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THE ROOM was dark except for one small lamp on her desk more like an over size nightlight.
Witch cast small white streaks into the blackness She was sitting on her bed with the keyboard in her lap
Gray shadows cascaded from the screen. She was searching for a TV show that she head just read about.

A small moan came from the next room, but she didn’t hear it. Then fowled by squeak of bed springs
Witch got loader and loader. “Oh no not again, why do they have to do it when I’m in the next room”
She clicked on a show and turned the volume way up to mask the sound coming from the other room

The show was one of her favorites THE DONNA READ SHOW Oh how she longed to have life like That.

BANG, BANG, BANG , BANG, The headboard started hitting wall . “NO NOT TONIGHT”
I Want to get some sleep it’s gonna be a long drive tomorrow up to the lake. BANG—BANG—BANG–
“MOTHER PLEAS STOP”!!!!! She screamed. The room went quintet then squeaka ,squeaka, squeaka,
“Hold on I’m cumming” She could hear Tom yell. OH how she hated her mother fucking :

I pored my self a fresh mug of coffee and head out to sit on the porch and wait for my old friend
Sam to show up. I wonder what have I got my self into, When he called last week he was telling me
all about his new girl friend and how they were planning a trip around Europe for the summer.

Then he dropped the bomb, she had a teenage girl and they didn’t want the extra bagged with them.
So like the kind hatred fool that I am I agreed to let her stay with me, at the cabin up at the lake.
I’m almost 60, how am I gonna entertain a teenage girl. I don’t think I even speak the same langue.
Well Que sera, sera.

So I sat there looking out over the water, and contemplating what this summer will bring.
Soon I hear a car on the driveway, reluctantly I get up an head around to meet them.

A big black Caddy roles to a stop and even before the dust settles the back door flies open,
an out jumps a little girl. As she rushes past me I see that she’s not even 5’ tall,
She has platinum blond hare half way down her back,

She had on a black dress, a white blouse, white knee-highs and black Mary Jane shoes.

I just stand there frozen in my tracks.

Sam finely gets out of the car and comes over to me and gives me a bit of a shake.
He asks me “Hay man you all right, you look like you just saw a ghost?” It took me a moment to reply

“ya I ok, I thought you said that she was a teenager and what was that all about”?

“Well her birthday was last month, and she into goth.’
‘You see well we stopped to get a pizza to go, to bring here for lunch“.

“When the guy said that it would be a half hour wait, Marie gave me a nudge and said
“lets go back to the car, but leave KRIS here.” “So we had a quickie in the back seat.”
“We weren’t quite finished when Kris came back to the car and she had to stand on the sidewalk holding the pizza till’ we

were done.”

“Sam you didn’t tell me she was so dam young, hell she looks like a ten year old Wednesday Addams!”

Marie finally get out of the Caddy and joins us. She hands me the pizza wile Sam introduces us. Marie La Peau looked nothing

like her daughter, she head chestnut colored hair and the classics 36 22 36 on her 5’ 10” body.
We then went into the house to eat,

When we got inside I found Kris just standing in the den, she was looking at the juke box with her head kinda tilted to one

“ Have you ever seen one of these before?”

“ Yes but it was a long time ago .”
I showed her how it worked and then went off to the kitchen to reheat the pizza.
On my way out I stop and said “oh by the way please don’t play B17.”

Marie and Sam were already seated at the table waiting for me.
The Theme From” A Summer Place” by Percy Faith Orchestra. started to play in the background
and I thought how apperpo.

Marie yelled for Kris to get her ass in the kitchen and get them a beer to drink!
Kris went right to the fringe and got out two beers, put them on the table and said
“ Sam your favorite SAM ADAMS summer ale”
she then asked me what I wanted

“A beer would be fine “ I answered. She returned to the table with my beer and a stemmed glass for her self.
She sat down razed the glass to her lips and said “ Aha blood red wine” in a German accent.

As we ate Sam and I talked a bit about timers. It hade been quit awhile since we hade seen each other.
The next song to that I herd saw “White on White” by Danny Williams I wonder why she picked that one?
A cold chill came over me and I notice that Kris Was staring at me.
Her dark eyes seam not to be looking at me but into me, it saw a look I head seen before.
(A few years ago I head dinner with an old girlfriend. She had actually spent many summers hear ,
being the daughter of a friend of my mother. She had gotten married and moved to Germany and had four kids.)
The look was of love lost, of what could have been.
I was now seeing that again But how could such a young girl know such a feeling?

We finish the rest of the meal in silence.
When everyone was finish I said “ Come on I’ll show you around .
Sam I made a few changes since the last time you were here.

Kris side that she would clean up here first. And I could show her latter.

Marie , Sam and I went to the lake side of the cabin.

