Not Much to Tell

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There really isn’t all that much to tell but once in a while something will happen to change that.

Being a 59-year-old retired widower in a condominium full of widows, I am both well fed and well taken care of, sexually. (By the way, as you get older, there are a lot more single women than men and many of them are horny.)

Take last Saturday afternoon for example. I had just settled down in front of the TV when the phone rang. It was Dora, my neighbor on the same floor, three units away. Her voice was warm, sexy and full of promise when she said, “Hi Ted, how you doing?”

“Fine, just taking it easy, how about you?”

“I’m good, any plans for this afternoon?”

I had planned to watch the football game but since my team was out of the playoffs, it wasn’t important, at least not nearly as important as what her voice promised. “Not at all, what’s up?”

“Well, what would you say to a nice home cooked meal?”

“I would say bring it on!” I laughed a little but was dead serious, “What do I have to do for it?”

Her voice was a lot more serious than mine. “I’m sure we will find something for you to do, something you are good at. Drop by about three. I have a big standing rib roast. You can bring a nice bottle of wine if you’d like. My sister is in town and I want you to meet her.”

I couldn’t help but think that maybe Dora wanted to introduce her sister to the man who has been banging her regularly or even the other way around. Perhaps even show me off a little. I still had most of my hair and kept myself in pretty good shape. I am not handsome but not too ugly for my age. “I’ll be there with bells on and with a nice bottle of wine”.

At 3:00 sharp I rang her bell. I was freshly bathed and shaved and had two very nice bottles of pinot noir under my arm.

Dora was also a widow, a lot younger than me but it was hard to tell just how old she was. She was slim and attractive with beautiful, dark, gray-streaked hair, and for some reason I had the feeling she had money. We had been friends, comrades and lovers ever since she moved into the condo three years ago not long after my wife died and I turned my printing business over to my son. She had an almost insatiable sexual appetite but she liked her space. Two or three times a week we would have sex but she would always send me home afterwards. No staying overnight, but I didn’t mind, the sex was very good and she usually rewarded me with a nice, hearty meal.

The best part was that although she had no other gentlemen friends that I knew about, she had no reservations about me. She knew I saw other women and she didn’t mind as long as I was primed and ready to go when she was horny. Our days were usually Monday and Thursday but once in a while on the weekend we would go out on my boat or I would take her to dinner. Either usually led to an enjoyable evening in her bedroom.

Frankly I didn’t need any other women but I had a reputation to think of, so I did my duty to God and country with a few of the other old biddies in the complex. Most of them knew I was busy on Monday’s and Thursdays so I often booked Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays with one of my other lady friends. I repaid a good dinner by giving them a good piece of ass.

Anyway, this was an unexpected pleasure for a Sunday afternoon. The door opened and there stood a little younger, a little heavier, blond version of Dora. She extended a well-manicured, cool, soft hand. “Hi, you must be Ted; I’m Gwen, Dora’s sister. Please come in, Dora is in the kitchen and will be out in a moment.”

Although the facial features were very much alike, the similarities stopped there. While Dora was tall and slender, Gwen was short, maybe five foot three inches tall and a little heavy, but still a very attractive woman. She was dressed in some sort of a very loose fitting caftan and was barefoot. The lack of shoes only accentuated her short statute against my 6 foot 2 inch frame. Dora came out of the kitchen, looking very matronly. As usual she was impeccably dressed in a skirt and blouse with an apron to protect her clothing and her ever-present high-heeled shoes. The 4-inch heels only served to accentuate her height in comparison to her sister.

She greeted me with an unusual smile. “I see you to have already met. Gwen just got in yesterday but is going to spend a week or so with me. I haven’t seen her for six or seven years. In case you’re wondering, Gwen is my half-sister and is a bit younger than me. She is my father’s child by his second wife, my stepmother.” Dora sent Gwen into the kitchen to pour the wine and confided in me that she was just coming off of a very bad relationship with the man she had been living with for the last five years.

Gwen returned with the drinks and the three of us had an enjoyable few minutes chatting until Dora had to excuse herself to see about something in the kitchen. I was a little surprised when Gwen moved from the chair opposite to sit alongside of me on the sofa. As we talked, she became very animated and would put her hand on my arm or on my leg to make a point. escort gaziantep bayan As the conversation progressed, her hand spent less time on my arm and more on my leg, edging ever closer to my crotch. Dora came back into the room and Gwen snatched her hand away from my lap as if she had been scalded. I’m not sure if Dora noticed or not.

