Out with the Old

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“I can’t go through with it!” Jessica said, panting as if she couldn’t breathe.

“Yes, you can,” Emily replied.

Jessica and Emily were my work colleagues. We always hung out together at lunchtime and sometimes after work.

“I am going to call it off,” Jessica said, grabbing her phone out of her back pocket.

“No, you’re not,” Emily said, taking Jessica’s cell phone.

I sat down, shaking my head. It had been like this for the last two days. Jessica was getting married in three days to Steven, a younger guy she met online.

Both Jessica and Emily were in their late thirties, but they liked men in their early twenties. Self-proclaimed Cougars, so they said.

“There is so much I wanted to do, before I got married,” Jessica said as she calmed down.

“All of which you will get to do, still,” Emily said, passing her phone back to her.

“Three more days, not much time,” I teased.

“Shut it Carl,” Emily smiled at me.

Emily was already married to her young cub, a twenty-year-old named Martin.

Emily had just turned thirty-nine and was looking forward to her fortieth birthday. Unlike Jessica, who was thirty-eight, who was dreading getting older.

I was forty-one and liked my life. I had a great job that paid the bills and two good friends, no girlfriend or wife to tie me down, so I got to go on many dates. I didn’t go for the younger girls. I liked women my age or a little older.

“You are coming right?” Jessica asked me two hundredth time.

“Of course, he is,” Emily smiled.

Emily was always smiling. She had a smile that could light up a room and the body to go with it.

She had short dark black hair and a body that most women craved. A set of H cups to boot. She was curvy in all the right places, hips, thighs and ass. She had a slight pudge to her stomach but not overly big. She turned heads wherever she went.

“He has that pool going on that says you will run away,” Emily shook her head.

“Still?” Jessica said. Jessica shook her head. “I won’t,” Jessica said, putting her foot down.

“You said that last time,” I replied.

“Thane was a pain in the ass, literally,” Emily shook her head. “That doesn’t count.”

Thane was a younger man, and he was always bragging that he made more money at his real estate job than all of us put together.

He didn’t tell anyone that his Dad handed him the family-run job on a silver platter. All he had to do was show up.

“Exactly, he doesn’t count,” Jessica folded her arms over her impressive bust.

As her best friend, Jessica was no slouch in the bust department. She had an impressive K Cup measurement, and she was slightly thinner than Emily, which made her breasts the main thing guys would look at, besides her firm ass and thick hips. Jessica had long brunette hair that almost came down to her ass.

“Well, my bet is on that you don’t make it to the ‘I do’ portion of the wedding,” I smiled.

I was a tall black male. I was a gym rat. I loved working out when I wasn’t at work or on the basketball court with my friends. I shaved my head bald every other day because I was balding in the middle of my head, and I didn’t want anyone to know.

The only two that knew was Emily and Jessica. We knew everything about each other. First, we started at a postal job, then we all left there and found this job at a warehouse. We had known each other for going on eleven years and counting.

Most men and women that we encountered couldn’t handle our relationship. I had seen both these women at their worst and their best. I would drive cross country to help both of them in a heartbeat, knowing they would do the same.

“You’ll see,” Jessica smiled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I’m impressed,” I admitted later at the after-party.

“I told you,” Jessica said. “And thank you.”

“I didn’t do anything,” I shrugged.

“You made the bets so that I would go through with it, don’t lie,” Jessica smiled.

“I know how much you like to prove me wrong,” I nodded. “Steven looks like a nice guy, even for his age.”

“Age has nothing to do with it,” Jessica said as she strolled over to him. “You could talk to Denice,” Jessica said, looking over at the twenty-two-year-old sister of Steven.

“No thanks,” I shook my head.

“Two down one to go,” Hank, our boss, said as he came and joined me at the bar.

“No sir, not me,” I shook my head. “No plans to put a ring on this finger, ever.”

“That’s what I said before I met my wife,” Hank said, looking at the large woman in the middle of the dance floor.

Ellen was a big woman, even now as she danced in a bright blue dress. Most of her body jiggled and bounced along with her.

“She’s happy,” I smiled.

“She’s fat,” Hank said as he turned back to the bar.

“You’re no Adonis,” I said, shaking my head.