“Sam you like the pool I put in ,I got tired of frizzing my balls off in that cold lake”

“You were always a pussie when it came to cold water HA, HA, HA,” and

“Shit how big is this thing ?“ Sam asked.

“ It’s about 32 feet by 100 feet.“

“ Dam you could almost water ski in that thing.”

“ This way I’ll you go see the auto shop out in the new barn”

Marie stopped that the car as we walked past it. Sam and I continued on to my man cave.
When we got back to the car Marie had taken all of Kris’s stuff out and piled it on the grass.
She was sitting in the Caddy waiting.
She called out “ Sam TIME TO GO” ! Sam looked at shrugged his shoulders

“ Well it’s been great seeing again, Thank’s man I owe you one, we’ill get together when we get back this fall.”
He got in the car and as they drove off

I’ll call in a few days.

I just stood there and watched the dust settle. They’re gone I felt so alone again.
Wait did Sam say the fall, DAM HIM. I picked up some of the stuff and headed inside.

Kris was in the den sitting on the couch softly crying. I sat next to her

“what wrong are you upset that you’re mother left without saying good by?”

“NO FUCK HER every one else has. She not even my real mother.

I wish some one would drop a house on the old witch.”

She then haled up her phone “ It won’t work “
I got up walked over and picked the telephone pulling the cord with me as I sat back down.
As I handed it to her she started to laugh

“What so funny ?”

“It’s a dial phone how do I text on that thing?”

“Wait a minuet I’ll be right back .”

I returned in short time with a laptop
“Here you can text you’re friends with this.”

She took it and said “friend”.

“what” I asked?
“ I have one friend”

“well atlases you have one.”

She studied the computer for while, typed and hit send.

I went back out and retrieved the rest of Kris’s belongings and put them in her room.
Back in the den she was playing more music this tine it was “I want to hold you’er hand”
It seamed that every thing she was picking was from the early 60s.

“Hi, it’s gotten quite hot outside I think I’ll go for a dip in the pool.
Would you like too join me?”
“No thank you, you see I’m afraid of swimming pools, and I don’t even own a bathing suite”
I didn’t know how to reply to this, thought all kids loved to jump in a pool.

After what seamed like forever I finally said

“well I put you’re things in you’re room , It’s down the hall third door on the left ,
And there a bathroom on the right.”
I went over to the juke box “this button turns on the speakers out at the pool,
And this one is auto play.”

I left Kris in the den an headed to the far end of the house to my room to change.
On my way to the pool I checked the den but it was empty .
Kris must of gong to her room.

I slipped into the pool and swam a few laps, I was just resting looking out over the end of the pool at the lake.
The pool has a vanishing edge That makes it look like the pool is past of the lake.

Just then the speakers came alive, with the sound of music.
As Kris came throw the sliding door I noticed that she had changed out of her dress,
she now had on a long black t shirt it had a dark red hart with a white skull on the front The shirt was almost to her

knees so I couldn’t tell what ells she had on except a pare of open toed sandals.
She sat in the first lounge chair the one closes to the cabin,.
And proceeded to read a book titled “Never more” .

After doing couple more laps I decided to go get something to drink,
As I pasted Kris she raised one eyebrow up to her hairline and said


In the kitchen I thought about that comet, what did she mean ?
Was it the old baggys I was wearing or was it me.
I’m really not that much to look at. At 5’5 I don’t make a very imposing figure. I’ve have blue eyes, light brown hair and

a handle bar mustache.

If you knew me in high school you would still recognize me today.
The only things that changed, I’m about 20 pounds heavier and the
Mustache has turned gray. I stopped growing by the tine I entered
high school.

After dinner Kris disappeared to her room only too return a short wile latter.
She handed me a DVD box set “You like old music, and I thought maybe that you would to watch some old TV shows.
I just got this and haven’t watch
Any of it yet. So it’s all new to me and it benign 45 years old you probably won’t remember it.
I took the box, and thought to my self thank’s for the old crack.
“Petty coat junction” But she was right it had been 40 years. ” Ya looks like it could be fun”.

After watching a half dozen shows Kris said “ I was just wondering about uncle Joe.
The girls were named Billie Jo, Bobby Jo and Betty Jo.
Even one of the neighbor girls was named Kathy Jo Elliott. Was uncle Joe
The farther ? And the name of the town HOOTERSVILL , give me a brake!

I said “ I never thought about that before but it is an interesting idea.”
“ You can watch more but I’m tiered I think I’ll had off to bead.”

It was a warm in my room so I got in to bed in just a t-shirt.
Thinking about PETTYCOAT JUNCTION like I had never thought of it before.

