Not So Quiet Night In

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Please note that this is my first attempt at writing erotica, and so any comments you have, both positive and especially those pointing out where I’ve gone astray would be gratefully received. All characters and the whole scenario are completely fictional, and any similarities to those within your own life is purely coincidental, or just your own overactive imagination!!!

I would also like to thank “76waystokiss” for her editing skills!!! Really quick, great corrections and alterations, and really patient with my questions! – Highly recommended. Cheers 76

Enjoy – and remember – comment!!!

Dave couldn’t quite believe this was happening. Here he was, sat in Matt’s dining room, in his boxer shorts. His friend was sat across from him in a similar state of undress. Matt’s girlfriend, Cassie, was at the third side of the big oak table in an oversized t-shirt and her thong, and Debbie, THE Debbie, girl of his dreams Debbie, was sat in the forth chair in just her lace panties and bra…and she was about to lose the bra!

No, he really couldn’t believe his planned, quiet night in had changed to this…

“Come on Dave, you’ve gotta come out,” Matt whined at him down the phone

“Not happening, Matty Boy,” Dave replied in a sing-song voice, “After the day I’ve had at Uni; me, plus Friday night TV, plus a bit of help from Messers Carlsberg and Smirnoff, equals chilled out Dave.”

Dave was sat back on the beaten up sofa in the beaten up bed-sit he called home while he studied to be a physio. His 20 year old, blonde haired, athletic 5ft 11in frame, clothed in his “slobs” (shorts and t-shirt), stretched out in an exaggerated yawn. He had been looking forward to chilling all day and, by god, he was gonna do it.

“You know you want to really, and your two friends are available in town, too, you know? As well as Mr Sambucca and Miss Tequilla! Come on,” he was starting to plead. “I’ll pay, with you being a tight ar…erm hard-up student.”

Matt was 21 and played on the same Saturday league football team as Dave. There ended their similarities. Matt was 6ft 2, but of a slightly smaller build than his friend. He was dark haired, always heavily tanned and was neither a student nor short on cash. Far from it! He had gone straight from his A-levels into a prime position in his dad’s IT company, and certainly lived well from the role.

“Look, Matt, nothing you can say is gonna change my mind dude. Give it up. IS…NOT…HAPPENING!”

“Debbie’s coming out,” Matt’s turn for singing.

“Piss off, she is not!”

“Cassie’s bringing her out, she’s just texted me. She’s split from that Tommy arsehole at last, so a night of wine, cocktails and dancing has been called for. She’ll be gagging for it, mate,” he laughed out the last words.

“Oh, bollocks!” Dave sighed, “See you in an hour.”

Dave walked into the bar where they usually met and instantly spotted Matt stood leaning against the fruit machine…alone!

“I bloody knew it,” he spat, “you lying git, she’s not out at all is she? Beer now!”

“Easy there, tiger,” Matt smiled and nodded his head to indicate behind Dave, “turn around.”

Walking back from the toilets were the two 19 year old girls. Sashaying might have been a better description! Cassandra, or Cassie if you wanted a reply, was Dave’s very definitely better half, and was dressed in a tight back dress which made its way only a couple of inches down her shapely thighs, and hugged every curve on the way there. Pretty, blonde and tall, almost equalling Dave’s height, and yet still wearing heels; the benefit of an even taller boyfriend as she told everyone who’d listen. Her perfect hourglass figure was certainly catching most men’s eyes; but not Dave’s, for walking next to her was Debbie.

Debbie was by far the shortest of the quartet at 5ft 5, but her mane of auburn hair and stunning face had many a man, Dave included, memorised. She was sporting a black mini skirt and white blouse, through which her black lace bra could clearly be seen. Her time spent in the gym was certainly not time wasted for Dave, and it took a friendly elbow from Matt to remind him to look from her amazing, tight body and back up to her hazel eyes.

“See something you like, boys?” Cassie teased.

“Yeah, er, no I mean, er, oh god! Hi girls,” Dave stammered. The girls giggled.

“Two large ones please, hun,” Cassie batted her crystal blue eyes towards her boyfriend.

“Two large what, exactly?” Matt asked, already half way to the bar.

“I don’t care!”

Matt stuck to his word and kept Dave amply supplied with a variety of drinks for the next two hours, while keeping up with the girls’ attempt to get through the cocktail menu. He even bought a bottle of champagne, to “help loosen up the ladies”. As the night wore on and the bar got busy, he could tell Cassie was getting restless.

“This DJ’s rubbish,” she moaned, leaning up against her man, “I want to girly dance.” She pulled her best ‘gangster pose’, “I ain’t no street dancer, blood.”

