Oh, Granny Ch. 02 – The Magic of a Massage

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Granny returned with the bottle of massage oil. As she entered, the sight which caught her eye almost jolted her…though she showed no expression on that wrinkled visage of hers. As her gaze fell on her grandson’s pants she saw a lump the length of a small screwdriver… ‘Either that or he’s wearing really tight pants’ she thought.

‘But oh my… ‘Grandma thought to herself, ‘what a load does he have!’ Meanwhile, Raj hadn’t realised his pole harden down there, too busy in his thoughts about his granny. With her beautifully curved buttocks, drooping large bosom and shiny hair.

Grandma heaved herself onto the little bed and handed the bottle of oil to Raj. “Here,” She said, pulling the hem of her saree up and spreading her legs apart. “Start from my thighs.”

Raj felt an erection so powerful he thought his cock would tear through his pants. As he oiled his grandmother’s flabby thighs he could see a visible bulge in his groin area. Granny began to moan softly in relief as Raj pressed upon her shapely calves. And all the while his cock was getting harder and harder…

Grandma was lost in thought. An unpleasant shock it was for her to see her grandson’s ‘joystick’ in its moment of prime. But the old woman was helpless. She could think of nothing else… ‘if it were still bulging through those thick jeans of his, then oh my what a powerful meatpole he must have’ she thought, lustfully.

A split second later she felt sickened with herself. Her OWN GRANDSON! It was unnatural! Tabooed! The mere thought of such things… And she being a devout Hindu, with her pious thinking and moral values. ‘What’s gotten into me?!’ She thought. And yet the present scenario wasn’t helping. Raj was now massaging her perineal region, just above her calves, his fingers digging deep- it was almost magical what his fingers could achieve. Her pain was subsiding.

‘It’s probably the massage oil’ she thought, as her heavily wrinkled face contorted in relief.

“How is it feeling, grandma? ” Raj asked innocently.

“Boy, you are a wizard…” kaynarca escort Granny moaned “such relief you give to your old granny,” It was true… Her legs weren’t paining as much.

But there was another problem at hand- the old woman was feeling a sensation she hadn’t felt in a long time… Was it a feeling of relief? No. Happiness at the pain subsiding? No… Then she pinpointed it… It was attraction. No! Lust. Lust for the young male who was now sitting, legs folded, and massaging her thighs, his smooth hands probing her flabby and wrinkled skin.

“Massage my back for me will you?” She said and twisted her torso around to face down.

Raj had to kneel forward in order to massage his grandmother’s back, and to avoid skimming her huge ass with his erect cock. He felt as though it would burst. What an ass! Oh what pleasure it would be to rub his hands over it, to toy with it… to SLAP it.

He crossed himself… ‘What am I thinking!’ His grandmother was like his mother to him… always concerned, kind and caring about him… and their bond was very strong after living in the same city. He couldn’t bear to think such tabooed thoughts.

He knelt forward and placed his hands on her back and gently pressed… his eyes now rested firmly on her hair.

It felt sexy, admiring it from such a close distance… it’s shine, with a few silver streaks running down. Her sleek, oiled mane, running down to just below her shoulders gave him a powerful erection. Grandma looked so young…and busty. Just like those mature ladies looked in the MILF pornos.

Despite all those wrinkles, grandmother’s flabby skin and protruding ass gave her the typical mature seductress look. And her glistening, black hair with grey strands was just a bonus.

Raj couldn’t control it anymore… his horny endeavors in recent weeks coupled with a lack of girlfriend (or any female friend from college for that matter) was too much for the nerdy 18 year old.

He plunged down, straddling his skinny legs over his grandmother’s orhanlı escort curvy butt and bent forward to kiss her hair. He kissed it with such force he could savour the sweet scent of it, the soft silky strands caught between his lips…

Granny yelped. She was jolted from her relaxed reverie by her grandson smooching her hair.

“What are you doing!” She cried. She felt a bulge digging into her backside. A split second later she realised what it could be…

“Grandma… I’m sorry!” Raj spluttered. He felt ashamed of what he did. “I was… Uh… Trying to swat away a fly on the wall uh and uh… I sort of lost my balance,” He finished off lamely.

Granny was only too certain of what had happened. She felt ashamed too, though she had no reason to be… but more than that, she felt an odd sense of flattery… a reason to be desired… it dawned upon her as to why Raj had got an erection earlier on. Her nipples hardened at the very thought of it.

She was an old woman, entering the dreaded 70s, so it was a long time since anything had stimulated her sexually… least of all her own Grandson!

She thought about her husband… a cripple. Heaven knew how many years had passed since the man had pleasured her as a woman loves to be pleasured. And now it was an impossibility, considering his current state. Still, she’d never blamed anyone but fate for that… it wasn’t his fault. ‘But a woman had her wants!’ Granny justified to herself. And anyway, why should the young have all the fun?

She gave Raj an odd look before struggling to her feet… as though in a trance, she latched the bedroom door and shuffled towards him.

“May God forgive me,” She muttered.

Without warning she threw herself on her grandson, her breasts thrust into his puzzled face. She began moaning gently as she puckered her old lips and pecked his face with slobbery kisses.

“Nani! Are… are you ok?” Raj stammered.

But the old woman only pressed herself closer and muffled his voice. Throwing her tepeören escort weight onto him, she managed to lay her grandson back on the bed as she climbed on top of him. A strong smell of her sweet scent filled his nose.

“Raj, my child,” She croaked. “A woman has her desires…and I have made you mine!” She began unbuttoning his shirt.

Raj was speechless. He wanted to stop her…but he felt immobilised…his cock was bulging through his pants. Finally, Granny managed to throw his shirt off. She stooped low, kissing his lips and licking his face. Her huge bosom rubbed forcefully against his bare chest.

She would have lost her balance and slipped off had Raj not placed his hands on her huge buttocks and clasped them tightly- pulling her back onto him – an impetus which stimulated granny further. She gently bit his nipple causing him to wince.

Raj’s mind was blank apart from the fact that he was enjoying this. Casting a downward glance, he could see his grandma bent over, licking his bare chest in lust, biting it occasionally. Her shining, scented hair fell forward, shielding her seductive acts from her grandson’s view. She finally heaved herself back up.

“There is no need to tell mother, my child,” Grandma said. Raj could only shake his head. She fumbled with the chain on Raj’s jeans. Her wrinkled hands struggled but finally managed to pull his pants down, revealing the huge bulge beneath his underpants.

“And not a word to grandpa!” She barked as she stooped down to bring her wrinkled face closer to her grandson’s groin.

Her blouse had been half pulled down, now revealing her cleavage when she had wildly rubbed her bosom against Raj’s chest. The 18 year old’s eyes rested on his grandmother’s heavy, drooping breasts.

The old woman licked her quivering lips hungrily as she unfolded his underpants back. Raj had been expecting it… his 15cm long cock sprung out like a beast which had woken from a long sleep, spraying pre-ejaculatory fluid on Granny.

She smiled and licked the remains off the corner of her lips…

“Dear me, your granddad certainly didn’t have a beast this big,” .Holding Raj’s cock in one hand she began to jerk him off. He groaned in pleasure… He’d never been jerked off by a girl in his life… And his first time was with his own grandmother.

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