KRIS went to her room shortly there after and found it to be very warm.
She opened the windows and lay on the bed . But it was still to dam hot ,
so she removed her t-shirt and panties and lay back down on the bed and let
The breeze blow over her small body. As she fell asleep she Sex hikayeleri thought about
The day and hoped of a nice summer.

After awhile her favorite dream started ,
It was the 4th of July Chris and her boy friend were at the town part to watch the fireworks display
their parents were with them to. She so wanted to Be alone with him tonight, she wanted tonight to be THE NIGHT.

As they sat there hand in hand she looked around the field of to one side were some hemlock trees that had grown up in the

field and now were about 30 feet tall with branches all the way down to the ground. That gave her an idea.

“let’s go over there” pointing at the trees they stood up she picked up the old army blanket and told the parents that they

were going to sit with some friends . They looped around the park to get to the hemlocks and when no one was looking ducked

under the bows. In side it was almost like a tepee
She spread out the blanket on the ground and sat down giving the blanket a pat next to her.
Her boyfriend got the hint and sat next to her . She noted that They could see out but it was dark enough
that they couldn’t be seen.

She wrapped her arms around him and drew him in to long passionate kiss
His hands went to where all teenage boys hands want to go, he slowly
Enveloped the warm firm breasts .
The first of the fireworks lit up the sky, and she said “We don’t have much time .“
she stood up and took of her blouse and shorts he took of his shirt and pants they lay back down and
embraced each other again. Another skyRocket busted far above them as her hand found the treasure in his underwear
That she so desperately wanted.

His expedition into the unknown had also Provided him a finger dipped in the sweet nectar of love.

With the next explosion she said “hurry” Their underwear vanished and he was on top of her their mouths meant in a war of

tongs , the sky lit up again “now”

As she reached out and guided his penis home.
He slowly eased him self in to her but stopped when he felt her barrier, just then a very loud concoction charge went off

startling them both she pushed up as he fell down impaling her.

Her scram from the momentary pain was muffled by the report echoing of the near by hills.
He lay still waiting for her to recover soon he felt her fingernails in his back
And her hips pushing up into his. He started to pick up the tempo of their coupling to match the music playing over at the

gazebo, it was the William Tell overture. She was hopping that she would climax with the finally.



The dream never seamed this real before her hole world was shaking.
FLASH, FLASH her eyes flew open to the blinding light as she realized that this wasn’t a dream but a real thunder storm.
She jumped out of bed with a scream and ran down the hall.

I woke to the sound of thunder how far off I lay there and wondered .
I started humming a song when I heard a scream and foot steppes running down the hall toward my room.

My door flew open to a flash of lighting and Kris landed right on top of me.

In the brief second that I could see it appeared that she was naked.
She was trembling and with each crash of thunder she shook more.
When she landed on me my t-shirt had slid up and now I could feel something wet dripping on me.
I thought o hell she gone an piss her self.

I had never seen any one so frightened of a thunderstorm before.
Kris was now sobbing and seamed to be trying to say something but just couldn’t get out.
Her body was moving back and forth atop of me and to my horror of all things to happen now I was getting an erection.
I tried not think about it but it was HARD, not to with a life size vibrator lying on top of me.

The storm had increased in intensity it was really wild outside .
I kept telling her that it was all right, it’s all right.

Kris had found her voice and now was saying ,
“I don’t want to die ,…….. I don’t want to die, …… I don’t want to die,…

Lighting flashed and thunder crashed instantly .
I jumped with fright, Kris raised off of me and as if some one had guided her she landed right atop of my erection.
I couldn’t believe that it slid right in to her. Kris gave out a mighty scream as the storm raged on outside.
She laid still for a few seconds then there was an other round thunder an lighting The storm seamed to be staying over us

for a long tine.

With each BOOM she would be drown up and then fall back down like a puppet on a string. The storm kept on building to it’s

climax the like I’d never experienced before and hoped never to again.
A Crescendo of thunder shook the entire house. Kris shot straight up an
Froze her mussels held me in a death grip as she let out a long ahhhhhhhhhhh
Than a blinding flash of light and I passed out.

When I came back around the storm had passed the house was silent
The power was off the only sound was Kris’s light breathing next to me
I covered her up with my white satin sheet and let her sleep.

I tried to comprehend what had happened. If it weren’t for the warmth of Kris’s body next to me I would have sworn it had

been a dream.

I didn’t want to think about the repercussions of having sex with Kris.
I didn’t get much sleep that night. At first light I picked up Kris still wrapped
In the sheet and carried her to her bed.

BY mid morning the power was restored I made a fresh pot of coffee and headed for the shower hoping to was some of

last night guilt down the drain.
I was sitting in the kitchen working on my third cup of coffee when Kris finly got up and came looking for breakfast.
I almost choked on my coffee when I saw what she was wearing, A long black t-shirts …… with a white lighting bolt
on the front.

