumpster. She fell to her knees. Before I knew it, she unzipped my fly and started giving me a blowjob.

Rae was working my cock hard. The part of my cock she did not have in her mouth her right hand was jerking up and down as hard as she could.

I was surprised by all this. I tightened my abs trying to hold back cum for lovemaking later that night. I spurted 3 times.

“Hang on Rae. I want to save some for when we get in the apartment.”

She pulled my cock from her mouth. “Ok.” She said smiling with cum leaking out of her mouth.

I helped Rae to her feet. She wiped the cum off her face with the back of her right hand. We picked up our bags and staggered to my apartment building.

Inside the building we headed to the bank of elevators. We entered Altyazılı Porno the elevator with 3 other people. With 3 other people on board Rae kept her hands to herself giggling now and then. Like Goldie Hawn.

We got off the elevator on my floor. She grabbed my left arm with her free hand, pulling me to my apartment door.

At my apartment door I pulled out the key and opened the door.

Rae burst through the door and threw her bag into the living room. Heading to the bedroom she unbuttoned 2 buttons on her blouse, pulled it over her head, unhooked her bra, yanked it off, kicked off her flats and disappeared into the bedroom. I followed.

When I entered the bedroom, there she was naked, legs spread, on the bed with the blanket pulled down. She looked ravishing.

I began to take my clothes off. By the time I pulled my polo off and kicked off my topsiders Rae was unzipping my shorts and yanking them down along with my underwear.

Rae shrieked. “Ewww, how did your underwear get so sticky?”

I replied. “You gave me a blowjob in the alley outside Brit’s.”

“Oh, yeah.” Her “Oh, yeah” sounded more like I forgot than I know.

She hopped the bed, spread her legs and shouted “Come and get me Rummy!”

I obediently jumped on the bed with my body covering hers. We started kissing passionately.

Being on top of Rae I felt wetness oozing from her love box. I stuck my cock inside her slit. We went at it. With every thrust of my cock inside Rae she raised her midsection.

After 4 thrusts I came with what I have left after her blowjob. Once my cum was spent I was erect enough to keep my cock inside her slit. My right index finger played with her clit until she came. After she came a few times she pushed me off.

“That was great!” she shouted. “Great shopping, great Guinness, great sex!”

We laid next to each other panting. I got up to go to the bathroom. When I returned Rae was asleep. She was naked. Rae never slept in the nude. She had dozed off.

I rolled her to one side of the bed and covered her with a sheet. I prepared for bed and soon fell asleep.

The next thing I know I was awakened in the middle of the night. Rae is giving me another blowjob. She was going at it like in the alley outside Brit’s.

When she noticed I was awake she said “Rummy, I’m gonna mount you like on our wedding night. This time it will be great!”

On our wedding day Rae did not eat anything before the ceremony. She was determined to fit into her tight wedding dress. Shelly had a piece of wedding cake at the reception. At a gathering for close relatives and friends after the reception, at her folks’ house she ate nothing. But she drank champaign. In our hotel room she wanted more champaign. I ordered a bottle from room service. After champaign she wanted to start the evening in the cowgirl position. I was game. I was expecting a long evening of sex. It Brazzers was not to be.

By that time all that champaign and no food caught up with her. We barely got started and Rae ran to the bathroom and vomited. She confessed that except for the wedding cake she had not eaten all day. So much for our wedding night.

So here we were with her on top of me in the cowgirl position.

It was difficult getting into rhythm in the cowgirl position. Her inebriation was the major factor. I was thrusting as best I could. Rae was trying to move herself up and down on my cock. She tired quickly. Rae leaned over. I sucked her sagging boobs.

Sucking her boobs gave her a shot of adrenalin. She moved herself up and down with more vigor.

I came 3 times with what was left after the evenings activities. My cock was still firm enough for her to slide on. I helped the situation by playing with her clit with my right index finger.

Rae started moaning every time her slit hit the base of my cock. Finally, she came 4 or 5 times. After cuming she rolled off to my left side.

“Rummy, that was great. Much better than our wedding night.”


We laid next to each other for a few minutes. Again, she dozed off, still naked.

I woke up 7ish. Rae woke up minutes later.

“Why am I naked?” Uttered Rae.

“Yes, you are.” I replied.

“What’s going on? What happened? Why am I naked?”

“What do you remember from last night?” I asked.

“I remember we were in a bar, drinking Guinness from a pint glass. That’s it.

Oh, I feel full.”

It was the Guinnesses and my cum.

“Do you remember how many Guinnesses you had?”

“I remember finishing one and wanting another.” Replied Rae.

“You had three pints.”


“Yes. And you were horny. So horny you led me down an alley outside the bar and gave me a blow job.”

“What? What! No way!” Exclaimed Rae.

“Check out my underway by the bedroom door.” I replied.

Rae rolled out of bed, grabbed my underwear and said “Ewwwe, they’re crusty.”

“That’s your doing.” I added.

“What else happened?”

“We came back to the apartment. You stripped on the way to the bedroom. Your clothes are in the living room. When I entered the bedroom, you were naked on the bed with your legs spread. We went at it. It didn’t take long for both of us to cum. You dozed off shortly thereafter.”

“Anything else?” Rae asked.

“You woke me up in the middle of the night giving me a blowjob. Once I was awake you told me you wanted to have sex with you on top like our wedding night.”

“How was it?” She asked.

“It was much better than our wedding night. Then you dozed off again. And here we are.”

“Wow, I wish I remembered more about last night.”

“Nothing is stopping us from recreating last night.” I hastened to add.

“Deal!” Rae said with a wicked smile on her face.

My new bride has a weakness for Guinness on draught. It makes her a nymphomaniac and an amnesiac. And she wants to redo last night.

This is going to be great.

The first thing I’m going to do when I return to Kansas City is find a place that serves Guinness on draught.

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