Outdoor Adventures with Lily Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction. Any relation to actual persons or places is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18.

It was finally summertime, Vic’s favorite time of the year. Hiking, camping, and fishing was all he had on his mind. His daughter, Lily, shared that passion for the outdoors. She and Vic spent countless hours in the sticks as she grew up, and this year would be no different. She had turned 18 and finished high school this year, and was headed off to college in the fall. Vic wanted to make the most of this summer before she grew too old to want to spend time with her old dad anymore, so the summer was jam packed with plans.

Vic’s wife, Erica, didn’t share their excitement for roughing it. She generally stayed home while the two of them went off adventuring. She loved the relationship the two shared with each other and was happy to have the house to herself for a few days every time they left.

“All packed Lily?” Vic asked as he closed the trunk of his SUV.

“Yup, let’s get on the road!” Lily replied as she stowed her backpack in the backseat and opened the passenger door.

Vic walked up the steps to his house and kissed Erica goodbye.

“Stay safe ok? I love you,” Erica said with a smile.

“Promise, I love you too,” Vic replied as he turned and headed back to the car.

“Bye mom,” Lily waved as he hopped in the SUV and looked out the window.

“Bye honey. Be careful,” Erica called out as she waved back, watching the pair drive off.

“Alright, it’s a 3 hour drive, so we should have plenty of time to set up camp and maybe get a hike in today. Or did you want to try fishing today?” Vic asked as he tried to plan out their day.

“Hmm, I kinda wanna go for a swim in the lake if it’s warm enough.”

“I think the water’s still gonna be pretty cold at this point hun, but if you wanna give it a try go for it.”

The bright sunshine ignited Lily’s hair as she gazed out the window. She was a pale skinned redhead, long loose curls draped over her back, her face and shoulders dotted with freckles. Her emerald eyes gleamed in the sunlight, and soft lips danced as she sang along to the radio. She was 4′ 11″ and slim, a toned figure from her active lifestyle. She got her good genes from her mother, Vic was much larger. At 6’3 190 lbs he was a giant next to her. Short brown hair and brown eyes, an average Joe compared to her exotic beauty.

Vic certainly noticed her good looks. As she developed into a young woman Vic caught himself staring at her more and more. He convinced himself he was just a proud father, but deep down other feelings were growing inside him. He’d never admit it, but he was attracted to her. And all the one-on-one time they shared away from Erica was only making his feelings grow.

The drive to the campsite flew by and they soon arrived at Marion’s Lake Campground. Vic and Lily preferred to hike out on their own and camp in the wilderness when they could, but every summer they’d start off at a well equipped campground to ease themselves back into it after the winter break. The duo checked in and found their campsite in a secluded corner of the campground.

“Ok, we’re here. Let’s get to work!” Vic announced as he hopped out of the SUV.

Lily and Vic spent the next hour setting up their campsite with all the amenities. When they were settled they decided to give fishing in the lake a try. It was a hot and humid day as the pair walked to the lake and set up their equipment. Lily was wearing her bikini top under a loose tank top and Jean shorts along with her hiking boots. Vic glanced at her pale legs as they walked, her smooth skin dotted with tiny scars and imperfections from their excursions. The next few hours were spent angling fish and tossing them back. The two had lunch and packed up their gear back to camp.

“I definitely want to go for a swim now. You in dad?” Lily asked as she stripped off her tank top.

“No way, you felt how cold that water was, right?”

“Aw come on don’t be a baby. Remember last year at Lake Hudson? Now that was cold,” she continued as she removed her boots and dropped her shorts, revealing her pink bikini bottoms.

“Yea it was, and that’s why I don’t want to do it again. But I won’t stop you. Just make sure you put on sunblock,” Vic said as he prepared a bundle of firewood in the fire pit.

Lily grabbed a bottle from her backpack and started to apply lotion to her face, chest, and arms. Vic couldn’t help but watch as her breasts jiggled back and forth as she rubbed her skin. Her breasts weren’t huge, Vic knew she wore a C cup from his curiosity while doing laundry, but on her petite frame they looked massive.

“Can you get my back, dad?” Lily asked as she approached.

“Yeah sure,” Vic answered, quickly averting his gaze.

