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It was break time and I was walking down the hall to the men’s room and as I walked by an open storeroom door in the dimly lit passage I heard “Gene …?”

I backpedaled a couple feet and looked in. There was Chris, one of the women in the marketing department. It was obvious that she was putting away some marketing materials and she was just a little flushed from the effort. As I turned she was walking towards the door. “Yes?” I said. “Oh, Gene! Could you give me a hand with a couple of these boxes? They are just a little too heavy for me.” She was almost panting from the exercise.

Chris is an “older woman”, which means she is younger than I am, nicely rounded here and there with breasts that don’t appear to be sagging much. Her butt is nicely firm and watching her walk by can be quite enjoyable. Especially if she thinks someone is watching!

I said “Sure, which ones?” as I walked in the door. “Here’s one of them” she said, closing the door and pointing to a box that was behind it. “I would like it up there” indicating a shelf that was about head-high for me but probably nearly out of reach for her.

I grabbed the first one, bounced it on my knee and pushed it up onto the shelf.

“My, you are strong!” Chris said.

I thought, “Flattery will get you anything you want. I wonder what it is you want?”

I squatted down and picked up the second box. It was a bit heavier than the first one. I grunted and quickly changed my grip so I could push it up from underneath, and started lifting it up to the shelf.

“Let me help” Chris said, halkalı escort as she stepped between me and the shelves and started pushing up on the bottom of the box.

Her back was against me and just as I finished sliding the box onto the shelf and lowered my arms she turned around, dropped her arms down around my neck, and gave me a big kiss! Actually started seducing would be a better description! Before I could adjust to what was happening her tongue was probing into my mouth and she was grinding her warm soft body against me.

I quickly reciprocated and pulled her tight to me. I reached down and put my hands under her firm, round butt cheeks, and lifted her feet from the floor. Wow! Could she kiss! My cock was trying to get out of my jockey’s, and I was breathing hard.

She drew back and I relaxed a little and I let her down the few inches to stand on the floor.

“That was fun!” she said. Her hand slid down to my crotch and lightly grasped the hardness of my erection through my pants. “How about a quickie BJ?” she asked as she rubbed my hot pecker slowly and lightly. “Ummm hmmm …” was all I could say. I was finding it impossible to maintain my image as the suave, experienced, unflappable older man.

She continued to stroke and squeeze my turgid maleness as she found my zipper and slid it slowly down to open up my fly. My cock was fighting to get out and pushed a big tent of jockey shorts out through my fly.

Chris slowly slid her hand into my pants and slid the taksim escort waistband of my shorts down over my cock until it was under my balls, and my cock and balls jumped right out of my pants.

“Umm … What a magnificent cock!” she said, as she slowly ran her fingers up and down it. Not quite stroking it, almost tickling it, and it was getting even harder, if that was possible!

“Ohh, it is getting bigger?” she squealed. “I like big, hard cocks in my mouth!” and she put her hand gently around it and started slowly pumping it, back and forth.

The pre-cum was starting to ooze out of my prick as she gently pumped it.

“Sit down here,” she said, as she led me a couple of steps over to another box and pushed me gently backwards. I gratefully sat down. I don’t think I could have stood up much longer!

She put her lips just over my cock head as I sighed, leaned back against the wall, and stretched my legs out and spread them so that Chris was on her knees between them.

“Oh! It is really hard now!” She moaned as she continued to slowly jerk me with both hands. She looked right in my eyes with an expression like she hadn’t eaten in weeks and I was a steak.

She slowly slid my cock between her lips and into her mouth. I could feel her tongue massaging the underside of my rod as she kept going down on it. I thought I was going to blow my load right there!

Chris very expertly slid my tool in and out of her mouth, pausing just a few seconds now and then to keep me from cumming. I thought I was going to explode!

Then şişli escort she started really sucking my cock, slipping it in and out of her mouth while she fondled and squeezed my nuts with her hands.

“Cumming … Ung … ung … uhhh” was all I could say as I felt the hot cum rising from my groin and through my cock. Then I thrust my hips up, driving my cock deep into her mouth as I felt the hot, slippery cum spurt from the end of my cock into her hungry mouth.

I thrust again and again but Chris hung on like a dog to a bone and slurped up every drop of my spurting cum. She kept sucking and milking me until I was empty, and then licked off my cock and balls. “That was fun, too!” she said as she looked up at me, with her hand still wrapped around my cock, slowly pumping it. “Don’t you think so?” she asked.

“That was definitely the most fun I ever had on coffee break!” I said, regaining my composure a little.

I was still a little weak and panting hard. Chris gently put my cock and balls back where they were supposed to be … at work anyway, and zipped up my fly. She leaned towards me and gave me another one of those passionate kisses that had started things a little earlier, and throatily said, “Thanks for the help!”

“Any time!” I said cheerfully. “My pleasure!” As I opened the door I heard footsteps around the corner. I turned the other way towards the lavatory.

After finishing up in the lav I headed back towards my desk. As I passed the open storeroom door I heard someone talking to Chris, but all that was loud enough to understand was some woman saying, “Oh Chris, you have all the fun!”

I got back to my desk a few minutes later and hit the refresh button on my email. There was a note from Chris with the subject “You’re invited!” I opened it up and there were just three lines:

Tomorrow at 12:10
507 4th Ave.
Lunch is me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32