Older Girls Need Spankings Too

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Hello” I’m Gale, Tom’s wife. Oh, was I just spanked hard and disciplined. I cried. And I really hurt. I’ve written because we’re in a dfferent state of affairs and need advice. We’re a couple in our 60’s and my husband is ill. I’ve known that he’s always wanted to spank me, but I never wanted it. The few smacks I ever received hurt, so we never engaged in it. But when he first had prostate problems our sex life stopped several years ago. Then a more serious illness happened. We talked and he’s told me he always wanted to see me spanked and scolded. I didn’t know what to do or say. But he suggested a “surrogate” spanker or discipliner for me. How could I refuse his request? We discussed, searched and found a 30’s dominant man (for a fee) who agreed to meet us.

He’s a handsome, strong man. We went over what might be acceptable–what I’d like to happen–what my husband found appropriate and desired. Then it was agreed. And with a rapidly beating heart, this man led me from the couchto the bedroom. He asked my husband to wait about 5 minutes before looking in on us. And so, for the first time in my life, I knew I would have sex with someone other than my husband–and I would receive a not-too-hard spanking (I hoped).

You can imagine how shaking and scared I was. And yet with his first kiss and caress on my breasts and bottom I relaxed a bit. Then he became more pressing and kissed me harder–longer–and slipped his finger under my bra. Even escort gaziantep bayan numaraları at my age I was turned on. In a minute I was undressed; in another, so was he. I touched him–there! It was so big. Oh my, he’s positioning me now over him–a 69 position. He’s licking me–there. I’m so embarrased and excited. Now he’s telling me to put it in my mouth. I can’t; I never have. I don’t know what to do. Women my age never did anything like this. I know it. He’s asked me again. I can’t. That’s when my first ever spanking occurred. In an instant he forced me over his knees and smacked my bottom–not hard–about 20 times. It tingled–felt warm; I knew it was going to happen so this was no surprise. Afterwards he told me again to put my mouth on him. I still refused. That’s when he took off his belt, placed me on all 4’s on the bed, lowered my head, and gave me a medium belt-licking. It stung, but was not brutal. I cried. He stopped and then entered me while I was on my hands and knees. It was the first time in several years, and I felt like a teen-ager!

I knew I wanted to see him again and experience more. He arranged for us to attend an “affair” the next week. I went as his “friend” and my husband as his guest. I sat with him while he introduced me to his associates. However, he was publically fondling me; now remember, I’m a shy 60’sh woman. He told, no SCOLDED me to escort gaziantep pornoları stop removing his hands. I was too embarrased not to. And so, spanking number 2 happenned. He lifted me off the chair, dragged me by an ear to a stair riser, placed me over his left knee, lifted my skirt, and spanked me over my panties in front of everyone! Talk about humiliation. Before I could do anything he whisked down my panties. Here I was, bare,with all eyes looking at me. Tears cascaded down my cheeks. But I could not turn my head; I was so ashamed! He got a strap and gave it to me “good” for about a minuute while scolding me about my behavior. I promised to be good and not interfere ever again. We sat back down at the couch after he’d spanked me, but his fingers were inside me, exciting me no end.

I realized that I had to see him yet again. I know this is insane but I feel that I need this just now. I really crave being taken–over his knee and being bared. It is a RUSH that comes over me. It’s exciting to feel his hand striking my bottom. Can you believe I want this now after all these years?

Yesterday was a very different session for us. He told me he wanted to do ANAL sex. Husband is silent. I don’t know what to do or say. He’s pulling me away from the chair to the bedroom. He’s propelling me along. I say, “no,” but I’m not sure I mean it. He’s kissing and fondling me now. Oh do escort gaziantep portalı I need this! Then it begins. A sound strapping. He’s scolding me again for my “attitude” and general behavior. And SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Oh it hurts so. I’m crying. I look in the mirror above me and I can see him raising his hand–and down it comes again–and again. Oh how red I am and he’s not stopping. I don’t know how many I’ve gotten. But my bottom and thighs are all red and very hot. I’m burning up back there. I won’t refuse him anything at all now! Here I am, a 61 yr. old woman, punished by someone almost half her age. I’m so embarrased to think this.

Now he’s lubricating my crack and rectum. It’s squishy. There’s a towel under me and something I never would have believed or ever thought possible was going to occur!

He’s so BIG–he has a condom on. He’s grabbed my hair and looks down at me. He tells me to relax my bottom and look into the mirror. I can’t, so he smacks me on my bottom several times. I look into the mirror. He gras onto my sides and places IT in my crack. Slowly, ever so slowly he guides himself to my —-. He’s at my opening! S_L_O_W_L_Y he’s pressing in. I NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE! Is my husband observing? My heart and heas are throbbing. I’m so nervous. He knows it and spanks me again with his hands and tells me to relax.He’s pressing in again. I can feel it going in. It’s going in–it’s happening. Ow, it hurts. It’s too big; I’m too tight. I’ll be split. Slowly more of him enters. He stops–and rocks. I can feel it; it’s hurting, but not as much. Slowly he goes in further. I don’t know how much more of me he can enter. I’m impaled. He’s rocking. He says:”we’re beginning.” He’s moving back and forth. He’s doing it ever so slowly. This is different. I’m enslaved–I am obedient–I am BEHAVING. I have become his “good little girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32