He took the bottle from her and started rubbing sunblock onto her neck and shoulders. He rubbed down her shoulder blades slipping his hands under the string of her bikini for full coverage. Vic felt a spark of excitement as he rubbed her islahiye escort back. He’d rubbed sunblock on her many times before, but this felt different. As he crouched down to finish her lower back, he was eye level with her ass. Her cheeks were pure white and firm, half covered by her bottoms. Vic rubbed down to the small off Lily’s back and slipped his fingers into her swimsuit just slightly as he covered her waistline.

He felt unhealthy thoughts popping in his head as he stared at his daughter’s ass so he shook his head and popped back up to his feet saying, “Ok all set.” her ass still in his mind, he couldn’t help himself from adding, “You got your butt right?”

“Oh, uhhh, If you could get it, that would be great.”

Vic couldn’t believe he had said that, and even more so that she asked him to do it for her.


Vic crouched back down and smeared the lotion between his hands. He slowly cupped each of her cheeks in his hands and started rubbing into them. Her ass was tight and firm, built from day long hiking trips and outdoor labor. Vic felt a stirring in his body as he gropped his young daughter, rubbing all over her exposed flesh. He slid under her bikini again, this time from the bottom, gliding around her waist and down over her cheeks, pulling out as the fabric slid into her crack.

“Since you’re down there you might as well get my thighs too,” Lily said as she spread her legs a bit.

Vic wasn’t going to say no. He rubbed more lotion on his hands and wrapped around her butt to the crease between her thighs. He focused on her left leg first, wrapping his hands around her tight thigh and sliding them up and down. He worked her inner thigh carefully, avoiding touching her bikini mound as he rubbed her skin. He slid his hands down covering her thigh down to her knee. He applied more and started on her other leg at the knee this time working upwards. He worked up the outside to her hip, then up the inside. He reached the crease of her butt and slid his fingers to her inside. As he did, Lily shifted her weight and his fingers dragged across her soft mound. He was shocked as he felt the fabric gaze his knuckles, and pulled his fingers back out. He didn’t, however, move his fingers down, and slid against her mound again as he pulled his hand off her.

“All set…”

“Great, thanks dad,” Lily said as she finished doing her legs.

Vic went to stand up but stopped when he realized he had an erection. He didn’t want his daughter to see so he turned as he stood and adjusted himself. He turned back to see Lily slipping on flip flops and grabbing her towel.

“I’ll see you in a few hours dad, if you change your mind you know where to find me,” Lily said as she turned and walked away towards the lake.

Vic watched her ass she trailed off and disappeared. He smacked himself on the face trying to banish the perverted thoughts from his head as he tried to find something else to focus on. He decided to walk down to the center of the campground, a communal area with grills and lawn games. When he arrived he saw a few families around the small playground and a group of 3 guys playing horseshoes.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Vic asked as he approached the group.

The group greeted him and they exchanged names.

Drake, a tall, fit black guy.

Corey, a shorter white guy with long blonde hair.

Bill, a white guy slightly older than the rest of them with a gray beard.

“So you here with your family?” Asked Drake.

“Yea, me and my daughter. But she’s busy so I thought I’d check the place out myself.”

“Well grab a beer and join the game, we could use a fourth.”

Vic joined the group and spent the next few hours drinking and playing games with them until the sun began to set. Vic figured Lily was already back at camp and getting hungry so decided to head back. He was about to say his goodbyes when Corey suggested they check out the sunset at the lake.

“If you guys haven’t been here before you gotta check it out. It’s amazing.”

The group all agreed and they headed down the road to the lake. They were approaching the opposite way from his campsite. Vic figured he could take a look and then head straight there, maybe even run into Lily on his way.

As the group made it to the lake it truly was stunning. The red glow, orange and purple clouds reflecting on the calm water of the lake. It was one of Vic’s favorite parts of being out in nature, he’d have to bring Lily the next night to show her.

“Whoa, shit…” Drake whispered, breaking the peaceful mood.

“What is i-“

“Shh… look over there,” Drake said softly as he pointed towards the dock.

The group looked over towards the shore, a line of wooden shower stalls faced them at the entrance of the dock. The doors were all open, and one of them was occupied. The guys all gasped quietly as they noticed the feminine figure showering with the stall door completely ajar. The sunset cast an orange glow inside the stall that lit islahiye escort bayan up her naked body.

Her back was facing them, Vic stared with his mouth ajar at the woman’s round ass and toned legs. He hadn’t seen another woman naked since he married Erica all those years ago. He looked over every inch of her, taking advantage of the unaware stranger.