Hank had tried to talk me Maraş Escort into convincing Ellen to lose weight, but she told me she was happy the way she was, and if Hank didn’t like it, he knew where the door was. I had to agree with her.

“Ah!” I said as I held my hand up before he could say a word. “If you’re going to give me it’s okay for men to be big and not women speech, I hear it all the time at the gym, it’s an excuse, if you want her to lose weight then lead by example, keg belly,” I said as I patted his large stomach.

Hank shook his head. He had come with me to the gym twice, and both times he hated it. I tried to get him on a low carb diet, but he failed, so I knew he wasn’t planning to lose weight soon.

“Come,” Emily said as she grabbed my hand. “Hi Hank, bye Hank,” Emily said as she dragged me to the dance floor.

I was not too fond of dancing, but for these two, I would. It made them smile when I danced. “Thought I would rescue you,” Emily said as we danced together.

“Thank you,” I nodded.

“Denice has been starting at you,” Emily said.

“Nope,” I shook my head as I looked at the paper-thin young girl with no curves.

“She’s thinking of getting implants,” Emily said with her eyes wide. “We know how much you love boobs, and you’ve never felt fake ones.”

For a second, I pictured Denice’s thin body with huge implants, and for a quick second, it excited me then I remembered the conversation I had with her.

We had different tastes in everything from music to culture to even television shows.

“Nope,” I shook my head. “Need something more tangible,” I said.

“Oh, because Martin is the best conversationalist,” Emily rolled her eyes. “All he talks about is his video game obsession and sports.”

“But, he has a big white cock,” I smiled.

“That he does, and he knows how to use it,” Emily said.

“Now who is lying?” I asked.

Emily gave me a look, and I smiled. “I’ve seen your wish list, remember?”

“Damn it,” Emily shook her head. “So, his lacking in the stamina department, he still knows how to get the engine running.”

“What about engines?” Jessica asked as she joined us.

“Talking about Martin and his monster cock,” I said.

“It’s fucking huge!” Jessica said as she stretched out her hands for measurement.

“Not that big,” Emily said, shortening the distance between Jessica’s hands.

“But,” I said.

“No stamina at all,” Jessica shook her head. “What’s the record, three minutes?”

“Just under,” Emily said, disappointed.

“At least he can use his tongue,” I shrugged.

“There is that,” Emily nodded.

We knew everything about each other, even our sex lives. I knew Steven had a smaller than average dick, but he could go multiple times. He never uses his tongue or goes down. So that was the big bad, but I told Jessica that she shouldn’t have to if he didn’t. She agreed it was the best for both of them because she admittedly hated sucking cock.

“We should get out of here,” Emily said.

“The three of us?” I asked. “Why?”

“I don’t know, I just feel like this isn’t our scene,” Emily nodded.

I had to admit I didn’t know most of the songs that played, and most of the guests were ten or more years younger than me.

“Thought….” I started to say.

“Just come along,” Jessica said.

We said our goodbyes, and the groom wasn’t too happy that his wife was leaving, but he had little choice.

“What’s really wrong?” I asked as we got in the elevator at the hotel.

Jessica and Emily looked at each other. “We aren’t happy,” Jessica said.

“You just got married!” I said as we exited the elevator and headed for their rooms.

“I know!” Jessica shouted. “I should be over the moon, but I am not, neither is she.”

“Hate it,” Emily admitted.

All of this was a surprise to me. They said things I didn’t know for the first time, and I didn’t particularly appreciate hearing any of it.

“Why am I only hearing about this now?” I asked as we entered the large room.

“Because, we didn’t want to hear that you told us so,” Emily said, throwing her purse on the couch.

“Or bragging that you were right about the age difference,” Jessica sighed.

“I don’t know how other women do it,” Emily shook her head. “All he wants to do is turn up, and all I want to do is turn down,” Emily said, plummeting on the couch.

“Steven talks about his future and how much he wants kids and a large house with dogs and….” Jessica said as she also fell onto the couch. “I just want to be married, get fucked daily, and watch television.”

“Fucked daily would be nice,” Emily nodded.

“I have to admit that part does sound good,” I nodded. “Then break up with them right now,” I said. “Don’t think about it, just do it.”

