Not IN Love Ch. 11

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This is a fictitious story. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is coincidence. Do not take any information in this story as health advice.


Lucy, dressed as Grasshopper from the Kung Fu TV show and Joe, dressed as a French maid, were greeted by Cassy as they entered the fancy dress party venue. Cassy said, “Photos please for the contest,” and took their individual photos. She then said, “Welcome. There’s food and drinks over in the kitchenette. We’ll be taking off our masks at about nine and then we can get down to partying.

“Now there are tablets all over the place so don’t forget to fill out your guesses of who’s whom before nine so that we can get the judging done. Now I’m not allowed to vote, because I know who has which mask,” she then whispered to Joe, “but may I say Lucy, you look stunning tonight and Joe, Grasshopper again? I don’t think you’ll be hard to identify. Anyway, the most important thing is to have fun and catch up with some old friends.”

Lucy offered Joe her arm which, after a moment’s hesitation, he took and they walked into the crowd. Lucy said, “Well we’ve got Cassy fooled, now for the rest of them.”

Joe laughed Lucy’s laugh and said in a very convincing imitation of her voice, “Lead on Grasshopper.”

They mingled and it seemed that no-one identified who they really were. Lucy went to get them drinks. Joe was very much enjoying being waited on. Lucy kept bringing him drinks and food much to his delight. He felt that he could get very used to this treatment.

Joe drifted over to say hello to Harry. This would be a real test for the deception. Joe said to Harry in his best Lucy’s voice, “Hello Centuwion.”

Harry turned around and said as he bowed, “Ah miss French maid. How good to see you here.”

“Have you thwown any wascals to the fwoor wecently?” asked Joe referring to Monty Python’s Life of Brian movie.

Harry looked at his watch and said, “About half past four miss.”

They both laughed. Just then, Lucy arrived with their drinks.

Harry greeted Lucy with, “Ah Grasshopper. Good to see you here.”

“Centwurion,” replied Lucy with a nod of her head, “Has Biggus Dickus awived?” They all laughed.

“I believe he’s still in Wome,” answered Joe with laughter all around. Lucy reached out to stay herself on Harry but Joe stopped her by putting his arm in hers.

Harry stared and asked of Joe, “Do you mind if I gaze into your eyes miss.”

Joe shook his head and Harry looked more closely at Joe’s eyes. He then asked Lucy, “And you Grasshopper?”

Lucy felt the game was up and so leaned in towards Harry with her eyes wide open.

“Interesting and thank you,” said Harry, “A masterful deception. Congratulations.”

Lucy leaned in towards Harry and whispered, “Please don’t tell anyone and how did you know?”

“Of course not,” replied Harry as he gave a Centurion salute. He then said, “Green eyes for Grasshopper but they’re on the French maid this evening.”

“Shit” whispered Lucy, “but I’m wearing contacts to make my blues eyes greenish.”

“Yes,” said Harry, “That was very interesting and had me momentarily fooled except the green eyes on the French maid are Joe’s.”

Lucy shook her head. Harry’s perception was very impressive. She turned to Joe and said, “We’d better split up so that others can’t compare us side by side,” Joe nodded.

Just after Lucy left, Dick arrived and hissed at Joe, “What are you doing to Joe Lucy. You must be feeding him hormones to make him grow tits. You’re a witch! You need to leave Joe and let him be a man again. We are the four musketeers, not five. You have to leave us before you turn Joe into a complete woman for your own depraved lesbian perversions. Piss off Lucy or we will.”

Both Harry and Joe were shocked. Harry was the first to recover and said, “I understood that the hormones were natural,” and then to Joe, “Isn’t that so?”

Joe recovered slightly but was still stunned as he said, “Yes.”

Dick then said, “Well we don’t want you interfering with us Lucy, so piss off,” he then walked away.

Harry and Joe looked at each other. Harry said, “Are you overloading?” Joe nodded his head so Harry said, “Let’s sit down over here,” and led them to some seats against the wall.

Meanwhile, Cleopatra walked up to Lucy and said, “Hello Grasshopper. I noticed that you are dating Lucy. Has she fallen in love with you?”

Lucy was a bit shocked but was still able to shake her head.

“Well, lucky you,” said Cleopatra as she smiled. She moved her head up to the side of Lucy’s and whispered, very seductively into Lucy’s ear, “If she does fall in love with you, and you two have to split up, call me any time. I’ll be available for a pity fuck,” she then turned and walked away. No, she didn’t walk away she sashayed away.

