Once Upon a War Ch. 01

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Ass Insertion

I joined the Air Force in 1988 at the age of 19 with a guaranteed job of Aeromedical Specialist, which at the time had an Air Force Specialty Code of 4F0X1. I was excited as hell to both get out of my small hometown which offered a high school graduate nearly very little when it came to job opportunities, and nothing along the lines of excitement either. Joining up as a United States Air Force medical technician offered both opportunity and I ended up having more excitement than I actually wanted.

I breezed through basic training. It was the easiest basic of the three different branches of military, actually four if you count the Marine Corp. We had minimal physical training and only one trip each to the rifle range and the obstacle course. Most of our days were filled with going from class room to class room learning the fundamentals of being an enlisted person in the US Air Force. Other than getting yelled at a lot, it was a pretty brain dead 6 weeks.

From there, I was transferred to my technical school at Brooks AFB, located in the south eastern corner of San Antonio, Texas. My move was accomplished by filling my duffle bag full of my issued uniforms and climbing on a bus to cross town from Lackland AFB, which was located in the south west quadrant of San Antonio to Brooks. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get to hell out of Texas. Being from a small town in Ohio, I considered Texas to pretty much be a barren wasteland.

Tech school was fascinating and fast pace. There was no room for slow learners and several people in that category washed out within a few weeks of starting training. From what I heard, they got shipped off to school to become Security Police. Fortunately, I had always been quick to learn and good student. I don’t want to brag, but I maintained a 3.85 GPA through high school.

The nice thing about tech school was unlike basic training, where we lived in large bays and got told what to do from sunup to sundown, in tech school we lived in a regular barracks which comprised of a three story brick building with 20 rooms per floor. They stuffed us in two people to a room and two rooms shared a bathroom. After basic, that was pure luxury. If I remember correctly, I shared my room with a guy named Don Hammond.

I breezed through tech school during which I was taught to be an EMT (Basic), Emergency Medical Technician, and received national certification. Also, to prepare me for my first assignment, I was essentially trained to be the equivalent of a medical assistant in the civilian world. We were taught to do vital signs, assist in minor medical procedures, sterile fields, to give injections, start IVs, and a plethora of other skills we would need in the ‘field’.

We were trained in the fundamentals of physical examinations too. We learned to do pulmonary function screening tests, EKGs, Visual Examinations (all the tests needed to screen pilot applicants), hearing tests and phlebotomy. By the time we were done with that block, we were all certified as Hearing Conservationists too.

Then we were taught how to respond to ‘mass casualty’ disasters and in doing so how to effectively triage various types of disaster scenes. Finally, we were taught fundamentals of field medicine, more specifically how to offer medical care in a deployment situation – that translated into what was needed for bare bones basing.

After graduating as one of the Distinguished Graduates, meaning I was one of the top 10 students, I received my first assignment to Hill AFB in Utah. The first thing I thought about the assignment was that it was a long way from Ohio. The second thing was that I was being sent to the ends of the earth to be surrounded by a bunch of Mormon crazies.

When I got to the base after taking a well-deserved 30 day leave back at home in Ohio, I was picked up at the Airport in Salt Lake City by my new supervisor, Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Scott Alderman. Sgt. Alderman was from Indiana so he was practically a next door neighbor in the grand scheme of things. The first thing I noticed about Sgt Alderman was unlike the Sergeants in basic training and tech school, Scott was actually friendly. He told me I could call him by his first name when we were off duty, which was unheard of during any of my training.

Since I arrived in the morning he took me by the ‘office’ to meet everybody. The head enlisted man in the Flight Surgeon’s Office was MSgt Goldman, a big goofy guy from the Washington State whose title was the Superintendent of Aerospace Medicine. I was introduced to 2 other SSgts, and 2 Technical Sergeants (TSgt) one of whom was the Non-Commissioned Office in Charge (NCOIC) of the Physical Examinations section and the other was the NCOIC of the Flight Medicine Clinic. Scott’s supervisor was TSgt James, a jolly Black guy from Virginia. Scott was in charge of Flight Physicals and I was to be his new assistant.

