One Night with Two?

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It wasn’t her idea. As a matter of fact, she truly believed the whole thing to be insane. Her room mate, a former boyfriend, would be entertaining a childhood friend that night and had been trying to convince her that she would enjoy it. She shook her head with incredulity at the fact that she was actually contemplating it. Her room mate Rob’s idea was for her to indulge a long standing fantasy that she had entrusted to him a few times in the heat of passion when they were still together; a threesome, 2 men and her. She knew very well that Rob had already told his friend Jason of his idea and Jason was more than up for it. In their younger years Rob and Jason had been very close and apparently had done this very same thing a few times. Rob can be very convincing and she found herself getting excited at the prospect of having them both. She would play the good game of down playing her desire, but she knew she would give in, if only to sate her own curiosity.

Jason was a good looking young man. 5′ 10″, sexy light brown eyes and proportionate weight to his height, a little shy and full of the competitive bravado typical to men his age. Rob matched Jason in height and weight, with intensely green eyes and a charm that could make any woman beg to be fucked, just through conversation with him. Jason was not near as charming, but he had an air of authority that was quite sexy, and a sweet disposition when the two young men weren’t telling tall tales from their youth. She sat between them thinking about how things were gonna go, who would make the first move and if she would enjoy it. “What the hell?” She thought, “You only live once”.

When she had showered earlier that day, she had made sure to shave every last little inch of herself. Legs and underarms a must, but she was very careful to be sure her pussy was completely hairless and stubble-free. If she were to enjoy anything, it was certainly going to be a man’s face between her thighs! She scrubbed her body with the shower gel and made sure to moisturize her body from head to toe with a fragrant moisturizer. She knew well the scent of her should be pleasant, appealing, and sexy; her skin should be soft, supple and alluring to the touch. A natural beauty, she never really needed makeup so she didn’t bother too much with it, except maybe a little eyeliner to frame her deep brown eyes and mascara to bring out her already thick lashes.

After a bit of socializing, the 3 of them decided to turn on the TV, just to find something to break up the tension a bit. She felt a little awkward, she had never done this before and wasn’t sure how to begin, or even if she should be aggressive at all! However it seems the boys had something else in mind. Rob got up from the bed where until this point all 3 had lain, fully clothed and unwilling to make a move. He proceeded to put up the Chinese shade between the bed and the computer desk, something he usually did whenever he decided to give her some privacy and he wanted to play around on the computer. She looked at Jason then with an inquisitive look to which Jason smiled shyly “Let’s get to know each other a little.” She felt a bit embarrassed suddenly, this wasn’t going to go as she had expected, but then she understood what Rob’s plan had truly been. In the Chinese shade there was a small hole he could look through to ümraniye escort see what was going on behind it. Rob had caught her masturbating once before that way. He admitted later that what he had seen had totally turned him on. Rob intended to indulge in a little voyeurism…fine then, she thought…Let’s give him a show!

The tension however was almost impossible to overcome. Jason was just too shy, and she wasn’t in the habit of taking complete strangers into her bed on a whim. At first they just continued to lay there, pretending to watch whatever inane program was on, slowly inching closer and closer to each other. A touch here, a caress there, and finally she faced him and said “am I gonna get a kiss? Or what?”, Jason blushed a bit and replied “well, I was watching the movie, but I don’t think it’s that interesting anymore!” With sudden ferocity his mouth was on hers, kissing her passionately, their tongues began to dance together, exploring and stroking until their breathing became ragged. His arms embraced her, he was quite strong and his hands started to run the length of her body, searching for the places that would cause reaction. He rolled on top of her, pinning her beneath his weight, moving his mouth to her sensitive ear and lightly bit her neck making little gasps escape her open lips. Lifting himself up, he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside, and she began to unbuckle his belt, unzipped his jeans and helped him slide them down his legs.

She wondered at the feel of him, towering above her, she ran her hands across his shoulders, down his chest and across his belly. Her hands came to rest on his hard cock, surprisingly thick and long, the tingle in her pussy became a throb feeling the heat and rigidity in his dick. She sat up and removed her shirt and allowed her breasts to bounce free. She had gone braless that day, for a woman in her late 30’s, her breasts were large and still fairly firm and it was obvious the sight of them met with his approval. He wasted no time grabbing them up in each hand and sucking in one nipple, then the other making her writhe beneath him on the bed. She entwined her legs around his and brought her hips up to grind her pussy against him, causing him to shudder.

Jason released his grip on her tits and fumbled with the zipper on her jeans. She was a curvaceous woman, and was more than happy to help him free herself from them. As he slipped the jeans off her feet, he ran his hands slowly back up her now bare legs, enjoying the feel of the soft, smooth skin. Looking down he realized that she was perfectly shaved, and decided he could not wait any longer to have a taste of this delicious creature panting and moaning for his touch. He parted her legs and set himself lower on the bed bringing himself face to face with her very hot, very wet pussy. He placed his hands on either side of the outer lips and spread them slightly and dipped his tongue in, tasting the sweetness of her. He inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of her womanhood. She gasped out loudly and gripped the sides of the bed tightly in sheer anticipation of his next move. Slowly he began to lick, at first around the outside, thrilling at the smoothness of her skin. He placed one hand under her ass to bring up the angle of her pelvis and she opened up to him as if she were being served to pendik escort him on a dish.

