Office Submission Ch. 06

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Author’s note: This is the next instalment involving Jack. You can read this as a stand alone story but to get maximum enjoyment, it’s better to enjoy the stories in order and get to know the characters better. Above all readers, please enjoy as much as I did writing it…


It was that damn car alarm again. Jack was rudely stirred awake and he quietly sighed out loud. He looked across at the dimly lit alarm: 6:45am. He had ten minutes before his alarm would go off. Followed then by the usual morning routine and rush.

Jack opened his eyes and they adjusted to the darkness and were assisted by the thin veil of light creeping through the curtains. He shifted onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. He had slept well and, other than the car alarm, he felt refreshed and ready for today.

His hand wandered down towards his erect cock. It bulged against his grip and strained against his tight fist. Jack couldn’t remember dreaming about anything particularly erotic but he felt incredibly aroused this morning.

He turned his head slowly to look across at Anna. She was still fast asleep, laying next to him. Her pretty face a picture in the dark gloom. After slowly reaching across and quietly switching on the lamp, he looked again at her sleeping. She was beautiful. Her olive skin glowed in the low, warm light and her pretty petite features looked smooth and silken. She was breathing heavily, fast asleep. Jack’s hand snaked down his toned torso and gripped his rock hard cock. His hand gripped his shaft just below the head and he squeezed. His cock instantly responded and it bulged against the attention. Jack eased his grip and slowly slid his hand down his shaft. He felt the skin around the head of his cock pull down. He sighed softly and his hand slid back up his cock. Jack turned his head slowly and stared at Anna as he slid his hand back down his cock very slowly. His eyes travelled across her beautiful face and down to her neck. She seemed to be fully buried under the quilt. He longed to see any part of her body as his tight grip moved back up his hard shaft. He could feel the involuntary movement as his hips moved to meet each stroke. He stared at Anna’s lips and imagined coming over her beautiful face: rubbing the head of his cock – dripping with pre-cum – over her soft lips and his hot cum squirting up and over her closed eyes. He sighed again, louder this time.

Suddenly, Anna stirred. Whilst still asleep, she turned over in the bed and faced away from Jack. He froze and stopped stroking. He waited a beat, feeling his cock ache for more attention. Then, he heard Anna’s deep breathing again. She was still asleep.

Jack continued his very long, slow stroking as he stared at the back of her neck. His eyes wandered down and he noticed the quilt had lifted a little. Without releasing his cock, Jack used his free hand to slowly lift the quilt up. He softly moved it over Anna’s legs and freed her sexy body from the thick material.

She lay there naked on her side. Jack looked down and saw her pert, perfect arse. He gently placed his free hand on her arse and cupped one of her arse cheeks. His other hand instantly moved down the shaft of his cock as he felt the heat radiate from her olive skinned sexy arse. His grip tightened as his cock bulged and he moved his hand slowly back up his shaft. He repeated the action staring at her arse cheeks and down her long, lithe, toned legs. Jack felt his balls tighten and he wanted to cum. The hand stroking Anna’s arse slowly crept down towards the cleft between her pert cheeks. He felt the curve as it narrowed into the fleshy channel and his hand slowly stroked down into the cleft of her arse. He knew his little finger was brushing against her puckered little arsehole. His grip tightened on his cock as he tightly pulled the skin down for one of the last times. His hips bucked up to meet his downward stroke.

Suddenly, Jack’s alarm started beeping loudly. He instantly stopped stroking, reached across to hit the snooze button and turned to watch Anna wake.

Anna groaned as she lifted her petite body up and turned around to face him. In that movement, he moved his hand away from his erect shaft and rolled onto his side to face her.

“Morning beautiful,” he whispered to her.

She smiled back at him and moved across to kiss him. She kissed him softly on the lips with a lingering caress on the lips. His cock pulsed again, pre-cum dribbled does the tip of his hard shaft. Anna then moved her naked body over to him and hugged him tightly. He felt the heat from her nakedness against his and he heard her sigh quietly. Anna wrapped one her legs over Jack’s and nestled in closer. His cock pushed up against the inside of her thigh. It was his turn to sigh.

“Oh, good morning to you,” she smiled as she felt his erection against her leg. “What’s this for?” she playfully asked whilst pushing and rubbing her leg against his cock.