While I was at Hill, there were three significant events that happened. First I found Beylikdüzü escort a young woman who ended up being the light of my life. She was the daughter of one of the bases Chief Master Sergeants (CMSgt), which was the highest rank an enlisted person could attain in the Air Force. The second was that I was able to land an assignment as one of the squadron SMEs which I explain a bit later. The third was because of a greedy dictator in the Middle East.

Theresa McGraw was a pretty blond girl I met at the rec center playing tennis with my roommate about 3 months after I arrived at Hill. She was a high school senior who was playing a match with her best friend, Toni Tangretti. My roommate and I made a point to introduce ourselves to the girls and we joined up with them to play doubles, I took Terri as my partner and my roommate took her best friend. We had a blast, but most important thing that happened was I left that afternoon with a date for the next Friday evening with Terri.

After a series of dates, Terri took me home to meet her daddy and momma. I can tell you that I was more than just a little intimidated by her father, who was the Superintendent of CBPO, Combined Base Personnel Office. But over the course of the evening, I found out that he was a really cool guy and he seemed to like me. He gave tacit approval for me to date his daughter. His only condition was that I better not under any circumstances send his daughter back home to him pregnant. He didn’t want to know what went on between Terri and me, after all, Theresa was 18. But, getting her pregnant without her being my wife would totally get me onto the Chief’s shit list.

Terri was physically active girl and because of it she was in fantastic shape. You already know she played tennis, but she also played racket ball, shot hoops with a basketball, ran track and field as a distance runner, and just about anything else that got her outdoors. All of it suited me just fine because I loved the outdoors sports myself. We even went rock climbing on one of our dates.

On one date in the late summer, Terri and I were making out in my 1987 Ford F-150 parked on the bluff overlooking the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. It was just two blocks down from the USAF Clinic, which was an old hospital. It was the closest thing to a secluded spot there was on the base. We had been doing some pretty heavy duty snogging, when I finally got brave enough to put a hand up onto one of her breasts. We had been going out for several months and I had been chicken to attempt a move to second base. Probably because her dad was a CMSgt, but the biggest reason was at just barely 20 years old, I was still a virgin. I had opportunities as a teen to lose my cherry, but cupid was a fickle little fellow and threw road block after road block in my way of getting laid. That’s another story.

Anyway, when I finally grew some balls and put my hand over Terri’s breast, I felt her tremble in my arms. At first I was afraid I was doing something wrong, that’s how inexperienced I was. When she trembled I quickly moved my hand away and I asked her, “Is everything okay?”

Thank goodness Terri really liked me, or she would have written me off as a total loser right on the spot. She took my hand and put it back on her breast and said, “Everything is just wonderful.” Then she put her lips back on mine like nothing at all happened.

I thought, ‘Holy shit, she wants me to touch her!’ So I kept kissing her and rubbing first one of her lovely ‘B’ cup titties, then the other. After a little bit of doing that, I got brave and went down to the hem of her shirt and worked my hand underneath the cloth. It was pretty easy to do actually, the top she was wearing showed about 2 inches of bare midriff. I slowly worked my way up, caressing her side and back, touching her lovely smooth skin. My goal was to see if she would let me touch her breasts directly.

Well, Terri, who was always pretty direct in letting me know what she wanted, reached up and pulled her top off. I was astonished, here she was sitting in my truck with me in just her bra. It didn’t take much time for me to find her boobs again with my hand.

After a minute more of kissing and me feeling up her titties through her bra, she whispered in my ear, “Unclasp me.” I eagerly if not clumsily reached around her back to undo her bra, just to discover it unclasped in the front. She giggled as we kissed, she was highly amused at my faux pas.

Finally, I figured out how the contraption worked and with a couple false starts, I was able to unhook her bra and free the most beautiful sight I had ever seen up to that point in my life, Terri’s lovely naked breasts. I was enthralled even though I could only see them in the light of a full moon. Her areole where all puckered up and her nipples were formed into solid buds sticking out announcing that she was feeling pretty aroused. As I took one of her luscious globes in my hand for the Beylikdüzü escort bayan first time, I felt my cock start to respond and in seconds I had a raging boner.

