One Loving Mother Ch. 02

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Gwen lies in bed, grinning over her nearly triumphant battle, still a little horny, but well off than she has been in a long time.

“I was thinking of a plan to really win him over… how, well I’m going to make him jealous, I’m going to get my meds… of course I’m not going to actually take them, what do you think I am, crazy… just you watch,” Gwen thought aloud.

“Hey man, is your mom here,” Chris asked.

“At work, thank god, there’s no telling what she might do. We can play video games in peace,” Jesse replies.

“Awe shit, you got Horizon Two, I’ve been wanting this shit, Forza is my shit,” Chris exclaimed.

“Yeah, I’ve been playing it for a while now, so much better than the first,” Jesse said.

“I been working my way through GTA V, I thought it was gonna be as easy as four was- nope,” Chris said.

“Well, hey Chris, how’s Danielle doing,” Gwen walked in.

Jesse sighed.

“Oh, she’s okay, Missus-

“Just call me Gwen, sweetheart.

“Uh, okay… Gwen,” Chris replies.

“That’s a good boy, why can’t you be like Chris over here, Jesse,” she asked, hugging Jesse from behind the couch, sliding a hand, and squeezing Chris’ shoulder.

“I hope you took your meds, Gwen,” Jesse wondered.

“I sure did, I even took two doses, just to make sure I didn’t embarrass you,” she smiled.

“Dude, you call your mom by her name,” Chris looked confused.

“He’s an adult, nineteen, might as well treat him like one. Both of you are big boys now,” she blew Chris a kiss, when Jesse turned towards the TV.

“Hey Jesse, I’d hate to take you from your game, but I forgot to get laundry detergent, could you please drive up to the store and get some,” she asked.

“Sure, Gwen, I can do that,” he answered.

“Great, I guess Chris can finish up where you left off, and I’ll order some pizza,” she matadorbet suggested.

“I’ll be right back, dude,” Jesse got up.

“Take your time, man,” he replies.

“So… Chris, you still have that crush on me like you used to,” Gwen wonders.

“A little bit, I guess,” Chris answers.

“So… if I gave you the chance, right now, to see how big that crush is, would you take it,” she asked.

“What are you talking about, Gwen,” he questioned.

She walks over to the couch; “pause the game, Chris, I need you to come here, right now,” she ordered, leading him to her bedroom.

Gwen pushed him on the bed, leaned in, and kissed him, “undo my bra,” she orders, he does as told. She stops briefly to remove her shirt and bra, and continues kissing, pulling at his pants, he kicks off his shoes, “should I do your pants,” he asked, she whispers; “good boy.” He wriggles from his pants, and boxers, rock hard, she rubs her wetting pussy on the length of his dick, as he stares at her tits. “Go ahead, you got me now,” she purrs. He grabs a tit closer, sucking on it.

“I can’t do this,” she sits up.

“I thought you was going to give me a chance,” he questioned.

“I just can’t do this, no, get up,” she ordered.

“I’m sorry, I ju-” he started.

“No, I can’t do this here, not on Damon’s bed, we can fuck in Jesses,” she suggest.

“Jesses bed,” he questioned.

“This bed is isn’t for anyone, only one guy,” she replied.

“Jesses bed it is,” he said walking out.

“You just lay there, let me get the feel of it,” she said continuing to rub against him.

She rubbed harder, and harder, her clit on his dick, starting to cum, she looked at him with concern, “you can touch me,” with that, he went straight for her tits, squeezing them. “Actually, that works, hurt me, Chris.” He squeezes her matadorbet giriş tits, pinches her nipples, pulls hard, mushes them in to her chest, she cums again, this time, she actually lets him inside.

“Where the… where did they go,” Jesse wanders around the ranch style house to the backyard.

He notices Chris’ moaning in the hallway, he catches the sound creeping from his room, walking up to see his friend fucking his mother.

“Say my name, Chris, say my name,” she exclaims.

“Gwen, ride it Gwen,” he moans.

She turns, smiling at Jesse, leans in and kisses Chris, like she kissed him.

“Hey,” Jesse screams.

“What’s wrong Jesse-boy,” she asked concerned.

“You’re fucking my friend,” he said matter-of-factually.

“It’s not my fault,” she moans, “you’re supposed to be the man of the house, but you don’t want to act like it.”

“Whoa dude, I… she…” Chris starts.

“Never mind him, just enjoy the ride, he knows what to do,” she moans.

Jesse head-butts the wall, stands there dumbfounded, trying his hardest to ignore the fact he’s almost jealous, it’s almost enticing, watching her tits bounce around. No, she’s getting in his head, gotta shake her, and Chris, he thinks, desperate enough to take offer from any woman willing, despite being far, and few- his mother, his… Gwen, he has to fuck his mother, it could’ve been anyone else; cousin, aunt, somebody not as important, and it might have been forgiven, if not cared about, this was too far. He comes to, catching her eyes.

“Don’t be mad at Chris, he’s just filling in until the right man comes along, Jesse, Gwen needs her man, Jesse, where is he, Jesse,” she looks him in the eye. “I don’t think he likes you in Gwen’s pussy, you should stick it in Gwen’s ass.”

His anger mustered is not enough to overcome the embarrassment of it all, his mother fucking his friend, his friend going through with it, and maybe there is this notion that he doesn’t even deserve it, he hasn’t earned such reward. He simply admits defeat, and takes a drive.

“That’s right, cum for Gwen, Gwen wants it in her pussy when you do,” leaks from his bedroom window.

“This is fucking crazy, she’s making me crazy, I can’t deal with it, I’ve tried to fill dad’s shoes, it’s not my fault, or hers, that he decided to pull one last load with his rig, and just never come back. Bullshit. I do all he did, I’m doing that, aren’t I,” he thinks to himself as he sits through what’s about to be his third red light.

He comes back a few hours later to find her on the couch, in nothing but her panties, eating, watching her favorite show, nearly nude, with another plate next to hers.

“I made dinner, there’s yours, gimme a minute, I’ll warm it up for you,” she said between bites.

He nervously sits down, noticing his phone on the table, he checks his pockets; yep, left it here, he thought. She grabs his plate; he watches her walk over to the microwave, taking a deep sigh as he notices her panties are actually a g-string, he catches himself thinking how her butt is kinda plump- its jiggling some. He distracts himself with his phone, reading the mass text from Chris. He calls him.

“Look, I don’t know what it is, I’m sorry, I’ve always thought she was hot, and…” Chris starts.

“Don’t give a fuck, girls don’t like you because you are fucking creepy, they don’t trust you, fix that and leave me, and my mom-,” Jesse interrupts.

“Gwen, do I have to get my belt young man, Gweeennnn,” she shouts.

“-leave me, and my Gwen alone, I will hurt you,” he gave the ultimatum.

“I’m sorry, I really am, I didn’t want to fuck up our friendship, the only thing going through my mind was; she’s a grown woman, she can fuck who she wants to,” he pleaded. “Ddid you just say ‘my Gwen’?

“Slip of the tongue, just stay the fuck away, that shit was foul, lose my number,” he ordered hanging up.

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