She went about getting her self some food an sat at the table with me.
By this time I had regained my composure enough to speak.

“Would you like me to show you around the grounds today?”

Munch, munch slurp gulp arrr
“Ok that sounds like fun how long will it take ?”

“That’s all depends on you . You see I own about 5000 acres .”
“ OH ….. How about you just show me what around the house first , I’ll go put on something more fitting .”

I cleared away the dishes and put the milk back in the frige “kids”
About 15 minuets she was back this time wearing navy-blue shorts gray blouse and black KEDS sneakers .
We went out by the pool an on down the sloping lawn to the lake.

Walking out on the dock to the left was the boathouse and to the right is a small sandy beach.
“Well what do you think”.

“ This is fantastic, it’s so beautiful, there no other houses .”

“YA every thing you see is part of the estate it goes for two miles down the lake,
it’s been in the family for over 150 years now.”

“I don’t believe this there not a single person to be seen.”

We stood there for a wile. When she turned her head the sun light shown in her eyes,
they weren’t black like I thought but cobalt blue and they were defiantly moist .

“Come on lets go I want to show you what’s up behind the cottage.”

We past by the garden that could use a little help and stop in front of what we kids called the amusement park.
There was a swing set , a jungle Jim, and one of those thing goes around and around and then you puke .

Next there is a small putting green in front of the old mini golf course
And off to the left are the tennis courts.

Kris slowly turned and tried to take it all in.

“This musta been great when you were a kid. But it doesn’t look like any things bin used in years .”
She headed toward the mini golf course

“ everything all over grown with tall weeds …owwwch!” she cried
As she tripped over something in the tall grass.

Moving aside the grass to see what had tripped her up she saw two steel rails about one foot apart nailed to blocks.

“ These look like miniature railroad track,…… A train …….you had a train that you could ride on!!!!!

“Yes its over in that building over there”.


“This was for the kids and there hasn’t been any kids her in years.”

No one had bother to visit me in a long time.

“Is that a barn over there? …… what did you keep in there? ……………
Did you have HORSES ?” “You know I’m a kid sorta still, can we clean up all of this?”

“I’ll make a few calls and see what happens.”

As we right towards the barn and carriage house I observed that there wasn’t any damage from the storm,
not a branch down not a leaf out of place how strange.

That evening we were back in the den Kris was standing in the middle of the room.
“You have quite a eclectic collection in here. On the mantel their’s a large ship model, two straw covered wine bottles

as candles holders, a plastic little blue man, a Nash Rambler car model and one tin soldier.
Hanging on the wall was a wooden hart, an old pair of skis and a USPS sign.

“USPS Is that an old post office sign?”
“NO that was my grand father’s first sign, USPS stands for united states posthole service he started it during the

depression. He had friends in congress and they passed a bill where by granting rights to my grandfather’s
company to all post hole on any us highway.

To this day I receive $1.00 for each hole.”

Kris sat down on the sofa next to me and studied my face for awhile.

“ Yesterday you asked me not to play B17 no the jukebox could you tell me Why?”

“It makes me melancholy and the I go to pieces and I want to cry.”

“OH I am sorry I won’t play it……………. Maybe this well help.”
She went over to the jukebox an selected those lazy-crazy days of summer.

“Would you like to see a movie ?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Pollyanna, I brought it with me, I’ll go get it.”

When the movie ended I said
“Hayley Mills was the first actress that I ever had a crush on .”

Kris giggled

“So you like little girls then ?”

“I’M talking 1962, I did then.”

“What About now how do you like now?”

“I don’t have any one now, Amelia died five years ago from a stroke.’
“OH …..I’m sorry…………..Had you been together a long tine?”
“ON again off again for 30 years…………..she was the one that couldn’t
Make a commitment……we kept drifting back to one another………..
She was some one I could talk to, especially when I lost someone…”

“Did other woman die in your life?”
I was a little taken aback by her question

“If you really want to know …… Yes……I lost Fran in 1974 to ovarian
cancer it was just something you just didn’t thing of when you are in you’re
20s ………….4 years later I lost sally to a drunk driver……….Wendy lost
her life in Mt St Helens eruption … Her and two friends were riding horses
18 miles out……..Linda….. Linda died when a tairiest bombed a train in
Europe…………OH I’m sorry .. I didn’t mean to unload all of this on you
I’ve ……..there …..I don’t know ….I….. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
I rushed into my room slamming the door behind me.

The place was a buzz of activity more that it had been in a decade.
By the third of July the grounds Sikiş hikayeleri were looking good.

That afternoon the big brown truck stopped in to make another delivery
I had bin burying things for the den. On eBay I was able to find a lot of
the things that my parents had thrown out then I went off to college.

