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The morning sunrise cast an almost mystical glow into her bedroom; the warm rays gently nudging her from her deep sleep. As she stretches, her bare skin gliding across the sheets, her thoughts turn to him. She smiles to herself, still in that quasi-sleep state. A subtle sigh escapes her lips as she replays the details of last night’s conversation in her mind.

His voice was enchanting. She found herself closing her eyes and pressing the phone snugly to her ear as he spoke. His words pierced her soul and moved her heart. His tone was melodious, making her head swim and her body ache. Each syllable like the trace of a fingertip onto her soft skin. This was more than phonesex, and she knew it. It was two spirits connecting, two worlds colliding. He had never looked into her eyes, but somehow he saw the very depth of her. She longed for him, all of him.

“Let me please you,” he whispered. Her body shuddered in response. She felt her breasts straining at her bed sheets, as her pink nipples grew firm and taut. She breathed in deeply, the smell of her own sex filling her nostrils. ” I want you,” she whispered in response, a gentle moan escaping her lips. Her mind drifted in sweet surrender to him, and all at once it was as if he were there with her.

“I need to look at you,” he whispered while kneeling down beside the bed. The passion in his eyes made her tremble slightly as he studied her face. “God, you’re beautiful,” his finger tracing the line of her brow. He cupped her cheek gently with his hand as he brought his lips close to hers. It wasn’t until their lips touched that he ceased from gazing upon her. The taste of him for the first time made her moan softly in his mouth.

He lifted his lips from hers, and began to study her again. Their gazes locked as he removed the sheets gently from her breasts, pulling them down to her waist. She saw the indecision in his eyes as to where his gaze should fall, her hazel eyes or her firm breasts. She smiled to istanbul escort herself as he surrendered to the view of her supple, C-cups. Her breathing quickened as she felt his warm breath on her erect nipple. Her hips began to squirm as he licked and sucked at her gently. Groans escaped her as his fingertips found the opposite nipple, pulling and tugging softly.

All at once, he rose to his feet, gently pulling the covers away from her, exposing her naked body. He stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes feasting on her. The silence was deafening, as the union of their desires filled the room. He slid quietly out of his faded blue jeans, his eyes never leaving her. His cock seemed to spring forward in relief from its confines, already hard for her. Placing one hand on either side of her, he crawled slowly up her length. Her hips pressed up against him involuntarily as she felt his cock sliding up her already moistened thighs. Bringing his lips to hers, he whispered, “I’m going to ravish you.” He lowered his weight onto her as his tongue plunged into her mouth. His kiss was deep and exploring, as if he were trying to reach her very soul.

Her hands cupped his face as slid his tongue down her neck. “Ohhhh god,” she moaned. He moved slowly down her body, leaving a trail of soft wet kisses along the way. Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched as he nuzzled his nose against her smooth thigh. He looked up at her, smiling gently. Her breasts heaved as she panted with desire. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he took a long deep breath. His eyes fixed on hers, and he whispered, “You smell so sweet Michelle.”` He lowered his face to her, breathing hot breath on her moist cunt. As she lifted her sex to him, he plunged his tongue deep into her juices. Her back arched hard and suddenly as she moaned his name, “ohhhhhh Steven.” His nose pressed firmly against her erect clit, as he buried his face avcılar escort deep into her swollen mound. He kissed and sucked at her cunt as if it were her lovely mouth.

The vibrations from his groans caused her to begin to buck her hips against him. She surrendered to her lust as she moaned, “Let me fuck your face baby.” He moaned back at her as she began to hump harder against his juice covered face. Reaching down, she steadied his head with both hands, and began to buck wildly. All at once, he slid a finger into her tight hole. “OOOOHHHHH Fuuucckk,” she screamed. He began to slide his finger in and out, to the same rhythm of her hips. Groans escaped her with every thrust. Just as her passion began to peek, he slowed down, kissing her clit softly, removing his finger from her. Her pussy twitched with the impending orgasm as she watched him lick her juices from his finger. She reached for him abruptly, pulling his finger to her own mouth. The taste of her own juices made her moan.

His cock strained against her thigh as he lowered his body onto the length of hers. Placing a hand on either side of her, he lifted his torso. He looked down at her lovingly as she opened her legs wide to draw him into her. With fiery passion in his eyes, he pressed his head against her willing hole. Her eyebrows knit together with the perfect harmony of pain and pleasure as he slid slowly into her. They groaned loudly in unison as their chests heaved against each other. He lowered himself onto her, his bulging cock slowly penetrating every inch of her warm cunt. His hands brushed the hair from her face as his cock lingered for a moment.

He forced his pelvis down harder as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He seemed to suck the air from her as he kissed her, his cock pressed firmly against her back wall. She moaned desperately into his mouth. With slow rhythm, he began to glide in and out of her. The sound of sex filled the room as he entered şirinevler escort her over and over again with slow purposeful strokes. She felt his tensing balls slap against her firm ass as he began to speed up. Each thrust evicted from her a lustful grunt. He groaned back at her as he thrusted harder and faster.

She felt her breasts begin to bounce against him with each stroke, her nipples piercing into his chest. “Ohhhhh yeahh, fuck me baby,” she panted. All at once her voice changed from desperate and passionate to deep and guttural as she felt her climax near. His thrusts quickened, his balls smacking hard against her. “Ohhhh god, Steven…. oh my god,” she grunted. She felt his cock bulging inside of her, near orgasm.

“Yeeesss Michelle, ohhhh god baby.” She grasped his face with both hands, forcing him to look at her.

“Look at me,” she grunted as he thrust her up and down.

“Look into my eyes while you cum baby.” With those words, their bodies exploded together. “OOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.”

“OHHHHH MIICCCHHHHEEEELLLLEEEEE.” Their gazes locked fiercely as orgasm spilled over like a flood and she felt their souls unite.

He pumped hot loads of thick cum deep into her as her cunt twitched around him. He collapsed on top of her in orgasmic bliss. They lay there as one, quivering together, panting. She uttered soft whimpers as she whispered, “ohhh baby, that was so good,” over and over again. He kissed her lovingly as he lay there on top of her, still penetrating her. They savored the moment together. There was no one else but them, no other time but right now. He rolled over to lay beside her, wrapping his arms around her. She closed her eyes and lay there in complete contentment.

The sound of birds chirping was all she heard next. Her eyes still closed, she smiled to herself as she reached out to touch him. To her dismay, her fingers were only met with the sensation of cold sheets. Her eyes blinked open. She looked around her bedroom, as if expecting to see him sitting at the desk or dressing in the corner. Finding no one, she laid back down again. “Was it only a dream?” she whispered out loud. As she closed her eyes, his image returned to her. She smiled to herself as she drifted off into blissful slumber, where she could be with him once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32