As we kissed and I massaged her lovely breasts with my hand, and stroked her soft skin of her back and side with the other. I finally decided I was going to push this as far as I could go. So, I stopped kissing her lips and started kissing her neck and around her ears. It worked in the movies, I figured it would work for me in real life. Oh, did it ever! Soon Terri was moaning softly and she was having several of those delightful tremors. She had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip obviously enjoying what I was doing.

I moved my mouth down slowly, kissing her neck and shoulder, but what I really wanted was to have one of her fantastic nipples in my mouth. I was just about to put a lip lock around her closest nipple after kissing around the tops of her boobs. All of a sudden there was a really loud TAP, TAP, TAP on the driver’s side window!

I almost crapped my pants and poor Theresa jumped so bad, that if I would have had one of her nipple in my mouth I might have bitten it off. I quickly spun towards the noise and to my chagrin and even dread, there stood a base LE, Law Enforcement Officer. I felt this sinking feeling that all the good will I had built up at work was going to come crashing down around my ears. I quickly rolled down the window and much to my relief it was someone I knew. It was SrA Robert Jones.

You have to understand that there was, is, kind of a bond between the cops and the medics. We usually did things to help them navigate through the medical system and they took care of us when the need arose. We often worked together during disaster exercises or in the infrequent case of a car accident on base. When I got the window down, Jones asked, “How they hanging Black?” Then he looked at a very shook up, very embarrassed Theresa and said, “I’m sorry miss, but I need you to put your top back on.”

Jones turned back to me and said, “Sorry Nick, but I’m under order to clear this spot out as a ‘lovers lane’. They do it every 6 months whether they need to or not. If it was up to me I would tell you to carry on.”

I smiled and said, “Damn, Jonesy, you scared the living shit out of us.”

I could tell that Rob was almost as embarrassed as Terri and me, he said, “Sorry, I couldn’t see any other way to get your attention. You were, um, pretty, ah, involved with what you were doing.” Rob gave me a big ass grin. Poor Theresa though, even in the moonlight I could tell that she was absolutely crimson, as she re-hooked her bra and pulled her top back on.

So Rob and I shot the shit for a few minutes and he told me, “Well Nick, I need to get back on patrol. I’ll see you around, kay?” So after our goodbye’s Rob went back and got into his patrol car and headed west towards base housing.

As soon as Rob was out of hearing, Terri gasped out plaintively, “Oh shit, Nick, he made me pee my pants. I’m so sorry, I think I soaked some into your car seat!”

Somehow, I’m not sure how, but the whole idea of her being so startled she peed her pants was erotic to me. I could feel my cock twitching just thinking about it. Then just out of the blue; I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I reached my hand down between her legs and put it on the underside of her jeans cupping her pussy. I exclaimed, “I guess you did, didn’t you.” Quickly realizing what I had done, I jerked my hand back. This caused Terri to go into a giggling fit. Apparently, she wasn’t too shocked with my brazen invasion of her intimate space.

She exclaimed, “Shit, Nicholas, I can’t go home like this. I would be mortified to walk into the house with my bottom soaked and have to explain why I peed my pants like a toddler!” Then she asked, “Damn! Do you have any ideas, I’m fresh out. This is going to start stinking before too long.”

I blurted out the only thing I could think off. “Well, we could sneak you into my dorm. My roommate went to Wendover to gamble, so I have the room to myself this evening. You could take a shower and I could take your clothes down to the laundry room and wash them for you. Would that work?”

She gave me a penetrating gaze that told me she had some sort of mischief in mind. She smiled and said, “As long as we don’t get caught sneaking into your room, that sounds great.”

It was a Friday night, so almost everyone had gone out for the evening, so sneaking Terri into my 3rd floor room was a breeze. I was on the second room on the left, so we didn’t even have to go very far down the hallway after climbing the outside stairwell. I quickly unlocked the door to my room and we slipped in.

In the light, I could see that Terri had a great big wet spot that darkened the ‘V’ where her pubic hair was, it went down her thighs for about 3″ and soaked the entire lower part of her butt in back. When she said she peed her Escort beylidüzü pants, she must have really peed her pants.