Kris came running out as the truck rolled to a stop

“IS THERE A BOX FOR ME?” she let all in one breath.

The man in the truck said “actually there are two for you.”

“Great now I will have something to wear tomorrow.”

With that she grabbed the boxes an vanished into the house.

We had made big plans for the 4th. The town at the other end of the lake had
lot going on. A parade at 11am, a kids talent show at 3 pm a band concert
At 7pm fowled by the fireworks .

On the forth I got en early start and went out the carriage house I had decided
To take an antique car for the parade the 1962 Imperial convertible.
I pulled it out gave it a quick wash then put the top down .
I was touching up whitewalls when I heard Kris behind me.

“what a nice shade of red , and are those red leather seats?”

“Thank you, yes there are.”

I got up and turned to look at her……….I was speechless .

She look beautiful she had on black flats ,white stockings , a blue dress with
A white petty coat underneath and a white pinafore on top .

“Are you planning a trip down a rabbit hole?”

“You never know when you might see a white rabbit do you.”

“I like the blue dress and the white pinafore but I don’t see any red?”

“I do have red on.”

With that she gave her dress and petticoat a flip up and I got a fleeting glimpse of her bright red undies.
“I like you’re Blue slacks ,red shirt blue tie and white sport coat an a pink carnation. “

I went over to the car and out of the glove box took a red ribbon

“I think maybe this will work. So you won‘t have to flash anyone ells today.”

I tired the ribbon whit a bow on top of her head. Then stood back.

“There now you make a perfect ALICE.”

She slowly walked around the admiring the Imperial while I did the same to her.
Even old Walt couldn’t have done any better .

“That thing is huge it took me like 5 minets to walk around it.”
As I held her door open for her I said
“Well they did call these land yachts.”

When we arrived at the staging area the paraded marshal asked me if I
Wouldn’t mind taking his daughters in my empty back.

I asked Kris what she thought and she said it was fine with her
A short time later he return with his daughters in tow

He hadn’t mention that there were 3 of them and they were identical Triplets.

They were clad in almost identical outfits halter top one red ,one white and one blue with red short,shorts with white


He introduce the fourteen year olds Jane, Janet and Jenney.
The four grills seamed to hit it off well.

After the paraded the girls exchanged numbers .And said that they wanted toGet tighter soon.

Kris and I strolled along the board walk when she said to me
“Komm,gib mir deine hand.”

We walked along hand in hand until we got to a hotdog and ice-cream stand.
I bought some lunch , we found a table under some pine trees. After we finished she said “ that ice-cream place had a funny

name …One Night.”

I chuckled to my self “Yes that is different isn’t it.”

Next she wanted to check out some of the shops. One boutique we went in she really liked and said there were some things she

wanted to buy but she didn’t want me to see them so I should go out side and wait she would call me when she needed me.
The place reminded me of what we would have called a head shop in 1969.
Again we went back to the car and put all that she bought in the trunk.

We ran into the triplets an they convinced Kris to go to the talent show
With them and watch them perform . Kris went back stage an I found a seat out front.
It was a good hour before the triplets got to perform their song
It was a tune made famous by the Poni tails back in the 50s


It was well received an got a copula minuets of applause.
When the show finally ended the girls ran out to find me.
Kris was very excited. She had a big bouquet of flowers and over sized first place ribbing on her dress .

“I won for best themed costume.”

The girls went off to find there farther but said they would see us soon .

“It’s getting late how bout we get sum dinner soon Kris.”

We walked up the street wile we were about half mile from the railroad tracks
There was this little place with an old red VW microbus out front
A small sign said entrance around the back .

The staff was thrilled to see us .they served us a dinned that couldn’t be beat.
Before we could leave the owner came over to are table an asked if it was alright with us she would like to get a picture of

the three of us?

Kris was beaming with pride holding her bouquet for the pictures.

I tried to pay for the dinner but she refused my money just saying
“birds of a feather.”
I thanked her very much and said we would come back soon.

Back down by the water at the park we clamed a bench with a niece view of the lake were the fireworks are set off.
We could hear the band playing in the background .

We talked about the day. Kris told me how happy she was and how glad
She was that I brought her to the celebrations.
Just before the fireworks started Kris pointed to a young teenage copula
Careering an old blanket steeling too into the bushes “I wonder what their gonna do?” with a wink and a smile.
The fireworks were fantastic a fitting end to a enjoyable day.

Back at the car Kris asked me to open the trunk so she could get something.
It was getting cool so I put the top up and warmed up the engine.

Kris jumped in the passengers seat covered in a new shall she perched today.
We only had driven a short distance when she said that she was tired and
Wanted to lie down. She lay with her head in my lap for the rest of the 26 miles drive home. She musta put on some perfume

when she got the shall
My nostrils flared when I got a whiff of it, it was so familiar. .