“Fuck, she’s sexy,” Bill whispered.

“Yeah she is. Come on babe, turn around,” Drake added.

His wish came true as the woman reached her hands up and ran them through her hair as she started to turn. Vic’s lust turned to horror as a face covered in freckles and a pair of shining green eyes appeared, it was Lily. She washed her hair as water cascaded down her bare front. She had large, pale areolas and thick nipples on the ghostly white skin of her perky young breasts. Down past her flat stomach she had a bush of orange fur that matched her hair topping her smooth lips.

The guys couldn’t have been more than 20 feet from her, but they were standing behind a large bush, poking their heads over it. Vic’s jaw dropped as he watched his daughter putting on a show for the group of perverts. As a father he wanted to stop it, but as a horny man who had his fingers against her crotch earlier that day, he couldn’t look away.

“Does anyone know her?” Corey asked.

Vic stayed silent. He didn’t want to admit he was spying on his own daughter. He was hard, he felt ashamed. But at the same time he was filled with lust. Lily rubbed each of her breasts and wiped her vulva a few times before rubbing down each of her legs. As she finished up she turned away from the group and turned off the water. She stepped out of the stall and grabbed her towel that was draped over the door and began drying off. She didn’t care to cover up even outside the stall as she dried off each body part individually while standing on the dock. When she was satisfied she draped the towel over her hair and looked towards the water. She stood there for a few minutes taking in the view of the sunset while she dried her hair. The group had their eyes glued to her, her gorgeous profile enveloped in the glow of the setting sun.

Lily took her towel and wrapped it around her body, the show was over. She grabbed her bikini and took off down the road towards the campsite.

“Holy shit, I’ve never seen something like that before,” Bill exclaimed.

“Me neither, damn she was so sexy,” said Drake.

“Yea, she was hot,” Vic added softly, not wanting to be left out.

“So hot. Fuck,” Corey stated.

“Well, I gotta go check on my daughter,” Vic quickly said, wanting to get out of the situation.

“Yea I should probably get back to my wife,” Bill agreed.

The rest of the group agreed and they all went their separate ways. Vic breathed a sigh of relief when none of them walked the way Lily went and he took his time following down the path, unsure of how was going to face her after what he did. After an exaggeratedly long walk back to camp, Vic saw Lily in a sweatshirt and leggings sitting by the fire, her hair wrapped up in her towel.

“Hey hun, how was your swim?” Vic asked casually as he took a seat next to her.

“Pretty cold actually, you were right,” Lily answered as she rubbed her arms.

“I told ya. You hungry?”


“Alright I’ll get started on food.”

Vic grabbed a pack of hot dogs from the cooler and two skewers. The pair cooked their food as they chatted about their plans for the next day. When the food was ready Vic sat down across from Lily as they began eating.

“The sunset was beautiful tonight wasn’t it?” Lily said suddenly.

Vic nearly choked on his food, “Uhh yeah. Yeah I guess so.”

“It looked so pretty reflected on the lake don’t you think?” Lily said, shooting him a side glance.

“Oh, I-I can’t really say. I wasn’t at the lake,” Vic replied nervously.

“Really? I’m pretty sure I saw you there.”

Vic’s heart skipped a beat.

“Uh well. Oh. Y-yea I guess I stopped by on the way back to the campsite,” he stammered.

“See anything else… Beautiful while you were there?” Lily asked with a grin.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on dad,” Lily rolled her eyes, “Did you really think I couldn’t see you guys hiding behind that bush?”


“Nothing to say for yourself?”

He had been caught, there was no use denying it. Vic went on the defensive.

“Wh- If… Why were you showering with the door open in the first place?” Vic asked with a red face.

“I like the fresh air on my body, it’s too cramped in those stalls,” she replied casually.

“But you let a bunch of guys watch you, and then you just stood out there on the dock completely naked. Aren’t you embarrassed,” Vic tried to turn it around on her, taking away attention from the fact that he was one of the ones watching her.

“I’m comfortable with my body, I like being naked, especially outdoors. If people want to take a look, I don’t have a problem escort islahiye with it.”

Vic was stunned, this was not the reaction he was expecting. She was completely calm and acting normal.

“You’ve never said anything like this before. Are you becoming a nudist or something?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always loved nature, you know that. And now that I’m 18 I wanted to give it a try, just being natural and stuff. And it felt really good.”