Before I could even get turned around after getting the door to the room closed, Terri had kicked off her shoes and started pulling her jeans down. She used the stanchions for the bunk bed to hang onto while she pulled the legs of her pants over her ankles. Soon she was standing in a pair of wet ‘flower power’ panties. Because she was wet, the panties were clinging to her form and I didn’t have much doubt what she looked like underneath. I found myself holding my breath wondering what she would do next.

To my amazement and delight, she grabbed the waist band of her panties and tugged them down her legs. When she stood back up, what was revealed was breathtaking for a virgin like me. She had the most exquisite pussy covered in a tuft light pubic hair. Terri was a natural blond, no doubt about it.

Her vagina was Twinkie shaped with her pretty pink labia sticking out between her outer lips. She blushing a bit as I drank her in with my eyes. Any time I had seen a naked female before her was normally accidental and fleeting and normally one of my little sisters. Here Theresa was standing in front of me naked from the waist down making no effort at all to hide a thing.

I asked her if she wanted a towel or a sheet to wrap around her. She smiled demurely and said, “No, that’s okay. I’m going straight to the shower and if you would, please take these things and wash them before they start to stink the place up.” Then she totally blew me away. She pulled her top over her head and dropped it with the rest of her things, then she reached between her breasts and unclasped her bra in one motion. I was jealous, it took me a minute or two to figure that damn thing out. With the bra gone, Terri was standing in my dorm room, stark naked except for a pair of ankle socks. She was a vision from heaven.

She gestured at her body and giggled, saying, “Wow, this is weird. I was planning this all along, but not quite under these circumstances. Do you have a towel I can use?”

I shook my head to clear the vision, and I stuttered, “Um, uh, oh, yeah, just a second.” I got into my locker and pulled out my extra towel. She headed through the door to the shared restroom. I cautioned her, “Um, make sure you lock the door heading into the other room so you don’t get a surprised visitor.”

She smiled at me and said, “Thanks.” She left the door to the bathroom open as she turned on the shower to warm it up. She giggled and asked, “Would you be a dear and take those things and put them in the washer?”

I almost forgot about her urinated on clothes watching her walk around naked. I mumbled, “Oh, um, yeah, sure.” I was still taking in her form with my eyes. I couldn’t get enough studying her naked body. She was fantastic. She was shapely, but still had a girlishness to her. She had just turned 18 but looked every bit the high school girl still. She was svelte with shapely hips, and had nice tight body that was well toned.

She started to step into the shower when she stopped and grinned. She said, “Um, if you hurry and put those into the wash, when you come back can wash my back.”

You never seen a guy move so fast in all your life. I scooped up her clothes, heedless that they were urine soaked and I took off down the hall to the laundry. Fortunately, all three of the washers were open and I shoved her things in, added a half cup of laundry soap, made sure the temperature was set on warm/cold and turned it on. I practically ran back down the hall to let myself back in my room.

Theresa was in the shower, letting the warm water run down over her magnificent body. She had her eyes closed as I came in, water pouring down her long blond hair and over her face. I quickly realized I hadn’t given her a wash cloth and darted back into the room to get her one. I was back in a flash, eager to serve.

She noticed me when I returned and she smiled shyly and suggested, “Um, you know, I think it would be easier for you to wash my back, um, if you climbed in the shower with me.” She giggled at her audacious suggestion, then added, “That is, if you think it’s okay.”

I thought ‘Oh shit! She wants me to get naked with her!’ What red blooded American boy do you know would turn down an offer like that? Certainly it wasn’t me. I told her, “Um, sure! Just a second.” I started tearing my clothes off. The whole time she was giggling. I didn’t know what her sexual experience was, but she sounded like this was kind of new to her too.

With my clothes off in 3 shakes of a lamb’s tail, what a dumb worn out cliché, I was naked and I stepped into the show stall with my naked guest. I still had the wash cloth in my hand since I hadn’t given it to her yet. Seeing it, she turn around and grabbed my bar of soap and turned back and handed it to me. She giggled and said, “Here, you can wash my back now.” She didn’t seem to notice that I had a raging hard-on.

I soaped up the washcloth and as nervous as I was, I was amazed I didn’t drop everything. I was noticeably shaking. When I took the soaped up cloth and touched it to Terri’s back. She let out a shiver of delight that I could see as well as feel. Damn! The girl was amazing!

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