Dora announced that dinner was ready and showed us the seating arrangement. I was at the head of the table with Gwen to my left. Dora was to my right with her back to the kitchen. The meal was just what I had come to expect in this apartment, delicious, with everything done to perfection. What I hadn’t expected was Gwen’s bare foot under the table, hidden by the tablecloth, playing with mine, running up my leg and finally wiggling her toes in my lap.

Unfortunately, I am a man, a very common, very virile one and it wasn’t long before I had a hard on. Gwen’s toes finally ended up touching it and I saw her suppress a giggle. Dora left the table to serve desert and Gwen’s hand replaced her foot in my crotch with a firm grip on my penis. She whispered, “I’m glad I got your attention. Dora said you were a wonderful lover. Would you like to make love to me?”

Dora returned before I had a chance to answer and Gwen quickly removed her hand. “What are you two chatting about? Gwen is grinning like a Cheshire cat and you look like I caught you with your hand in the cookie jar.”

Gwen was quick to respond and said; “I was asking him about your love life, that is, do the two of you do it?”

Dora reddened and mumbled, “I don’t think that is any of your business.”

“That’s not what you told me on the phone. You said he was a wonderful lover, had a big dick and could fuck for hours. That’s the main reason I came here, I want him to fuck me.”

I thought Dora was going to have a heart attract. She gasped; her hand was at her throat when she sputtered, “Everything I told you was in strict confidence. I am very embarrassed.”

At first, I was embarrassed too but now I was beginning to enjoy it. I especially liked the part where Dora told her sister I was a good lover and had a big dick.

Dora stormed out of the room and a moment later, I heard her bedroom door slam.

We were still sitting at the table when Gwen looked at me, smiled and said, “Well, the cats out of the bag now and it’s just you and me. I know you are ready”. She put her hand back on my lap. “I can still feel that big cock.”

“Hey, I appreciate the complement but I wouldn’t want to hurt Dora. Maybe some other time.”

“Nonsense. She told me you screw other women right here in the condo. Why not me too?”

“Other women, yeah, but not her sister.”

She let out a big belly laugh. “Well, I guess Dora was right after all. She said you wouldn’t fuck me unless she said it was OK. Wait here while I go and ask her.”

With that, she disappeared into Dora’s bedroom. I could hear voices, sometimes soft and sometimes raised a little. I finished off my wine and was about to leave when the door opened and the two women came out. Gwen was smiling but Dora had a sour look on her face.

“O K, we settled it. Dora says you and I can do it and she won’t object as long as we don’t do it here.”

The look on Dora’s face told me I was on dangerous ground. “I think we better skip it, I don’t want Dora angry with me.”

Dora was seething when she said through clenched teeth, “You better do it, and after what I’ve been through, you better do it and you better do it damn good!”

She stormed back into her bedroom and slammed the door, leaving Gwen and I looking at each other. Gwen linked her arm in mine and said, “Grab what’s left of the wine and let’s go to your place. I think we’re both on her shit list.”

I figured she was right and no matter what I did it could only get worse, but damn, I was horny. Still barefoot, she pushed me out the door and we went down the outside corridor to my apartment. Once inside, she took the wine from me, put it on the little mail table by the door and came to me.

With her arms around my neck, she ground her soft body into me. “What happened to that hard thing I felt a few minutes ago?” Her hand was groping my crotch through my pants. She stepped back and with both hands, undid the zipper. She giggled a little as she fished around for it. “There it is and look it’s growing again!”

By the time she finally got it out, it was almost ready for action or anything else she had in mind. But as good as it felt, there was this thing about Dora in the back of my mind. I just didn’t understand her warning to me, “You better do it, and after what I’ve been through, you better do it and you better do it damn good!”

My mind was already clouded from the closeness of Gwen, the intoxicating aroma of her musk and perfume but most of all the hold she had on my dick. Dora’s warning dissipated completely when Gwen whipped the caftan off over her head. She was completely nude underneath. Her breasts were creamy gaziantep escort cim cif bayan white with large pink areolas and voluptuous with almost no sagging. The rest of her body was not as plump as I had thought, just good solid womanhood. Her pussy was pink and hairless.