Matt laughed. “Well let’s head back to my place and I’ll Bostancı Fetiş Escort play all the trashy man-hater tracks you want baby.”

“Oh yeah, your oldies are gonna love that aren’t they? I can see your Mum grooving on down to a bit of ‘I will survive’, but your Dad?! Next stupid suggestion!”

“Er… Seychelles! Remember? Place to myself as of yesterday! P-A-R-T-Why we just gotta!”

“Yay!” Cassie cheered, “I’ll just run it by Debs”

Ten minutes later, all four were piled into a taxi and heading to Matt’s house.

Matt’s parent’s house was a huge detached property on the wealthy south side of town, the private, gated driveway occupied by three stylish motors. He unlocked the door, cancelled the alarm and welcomed them into the large sitting room with its white leather corner suite, 50 + inch flat screen TV and several large ornaments that Dave always, always kept as far away from as possible.

“And tell me again why you’ve never moved out, Matt?” Debbie asked, lost in awe of the place he had referred to as his ‘humble abode’.

“I forgot you’d never been here, Debs, I’ll give you a tour while the boys get drinks and that trashy CD I was promised.” Holding hands the two girls disappeared and left the lads to the tasks.

“You’re house is amazing!” Debbie gushed after the ten-minute tour, large glass of wine in hand, Abba playing in the background “Love, love, love the dining room, we shall have to retire there later, m’Lord.”

“I’m sure I can think of something fun we can do there!” Matt’s comment had Dave raising his eyebrow but the girls were far too busy dancing to pick up on the insinuation.

Sure enough, just half on hour later all four were sat around the old table drinking and chatting.

“Right!” Matt’s outburst stopped the girls mid-gossip “I’ve waited long enough. I’m bored. Strip poker it is, then.”

Dave fought hard not to spit his beer all over the table, but certainly raised no objection. He gazed hopefully between the Cassie and Debbie. The latter of which smiled at the joke before realising it wasn’t one.

“You are joking, right?” She questioned.

“Come on,” Matt egged her on, “It’ll be fun, and what’s the worst that could happen? So you get a bit naked? It’ll be a laugh and you’ll get to see, quite literally, how much of a hard on Dave’s got for you.”

Dave did spit his beer this time, and coughed and choked on the rest, refusing to meet Debbie’s eyes but hitting with a well-aimed kick on Matt’s shin.

“Why not?” Cassie tried to persuade her friend, “I’m up for it. And you can back out at any stage.” She turned to Matt, “But I defo need to borrow some clothes from your wardrobe, babes, as I’m in a dress and thong and that’s it. That’s just a touch too short a game for my liking!”

“Oh god, go on, then,” Debbie feigned a resigned tone but was secretly excited. She had never seen her previous relationship as anything serious, and had always had a thing for Dave, although nothing had ever happened between them. Perhaps that was about to change. “Rules first though, please!”

Matt hid the surprise at how easily that had gone “Well you are obviously in four items of clothing, unless we’re playing at being a commando this evening?” He raised an eyebrow but continued at getting no response, “If Dave and I count socks as one, then so are we. So if Cassie raids my wardrobe while I refresh drinks and get some cards we can pretty much go from there. Do you know how to play poker?”

“No,” Both girls answered in unison.

“Excellent! No problems there, then.”

“Matthew!” Cassie put on her motherly voice.

“OK, OK! We’ll just play lowest card loses and go on from there. Gets more flesh on display sooner, anyway. Oh, and one more thing, all stripping must happen while stood on the table!” Again to Matt’s surprise, this wasn’t ruled out.

Drinks refreshed and Cassie returned in shorts and two t-shirts… the game had begun.

So here they were, sat at the table, staring at Debbie, who in turn was staring in disbelief at the 3 of hearts in her hand. “Should I pull out?” she asked herself but already knew she was having too much fun. She had noted the semi-boxer short tents sported by both guys as they shed their trousers, and wanted to see more. She took a big gulp from her drink and started to climb from her chair.

“Oh well, here goes,” she spoke as she mounted the table and walked to the centre. The feeling of all at the table watching her in anticipation gave her a confident feeling she enjoyed and see performed a little spin while reaching back for the clasp.

Dave stared up and swallowed hard as he watched her lace-covered ass go by, trying to spot signs of hair on her mound through the flimsy garment as she spun. He didn’t allow himself to blink as she brought the straps down her arms, while keeping the cups in place. She spun round one more time before stopping and facing him, she looked him straight in the eyes, a gesture not returned, and threw her bra to the floor. Her relatively small B cup breasts sat perkily on her chest, Bostancı Gecelik Escort her erect full pink nipples pointing slightly upwards. Dave had always been a breast man, and although he usually preferred larger boobs, he was sure he had never seen better.

