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Christine and I (Marvin) had been married for three years. I was 23 and she was 22. We lived with my parents and finally bought a house in the same town. We were really happy to be out on our own and celebrated by having sex in every room. Nothing wild and weird, just straight sex. We soon realised that most of the people in our street had been there for decades. It was like an old people’s home only separate houses. But one day we went for a walk and saw a couple roughly our age living two doors down. We said hello as we walked passed. Over the next few weeks we saw them several times, either in their front yard and when we were shopping. They seemed very friendly so Christine invited them for coffee one Sunday. That coffee led to them being invited to dinner.

Andy and Lisa had visited twice but made no attempt to return the invitation. I thought that was a bit rude but didn’t say anything. Then one Saturday we met them in the shopping centre. Lisa suggested Christine should come a visit as Andy was going to the football game and I should join him. I wasn’t really into footy but I said ok. I thought Chris would like some socialising. After the game Andy and I went to the pub and I got a bit uncomfortable as he began to offer to buy the drinks and he patted my thigh. He did it three or four times and I wondered about him. We went back to their home and Chris said goodbye and we walked home.

I asked Chris did she have a good time. The sort of thing you ask. She was unusually quiet and didn’t say much. I thought maybe things didn’t go ok. Later that night I finally asked her what was wrong. Hesitant at first she then told me that Andy and Lisa had this large dog, Rover, and he had tried several times to push his nose under her skirt. She would push him away and Lisa would just smile and say not to worry. But Chris said she was worried. He seemed quite aggressive. I then mentioned how Andy keep patting my thigh. She just laughed “perhaps he fancies you” she said. “Oh God I hope not” I said and I laughed as well.

The following weekend Chris told me Lisa had invited us for dinner that night. “About time” I said. Chris immediately started planning what to wear. I just thought jeans and a shirt but she said she wanted to dress up as we almost never went out. I left her to choose. I imagined Andy and Lisa wouldn’t gaziosmanpaşa escort really care. It wasn’t as if it was some formal dinner. Finally she decided on a skirt and blouse. She giggled and said she would wear sexy underwear for when we got home. I couldn’t fault her idea. I liked seeing her in sexy underwear. We headed off at 7pm as suggested and Andy opened the door. I breathed a sigh of relief as he too was wearing jeans and a shirt. We went inside to find Lisa dressed similar to Chris. She hugged us both and we sat down to dinner.

After dinner we went into the lounge and Andy poured drinks for all of us. “This is a special drink we learned about on the internet” Andy said. I took a sip. It was sweet and I sipped more of it. We finished the drink and I was starting to have an unusually warm feeling. I became aware that my cock was becoming erect. “Here have another one” Andy said as he poured a second glass for all of us. I felt myself fully erect and feeling strange. I looked at Chris and her face was flushed. I looked at Lisa and she was also flushed in the face and I began to notice her body. She was slim but I noticed her breasts and her erect nipples. I continued to sip my drink and I was now feeling horny. “What was going on” I thought but I finished my second glass all the same.

Lisa got up and let the dog into the room. Rover looked around and padded up to Chris who was sitting on the couch. He pushed his nose under Chris’s skirt. She had told me she had pushed him away last time. But this time she spread her legs and then squealed. “He is licking me” she said. “Yes he does that” said Lisa “I love it”. I sat watching Chris’s face. My God she was enjoying it. “It is even better with your knickers off” said Lisa. Without hesitation Chris quickly removed her lace panties and then squealed again as she felt the dog’s tongue against her exposed pussy. “Oh yes, it feels so good” moaned Chris. I looked at her and then Lisa. I could only describe my feelings as lust.

“I bet you have a lovely hard cock” Lisa said and before I could answer she was kneeling in front of me and unzipping my pants. “Oh look Andy. Isn’t his cock nice and big” she cried and took my 6” cock all the way into her mouth. “I love sucking cock” she said “Andy loves it too” and the next haymana escort minute they were both taking it in turns. Now I don’t have any thoughts of being gay or even bisexual but I was moaning with pleasure. “Ooh look at your wife. Isn’t she loving it” said Lisa. I looked over and Chris had raised her knees up to her chest and Rover appeared to licking from her bum hole to her clit and back again. The noises she was making revealed just how she was loving it.