She couldn’t help but notice me looking at her. “You like? I spent all afternoon getting ready for you.” She was undoing my pants when she said. “Come on; let’s put that big dick to work. I want to know what my sister was bragging about.”

I helped with my shirt and in just a few seconds she had me stepping out of my trousers and underpants, and I was just as nude as she was. With the other, older women in the condo, I was usually the aggressor so I was not use to someone like Gwen who took complete charge. She pushed me backward into the bedroom and when my legs hit the mattress, I fell backwards onto the bed and she straddled me, legs folded back at the knees, sitting on my lap, facing me.

My hard dick was folded up against my body, held there by her tummy. She put her elbows alongside my face and kissed me, grinding her body against my rigid cock and her ripe breasts against my chest.

She offered me her tongue and I took it and in just a moment I gave her mine. Without missing a beat, she rose up a little and using her hand, slid my stiff cock into her well-lubricated pussy. “MMMM, that fits nice right there.”

She was sitting very still, smiling down at me, her hands on my chest, supporting the weight of her upper body, but clenching the internal muscles of her vagina. It almost felt like someone was milking me. Slowly, she started sliding back and forth on my lap, causing my tool to ease in and out of her, caressing her clit on the way. With my hands on her ass I could control her back and forth movement so as to get the maximum effect of my dick slipping in and out of her warm, tight pussy. The feel of her fleshy buttocks in my hands was delightful, like holding a skin full of warm Jell-O.

I was lost in the contented feeling of her snatch holding my dick. It was as if she was reaching into the depths of my being and as she increased the speed of her movements she amplified the sensitivity of my cock. I was bucking against her, trying to pound my hard tool as deep into her as possible.

She began to moan and I opened my eyes to see that her head was canted forward and, although her face was almost hidden by her hair, her mouth was open and she had a faraway look in her eyes, almost like she was in a trance. Her moans increased in tempo and came in unison with the thrusts that drove my dick upward, into her.

Suddenly she sagged, put her face on my chest and let out a contented sigh. She slid forward far enough that my dick fell out of her cunt and she rolled off of me and onto her side.

I imagined she had reached the pinnacle she was seeking but I was still unfulfilled. Quickly I rolled her over on her back and took my place between her legs. She gave a contented little grunt when I stuck my dick into her but she surprised me a little when she wrapped her legs around me and prodded her heels into my buttocks. As if she were spurring a horse along to ever-greater speeds, she dug her heels into me and murmured soft grunts in unison with the plunges of my cock into her pussy.

Harder and harder I hammered into her, all of my thoughts in a state of suspended animation, my mind a complete blank except for the sensation of the climax I could feel coming. Slowly, it crept from the depths of my being. I could feel it rising from somewhere deep inside me, the ecstasy slowly building, radiating into every fiber of my body until it finally burst out the end of my penis in the form of life-producing semen. Pulse after pulse of the glorious sap of my loins was shot deep into her willing, writhing velvet like receptacle.

My pounding slowly subsided and I became aware that her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was wailing, almost screaming. As my probing slowed so did the sound she was making until it died down to almost a whimper. I rolled off of her to one side and took her in my arms. She nuzzled her face into my chest, curled her knees up against my body and assumed a fetal position. In just moments she was asleep.

I got out of bed and covered her up with the spread. I cleaned myself up and thought about taking a warm washcloth and doing the same with her, but decided to let her sleep.

On the way out of the bathroom I looked at the clock. Almost eight o’clock! We had left Dora’s a little before six. We had been fucking for almost two hours! Well, there was no turning back now. I would have loved to screw her again but my body just wouldn’t cooperate so I climbed into the bed beside her and eased off into a dream of full bodies, wet pussies and supple tits and asses. Somewhere through the night, I felt her spoon her nude, yielding body against mine from behind and snake her hand around to fondle my soft dick. My dreams got even wilder and I was cinsel bilgiler fucking a soft, warm, ghost.

Sunlight streaming through the window woke me with a start. Her spot on the bed was empty so I assumed she had gone back to Dora’s until I heard the water running in the bathroom. She came out, still completely nude, using a towel to dry her hair. I marveled at the beauty and symmetry of her breasts in the sunlight. They were unusually large in proportion to the rest of her body. That is why, in the caftan, I thought she was heavy.

