Nude is Naughty Ch. 03

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The physical location of the nudist colony to which Mom and several other locals belonged was about 150 miles from the City. Naturally, most of the members that lived in the City were active in their professional lives and often unable to make a trip to the “campground” as they affection- ally called it so they usually gathered every other weekend at one of the member’s residents.

Our house was a single family free-standing two story structure so it was ideal for these occasions. Besides, Mom loved to entertain especially now that she had her grown son, yours truly, to strut my naked splendor in front of the crowd. I was rapidly becoming more comfortable mingling with naked strangers, and this Saturday was our turn to host the gathering. In a way, I was looking forward to seeing new peckers and titties although I knew that was not the true objective of the average nudist.

I will be the last to claim I am well hung, but I can honestly say that I have all of the swingers in this group beat considerably. Mom comments on my size every time we fuck which, by the way, is quite often, and that is all I need to keep my confidence up.

The group was accustomed to these gatherings so the procedure had become rather standard. One or more members would arrive at the designated house and go directly to the “dressing” room which in this case was the “undressing” room. When they reappeared they would be completely naked. To emphasize the strictness of this rule, one female participant was casually mingling in the crowd, and upon close inspection, one could tell she was wearing a tampon. The tiny string hanging from her snatch was a dead giveaway. Obviously, no one but me noticed.

Mom was flitting about the social area dressed in all of her nude splendor, and chatting with the guests. Although no one would admit it, I noticed more than one man ogling her tits and her ass. They didn’t stiffen up at the sight, but I’m sure that it would have been a different story had it not been for the club rules. I, on the other hand, was not officially a member so it would have been accepted and ignored had I reacted normally to some of the female flesh on display. Believe me, it was an effort not to at times.

For example, there were two young women standing over by an end table chatting cheerfully as though they were fully dressed and all alone. I walked over to join the merry occasion, and both girls noticed I was beginning to puff up as I approached.

“Hello,” I said in my most masculine voice. “I’m Jeff and I just know I am going to be glad to meet you two.”

“Well hi yourself, Jeff,” the redhead said. “I’m Ginger and this lovely creature is my roommate, Ella. Your mom has out done herself with the refreshments tonight. If we’re not careful, we’ll put on a few pounds before we leave.”

“I could recommend a good exercise program for you girls,” I said boldly as I braced myself for repercussions.

“I’ll bet you could,” Ella said with no anger or irritation at all tuzla escort in her voice. “I see you are already getting some of the exercise equipment ready just in case.” We all three glanced down at my pecker. My libido was tough to control.

“Maybe you can recommend a place a little more private where we can attend to both of our problems,” Ginger suggested. “Ella and I both would love to work off some of these pounds, and there is no denying that you are going to be attracting a lot of attention unless we do something about your uprising.” Her smile made my cock take on more definition, and Ella lighted up showing her agreement.

“This way, Ladies,” I said trying to be gallant and suave at the same time. Also, at this point, I abandoned all attempts to control any outward display of arousal. I was walking up the stairs behind two totally naked women, and was absolutely unable to, not that I wanted to, avoid watching the full bare asses twitching to the stride and the back side of two pussies staring out at me between two sets of thighs. I was brick hard by the time we reached the top of the stairs.

“Look Ella,” Ginger snickered, “we have a qualified player with us.” They both eyed my erection with open approval.

“Just through that door is my playpen. Please enter.” Ella managed to stroke my boner one time before turning and wiggling through the door to my bedroom.

Once inside the girls wasted no time. Ginger playfully pushed me onto the bed and took up her position between my legs. Ella stayed up top where she smothered my face with a big juicy kiss before poking one of her tits into my mouth. I was happy, and obviously so were they. When Ginger took my cock head into her mouth and massaged my balls, I thought I had been admitted to heaven.

I quickly assumed that these girls had done this sort of thing before with some of their other male companions. They were too smooth with their actions to have been acting out this scenario for the first time.

Ella gently rose to a sitting position dislodging her nipple from my sucking mouth in the process. She gracefully swung her leg over my chest and came to rest with her crotch squarely on my mouth. As I parted her pussy lips and prepared for my assault, I felt Ginger slide her wet, warm pussy down on my cock. The sensation was awesome. When Ginger started her pumping motion on my cattle prod, I excitedly started my licking and probing of Ella’s pussy.

Eventually I worked my tongue from her pussy hole up to her clitoris where I really generated energy of a sexual nature. Ella was whining and grinding her crotch into my face and vigorously massaging her boobs with her hands. Ginger was riding my horsey like a veteran barrel racer at the County Fair. I just knew that at this pace both of these women would be entering climax country just any time now.

I couldn’t see what was going on because of the wet warm squirming of Ella’s pussy all over my face, but Ginger had reached forward and tuzla escort bayan was helping Ella massage her tits. Her boobs were much handier, but I guess they didn’t need the stimulation at this time.

I was close to correct. I heard Ginger beginning a low wailing sound announcing the arrival of her orgasm, and this music among other things was exciting Ella in the execution of her sexual eruption. Surprisingly, I was still very rigid when Ginger dismounted and rolled away on the bed.