“Sorry. I’ve just woken up really aroused,” he replied. Jack then held her close as he ground his cock against the Başakşehir escort bayan top of her inner thigh. She matched the movement and moved her crotch forward. Jack could feel the soft bristles of her pubic hair as he thrust forward again.

“Your cock is very hard Jack,” she whispered to him, “I bet you want to cum.”

He groaned as the friction from her thigh dragged the tip of his cock against her soft skin. She thrust down again and he felt his cock against the slit of her pussy. Pre-cum dribbled onto her lips, coating them and making them slippery and wet.

“Fuck,” he murmured as he pushed up against her pussy lips. The head of his cock tingled as they moved along the outside of her pussy lips.

“Mmmm, Jack,” Anna whispered in his ear, “do you want to put it inside?”

Jack thrust forward again and groaned aloud as she spoke. He knew he was going to cum soon.

“Do you want to slip it in and feel my pussy lips grip the head of your hard cock? Do you? Do you want to fuck me Jack?” she teased again. She thrust down and Jack felt her wet pussy lips part as he pushed his hard cock upwards. His cock slid along the edge of her pussy and she groaned. “Or are you going to cum over my pussy, Jack?”

He thrust forward again and felt the friction pull back the skin on his cock. He felt her pussy lips ease open as she ground her groin down to meet his thrust. His hard cock brushed against her clit as he thrust forward. Jack groaned loudly and felt the tightening in his balls again.

Anna smiled and whispered hoarsely in his ear, “Hmmm…cum over me Jack. I know you can’t wait to get it inside. Cum on my…”

Suddenly the snooze alarm went off again.

“Oh! Fucking alarm!” Anna giggled and she pulled away and reached across over him to switch it off.

In the next, quick, few seconds, Anna had jumped out of her side of the bed and got up.

“Jack, come on,” she demanded as she opened the wardrobe, “I’d forgotten it was today. We haven’t got time for this now.”

Jack sighed and cursed quietly as he realised. His cock was oozing pre-come and so desperate for release but he now realised today was the day he was completing the new company merger.

He watched as Anna moved across to the shower room and switched on the shower to warm up. He stared at her pert breasts and watched them bounce as she grabbed her towel and, without closing the en-suite door, jumped into the shower.

“Come on Jack,” she ordered from the shower, “you need to pack the overnight bag too.”

Jack sighed again as he rose up out of bed. His cock pointed up at the ceiling from his body, still rock hard.

She looked down at his long erection and smiled, “It’ll have to wait until tomorrow now,” she continued as she soaped up and washed her petite frame. Jack stood transfixed watching Anna place her soapy hands on her toned midriff and around the edge of her pert, sumptuous arse.

“Jack!” she blurted out, “get dressed. We’re running late.”

Once again, he sighed. Teased to the edge of orgasm and frustratingly left wanting more, he turned, opened the wardrobe and started to dress. He would find time for a slow stroke later and cum really hard, he thought to himself.

It had been an extremely long day of discussions, checking, cross checking and more discussions. Jack looked wearily at his watch. 9:40pm. He had been on the train for about two hours and still had another 40 minutes before he arrived in the city. It was his job to meet with the solicitors in the morning to sign off on the final amendments. However, that meant a long trip up north and another night away from Anna. He thought of Anna then and her naked arse. He thought of how close he come to coming this morning and how aroused he had been. How he knew he wouldn’t have been able to last if she wanted to fuck him. As soon as his cock would have been edging into her pussy, it would have exploded over her pussy. His cock stirred against his tight trousers and pants. He would masturbate tonight and slowly stroke his cock to a well-deserved, slow orgasm. He smiled and stared out of the window again. The droplets of rain we’re starting to gather on the window: a wet night was in store.

“I’m really sorry sir,” the young hotel receptionist looked genuinely apologetic, “we thought you had cancelled and now your room is no longer available.” She looked up at him and he noticed how pretty her big doleful eyes looked. She was probably in her early twenties and had a young pretty face. Her brown hair was cut short and strands hung from one side and swept neatly across her face.

Jack was soaked through from the rain, tired and now very frustrated. He couldn’t believe it. Because of the delay to the negotiations, he was now without a room to sleep in tonight.

“Are there no rooms at all?” he queried.

“Mr Fraser,” the receptionist said in a calming tone, “there has clearly been a mix up and I can only apologise. But, there is nothing I can do.” It looked as though she Escort Bayrampaşa had playfully bit her own lip after she’d spoken.