Lucy couldn’t help but be turned on by that gorgeous posterior that was deliberately swaying on her behalf, well, Joe’s really, but Lucy was the target and she Maltepe Escort took the bait. She wanted to take that beautiful Cleopatra and eat her out. She shook herself out of her lecherous mood. Joe would not have sex with that woman while they were together, so she shouldn’t either, but thinking about it isn’t wrong, is it? She felt wetness between her legs and her nipples were hurting from being so hard.

Just then, Dick arrived and interrupted her thoughts and emotions. She immediately was annoyed and wanted to tell Dick to fuck off but she had to stay in character. She was about to say hello in her best Joe voice but Dick said, “What the fucks going on with you Joe? You’re letting that bitch turn you into a woman. Are you willingly letting her grow tits on you? Aren’t you man enough to tell her no or do you love her turning you into her lesbian lover? You’ve gotta make a choice now Joe. Her or us.

“I’m going to buy myself a games console, big TV and a surround sound system and then the gang can play at my place. It’ll be the three musketeers again, Joe. You’ll be out of the gang unless you dump that bitch and become a man. We don’t want freaks in the gang,” and with that Dick walked away.

Lucy looked around. She needed to talk to someone. She saw Joe and Harry sitting by themselves against the wall so she walked over to them. She was about to plonk herself down but remembered that Joe would sit down properly so she did so, next to Joe. She said, “I’ve just had two very weird conversations.”

Harry stood up to let them talk alone with each other. He moved a few seats away and sat next to a Roman senator. The senator said, “I hope that I’m not intruding but your friend looked overloaded.”

Harry looked at the senator and said, “How did you know?”

The senator sighed, braced herself and said, “Because I also get overloaded because of my position on the spectrum. That’s why I’m sitting here alone for a while.”

“Oh,” apologised Harry, “I didn’t mean to intrude. I’ll leave you alone.”

The senator said as Harry stood up, “Please… um… stay if you would… I’m better now,” Harry sat down and they talked for most of the rest of the party.

Lucy and Joe exchanged their stories and decided that they weren’t likely to see Dick ever again.

Cassy came over and said to Lucy and Joe, “Have you voted yet?” They shook their heads. Cassy then said, “Yeah, most people are forgetting to do that. I mean, it’s great that everybody is chatting and such but… I do want to get the competition over with so that we can unmask and start having fun. I also want to enjoy the party.

“Here’s a tablet. Please fill out the forms and I’ll get back to you soon,” Cassy then mingled and handed out tablets trying to get everyone to vote.

About an hour later, Cassy made an announcement that the unmasking was about to happen and if people hadn’t yet voted, then they may miss out.

Quarter of an hour later Cassy announced, this time using the microphone, “Okay everyone. Malcolm, my husband, has processed all the votes but before we announce the winners we have a little bit of administration to attend to.

“It seems that um, Lucy and Joe, your masks got mixed up…”

Lucy yelled out in her own voice, “No! This is definitely the mask you gave me Cassy.”

Cassy looked at Lucy and then at Joe. She looked at her tablet and looked confused. She said, “but you’re Lucy?” as she pointed to Joe.

Joe took off his mask, looked at it and said, “No. I’m Joe and this is the mask that I was allocated.”

“Holy fuck!” said Cassy in shock as she looked Joe up and down, “Shi…!” she said as she realised that she had sworn over the load speakers and switched off the microphone. She looked at Joe open mouthed. Other people were whispering amongst themselves.

Lucy decided to take control. She hooked her arm in Joe’s and said, “You see, we knew you’d think Joe would come as Grasshopper and so we switched costumes but not masks,” She looked at Cassy and said, “We didn’t cheat. We just tricked you all. Well, nearly all of you.”

Cassy said something and then repeated it after she switched on the microphone, “Well, um… that’s right. That’s not cheating. You had me fooled. Um… we’ll just have to run the numbers and um… we’ll get back to you. What, already?

“Okay, my for even efficient husband, Malcolm Trunbull, has reprocessed the numbers and we have a tie!

“Both Lucy and Joe have been correctly identified once each so that means that it’ll come down to the number of people who wrongly guessed your true identities. Um…

“Right, Joe, The French Maid, had 39 people wrongly guess his identity and one person guess it right. Lucy, Grasshopper, had 47 people incorrectly guess her identity and one correctly, so… Lucy is the winner.

“Tonight’s prize is a holiday for two people, for two weeks, at an exclusive resort in the Greek Isles! How’s that for a prize?

“Second prize goes to the person who correctly guessed Anadolu Yakası Escort the winners and that’s… um… Harry the Centurion! Nice one Centuwion.

“Now, oh yeah, you can all take off your masks. I guess Lucy and Joe beat us to it so, um… unmask everyone and let’s get this party going!”