“On my wedding day?” Jessica asked and shook her head. “His mom would Maraş Escort Bayan have a fit.”

“No shit, she hates your guts, but she will probably be happy about it also,” Emily said.

“Martin’s dad did want him to move and go to that college,” Jessica said.

“There you go, if it’s anything you two can stay with me, until you get on your feet,” I shrugged as I sat in the chair.

“Lets do it,” Emily nodded as she picked up her phone.

She got up and headed for one of the rooms. Jessica followed suit and went to the other room. I sat in silence and got something from the minibar.

It took a long while, and since they broke up with their boy toys, we were asked to leave the hotel room by the hotel staff. I nodded and walked with the girls down and through the hallway.

There were many mad people and a few looks, but I kept telling them they had done the right thing. If they weren’t happy, they had to do something about it. No use waiting to pull the bandage off.

“Well,” Emily said as she got off the phone. “He says I have till tomorrow to get my things or he is throwing it out.”

“He can’t you both own that apartment,” I said, shaking his head. “Call the company and tell them what happened and you will be taking your name off the lease. He will get a nice phone call after that,” I said.

“Okay, will do that in the morning,” Emily nodded.

Martin couldn’t afford that lovely apartment by the beach by himself, and he knew it. So, I was sure he would want to talk a little better after being notified that he was the only one on the lease agreement.

“Steven?” I asked as I looked at Jessica.

Jessica and Steven were living at one of Steven’s mom’s rentals. She owned four houses and gave them one.

“Not so lucky, she started throwing things out already,” Jessica shrugged.

“None of it was yours anyway,” Emily laughed.

“Except for the clothes,” Jessica shrugged. “Shit! The bras!”

“Well, you still have his credit card,” Emily said.

Jessica quickly picked up her phone, and we heard the conversation. She threatened to go online and use the credit card to ramp up a considerable bill unless Steven and his mum didn’t go back outside and pick everything up.

I laughed when he said that he was going now. “He didn’t have to give in, you know?” I said. “You guys aren’t technically married until the license goes to….”

“Shut up!” Emily said. “He doesn’t know that,” she whispered as the conversation continued.

“Here, I can’t talk to her,” Jessica said as she handed me the phone.

“Hi,” I said.

“Who is this,” Rebecca shouted down the phone.

“First lower your voice or I will raise mine,” I stated. “Second I am Jessica’s friend, I was the one that told her to break it off with your son.”

“Then you’re an asshole,” Rebecca stated calmly.

“Or I am the best thing to happen to you and your son,” I said.

“How so?” Rebecca asked.

“Look at him, he is unhappy now right, probably on the verge of crying and sniffling like a child?” I said.

“Yes, you’re not helping,” Rebecca said.

“Who is going to be there to pick up the pieces?” I asked.

“I have to since that tramp….” Rebecca stopped.

“Who will he listen to in the future and how many times can you hold this over his head, you told him she was bad for him, and you were right,” I said.

Rebecca fell silent, and I heard the noise from the road outside. “You just moved out of earshot range, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Rebecca said, very calm. “You’re saying he will finally listen to me?”

“You hold the advantage here, you can call Jessica all the names in the world, first he will protect her, then….” I said, leaving the door open.

“He will hate her guts, and admit I was right,” Rebecca said.

“All you have to do is pick her stuff up put it in a sealed box or two at the end of the driveway and we will pick it up,” I said. “Tonight, just a quick drive by and we will gone.”

“She has to leave the credit card in the mailbox,” Rebecca said.

“Deal,” I said as I hung up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a quick drive over there and a short drive back, and we were back at my place. Emily and Jessica were both happier.

“You know,” Emily stated. “There are two rooms, in here,” she said, noting the obvious.

“I can sleep on the couch,” I nodded.

“Bullshit, it’s your house,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, one of us can share your bed with you on some nights, and the other can have the spare room,” Emily nodded.

“Sounds fair,” Jessica nodded along.

“Wait,” I smiled.

It was finally coming together now. I was a dumbass. I shook my head.

“You guys played me!” I said.

“What us?” Emily laughed.

“We are totally innocent,” Jessica blinked her eyes quickly.

“How long?” I asked.

“Since Escort Maraş Sharon was out of the picture,” Emily smiled.