Jack looked at her and knew she was telling the truth. He needed someone with some sort of authority here. “Ok,” he said gently whilst smiling, “is there a manager in the building that I can speak to?”

The receptionist instantly warmed to Jack and smiled back at him. “Of course, sir,” she politely replied. She picked up the phone and Jack watched her slender, delicate fingers press some numbers on the phone.

Jack smiled at her and moved away from the desk. He felt tired, wet and cold. He yearned for a shower and sleep. Today had been tough and this wasn’t the way he envisaged it ending.

“Mr Fraser,” the receptionist called, “Jessica, our hotel manager, is on site and she is on her way down.” She turned away and Jack noticed her knee length skirt complimented her sexy arse very well. It hugged each cheek and the material drew in around the top of her thighs.

“Thanks,” Jack replied whilst smiling. He had always tried hard to keep his cool and not let situations get to him. He had trained himself to be patient because situations out of his control aren’t bettered by extra stress.

Jack heard heels clicking along the marble floor and it snapped him out of his thought process. He turned around to where the sound was coming from.

A woman in her late 30s came across the foyer to meet him. She strutted with confidence and smiled as she saw him. She had natural blonde hair tied back in a neat pony tail. She wore black high heels and Jack noticed she had very sharply calves. She wore a black skirt just below her knees that hugged her thighs as she walked. Her white blouse was buttoned up tight to her neck with a small red cravat around her slim neck. The whole look was finished off with a tight black waistcoat that seemed to hug her body and show off her shapely figure.

“Mr Fraser?” Jessica asked.

Jack smiled as his eyes moved up to her face. Jessica’s bright blue eyes flashed when she saw him. “Please, accept my apologies for the mix up.” Jessica explained. She had a harsh sexy tone to her voice. “But, let me reassure you, we have no guest rooms available and there is nothing we can do about a clerical error which, essentially, came from your firm.”

Jack knew she was the manager from her confident air and aura.

“I understand,” he replied, “but I’m wet, cold and tired and have had an extremely long day. I understand our company uses this hotel frequently and I’d hate that relationship to sour or, ultimately, finish.” He smiled afterwards in an attempt to keep the tone and threat light.

Jessica forced a smile of her own, knowing full well and understanding the meaning of the threat. “Of course, Mr Slater. But I cannot offer you a room when there is no guest room available at all, can I?”

Jack, always the problem solver, heard the words ‘guest room’ again and pounced, “Guest room?”

“Sorry?” Jessica replied, a little startled at the comment.

“You mentioned that all your guest rooms are full.”


“Then you’re implying there’s something else available.”

Jessica’s face reddened. “Erm, Mr Slater, what I meant was…er.”

Jack watched this sexy woman squirm. She probably spent her days making others squirm so it was probably good for her to get a taste of her own medicine. He watched and waited patiently for her to finish.

“Erm..” she continued, bumbling over her own words, “look, we…have two other rooms which are for exclusive use for our staff who work a night shift followed by a morning shift.” She looked flushed and her hand reached up and brushed her cheek, “These rooms are not for paying guests.”

Jack smiled, “That sounds perfect Jessica. Thanks for being so understanding.”

She took a small step back, beaten. “Of course, Mr Slater,” she agreed. “Let me…erm…arrange that for you.” With a swift turn, she strutted away back to the main desk. He watched her arse sway in her tight skirt as she walked away. He felt a slight stirring in his pants and the prospect of the hot shower and a long, overdue orgasm made him smile.

Exactly six minutes later, Jack was stood in the service lift with Jessica making their way to the top floor. He hadn’t noticed before but she smelled good. He stood across from her in the small lift, looking from the number screen to her. On closer inspection, he noticed that she too looked tired and her blonde hair was starting to come loose from her pony tail.

“Long day?” he queried lightly.

Jessica looked up at him. “Yes, I had to come on shift at 3 am this morning and was just finishing earlier when you…” she suddenly stopped, realising what she was about to say.

“I know the feeling.” Jack replied.

The lift shunted roughly to a stop and the doors creaked open. Jessica strode out of the lift and Jack followed behind with his overnight bag. Jack watched Jessica’s arse as she confidently stride Beşiktaş escort down a bare corridor. He intently watched each sexy arse cheek move inside the tight confines of her tight skirt. There was no panty line – he noticed – and it made him smile.