Cassy walked over to Lucy and Joe who were being congratulated by many people. When it was her turn she handed Lucy the prize and said, “I have no idea what this resort is other than it’s ‘exclusive’,” as she indicated apostrophes with her fingers, “I do know that it’s valid up to five years so you can go when you finish uni. Anyway, well, congratulations!”

She then looked at Joe and said, “You look stunning. You look just like Lucy. In fact, if Lucy wasn’t standing right there I’d say that you are Lucy,” she then turned to Lucy and said, “Well woman. You did it. I knew you’d have something up your sleeve to win the contest, but dressing your boyfriend up just like you, takes the cake. You’ve outdone yourself Lucy and I’d expect nothing less. Gotta mingle now,” she gave Lucy a hug and went off to administer something else.

Joe and Lucy became separated as individuals congratulated them on their costumes and winning the prize.

During a quite time, Dick walked up to Joe and said, “You fucking weirdo. It’s too late. You’ve let that bitch turn you into a woman. Good bye forever. I never want to see you again,” Dick then walked off. This time, Joe had braced himself for Dick’s assault and continued to mingle.

After a while, Lucy caught Shelly staring at Joe. She walked up behind Shelly and said, “Thinking of dressing Tom up like that?”

Shelly was surprised, jumped and said, “No,” she seemed to gather herself together and then said, “He’s beautiful. I… I still can’t believe it’s not you. He’s absolutely, stunningly beautiful!”

Lucy raised her eyebrows, smiled and said, “Well I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Shelly still seemed stunned but said, “Oh come on Lucy. You know your beautiful.”

“Well it’s still nice to hear someone say so,” answered Lucy.

“It would be nice wouldn’t it?” said Shelly quietly.

“You’re beautiful Shelly,” said Lucy.

Shelly laughed sarcastically and then said, “As long as Tom things so but look at you Lucy. You’re an Amazon: tall, slim, strong, beautiful breasts, you don’t even have to wear a bra. You shave your head and you’re still stunningly beautiful. You’re a goddess.”

Shelly seemed to have stunned herself. She composed herself and said, “Um… sorry. I’ve had a bit too much to drink tonight.”

“Haven’t we all,” answered Lucy. She was surprised with Shelly’s revelation.

Lucy realised that Shelly was very self conscious, just like her but Lucy displayed confidence whereas Shelly withdrew into herself. She said, “Shelly, you look beautiful tonight. You’re flapper outfit suits you.”

Shelly looked down at her clothes and said, “It does show off my calves.”

“And the rest,” encouraged Lucy.

“Mm,” answered Shelly unconvinced.

Lucy decided to press the matter and said, “Shelly, you are beautiful.”

“Mm, as long as Tom thinks so,” replied Shelly.

After a while Shelly said, “You know this is the first time you’ve called me Shelly, usually you call me Sheila.”

Lucy felt guilty. She did treat Shelly as Tom’s dumb, blonde girlfriend but Lucy realised that Shelly wasn’t dumb. She was just shy. She answered, “Well, I… I know I’m a bitch. I’m sorry.”

Shelly was now suspicious of Lucy. Was she going to turn this around into a joke to make Shelly look stupid? That’s what she used to do but thankfully she gave up after Shelly just looked away and kept quite.

Shelly just looked at Lucy.

Lucy said, “I’m sorry Shelly for… for all the times… that… that I’ve been mean to you.

“Look Shelly. You are beautiful. You just… need to dress to accentuate your best features.”

Shelly was starting to think that Lucy was being genuine so she said sarcastically, “Like wear a tent so that only my calves show.”

Lucy laughed. Shelly was surprised. This was the first time that Lucy laughed at one of Shelly’s jokes. Well, sort of a joke.

Lucy smiled and said, “No, what about your beautiful tits? You could wear something that shows, just a little bit more cleavage. Maybe a different bra rather than a sports bra?

“You do have really nice tits Shelly.”

“Are you coming on to me?” Shelly asked suspiciously. She was also a bit afraid.

“What?” answered Lucy a bit stunned, “Of course not Shelly, you’re my brother’s girlfriend. Why would I do that?”

“Sorry,” answered Shelly, “I guess I’m just scared of you.”

Lucy sympathised with Shelly and said, “Yeah, I guess I come on a bit strong sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” said Shelly sarcastically, “Yeah, just not in your sleep.”

Lucy laughed again and said, “Look, I want to make peace with you. I’ve been mean, for no good reason, and I want to make İstanbul Escort it up to you. Why don’t we go shopping together and we’ll get you a… a different bra and a top to show off those tits and… I promise I won’t try to fondle them?”