When we got home and in the house Kris said that she a surprise for and to wait before I went to my room.
I sat in the den and wonder what she had In store for me? The phone rang startling me out of my trance .

It was SAM he asked “how little miss sunshine?”
I said everything was fine. He then went on and on about their trip.
Right after finishing the conversation Kris call telling me to get a bottle of wine and meet her in my room.
In the frige I found a bottle ofMother goose’s Sweet potato sparkling wine.
I grabbed two wine glasses and headed to my room.

IN the bedroom Kris had spent the time that I was on the phone
To put fresh white satin sheets on the bed. Set up the DVD player to the big screen TV . Then she set out a dozen candles

around the room and lit them.

Back in her room she removed all of her closes except her red panties.
Put on a little more patchouli oil on that she had bought to day Then
Picking up her towel an reentered my room

On the night stand she set out the patchouli oil with some massage oil.
With everything in place she climbed to the middle of the bed an lay on her stomach with the towel draped over her bum.

I knocked lightly on the door than entered my room.
The room was dark except for the flicker of the candles. I stood there letting my eyes adjust,
then the fragrance in the air brought a sense of d? vu over me.

“May I have a glass of wine please?”

Her question brought me back to now. I opened the bottle and poured two glasses and handed one to her ,
then turned to put the bottle on the dresser.
Upon Turing back Kris patted the bed “ Sit buy me . This is a thank you
For the wonderful day we had. ……..I’ve got something to show you.”

Whit that she push the start button on the remote. The TV came alive with
A home type movie of the big themed park down in Florida.

“What I want to see is near the end but I’ll just let play in the background.”

We watched the video an drank the wine. Kris finished off her first glass and asked for a refill. When I sat back down she

look at me an I notice how the candle brought out the blue in her eyes. I gave her the glass as she asked

“Would you do something for me?”
“Yes anything for you my lady.”
“Would you give me a back massage? It will help me sleep tonight.”

She finished her second glass setting it on the nightstand. Picking up the massage oil and handing it to me.
I opened the tube and spread some on my hands. I let the heat from body
Warm the oil before I rested them on her shoulders. I slowly worked my way across her back descending to her shoulder

The knots in her felt quite pronounced but I could see anything on her smooth
Skin. Applying more I tried to work the kinks out.

Moving on down to the small of her back it almost sounder like she was purring. I had reached the towel and hesitated.
Kris raised her head an asked for more to drink.
“Could you please take off shirt and slacks ?”

As I did she started to giggle I forgot that I had on my stars an stripes boxer’s.
“Their so kawaii , As she patted the bed, DO my legs and feet now.”
With another liberal amount of oil down her right leg I was able pretty much too wrap my hand around her leg.
She would give out little moans when I worked the back of the knee Next I focused on the feet she was especially
Ticklish in the arch of her foot . I hadn’t noticed with my focus on her feet
She had removed the towel.

I gazed at her small ass and thought to myself
Is there anything that could be more perfect than that in this world.
As I started up the left leg I felt her small hand on my leg. In slow little circles her hand creped higher on my leg.

With the towel gone I went all the way to the hem of her panties.
She spread her legs some giving me access to her inner thighs
The heat between her legs was like a furnace an the sent intoxicating
My little finger brushed a cross her crotch and her entire body shuddered
As she arched her back and let out a long AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
I watched as her breathing resumed normalcy looking at me she said “You haven’t done the sides yet .”
Using booth hands now starting at her panties proceeding up until I meant the swell of the side of her breasts.

Suddenly she popped up

“One more glass please.”

Reluctantly I took her glass and stood to fill it. This final glass drained the bottle and I spent a few extra seconds

getting the last drops.
Turning back to the bead Kris had rolled over, now on top of the towel.

Her underwear had vanished . Her head propped up with a pill of pillows.
Wearing a big cheesier cat grin and the candle light danced in her eyes.
This was the really the first time that I had seen her naked.
Her beauty astounded my . Her body was much more developed than I thought.
She was only 4’8” and maybe 80 pounds I had only looked at as a little kid.

Now I could see that she was woman only in miniature.
She downed the wine in one gulp. Set the glass down and pulled Erotik hikaye me to her.
“Time for the front.” she said with a wink.

Were to start? I started with her feet and teasingly slow ascended her legs.
By the time I got top of her legs her hand was tugging down my boxers.
I stopped of more oil and kicked them off.

This time I started up at her shoulders . Getting to her breasts I leaned down an took her right one in my mouth.
The entire thing fit with out a problem
Swirling my tong brought the nippy to rigid attention .
Then I did the same to the left.

Kris had gotten some oil on her hand and now was stroking me.