“Mr Fraser,” she spoke confidently as she moved through the corridor, “I’m afraid these staff bedrooms are small and, because of the size of our hotel, they are always busy.” She turned a corner and they both moved towards the end of the bland, long corridor where two doors stood alone on either side of the corridor. “We do not have a spare room even here for you,” Jessica continued as she made her way to the door on the left, “so, unfortunately, this is the only free room.” She reached into her waistcoat pocket and pulled out a key. She placed it into the lock, turned it fully and pushed the handle down.

“Not often you see actual keys in a hotel nowadays,” Jack commented aloud.

“It’s just these two rooms in the hotel that have keys.” Jessica opened the door and walked in. Jack followed closely.

The room was smaller than a regular hotel room. There were two beds: one single bed and a very small double next to it (it actually only looked a little wider than the single bed). There was a narrow dressing table in between the two beds and a light on the wall above each of the beds. A small double wardrobe stood against the wall opposite the two beds with a single full-length mirror on one of the wardrobe doors.

Jessica moved into the room first and picked up a small, neatly stacked pile of clothes from the bigger bed. Jack watched her movement across the small space and noticed a shower cubicle at the end of the room. There was no door on the shower it was just a cubicle set into a small alcove in the corner of the room. Jessica carefully placed the pile of clothes at the foot of the single bed.

“I’m very sorry Mr Fraser but I had intended to sleep in here too tonight because I need to be in the building when we are at full capacity.” She blushed as she spoke, placing her small pile of clothes on the single bed. “I will sleep on the single bed and you can have the bigger bed.”

Jack looked down at the supposed bigger bed and thought it wasn’t really big enough for him. He didn’t mind sharing the room. He sighed though as he realised his long deserved, overdue orgasm may have to wait.

Jessica saw him staring at the bigger bed, “Don’t worry,” she interrupted, “these beds are immaculate and the room is kept extremely clean. I insist upon it.”

Jack looked up at her and sensed a genuine feeling of pride from her. “It’s great,” he said, genuinely, “thank you.”

Jessica smiled and rubbed her face with her hands. She looked at her watch, “Ok, Mr Fraser, I need to go and cash up the front desk before the shift change and also pop into the restaurant so I will leave you to get comfy and enjoy a hot shower.” Jack was sure she looked him up and down when she spoke about the shower. “It may not look much, but that shower is incredible.” She smiled as she spoke and reached into the wardrobe and handed Jack two crisp, clean and neatly folded white towels.

“Thanks Jessica,” he replied. “I’ll remember to not sleep naked.” He smiled at her as he joked.

She blushed slightly and smiled back at him. “I will leave this key with you,” she handed the key to Jack, “just lock the door behind me as the door can just be opened from outside. I’ve got another key downstairs so I can let myself in later.”

“Thank you again,” Jack smiled.

“Now,” Jessica seemed to lift herself up to full height again, “will there be anything else, sir?” She joked.

Jack felt his cock twinge and smiled. He couldn’t wait to get in that shower and cum – he deserved it. “Er…no. Thank you though.”

She smiled at him again and moved towards the door. He shifted to the side to allow her to pass. “Enjoy your shower,” she exclaimed on the way out.

Jack swore she smiled again. But he couldn’t see because she left the room so quickly and let the door close behind her. He watched her go and caught the faint smell of her again. He felt his coco slowly start to grow as he realised his orgasm was near. The silence filled the room and he let out a deep sigh. He looked around again and noticed how tidy the room was. Jessica was right, the room was immaculate.

Jack placed his overnight bag on the bigger bed and stepped over to the shower. He opened the cubicle, reached up and started the shower, ensuring it was turned to hot. Jack stepped away and looked down at his watch 10:50pm – it had been a long day.

Jack slipped off his shoes and jacket and began undressing. He placed his clothes on his bed neatly and collected his wash bag. Naked, he turned back towards the shower and his eyes crept down to Jessica’s pile of clothes on the single bed. Jack reached down and picked up the item from the top. He held it up. It was a dark grey cotton nightie with thin shoulder straps. It looked like it stopped below the knee. Jack’s cock started to grow as he imagined Jessica wearing this. He carefully placed it back down on the bed, moved a pair of thick socks to the side and picked up a very thin black thong. It was silken and the front of thong was black and decorated with small white spots. Jack stroked the front of the thong and felt his cock grow to a full erection.

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