Clapped and cheered back to her place at the table, Debbie sat, and while slightly blushing, she could feel sexual energy running through her whole body. The heat was unmistakeable between her legs and she could feel herself getting wet.

“My deal, I believe?” she questioned “Time to see some cock, I feel!” She swapped her look from Matt to Dave while she took the deck, quickly shuffled and dealt out the four cards. Matt turned over first and showed his 10 of Hearts, followed by Cassie’s King of spades for which she cheered, and Dave’s 8 of Clubs.

“Oh, come on!” Debbie exasperated, “the lowest is an 8? I’m gonna be pissed if that isn’t beaten by my,” she turned her card, “9 of Clubs! Get in! Dave! Naked! Now!”

Dave swallowed again, “Damn it,” he thought. Without another word he duly climbed on to table, gulped again, put his fingers down the side of his boxers and bent double dropping them all the while. He stood tall again, his now fully erect 7-inch penis bounced, pointing directly towards Debbie.

“I can’t help but think Deb’s got a better view of that strip than me,” Cassie quipped to laughter all round. Dave span to show both girls a side view, acknowledging the nods the girls gave to each other.

“Sit down ‘Penis boy'” Matt instructed, “That’s about as close to your cock as I’m planning on getting, cheers.”

Dave did as he was told, and took the deck from Debbie, again refusing eye contact, not only from his embarrassment but although those beautiful tits were still on full display.

Cassie lost next and dutifully climbed up to strip off her last t-shirt. She danced around the table, pulling the top up to just below her breasts before dropping it again. A full minute was spent teasing until interrupted by a cough and joking shake of head from Matt. In one quick motion she whipped it off and threw it in Dave’s face. Dave laughed and pulled it aside to see her knelt in front of him, her large tits, at least D cups, with their dark brown nipples and areolas, swaying inches from his face.

“You like?” Cassie put on an innocent face, but meant no such thing. She giggled and returned to her seat and dealt out the cards. This time Matt got the low card and took his place centre stage.

“Looks like your lucky night, ladies,” he stood hands on hips revelling in his imagined admiration.

“You’re so full of shit,” Dave laughed, “Get ’em off and sit down!”

Upon command, Matt’s boxers hit the deck, exposing his long penis. Dave guessed it over 8 inches, maybe even 9. He noted his own prick was thicker, and although not really wanting to get into a cock measuring competition, he was glad of it.

Matt’s deal revealed a 5 of Hearts for Cassie, Jack of Hearts for Dave and a 5 of Diamonds for Debbie. His turn provided a 7 of Clubs.

“Now, that was nice timing,” He couldn’t have smiled any wider, “We’re both naked, and now you girls get to join us at the same time!”

“You set this up,” Cassie growled at him.

“Well, maybe, but it was gonna happen soon anyway.”

“True,” Debbie looked across at her friend “Shall we?” The girls climbed on the table and met in the middle.

“Shall we make this a bit more interesting for the boys?” Cassie asked. Without waiting for a reply she dropped to her knees and slid her fingers down the side of Debbie’s black lace panties. Debbie took a deep breath to steady her nerves, then looking straight into her friend’s eyes, nodded. Cassie slowly pulled the panties down, stopping to expose her friend’s completely shaven mound, before continuing. The garment turned inside out as the moist gusset held its position until it was pulled away.

Dave stared longingly at Debbie’s newly exposed pussy; her lips were bright pink, already a little agape and very clearly wet. His cock noticeably twitched at the sight, he attempted to swallow with his bone-dry mouth, “must stop staring” he told himself “and should probably blink soon too.”

Debbie’s turn now to strip her friend this time, but she had a fun little idea of her own.

“Lie down on the table and raise your feet in air” She commanded.

Cassie smirked and did as she was told; the boys looked on in awe as Debbie knelt between her raised legs. As she reached for the thong, Cassie pushed her ankles down on her friend’s shoulders and lifted her ass from the deck. The thong was speedily removed and to everyone’s surprise Debbie pushed her friend’s legs down and wide, allowing the boys a full view of her very wet sex.

“And that, gentlemen, is what is known as a ‘Brazilian’,” Debbie grinned, leaned down and placed a kiss her friend’s thin strip of hair before both girls stood and returned to their chairs.

“That was fun!” Debbie exclaimed “Shame its over, though.”

“‘Over’, my ass!” Cassie stepped in before the boys had a chance. “I’m far too Bostancı Genç Escort horny for that.” Her eyes were wild with excitement “Dares! And the first person to suggest anything not to do with ‘getting it on’ is personally getting a kicking from me!”