At last, I looked at her mound she did have hair but it saw so fine
And the same platinum as on her head. It reminded me of the angle hair that we put on the Christmas tree when I was a kid.

Something on the video caught Kris’s attention
“Turn up the sound .”
I looked at the TV , it was evening and the fireworks show over the lake was starting.
Looking back at Kris she gave me a good hard tug and said
“But what if you get pregnant?”
“It’s ok I’m protected.”

Positioning my self over her I rub her outer lips. instantly I was enveloped
In the steamiest love tunnel I had ever been in.
After bottoming out I cautiously withdrew and started back in again.
Kris wrapped her arms around my pulling to her our lips meant, in a tong of war.
“ Faster.” she panted I incensed the speed a bit. The music on the TV gained
tempo too.
The video started playing 1812 Overture. I know that the finally was about to come and so was I.

Kris let out a scream that could have been heard at the other end of the lake.
Her whole body went stiff and milked my for all of my worth .
We held each other in the warm afterglow of love.
Her breathing slowed to normal in a few nineties fowled by the deep rhythm of sleep .
I got up an extinguish the candles and gently slid backing bed.
With in moments I too was in dream land.

I awoke about midmorning and quietly left Kris sleeping on my bed.
Took a shower and puttered around the kitchen ,Thinking how go it felt to feel good again.
Kris didn’t get up until afternoon. I heard her in the shower first then in her room .
It was almost 1.20 when she entreated the kitchen .

She had on a bright yellow sundress and a blue ribbing in her hair.
She floated around the room like she was walking on sunshine.

I glanced at the clock 1.27 as she came right up to me and leaned in to give me a kiss . We could hear a truck coming down

the driveway.

As our lips met there was a large spark between us
It was 10 times stronger then any static electrical shock I had ever gotten before.
We looked each other in the eyes . Hers were the brilliant sapphire as if powered by the sun.
“I’ll get it.” Kris said as she bounded from the room.

IT took a wile for my head to clear. Boy that shock gave me a headache.
Suddenly it all became clear to me I know what I had to do.
I stumbled down the hall to the store room .
In the back of the room high on a self I found the strong box .setting it on the table I searched for the key in the

desk . Opening the box revealed old letters and newspaper clippings. I moved them aside and found what I was looking for on

the bottom of the box. I reached in an picked up the cold hard steel and held it in my hands studding on side then the

All those years of therapy and all it took to bring the memories’ was one kiss?
I don’t know how long I sat there lost.

“THERE you are didn’t you hear me calling you, It was a delivery truck ,It was a big and green ,new company I never herd

of before, RAILWAY EXPRESS ,there was a box for me and a bunch for you, the driver was ancient much older than you, he

said that he had been driving a long time trying to find me, he put you’re stuff in the shop, I was opening my box when he

got in the truck and when I looked up it was gone, Thank you for ordering this swimsuit for me its perfect ……. Are you

listening to me?….. Are you all right you’re shaking?”
Slowly I turned to face her and when she could see what was in my hand she exclaimed .
“OH MY GOD …….. NO!”

I Held out my trembling hand ……..she reached out hold it……

In her hands she held a chrome picture frame but it could have been a mirror for what she saw in that frame.
There in the picture she stood by a swimming pool wearing the same suit she had on now. ……….
She turned it over and read the inscription on the back.

CHRISTINE 4th JULY party 1965.…..Blow that in script
Love you forever ………with a round water mark staining the cardboard.

“I don’t know .” I said as I gathered up the papers into the box. Picking up the box and taking her hand.
“Let’s go sit in the den”

We sat on the sofa, I set the box on the coffee table. Taking out the old newspaper dated July 6th 1965,
I handed it to her and she read.

At 1.27 yesterday afternoon a young teenage girl was struck buy lighting
At the Oak Hills country club .

Chris Nelson thirteen died yesterday after bearing hit by lighting at the swimming pool at the Oak Hills country club .

Her hands now trembling so badly she no longer could hold the paper.
I took her in my arms and held her tight. We both were now crying.
Our’ emotions were running the gamut from sorrow to joy.

The embrace lasted a long time as we gently rocked.
Finally regaining our composure I stood lifting Chris with my.
Holding her hand I guided her to the jukebox. Reaching out I pushed The buttons B 17 .

“I thought you said Never play that song?”

“It’s OK ….. I now know why it upset me so…..It was our first slow dance.

Shangri la By Vic Dana Started to play I took Chris in my arms, those first few steps I felt the thrill and awkwardness

of a teens first dance.
As the song ended our lips met and she melted in my arms.
Carrying her back to the sofa we sat looking at each other not believing what we had found.
Chris picked up some of the letters I had written never meaning to send.
As she started to read one I got up and went to the kitchen.

