Nightmare Cometh

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“I can’t do it right now, Nightmare, I’m next,” Jade whispered to the belly bulge under her shirt despite the sentient horse cock having never shown any sign of understanding. It had been getting gradually more demanding in the last two years. Bored of her clumsy hands after only a few weeks, now alternating between her ass during the day and her throat at night was no longer enough; he demanded shameful orgasms to send shockwaves of pleasure through her petite body for him to enjoy. Her reward was gallons of hot cum splashing around the bend of her descending colon, so there were at least two reasons to refuse him in the middle of an active classroom. 

Coffee rippled inside the teacher’s mug. Even those who noticed the tremors paid them no mind. Global earthquakes had baffled scientists for two years but always died down eventually without any real damage.

“Alright, alright. You know, if you’d let me rest sometimes, I’d have an easier time doing this on cue.” Jade shifted her tight buttocks clenched around the horse’s rigid ballsack hidden under her skirt to the edge of her chair. She prayed that Jennifer’s report on a book she had obviously never read (if she ever read a book) would go on for a few more minutes. Without the need to use her hands anymore, she squeezed her thighs and rubbed them together rhythmically. The last thing she saw before closing her eyes to prepare for the finish was Jennifer’s neck and arms covered in bite marks. It was difficult to relax with a voice inside her screaming See? They learned nothing. They probably don’t even remember that night you saved their asses and the whole world by fostering a 2-foot living horse dildo.

“Inferni detractos ex equo lancea accipimus facibus…”

Granted this was her first sleepover, Jade had a hunch they did not normally involve ritual summonings. “We needed 5 girls for this to work,” Jackie, one of her new blonde ‘friends’ had let slip as she drew the demonic circle on the basement floor with red lipstick. Along with Jennifer, Heather, and their leader Britney, they formed the popular clique that every teenage girl aspired to one day join. It made sense now; the only reason they invited a shy, straight-A, unbleached brunette with braces that never kissed a boy was to fill an empty spot at one of the points of a pentagram. 

Jade, didn’t mind humoring the pretty girls’ harmless witchcraft roleplay, but things reached a whole new level of awkwardness when they removed all of their clothes. Jade took off her pajama shorts but there was no way she could part with her Sex hikayeleri pink nightshirt. Her braless bee-stings would have an existential crisis so close to four impressive pairs of gravity-defying C-cups.


The polite smile on Jade’s face faded when blood began bubbling out of the floorboards, evenly filling the circle around the pentagram. If this was a prank, it was the most effort these girls had ever put into anything. From the center of the red puddle rose a column. The blood dripped down its length to reveal a black, bulbous, ridged top and a thick ring that separated an even larger emerging section. It was only when the indented urethra, like an ornament atop a bumpy crown, and red veinous details on the shaft became distinguishable that Jade realized this was a penis, a 4-inch wide, flared horse penis teetering on a base of pulsating balls.

“O.M.G… I can’t believe it worked!” Britney broke the ice and every girl other than Jade giggled after taking their first breath since the cock materialized.

“Erm, Brit,” asked Jackie, “if it worked, where’s the rest of him? And if that’s the dick of an incubus, I’m no longer interested.”

“I thought an inkoobus was like a hot vampire or something. I’d let him bite my neck all night long if you know what I mean…” Jennifer added.

Britney’s pride had waned from the criticism and now she was just annoyed. “Jennifer, stop saying ‘if you know what I mean’ unless you mean something different than what you are saying.” 

“Right… I forgot.” 

“And Jackie, sue me for starting with something easy. But yeah, I didn’t think it would be that size… and that shape. Hang on there’s something scribbled in English on the next page: ‘Do not perform this ritual…’ blah blah blah, ‘will doom humanity…’ blah blah blah. OK, here: ‘This Mighty Phallus of Nightmare, the Steed of the Apocalypse, will be bound to the mortal realm for 50 years. Should it ever go flaccid or should its potent seed ever touch anything but the flesh of a virgin, the world of man will be torn asunder. Not one soul will survive.’”

“Eesh, talk about high maintenance,” Heather whined. Her breasts were the biggest of them all and they bounced with every word she said.

“And that’s coming from the girl who sucked off the entire football team last night.”

“Shut up, Jackie. I promised them I’d do it if they won.”

“They lost yesterday, Heather.”

