On The Wagon

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Life was simply crap, how else can I describe what I have become, I’m nothing more than a sad alcoholic, the only thing my life revolves around is found in a bottle.

My first wife died after being run down by a drunk driver, leaving me with two teenage girls, the pain of losing her took a long time to ease and even though I remarried the ache in my heart would often return to haunt me.

My second marriage lasted only a year, Sandy just couldn’t cope with my rebellious daughters where as I was laid back about them. Yes they could and did misbehave but isn’t that what eighteen year olds do and in time I knew they would grow out of it.

So here I was sat in front of the television a half-empty bottle of Brandy my only company the best painkiller around. Filling my glass once more to the rim I took a long gulp and I relaxed back in my armchair, my eyes closed for just a second and I fell into a disturbed sleep.

I awoke at around 9am the next morning and much to my surprise I found myself in bed, I didn’t remember going to bed or getting undressed but then I suppose that’s a direct result of being an alcoholic the mind just blanks itself out.

I remember when I was a teenager, going out most nights and getting paralytic drunk and yet like a homing pigeon I always managed to find my way home, it seems it still works as I manage to make it to my bed each night.

The blacking out and not remembering climbing the stairs took a strange twist one night when I drank a lot less than normal simply because I had food poisoning. I fell asleep in my chair and the next morning I wasn’t so fuzzy headed and swore that I had been carried up the stairs to bed. I asked my daughters if they had taken me to bed but they both denied it so I put it down to just a dream. The next night it happened again and once more they acted like they didn’t gaziantep escortları know what I was talking about.

I was scared in case I was losing my mind which given the circumstances was not beyond possibility, but I had to find out whether it was the drink causing it or my daughters showing me more care than I deserved.

The following evening I sat watching the television my bottle and glass beside me, the only difference this time was that I had only one drink, just enough to make sure my breath smelt of liquor. Around midnight I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping, I almost replied when I heard my daughter Jane call my name but just in time I switched my mouth off.

“He’s spark out as usual,” I heard Jane say.

“Nothing new there then,” came a reply from my other daughter Sue. “You want to grab his other arm,” she continued.

With relative ease they lifted me from the chair, my legs dragged behind me as they slowly climbed the stairs and manoeuvred me into my bedroom dropping me unceremoniously onto the bed.

One of them removed my socks while the other pulled my tee-shirt over my head, to say I was frightened knowing that they were going to remove the rest of my clothes was certainly an understatement. I know not which one began unzipping my trousers as my eyes were clenched shut, my nerves tingled as my underpants were slipped down my legs and removed. Knowing that it was my daughters undressing me helped avoid a certain part of my body rising and I inwardly smiled at how thoughtful my girls were being, unruly they may be but at least that cared about their old dad. With some difficulty and some pushing and pulling they pulled the duvet down and I assumed once that was done they would tuck me up in bed. My brain suddenly exploded in confusion gaziantep eskort as I felt fingers wrap around my soft cock and no matter how I tried I couldn’t stop it responding to the gentle touch. Fingers ran up and down my chest caressing my nipples as they passed, I didn’t know if I was in heaven or hell

I could feel breathing close to my cock and then a wet feeling as a tongue ran across the sensitive ridge forcing me to fight back a groan. My balls were fondled as the licking intensified, I wanted to look to see who was doing this to me but I didn’t dare expose my feigned drunkenness. My cock was now as hard as I have ever known, the bed moved and soft warm legs were now in contact with mine, oh my god I thought she isn’t going to…….the thought vanished as I felt her pussy engulf my cock. The feeling that I had missed for so long, the human contact I so desired overtook all of my emotions as one of my daughters started to slowly fuck me, her tempo becoming faster along with her breathing. By now I was also close to coming there was no way I could halt the impending eruption between my legs, she let out a long moan and pounded me even harder, my balls ached as they swung against her nubile body. With each thrust she drove me closer when without warning the room exploded with the loudest screams I had ever heard as she came in a tempest of expletives that sent me over the edge causing me to let out a long guttural moan as I thrust back at her my come filling my daughters willing hole.

“Fucking hell he’s awake,” yelled my other daughter who appeared to be waiting her turn to ride my cock.

Jane jumped back as I opened my eyes I could see my come glistening on her pubic hair, the feelings of guilt mixed with the feelings of pleasure reduced me to silence.

I looked gaziantep eskort bayan from one daughter to the other, they were both naked their nipples enlarged and gorgeous, I tried to focus on how to handle the situation but was unable to say anything.

The silence was eventually broke by Jane, “what can we say dad except sorry, each night we undressed you and put you to bed and then one time as we removed your clothes you had a stiffie, maybe you were dreaming or something, anyway we touched it and the rest is history.”

My daughter referring to my cock as being a stiffie set off the time bomb inside me, “don’t you realise what you’ve done, you’ve committed incest, you could go to prison for that and worse still so could I, and I didn’t even know it was happening. What the fucking hell did you think you were doing!” I bellowed.

“It was your stiffie that started it,” stated Sue.

I burst into laughter, the word stiffie just sounded so hilarious coming from her mouth. It wasn’t the laughter of forgiveness though because I didn’t think I could ever forgive either of them for what they had done.

As they both stood there I could feel my cock responding to the wondrous sight of their young bodies and before I could cover myself up Sue sat on the bed and began fondling my cock. My resistance was negligible as the erotic sensual feelings consumed my body. Sue pushed me back and without any argument I lay back down allowing her the freedom to tantalise me. I closed my eyes as I felt Sue’s pussy envelop my raging hard on, her wetness surrounding my cock was like silk against my skin. Within moments Jane had positioned her pussy over my face and slowly descended onto my mouth, my resistance and anger dissolved in seconds as they sought and gave pleasure. The taste of her was more than I could stand and for the second time that night I came sending my sperm deep into my daughters pussy as in unison they both came.

We lay exhausted on the bed, my girls either side of me, one holding my cock and the other gently squeezing my balls as we all fell asleep.

We now have fun together a few times a week and my life is back on track, no more drinking but a hell of a lot of joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32