She stood alongside of the bed, her pussy only inches away from my hand and looked down at me. “Good, you’re awake. After last night, I wasn’t sure you survived. I want to thank you. I have never been so thoroughly fucked in my life. I must have had at least four or five orgasms, one right after another. So much so, I don’t even remember the end. I know I tried to interest you through the night but I couldn’t get you hard. I gave you a blowjob and you were still soft when you came without waking up.”

I inched my hand over and caressed the soft pink folds of her hairless pussy. She opened her legs a little, smiled and said, “That’s just going to get you into trouble.”

I knew it would, it was already wet. “I hope! Come on and sit on my chest.”

She was smiling as she climbed up on the bed and sat on my chest, her legs bent at the knees and alongside my torso. My arms were wrapped around her bottom and her shiny pussy was only inches away from my chin. With my hands, I urged her forward until she was sitting on my mouth, her knees alongside my ears, holding onto the headboard of the bed and looking down at me.

My tongue did its natural thing and began to softly caress the lips and slit of her pussy. Almost immediately she began to moan with each exhale of breath. I could look up and see the undersides of her breast and her face as she bowed her head and held onto the headboard. Her mouth was open and her eyes were almost closed. She was grinding herself into my mouth and panting heavily while my tongue probed at her sweet pussy.

“Oh my God! I’m going to come again!”

And she did, jerking spasmodically each time my tongue touched her. Finally she slid off my face and down my torso, finally stopping when she encountered my hard dick. With her arms framing my face, she kissed me, licking away the juice she had excreted. Slowly she faded, sliding off to one side of me and curled into the same fetal ball that I remembered from last night, mumbling incoherently.

I got up, slid her over to the edge of the bed and pulled her ass up until she was on her knees. With me standing on the floor, I grabbed her hips and shoved my hard cock deep into her wet, slippery, cunt from behind. Again and again I rammed myself into her, using my hands on her hips to control the action. Time stood still as I pushed her back and forth, edging closer and closer to the rapture I was seeking. I could sense the welcomed feeling of the climax as it built within me. Each stroke of my cock sliding in and out of her velvety cunt was ecstasy. I became aware that she was again moaning and was feebly working her body back and forth against me. Finally with a mighty shove, I pulled her ass tight against my groin and unloaded what was left of my hot cum into her. I held her tight against me as the meager pulses of my seed erupted. Each movement from her brought an indescribably pleasant feeling to my sensitive dick, causing an involuntary twitch on my part.

Finally, I slowly pulled my softening dick out of her warm box and let her collapse on the bed. I took my place beside her and went off into a dreamland full of delicious pussies, breasts and warm mouths swallowing my soft cock.

Much later, I was aroused from a very peaceful sleep by her soft hands caressing my dick. I opened my eyes and smiled as I looked up at her.


It was Dora, cleaning my flaccid cock with a warm, wet washcloth. Gwen was not to be seen. The bed beside me was cold and empty.

Dora put her finger in front of her mouth and whispered, “Well, did you do her good? She wouldn’t tell me anything. Do you think she enjoyed it?”

This was uncomfortable. “Why, err, I think she did…” The worst part was that Dora’s soft hands caressing my dick felt good and I was getting hard again.

“Tell me everything. Did she get on top of you? Did you do her from behind? Did she suck you? Did you do that to her?”

This was wild! As good as the sex with Dora was, we had never fucked anyway except in the missionary position and never had oral sex at all. “Yeah, we did all of that and more.”

“Did you put your dick in her ass?”

“No, we never got around to that. What are you doing…?” I knew damn well what she was doing, she had my cock in her mouth and it felt wonderful! She had never done that before. She was also shedding what little clothes she had on.

In just a moment she was nude and climbed on top of me! This was a day of surprises! She had never been the aggressor before and we had never fucked anyway except with me on top. We had never made love anywhere but in her apartment and in the dark or at least very subdued lighting. Perhaps the biggest surprise was her appearance. Her skin was smooth and creamy and her breasts, although not big, were full and rich. She had the slim and trim body of a dancer or athlete and was obviously a hell of a lot younger than I had imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32