“I know. I felt sorry for them…”

“Looks like it’s staying hard on its own anyway,” Britney observed a second before the drooping Sikiş hikayeleri began. The cock’s considerable girth remained unaffected but it looked like an ice cream cake left in the sun. “Oh…”

The basement began to shake, mildly at first, then enough to dislodge dust from the ceilings. Jennifer screamed first and all girls followed her lead while stumbling on the rumbling floor. It took the sound of a shattering lamp to break Britney’s panic. She dove to the circle, arms extended, and began stroking the shaft of the unholy sex. The horse cock reversed its sagging and the sinewy red veins engorged on the stiffening black meat. The tremors ceased and the world of men endured. For now. 

“Jesus, I can’t keep this up forever. This thing is so hot it’s burning my hands,” Britney said before spitting in her palms. “Jackie, take over.”

“No way, get Jade to do it.”

“Look at her, do you think she knows what to do with a cock?”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” said Heather though her hands were cramped from the many handjobs she had already given today. Her expert fingers had just started her famous routine when Nightmare’s scrotum began beating like a massive heart. “Are the balls supposed to do that?”

The girls looked at each other in silence for a full second while mulling the implications, then the sleepover erupted into a wrestling match. The preppy squad had collectively decided Jade should be the one dragged, kicking and screaming, head-first toward the throbbing cock. 

“Hold it still!”

“Hold her still!”

“We’re trying. Stretch her mouth.”

“Careful she has metal teeth.”

“Shove it deeper so it doesn’t come out her nose.”

The shrieks were dulled by the horse cock head pressing against Jade’s eardrums from inside her skull. The last thing she heard clearly was the rubber bands of her braces snapping as her jaw stretched around the phallus. Though Britney was putting all of her cheerleading legs into the push, the little brunette’s throat refused to expand seven times its normal size for some reason.

“Jennifer, help me push!” Britney yelled at the stunned dimwit over Jade’s choking gargles.

“Eww, I’m not touching that thing. It’s gross.”

“It’s that or we all die.”

“Ugh, fine. But can we summon a sexy vampire next? I’d let him suck me dry if…”

“Jen, if you say ‘if you know what I mean’ one more time, I will summon my foot up your cunt.”

The extra elbow grease got Jade’s throat to break just in time as a powerful spray of thick white magma hit her gullet Erotik hikaye like a liquid fist before draining down in the safety of the virgin’s stomach. Every spurt was like a chugging liter of hot cheese fondue. 

Everyone, even Jade, remained frozen in their duty like a renaissance painting while the apocalypse stallion ejaculated the sperm of a thousand horses in dozens of ropes. 

When Jade’s neck stopped its involuntary swallowing motion, Britney eased up tentatively and let Jade’s throat slowly eject the painful intruder. The blondes held their breath when the thick

wreath around the glans popped out from behind Jade’s teeth, shoveling the cum it had gathered on its way out. The girl’s braces and surrounding area were smeared in thick batter. Jade was urged to scoop the thankfully sticky goop that hung precariously on her face and lick her fingers clean. Many swallows later, all of the world-ending cum was being digested.

“So, that was intense,” Britney said. “I think we already kind of voted that Jade will take the first shift. There’s 5 of us so we can switch every ten years.”

Jennifer was still confirming the math using her fingers but Heather and Jackie’s shoulders dropped and they smiled like a huge weight had been lifted. Britney had found them a way out of this little summoning mishap.

“The note said virgin flesh, right? Are you all virgins?” Jade asked while clumsily mimicking what she had seen Britney and Heather do with their hands to keep the demon cock hard.

Jennifer snorted but Jackie elbowed her in the ribs and she joined the others in their nodding.

“And you promise to stay virgins for 10 years or until it’s your turn?”

Jennifer snorted again, got elbowed again, and nodded with her naked friends.

Jade was left alone for the rest of the night as she learned the dos and don’ts of stroking your needy pet dildo. Every fifteen minutes she resorted to throating the cock down to its median ring and let it clog her airway with hot glue. The rest of the weekend was spent training her body to fit the monster cock balls-deep up her bum so she could take it to school mostly unnoticed under her skirt. On Monday, Britney’s gang was back to pretending she didn’t exist.

“Jade… Jade. It’s your turn to present your book report.”

“Just… a minute. I’m almost… there.”

They all laughed at the kooky nerd and her crazy, random facial expressions as she explained the allegory in Moby Dick, unaware that she was dealing with a torrential enema of bubbling cum contained by the seal of her overstretched anus. It wasn’t excess saliva that she was taking a pause every few words to swallow.

“I could spit on the floor and kill you all,” Jade mumbled under her breath.

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