One On Two.

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One On Two.
          I was working as a reporter for my local paper when I was given the assignment to interview a pair of basketball players from a visiting national team. I was still quite junior at that point and was assured it was a very important job, though I wasn’t really looking forward to it; I had no particular interest or knowledge of sports and felt I had been given a bum deal.

          I arranged to meet the two men later that evening at their hotel room and tried to decide on what sort of questions I would ask them. Later that day I was at home trying to pick an outfit for the interview. I am very slim with long blonde hair and a fairly decent bust and I wanted to look professional but not too business like or feminist, I wanted to show I could be sexy as well.

          I chose a plain white blouse and knee-length grey pencil skirt; my shoes had a modest heel and were the perfect balance between business woman and socialite. I wasn’t sure whether to wear my glasses or not but in the end realised that I had to, I was more or less blind without them; and this was work after all.

          I don’t normally wear a lot of make up and plumped for a fairly muted red lipstick and a slight dusting of pale grey eye shadow, the colour of which really brought out the blue of my eyes. A couple of spritzs of the perfume my boyfriend had bought me for Christmas and I was ready to go. I called a cab, made sure I had everything I needed and at last set off.

          I arrived at the hotel and it was a modest three star affair. I gave the names of the two men at the desk and was given their room number. I took the lift to the third floor, and smoothing down my skirt and reorganising my hair I knocked lightly on the door. The door opened and I was greeted by the biggest black man I had ever seen. He must have been at least six feet ten and built like a doorman.

          “You must be Andrea,” he said in a deep, Southern American accent, “come in please.” I walked into the room and sat on one Sex hikayeleri of the twin beds was another enormous black man.

          “Hey.” He said, another American and I replied with a slightly nervous “Erm, hello.” They introduced themselves as Anton and Michael and bid me to sit down in a small arm chair by the window. Anton asked me if I wanted a drink, I’m not normally a big drinker but I thought maybe a drink would calm my nerves, so I accepted a beer.

          I took out my notepad, pen and digital voice recorder from my bag and placed them on the arm of the chair. The two guys sat down on the bed nearest me and I began the interview.

          The whole thing took about an hour and actually went really well. The two men were very honest and down to earth and answered all my questions with good humour. I only had one more question to ask when Michael excused himself saying he need to take a shower. I told him that was fine and addressed my final question to Anton alone.

          I heard the familiar sounds of the shower and continued to wrap up the interview. It was finally done and I put all my things back into my bag. I stood and shook Anton’s hand and was about to leave when Michael walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

          He really did have the body of a sportsman. Broad shoulders, well developed pecs, hard, perfectly defined abs and it was all made even more impressive by his sheer size. I could only stand and stare for a second at this marvellous specimen of a man not really knowing what to say or where to look.

          After a moment or two Anton walked over to me and as he reached out to shake my hand he dropped his towel; whether it was on purpose or by accident I will never know, but suddenly he was standing there, totally naked in front of me.

          I just couldn’t help staring at his dong, it was absolutely huge; it seems it’s right what people say about black men. I looked up into his face and he must have seen where Sikiş hikayeleri I was staring because he simply smiled, took my hand and placed it on his member. I froze, I didn’t know what to do and just then he started to rub my hand up and down his penis. I could feel it getting hard in my hand when suddenly Michael came up beside me and started running his fingers through my hair. I turned round to see he was also naked and as I glanced down I saw he too was hugely well endowed.

          Anton was fully erect by now and his dick must have been at least fourteen inches long and as thick as a table leg. He gently grabbed my head and pulled it down so his cock was right in my face. I don’t know why, whether it was just instinctive or what but I just took as much of it as I possibly could into my mouth and started sucking.

          Meanwhile Michael had begun to unbutton my blouse and he popped my tits outside my bra and started to roughly squeeze them, he had a massive hard on by now as well and he came around so his dick was also looming near my face. I naturally dropped onto my knees and with one giant basketball player on either side of me I had a massive black cock in both of my hands and was sucking them both in turn.

          I furiously wanked the two huge dicks and turned my head one way and then the other to lick and suck each one while the two men slapped my pert round tits. At one point I had both cocks in my mouth at the same time and nearly choked they were just that big.

          Michael grabbed my hand and urged me up then led me to a bed. He hitched up my skirt and pulled off my lacy red thong, laying me down on the bed with my skirt up round my middle and my legs splayed wide open. He bent forward and started gently rubbing my wet slit with the end of his cock. He then eased himself gently inside me, just a little bit at a time, until I was amazed that I had taken his full length. He started to slowly thrust in and out and I had never had a dick so deep inside me, it was amazing.

          By Erotik hikaye now Anton had appeared back near my face and stuck his cock back in my mouth and I welcomed it and started sucking on it violently. I still had plenty of his shaft left to rub and with my other hand I cupped his massive, hairy balls. While I sucked Anton’s dick Michael fucked me fast and hard and deep and I squealed with delight. I had never done anything like this before and I certainly hadn’t been so well and truly fucked by such a massive cock; and I was loving every single minute of it.

          Michael’s amazing cock fucked my dripping cunt faster and deeper and I came in a burst of exquisite fireworks. Then he stopped banging me and manoeuvred me so I was on all fours. Anton came round to the back of me then and took his turn fucking my tight little pussy. Suddenly something I didn’t expect happened and I felt something gently probing my arsehole. I heard Anton spit and then I felt his fingers penetrate my ring.

          After a minute of sensitively stretching my anus he finally slid his dick in and I could feel my whole rectum expanding around it. It was strange and wonderful and the two men fucked both my holes and spanked my bare arse, treating me like the dirty little slut I was.

          For a full five minutes Anton and Michael fucked my pussy and my arse hole and I came over and over again. Eventually I heard Anton groan and I felt hot spunk shoot up my arse, a few seconds later Michael filled my cunt with cum, and I sighed knowing that it was all over.

          We decided to all take a shower together and the men sensitively washed me all over, and then dried me with huge soft towels.

          We all got dressed and I knew it was time for me to leave so I checked that I had everything and, giving both men a kiss on the cheek I thanked them for the interview and set off home.

          In the taxi I re-lived the whole night and though I smiled warmly to myself, thought it would probably be best if I didn’t include everything that had happened at the hotel in my article that would be appearing in the paper the next day.
Andrea, 27. Newmarket.

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