“Now this does sound fun,” added Matt, “but rules are a must here. For instance, Dave dude, I love you, man, but I ain’t touching your dick…ever!”

“Likewise! And lets talk about the ‘Love you, man’ at a later stage, yeah?” He was trying to be funny but his heart and cock were pounding in the hope that Debbie wouldn’t call a stop to this. He was eager to see how far this would go, but was happy to leave his friend in the driving seat, hoping not to look desperate.

“So, it’s down to you ladies for rules on touching.” It occurred to Matt that no one had actually asked if Debbie was up for this, but he avoided the issue.

“Well it’s no big secret I’m Bi, so girly touching is all good for me, but it’s up to Debs. No pressure, babe.”

“Let’s just see how it goes shall we?” Debbie was really starting to get in to this, and had often thought what lesbian sex would be like. “Are we sticking to the ‘on the table rule’?”

“Why not,” said Matt through a huge grin. “How about winning hand dares losing hand and you can’t make them do anything to you?” He dealt again not waiting for a reply.

Debbie got a 2 of clubs, Dave a 6 of hearts, Cassie also a 6 but of diamonds and Matt the jack of clubs.

“Well, let’s get the game started nicely, shall we? Debbie, kiss Dave, with tongues for one minute.”

“Gladly,” Debbie retorted while crawling her way along the table, she bent down, and while leaning on her right elbow, pulled Dave’s head towards hers and their lips met. She was passionate in the embrace, forceful even, and Dave returned by pushing his tongue into her waiting mouth, allowing it to dance with hers. She moaned into his mouth, enjoying the kiss and thinking of things to follow.

“And break,” Matt interrupted the pair. They separated, reluctantly, Dave wiping saliva from his chin; unsure to whom it belonged, as Debbie took her seat again.

The next hand saw Matt instructed to kiss his girlfriend, and then Cassie to kiss Dave, both at Debbie’s request. Dave was unsure how to proceed here, but a nod and a wink from his friend told him he was OK to continue. Next Matt won again and Cassie lost.

“Let’s get a bit more interesting, shall we? Cassie snog Debs!”

“You OK with that, babes?” Cassie asked.

“Hell yeah!” came the reply, “How about I meet you half way?” The girls both climbed the table and walked to the middle. Cassie bent her head down and met Debbie’s lips with a soft kiss and pulled away again. Debbie licked her lips, closed her eyes and pulled her friends head in for a much more passionate kiss.

Dave felt this cock twitch again as he watched these two naked goddesses wrap each other up in their arms, Debbie on her tiptoes to reach her taller friend, pushing her crotch forward, exposing her pussy to him. “I need to fuck that,” he said to himself.

Matt called for a break after a very long minute and the girls returned to their seats, staring across the table to each other, lust in their eyes.

Matt won again, with Debbie the loser this time, “I think it’s time to get really interesting and test some parameters… Debs, suck Dave’s cock for a minute!”

Dave gulped and looked up the table, praying this wasn’t the back down point he’d been dreading. Debs took a deep breath, “S’pose you best get your ass on the table Dave eh?”

Dave tried to play it cool as he climbed on the table but tripped on the way, just managing to avoid smacking his face in the process. Instantly bright red and shaking his head to a chorus of laughter, he continued and lay on his back, looking through his feet to see his dream girl begin to head towards him.

Debbie crawled along the table towards him, never taking her eyes from his. She stopped as her head reached his fully erect manhood and slowly lowered her mouth towards its engorged helmet. She stuck her tongue out and lightly licked across the slit, causing Dave’s cock to jump slightly. She then ran her tongue around the large purple head and again across the top, this time tasting his pre-cum. Turning her head to the left, she kissed and gently nibbled her way down his shaft until she reached the base before licking her way back up and down several times. After kissing her way back up again, Debbie took his rigid member in hand and concentrated licking just on the head, running her tongue around and around. Dave banged his head on the table as he relaxed at the ministrations given to him, loveling every second.

“Sorry, Dude, times up,” Matt announced.

“No, its not!” Debbie argued, drawing a questioning look from Matt “What was my dare again?”

“Er, suck his cock for a minute?”

“Ain’t done no sucking yet!” She smiled and lowered her head onto his penis again, but this time opening her mouth wide and swallowing as much as she could fit in. Dave moaned as she began sliding her lips up and down, sucking hard and getting quicker and quicker. She pulled off for a quick moment, “Let’s see if a minute is long enough to get you cumming, shall we?” She returned to his cock and moved her head up and down with speed. Dave’s eyes rolled backwards as he enjoyed his blow-job, and tried to survive the minute intact.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32