ON a tray I put some cracks and cheese from the wine cooler one of my best bottle. Adding two glasses a knife and

napkins I returned to the den.

Chris was sobbing again. I took the letters from her and put everything back in the box ,closing the lid saying
“we’ll save these for another day .”

I poured out two glass and handed her one . She held her up and brought my up to greet it in a silent toast.
The afternoon slipped away as we sat there I asked if she would like to go out for dinner tonight?
“no I don’t think I’m up to it tonight.”

I called a local restaurant and made enragements to have dinner delivered.
Chris went off to her room to rest. I set the dinning room table in preparation.

In a short time she returned with a small box.
“This is the box that my swimsuit came in they sent this neat retro catalog.”
I took the catalog and looked at the cover. Summer Sale Catalog 1965.
“I hate to admit it but I didn’t order this for you, was there an invoice included in the box ?”

“YES here it is.”

I studied the paper It had my address correct for delivery but all it said for
Preachers was Good Old Dad.

“All it says here is that it was bought by some calling hem self Good old dad”

“OH that my farther, he didn’t forget about me after he abandoned me at Marie’s.

That’s probably why the delivery truck had a hard time finding me
Dad didn’t know that I was here.”

“thank’s for the catalog I’ll look throw it wile I wait for dinner to arrive.”
“IT should be here by 7pm “

With that Chris retired to her room and started look through the catalog .

AT 6.30 I went to my room and changed for diner donning a tie and a dinner jacket.
At 6.45 Chris reemerged wearing a blue velvet evening gown with low heel pumps burgundy in color. And a gold necklace .
When she got closer it looked as if the pendent wasn’t right.

“Is you’re necklace damaged I quarried?”

“No it’s just a half of a hart I found it at the boutique yesterday the clerk
gave it to me she said that no one wanted it since they only had half.”

“I’ve got something to show you.”
I walked over to the den and opened the strong box reaching to the bottom
I felt the chain, wrapping my finger around it I withdrew it from the box.
Chris held out her half. I held out mine they were a perfect match.
I then took my chain put around` my neck an tucked in under my shirt .
“I cant believe this is all happening .” We both said in unison.

Interrupting us was the sound of dinner arriving.

After dinner we went out for a walk to watch the sunset .It was mother nature at her best Streaks of purple and gold with

orange ,red over tones on a indigo backdrop .

“Did you check out the stuff yet?”

“What stuff?”

“the boxes the truck left today over in you’re auto shop.”

“No I totally forgot about that with everything ells today.”

Opening the rollup door I was greeted with a stack of boxes that blocked the view of the entire shop .
“I thought you said a couple of boxes, how big was that truck anyway ?’

Just then I could hear the phone ringing back in the cottage.
I hurried in to get it. It was Sam again and he seamed very upset.
“Marie gone. “ he sounded as if he had been crying
“What do you mean Marie gone , did she dump you?”
“NO,…..NO,…no… she….she… she dead……….”
“WHAT….what happened?”
“It …was… an… earthquake…..we were stay in a little B&B in her great, great grandparents home town.
The place starting to shake an some one yield earthquake. We rushed out side and I thought we were safe but high upon the

cliff above us a house broke lose , Marie ran when she saw it but it landed right on top of her.
Why didn’t she stay with me she’d be all right?” He was crying again.
“Sam is there anything I can do for you?”
“No she had family here. but what about Kris can you somehow tell her?”
“Yes Sam I can do that. IF there anything ells let me know please.”

Out in the shop Chris notice a peculiar little box, printed in big letters,
DO NOT OPEN UNTILL 10pm 07/05/2010 .she picked it up and carried into the house.

“Who was on the phone?”
“It was Sam………I…got …some ..bad …news …please sit …Marie I mean your mother was killed to day in a earthquake.
“A building collapsed on her she died instantly .I‘m so sorry. ”

Chris stood and paced the room back and forth back and forth not showing any emotion. She finely stopped at the jukebox .

Checking the song list she found what she wanted pushing the buttons she stepped back and looked at me.

Ding Dong! The witch is Dead by the Fifth Estate.
“ I Hated the Bitch !” She started to laugh uncontrollable .
After the song ended she sat next to me her blue eyes in tears.

“You know young lady I think you better be careful what you wish for in the future .”Now what in this box ?”

“I don’t know, But read what printed here.”
“That’s only 5 minuets from now I guess we can wait .”

When we opened the box all we found was Chris’s personal papers and a note “Love you always you’re Good Old Dad.”

“ this was one hellofa day I don’t think I could take any more like this.
Well it looks like it’s just you and me kid now.

Come on it’s Time for bed.” I scooped her up in my arms saying
“ I love you Christian.”
“ And I love you to Russell.”
As I carried her to our bed.

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