“The exact day after,” Jessica nodded.

“So, the whole don’t want to get married thing? And the big cock thing?” I asked.

“He does have a big cock,” Emily nodded.

“I really didn’t want to get married,” Jessica nodded. “But everything else, we made up.”

“So you were happy?” I asked.

“Not overjoyed, but content,” Emily nodded.

“And now?” I asked.

“We can truly be together,” Jessica nodded quickly.

I could live with the lies and everything else if it meant I could have both my girls.

“You know the whole fuck each other daily thing, was a good touch,” I nodded.

“We can start right now,” Emily said as she walked to my bedroom stripping her clothes along the way.

“Definitely,” Jessica agreed with her friend.

I rushed towards the bedroom, chasing them into the room and onto the bed.

“Fuck,” I said as the two of them started sucking on my dick. Both of them, in unison, licked and sucked on me.

It was like they had practised this moment for a long time. I pushed my fingers into both of them and fingered their holes.

“How about that tongue? Is it as good as Sharon said?” Jessica asked.

“How about you sit on my face and find out?” I stated.

Jessica quickly sat on my face as I held her hips down and used my tongue to get her off.

I felt Emily slide down onto me. Her tight snatch gripped my cock as she bounced up and down on my dick.

I was on cloud nine and above it for the whole night. One would ride my face while the other got on top of me. We fucked nearly all night, in the bedroom on the couch, on the additional bed. It was like we were making up for the lost time.

Since we had the day off, we spent most of it fucking each other’s brains out. When I wasn’t fucking them, I was either getting tit fucked or fucking one of their tits.

Oral sex was a huge part of Emily’s favourites as she sucked my cock any chance she got. Jessica liked using her massive breasts to get me off.

While I enjoyed watching Emily ride me reverse cowgirl, I loved watching her ample ass bounce up and down. I also enjoyed seeing my dick totally disappear between Jessica’s incredibly huge breasts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So, I was right,” Hank said as the two girls gave their two weeks notice. It was the right thing to do since the company didn’t like the idea that we all worked together.

“Yup,” I nodded as I sat down in his office.

Hank had said that we couldn’t be just friends and that one of them liked me more than the other. What he didn’t know was that I was fucking them both.

“What now?” Hank asked.

I slipped my notice across the table. The girls had found a new job, where we could all work together and get paid for doing what we liked.

“You too huh?” Hank asked.

“Yeah, we have to stick together,” I nodded. “Thanks, no hard feelings?”

“None at all, good luck,” Hank said.

I went back home and found the spare room changed to a studio of sorts.

“The camera is remote controlled,” Emily gasped.

We used all our money to get more extensive beds for both rooms. And had turned the spare room into a studio. Complete with cameras and laptops.

I was going to work on my writing and editing while the girls were going to do what many women with huge boobs and asses did. It was Martin’s idea. He was going to help them get started.

I knew the guy was a huge pervert. He was making money on the side, showing his monster cock online. So, he wanted to keep the apartment, so they agreed on this idea. He would help them if he got a cut.

The first month was hectic as we had to get our schedules in order, but it was amazing how much money they made. My editing job was taking off as many freelance, and self-publishing authors out there needed editing help.

The cherry on the cake didn’t come until the year date. We had officially been together for a year. We had moved out of the house and into a bigger house in the suburbs.

I had a better job with an editing and publishing company. Emily worked at a restaurant/bar, making a very decent wage. Jessica was in school learning how to cook, even though I told her cooking was excellent.

Then the cherry fell onto the cake. I came home to both of them with wedding rings on their fingers. Before I could say a word, they said yes. Now we were heading for Jamaica for our honeymoon.

“Well?” Emily said as I got out of the shower to a beautiful sight.

“Which ass are you going to fuck first?” Jessica said as they both waved their naked asses in front of me.

“Or which one are you going to cum in?” Emily asked.

“The answer is both,” I said as I lined my cock up with Emily’s. “First yours,” I said as it was nearest me, and I had thought of fucking her ass for years. “Then yours,” I said as I looked at Jessica’s naked ass.

I pushed my cock into Emily’s plump ass and watched the head of my cock disappear inside.

It was the start of a beautiful new relationship.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32