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Jen and Trish had met him on line. They thought they knew him. Seriously, how many 22 year old virgins from Toronto would choose the nickname Super Chicken. It had to be him. He would be in for a surprise. They had claimed they didn’t know each other when they had first started to talk to him online. Jen had found his stories on this website. She had seen the name and laughed. She couldn’t believe she knew that guy. Well, she couldn’t believe the guy she knew and the guy writing those stories were the same person. Neither could Trish.

Both girls were 22 and in their last year of university. Jen was tall with brown hair and nice, medium breasts. Trish had darker hair. She was shorter and had larger breasts. Both girls were looking to have a little fun. A change from the usual getting drunk and fucking random guys who didn’t pay any attention to them. They wanted to take control. And they had found the perfect guy in Rob. They had told Rob that their names were Charli and Briana and that they were only in second year. That explained why they didn’t really know each other. Rob had seemed very excited at finding girls in his town.

So when they entered the sub shop, they knew he was in for a huge surprise.

“Hey Rob,” the girls said almost in unison. “What’s up?” asked Trish.

“Hey, how’s it going?” This was Rob’s usual response. He was sitting at a table by himself. He had just eaten a 6-inch.

“Good, good. What are you doing here all by yourself, Rob?” asked Jen.

“Oh I’m just waiting for some people…you probably don’t know them,” he replied.

“Try us,” said Jen. As Rob fumbled around for what to tell the two girls about his meeting, the girls began to giggle.

“What? Something I said?” asked Rob.

“We’ve got a little surprise for you…” said Trish, letting the “you” ring out.

“For me? Huh? What kind of surprise?” Rob was baffled. What were they talking about, he thought. This could be really bad. What if these girls wanted to dikmen escort do something tonight? What would he do? Casual friends or possible sex partners? This was a major dilemma. “Uh, so what is it?”

“Do you want to tell him?” Trish asked Jen. “Sure,” she replied.

“We’re your dates…Charli and Briana,” Jen claimed.

“What? Huh? Uh, holy shit…” was about all Rob could get out. He was very embarrassed. After the girls consoled him for a minute he finally said, “And you knew it was me all along?”

“We sure did,” said Trish. “Something about your name…” She laughed.

“So, get over it, Rob. Let’s go to the bar,” Jen commanded. Rob agreed. He needed a drink even though it was a Monday. He had to forget about this practical joke.

* * * * *

A few hours later, Rob was tanked. He had had a lot to drink. There was a bit of a special on, though he didn’t know why. He thought Jen and Trish were pretty drunk themselves, but they weren’t. They were taking it easy. They would stay in control.

Jen suggested they go back to her and Trish’s apartment and order some food. This was pretty common practice for drunken university students so Rob thought nothing of it. He still thought he was the victim of a practical joke.

When they got to the apartment, Jen and Trish surprised Rob by kissing each other as Jen grabbed Trish’s tit. Rob was shocked. He mumbled some drunken nonsense and began to undress. Jen and Trish were surprised by his arrogance but they laughed. He’d be really easy to manipulate. Jen and Trish undressed each other but Rob barely noticed because he was having a hard time getting his socks off. When he finished undressing, he saw Jen and Trish standing in front of him, naked, with their arms around one another. He was going to lose his virginity in a threesome. This would be the greatest moment of his life.

“On your knees,” Jen ordered. Rob complied. He mumbled something about always being ready to eat pussy. emek escort Trish told him to shut up. He did. As Rob waited on the living room rug on his hands and knees, the girls fetched what they needed for the night.

“Stay still, Rob. Don’t move and don’t worry,” Jen said as she stroked his back. She got down on her knees behind him and began to rim his asshole. Rob moaned, something he probably wouldn’t have done if he had been sober. Trish sat in front of Rob and masturbated with one end of a large double-tipped dildo. Rob brought up one hand to help but she pushed it away.

“What did Jen say, Rob? Stay where you are.”

Rob felt one of Jen’s fingers slide into his ass. “I know you like that, you dirty bitch,” Jen laughed. This was going to be fun. She then tried two fingers. Then she barely squeezed in three. Rob moaned more. Then, Jen withdrew her hand. “Fuck my ass!” Rob moaned. He never would have said that had he not been drunk. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Here that, Trish? The bitch wants us to fuck his ass? I think I should do that…”

“Yeah” Trish said as she moaned from the dildo. Jen put the tip strap-on she had concealed from Rob on his asshole. She moved the lubed dildo around the hole and then forced it in. Rob grimaced in pain.

“Not sure he likes that…” Trish teased. Jen said, “Sure he does. He loves getting fucked up the ass.” Jen began to fuck his ass slowly. Trish moved forward on the rug. With the dildo sticking straight out of her pussy, she pushed the other end up to Rob’s face.

“Suck it, bitch,” she ordered. Rob put one hand on the shaft and eased his mouth over it, as he groaned in pleasure and pain from Jen’s methodical ass fucking. He began to slowly move his head up and down the shaft. As he did this Trish pinched her clit.

Rob sucked away as Jen fucked his ass. Every time he went down on the dildo he forced it deep into Trish. Jen started fucking him harder. And harder. And eryaman escort faster. The two girls demeaned him and Jen slapped his ass. They smiled at each other. This was way better than getting fucked by a drunk guy who left before you came, they both thought. As Jen throttled Rob’s ass she stroked her pussy. Trish licked her lips as she stared into Jen’s eyes.

After a few minutes, between getting fucked in the ass and Trish’s moaning, it was all Rob could take. He came on the rug. Jen fucked him a few more times and then pulled out. Trish told Rob he could stop sucking the dildo. Rob was about to lie down.

“No rest yet. Turn around,” Jen commanded. Rob did as he was told. He faced Jen’s strap-on. “You know what to do,” Jen told him. He obligingly sucked her strap-on. He could taste his ass. “Finger me,” Jen said. So Rob took three fingers and inserted them between Jen’s wet lips below the dildo. He moved his head up and down and fingered her faster and faster. Jen started to scream.

Meanwhile Trish swiveled her hips and swung one leg up on Rob’s back. She slowly inserted the other end of the dildo into his ass and began to push on it. She and Rob moaned. Rob fingered Jen and Trish fucked the dildo into his ass.

The two girls came almost in unison, staring into each other’s eyes. Rob reached to whack himself off but the girls told him he wasn’t allowed.

“Stand up,” said Trish. Jen joined Trish on her knees in front of Rob. The two girls kissed and Rob grabbed his cock. Jen took his hand away. She began to suck his cock while Trish licked his balls. The two girls took turns deep-throating Rob and stroking and licking his balls. They kissed each other intermittently. Then, as Trish sucked Rob off, Jen moved under Rob. She licked his choda. She then moved farther and began to rim his ass. She stuck in a finger. Then another finger. Then a third. She massaged his prostate. Keeping her fingers in Rob’s ass, Jen joined Trish on Rob’s cock. The two girls each licked a side and then each took it in her mouth. They stopped sucking and whacked him while Jen quickly massaged his prostate. He came on both of their tits. Jen and Trish licked the cum off each other’s tits and faces. They kissed deeply. Rob collapsed on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32