He dove into her pussy then with abandon, licking her at first like an ice cream cone, one end of her slit to the other. As she moaned louder, he rested his mouth directly on her clit, gently sucking it in, holding it there in his mouth and circling it with his tongue, driving her slowly to an orgasm. He felt the tension in her thighs mounting and with his other hand traced his fingers around the opening of her soaked pussy. He increased the suction and at the same time entered her with 2 fingers. She practically screeched at the sensation, but caught herself. Turning his palm up, he slowly fucked her with his fingers, brushing them lightly across her g-spot and kept sucking and licking her clit until her legs began to shake. Her hips began to meet his tongue stroke for stroke and looking up from between her legs he could see her eyes shut tightly, head turning from side to side in ecstasy. Finally he felt her pussy begin to pulse and she cried out, so he fucked her faster, increasing the pace of his tongue on her clit, sucking it into his mouth harder as she exploded in his mouth. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she had never had such an intense orgasm in her life, and found herself screaming “Oh my god, I’m cumming, Unh, don’t….don’t…stop…Oh my god!”

Once the pulse slowed down he pulled his fingers from her and brought them to his mouth. She tasted like heaven and he knew he would want more of that again! She laid there panting a moment to catch her breath. He rolled onto his back and chuckled to himself, “I’ve got her hooked” he thought to himself smugly. She rolled on top of him and said, “My turn”!

She began with passionate kisses on his lips, encouraging him with her tongue. She moved slowly down his body, raking her teeth lightly down his neck, little nibbles down his chest. She took his nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue over it until it stood as erect as her own. The little gasps he let out reassured her that she was making all the right moves. Finally positioned over his magnificent, throbbing cock, she knew she would have to make this very special. She ran her right hand up and down, letting her nails lightly scratch his body, and cupped his balls gently in her left. She planted little kisses across his lower belly, the sensitive skin covering his hips, and inner thighs. She lowered her head further to bring her tongue down to lick his sensitive and heavy ballsack, tracing it along the responsive skin between his balls and his thigh creating goose bumps all along his body.

With practiced ease, she brought herself up slowly, running her tongue the length of his prick, bringing out a low growl from his throat. She repeated it, and then brought her hand up to the base of his cock to make it stand up tall. Lowering her head once more, she brought the head to her mouth and exhaled her warm breath. She circled her tongue on his cockhead, slowly until she knew he couldn’t take much more teasing. She sucked him into her mouth, just the head at first, keeping her tongue rigid on the underside and began to pump him in and out of her mouth. His groans increased with the pace she set and his body responded by thrusting himself deeper into her throat. He began to tense, bostancı escort knowing it wouldn’t be long before he would cum, she grabbed the base of his cock once again and matched the pace of her bobbing head, gripping his cock tightly, bringing her hand up until it met with his cockhead, she sucked all the harder. Twisting her grip slightly as she came up each time, she felt the muscles in his legs tense and he began to let out a low groan, becoming louder as the tension grew. Increasing her pace, suction and grip (gently) he erupted in her mouth, spurting stream after stream of his seed deep into her throat, not containing his pleasure he moaned out loud, thrusting himself into her face as hard as he could. He had never had anything so intense and at first laid there still, to calm his breathing, for just a moment he thought to himself just who had who hooked here after all?

She sat back and observed him, giggling slightly; she was satisfied with her efforts. She was just hoping that he wasn’t completely spent, she wanted to feel that incredible cock inside her and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She would give him a moment to recover, she thought, but only a moment. Laying herself on top of him, she kissed him again, his hands to roam over her body. Taking less time than she would have thought, his cock became as rigid as it had before she had taken him into her mouth. She could feel it pressed between them, so she straddled him, moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her naked pussy against his hard cock. His groans increased with each movement. She then angled her pelvis forward, popping his cock up to a position that poised his head at the entrance of her once again dripping pussy. Slowly she pushed back, slipping him inside her, feeling his thickness pull her apart. The feeling was exquisite, filling her up completely, she let out a moan once she had him buried in her completely.

Looking down, his look was a mask of pure ecstasy; pulling her face down to his, he began to pump his cock into her from beneath. She held completely still until she felt the rhythm he was setting and began to match it stroke for stroke. As she would come down on his hardness, she would roll her hips forward, allowing her clit the maximum contact with his pelvis. The feeling amazed her as they fucked, she was blown away that she was doing this at all, with a perfect stranger, but even more so that it was some of the best sex she had ever had. Without warning, Jason wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled her onto her back. Keeping his arms wrapped tightly around her, he began to thrust his cock into her harder. Almost pulling himself out completely and shoving it back in hard and fast, she wrapped her legs around him, using her legs for leverage. Sweat pouring from them both, their mouths found each other again and thrust after thrust the intensity began to climb once more. With a final thrust and practically screaming out, they both came at once, he unloaded his cock into her and she could feel the hot jets of it filling her belly.

She lay there, exhausted and sweaty but completely satisfied. She glanced at the shade and could see Rob’s silhouette and smiled. She got up to make her way to the bathroom and as she passed by, she looked at Rob, a little embarrassed but smiling she said “I guess I should thank you?” But Rob with an amused look and sly smile just replied sweetly, “No, but you do owe me one!” She turned back to Jason for a moment, “And when will you be visiting with us again? It seems it will be your turn behind the shade next time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32