Lisa suggested Chris get on her knees and as if by remote control she did so. Rover was obviously fully trained as he immediately mounted her. The scream that issued from her proved that Rover had found his target and he began to fuck my wife furiously. She squealed and moaned and urged him on. I couldn’t believe it. “Do you like me darling” Lisa said and I looked up and she was naked. “Fuck me Marvin. I want that lovely cock” she said. Andy stopped sucking me and I stood up and stripped. Is was as if I had no control of myself. I grabbed her and dragged her down and rammed my cock into a very wet pussy. “Yes that’s it baby. Do it rough” she moaned. I began to pound her like a mad man. I didn’t notice Andy was also getting undressed. Not until I felt him on top of me and thrusting his cock into my bum. All I could do was groan as Lisa and Andy made me the meat in their sexual sandwich.

I wanted to cum but I seemed to be on the edge but not finishing. Was it the cock in my arse? I remained close for several minutes before I went over the edge. “Oh shit Andy he is cumming sweetheart” squealed Lisa and seconds later Andy spilled his seed in my bum. Now usually once I have cum I go limp. But my cock remained hard. “Don’t stop honey” Lisa moaned and I continued to pound her. Finally I was out of breath and rolled onto my back. “Oh look Andy, his cock is all greasy. Why don’t you clean him up” Lisa suggested and once again Andy began to suck my still hard cock.

“Are you ok Chris honey” I heard Lisa say “let me clean you up” and she went down Chris’s pussy now oozing dog cum. “Tasty” Lisa said and Chris again moaned and squealed. I saw Lisa’s bum wriggling and moved in with my still rock hard cock and once again fucked her. Again Andy moved behind he and he began to slide his still erect cock into my already lubricated anal canal. ankara escort I guess it was too soon after my orgasm to cum again but I enjoyed fucking Lisa who in turn had Chris mumbling obscenities as she enjoyed the oral administrations of Lisa. I readily admit I enjoyed Andy fucking me. I was actually sorry when he pulled out but my disappointment was short lived.

I pulled out from Lisa and momentarily bent over on hands and knees to catch my breath. I don’t know if Andy pushed Rover towards me or if Rover took the opportunity himself but the next moment I was mounted by a very horny dog. It took him mere seconds to find my stretched bum hole. He began to fuck me vigorously. I squealed, I yelled, I screamed, the fact was I was enjoying it. Of course my bum hole was too small to accept his knot, although he kept trying. I heard Lisa and Chris getting all excited at the sight of me being turned into a bitch. Finally Rover got so excited he unloaded anyway and I felt his cum oozing out of me.

We each took a shower and Christine and I got dressed. I was a bit concerned that after everything that had happened my cock was STILL hard. We said goodnight and walked home. As soon as we closed the front door we began to undress each other. A line of clothes went to the bedroom and I fucked my lovely wife – three times in total before we both went to sleep. The next morning my cock was back to normal and we both felt exhausted. We talked about what had happened. Chris admitted she had enjoyed Rover and even being licked by Lisa. I had to admit that having a cock jammed in my bum was both weird and pleasurable. “It was that drink” Chris said “something in that drink set us all off”. I agreed with her. It stiffened my cock and dropped all pretence of decorum.

After lunch we walked to Andy and Lisa house to find out what had happened. They admitted that they had found this recipe on the internet, tried it and got the result that affected us. They also admitted they were both bi and said they had wanted both of us. I suppose we should have been upset but somehow we weren’t. In fact Chris asked for the recipe. Lisa smiled “only if you promise to come for dinner more often”. And so it was that every Saturday night we would go to their house. Drink their strange concoction and fuck like rabbits. Chris would always entertain Rover and then she and Lisa would go at each other. Andy and I would fuck too. Then I would take Rover in my arse. Sometimes Chris would make up the drink for the two of us. We would fuck like rabbits but both agreed Saturday nights were special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32