“Ok, I mean I understand that hun. But you gotta be careful. There’s a lot of guys that might see that and want to take advantage of you.”

“Well it’s a good thing I have you to watch over me and protect me,” Lily chuckled as she pulled the towel off her head and spun her hair around over her shoulder.”

“About that Lily… I’m… I’m sorry. I should have stopped it. I was just… just… I don’t know,” Vic said solemnly as he rubbed his forehead.


“I guess…”

“Well, you don’t have to spy on me to see me naked dad. We’ve got a lot of trips planned this year, and I plan on being nude for a decent portion of them. So you better get used to it.” Lily explained as she stoked the fire, “Maybe you can try it with me on our next trip.”

“Uh… Oh I don’t know about that. How would your mom feel?” Vic asked, shocked at her offer.

“Mom doesn’t have to know. How do you think she’d react if I told her I was walking around outside naked? She’d freak. And don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell her you were peeping on me,” she said, winking at Vic with a grin.

“I-I don’t know. I’ll think about it.”

“Maybe the two of us could go to a nudist’s retreat together. That could be fun!”

“I don’t know hun, this is all a bit weird for me right now.”

“Well, you obviously enjoy seeing me naked, so I think you’ll come around,” Lily snickered as she hopped up and went to the cooler.

Vic stared as she bent over and stuck her ass out as she dug around. She peered back over her shoulder and caught Vic’s eyes. Vic quickly looked away as Lily laughed and stood back up. She came back to the fire, tossed him a beer and cracked one herself.

“Wh- Hey, you’re not old enough to drink,” Vic said sternly.

“Dad, you just checked out my ass and you’re gonna lecture me about right and wrong?” Lily laughed as she took a drink.

“Shit…” Vic mumbled softly

“Just another thing that mom doesn’t have to know about,” she said as she winked at him again, “Just like with the sunblock earlier.”

“Hey, you asked me to put it on your butt and thighs,” Vic snapped back, “There was nothing weird going on there.”

“I know I did. Cause I just felt that you wanted to, and I was right wasn’t I?”

Vic just sipped his drink without saying a word, his face beat red.

“I also felt something else while you were down there. A couple fingers getting a liiittle too close to a certain somewhere,” she said snidely and laughed.

Vic didn’t know if she was just teasing him or she was dropping hints. She was a jokester after all, and she was always playing around. If it was any other girl he’d be flirting with her by now, but this was his daughter. And that was a boundary he couldn’t bend unless he was absolutely sure it would break. And even if she wanted it, he couldn’t betray Erica, could he? He decided to play it safe and joke it off.

“Well I’ve got big hands. Maybe if you didn’t have such a big ass it would’ve been easier.”

Lily scoffed, “Daddy! My butt isn’t that big is it?” She jumped to her feet and looked over her shoulder down at butt.

Vic smiled as she tried to gauge the size of her own butt, spinning around like a dog chasing its tail. She grabbed the waistband of her leggings and pulled them down along with her panties to mid thigh and turned her back to Vic.

“I don’t have a fat elephant ass do I dad?”

Vic chuckled as the tight 18 year old bared her ass for him. It was the third time she’d shown him her ass today, each time better than the last. He ogled her firm cheeks and sculpted thighs, she was anything but fat.

“Dad?” Lily repeated, trying to get Vic’s attention.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. I can’t really tell from here with all the smoke.”

The alcohol was loosening Vic up. He figured a little flirtatious joke fit the odd mood of the conversation they were engaged in. She was doing it, why couldn’t he?

“Ughh,” Lily groaned. She took a few steps backwards till her ass was practically in Vic’s face, “Well?!”

Vic breathed heavily as his daughter flaunted her ass at him. He wanted to dig his face in between her cheeks and lick her holes. If she was just teasing him she was doing a damn fine job of it, his dick was growing to length in his pants. The situation he was in was insane, but he played along, wanting to see where she would take it.

“Let’s see,” Vic said as reached up and squeezed her right cheek in his hand a few times, caressing her soft tender flesh. He pulled her cheek out enough to get a quick peek at her little pink asshole before releasing it and giving her ass a sharp spank.

“Owww,” Lily shrieked, “Dad what the fuck!”

She stepped away from him and rubbed her ass with her hand. As she turned sideways Vic could her ginger bush poking out from her crotch. He leaned his body to try to get a closer look but Lily yanked her pants back up and continued to rub her butt cheek.

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