Shelly realised Lucy was being genuine. She was also desperate to go shopping with a woman instead of Tom, so she laughed and said, “Okay, let’s do that.”

Joe, Tom and Harry were chatting together. Harry asked, “Where’s Dick?”

“He stormed off just a bit earlier,” answered Tom, “just after Lucy won first prize.”

Harry said, “He seemed a bit out of sorts tonight.”

“Yeah,” answered Tom, “He’s been going on about playing games at his mum’s place.

“I think he’s been doing harder drugs.”

“Like what?” asked Joe.

“Ice,” answered Tom.

“Shit,” said Joe.

Harry said, “That’s not a good drug. It’s highly addictive and could lead to psychosis.”

“Yeah,” said Tom, “He’s seems a bit weirder than usual.”

Harry looked at Joe and Joe thought that he’d better mention what Dick said to him and Lucy earlier on. He said, “Dick wants Lucy and me to split up. Otherwise it’s the end of the four musketeers.”

“He mentioned that to me,” replied Tom, “Hey look, as far as I’m concerned, you and Lucy should stay together as long as you like.”

Harry said, “Dick’s your friend. Won’t that cause friction?”

“Well he became my friend because I sort of felt sorry for him,” answered Tom, “but if he’s going to be a dick about it then, goodbye Dick. You’re a better friend that he is Joe, and my sister means a lot to me so, as far as I’m concerned, Dick can piss off. Especially if he’s into ice. That’s a downhill slide.”

The conversation about Dick ended.

The party continued for a few more hours. Lucy and Joe drank and ate more and danced a lot. Joe felt wonderful dancing in his French maid costume. He loved the way his stockings move on his legs and the feel of the high heel shoes on his feet. He could feel that his legs were exposed from ankle right up to his pragmatic underpants, except for the very thin fishnet stockings, through which the air caressed his legs as he moved. He loved how the silky material of his top brushed his nipples and how the crinoline petticoat held his dress out from his hips so everyone could see his sexy legs.

Now and then Lucy would grab him and pull him hard against her body to give him a kiss and sometimes run her hands up his legs when she thought no-one was looking. Joe felt fantastic when Lucy did that. He could feel his penis trying to break free of his control panties but it was secured by the underpant’s gusset. It felt very nice.

Eventually the party started to break up. Cassy had to turn off the music because of noise restrictions and people started to leave.

As Lucy and Joe were saying their individual goodbyes, Cleopatra came up to Lucy and said, “I… I want to apologise about what I said earlier. You must think that I’m… I wasn’t trying to… I didn’t mean to… I thought you were Joe and I wasn’t trying to offend you…”

Lucy decided to not make this harder for Cleopatra and said, “That’s alright. It’s good to know that Joe won’t be lonely if we do separate.”

The Cleopatra said, “Oh… Um… About that…”

“Don’t worry about it,” interrupted Lucy, “I know he’ll have a friend to call on if we split up.”

Cleopatra stood there for a while then said, “I’m Kathy by the way,” and offered to shake hands.

Lucy shook Kathy’s hand and said, “I’ve seen you at Joe’s parties but you’ve avoided me.”

“Yes…” hesitated Kathy, “Well I didn’t want to be the ex that causes trouble.”

Lucy immediately liked Kathy and said, “It’s reassuring to know that Joe dates good quality women.”

“Oh,” replied Kathy. She then laughed and said, “Yep. It is isn’t it?”

Lucy said, “At our next meeting, don’t hold back. Come and talk to me whether I’m still dating Joe or not. I think we’ll get along well together. We could become good friends.”

Kathy smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll do that.”

Joe walked Lucy home to his place after recovering his bag from the bushes. He didn’t switch shoes and was comfortable walking home in his high heels. In fact he loved the way his calves were accentuated and the sound of the heels clicking on the footpath. It sounded sexy and he was getting aurally aroused. They chatted about the evening but when they got home, Lucy put her arms around Joe’s neck and said, “Now I promised to make it worth your while for getting dressed up like that for me tonight. I’m just wondering what sort of reward I should give you?”

“Well,” answered Joe’s appearing to be deep in thought, “A full body massage? You cook for the next year? Some naked, beautiful young, female slaves would be nice?”

Lucy pretended to slap Joe but Joe automatically blocked the strike. Lucy said, “Maybe a slave called Kathy?”

“Kathy?,” asked Joe, “Only one slave or are all the slaves called Kathy?”

“No,” smirked Lucy, “I was thinking more of the Kathy that was dressed as Cleopatra tonight.”

“Oh,” said Joe seriously, “That Kathy. So what did she say to you?”

“Let’s just say that you should consider her for a shoulder to cry on, if we ever break up,” said Lucy still smirking.

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