Ella, on the other hand, did a 180 on my face and fell to sucking my dick complete with the juices of mine and Ginger’s coupling very much present. The sauce seemed to add to her pleasure. Her crotch was still in my face, so I found her swollen clit once again, and massaged her little man in the boat until I heard her bragging about her new orgasm.. Her treatment of my cock at this moment was indescribable, but it did bring my stubborn pecker to a spasmodic surrender. Ella was sitting up and squealing as she watch the goo spurt from my hose. Naturally, she was pumping my rod fiercely helping my juices find freedom.

It took us a little while to collect our thoughts and our breath after that excursion, but then we all three wanted me to eat their pussies.

“Ella’s been having the most fun,” Ginger surmised, “so why don’t you eat my pussy first while I eat hers. Then we’ll switch.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ella said enthusiastically. “Ginger,” she barked playfully. “Assume the position.” Obediently Ginger obeyed by spreading wide in front of me. Then she caught her legs behind the knees and pulled them up to her chest. Ella squatted in the same position over Ginger as she had over me earlier.

My sexual experiences since my return to the States had been limited to Mom and they were fantastic, but these two nymphs were much more open and liberated with their sexual needs and desires. Ginger was doing everything in her power to assist me in pleasing her pussy while at the same time she was performing satisfactorily enough at Ella’s crotch to make her squirm and squeal with erotic delight. I desperately needed to do something to elevate our stimulation so I gently slipped two fingers into Ginger’s asshole. This was a good move. Ginger increased the fervor of her gyrations, and clutched my ears almost to a point of discomfort. I didn’t mind; I sucked harder on her clit.

Ginger and I both got goods marks for our efforts. Ella trumpeted her orgasmic eruption loudly enough to get the attention of the party downstairs while Ginger was busy spraying my face with her arousal juices. Her legs were locked behind my head for the longest, but I finally convinced her to relax and set me free.

“That was terrific, Ginger,” Ella gasped as the two girls traded positions, “Now you do me, Jeff.”

We were well into our new three-way engagement when a voice at the door got the attention of all three of us.

“The party is downstairs, kids.” It was Mom standing in the escort tuzla doorway in all of her nude splendor. “Of course, you three seem to be having a hell of a lot more fun.”

“Mom,” I stammered, “we didn’t expect you.” Ginger had rolled off and Ella had sat up when we heard Mom’s voice. All present were familiar with each other in the nude, so no one made and effort to cover their exposure. Let’s face it. We’re talking about nudist here.

“I know I shouldn’t have interrupted,” Mom said apologetically, “but I’ve never seen two women pleasing each other before. It looks fascinating.”

“Why, Mom,” Ginger said excitedly, “you don’t know what you’re missing. Come here,” she said as she extended her arm toward her.

Mom looked at me first for approval, and when I smiled and nodded, she slowly approached the bed. She took Ginger’s extended hand, and was drawn down to where the two younger women sat on the bed.

“I’ve always admired you body, Mom,” Ginger said warmly. “May I kiss your breasts?”

“I think I would like that,” Mom said nervously. She looked in my direction to see my reaction, but I was busy fondling Ella’s pussy. She was startled hen Ginger’s mouth covered her breast, but soon she realized the arousal she experienced from the younger woman’s touch. Instinctively, I suppose, Mom reached down and caressed one of Ginger’s breasts.

With her mouth still at the nipple, Ginger’s hand found the deep warm recesses of Mom’s valley. Her fingers wasted no time in seeking out the slit and then the hole therein. Mom gasped at the initial impact, but soon she was spreading her legs to allow better access. Ginger obliged.

My cock had sprouted new life. Ella seized the opportunity. She bobbed her mouth on my cock head a couple of times, but she was more interested in penetration. She got on all fours and backed up to me. Her pussy glistened slightly with her arousal juices, but I have never seen a more inviting sight.

Watching Ginger seduce my mother, and entering Ella’s extremely hot pussy drove me to new levels of arousal. I noticed that Ginger had moved her mouth to Mom’s pussy, and Mom was obviously enjoying the hell out of this new experience. Her joy doubled when Ella worked her body around to where she could suck on Mom’s nipples. At first, I thought Mom was crying, but then I realized she was simply weeping from ecstasy.

I pounded away at Ella’s pussy from behind, Ella sucked vigorously on Mom’s tits, and Ginger performed world class oral sex on Mom’s pussy. We all knew when Ginger moved to Mom’s clitoris. The celebration was awesome. Mom let us all know how much she enjoyed this new phase of sex with her very audible commentary on her new feelings. Ginger was filled with pride when Mom exploded with her appreciation of an orgasmic conclusion.

We all four lay savoring the satisfaction of our exploits briefly before Mom interrupted our tranquility.

“Come on, folks,” she said cheerfully. “There’s another party going on downstairs.”

When the crowd departed, Mom and I went to bed and had a terrific sexual encounter. Oral sex for both of us was a main attraction.

Aren’t mothers great?

P. S. Ella and Ginger both left their phone numbers with us.

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