Over the Rainbow Ch. 05

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Tara walked down the dimly lit corridor. She smiled as she neared the bright light at the end. Maybe this was not her father’s or husband’s heaven but she was excited to be back here. Two weeks, was it really only two weeks since she had been to Rainbows? So much had happened since then. Her mind still reeled with all of it. More questions than answers though.

She knew that Josh would not be joining her today. He was still away on business. She had debated how to handle that one actually. They spoke on the phone almost every night; more like had hot phone sex. The drawer next to her bed was full of the toys that he had bought for her at the fetish fair.

In addition to the rabbit that she had known about, when she opened the bag that night there had been half a dozen other items. A bottle of lube that remained unopened. A small vibrator the size of her pinky that he said was called a bullet because of it shape and size. Two round silver balls a bit smaller than walnuts; he said those were ben-wah balls and would tone and tighten her cunt muscles, he used the word cunt not her. There was also a tiny baggy containing six round silver balls much much smaller; these he said were powerful earth magnet. It was the two remaining purchases that had shocked her the most: nipple clamps on a thick silver chain and a black shiny butt plug.

She wore the earth magnets like piercings upon her nipples and clitoris as well the butt plug. They were making walking uncomfortable. She frowned, maybe not uncomfortable. None of them were truly painful. The earth magnets felt like a light pinch on her nipples and clit. Of course, she was finding it exceedingly challenging to walk in five inch heels with a butt plug up her ass.

Maybe that was her punishment for telling Josh that she was coming today. But without a serious discussion about where they stood and perhaps even a relationship status change on the naughty social networking site, she was not going to give him that kind of power. She frowned, he already had more than he should. The fact that she wore the marks of his ‘ownership’ as he had called them was proof enough of that.

She inhaled and shook her head. She was not going to let these questions that plagued her keep her from having fun today. She was determined on that. But she was hoping that the quieter day event would give her a chance to sit down and discuss it all with Peter, her new mentor. Although she was fairly certain she would not like what he had to say on the matter.

She plastered a smile into place as she stepped into the light fully. Speak of the devil, Peter sat at the registration table beside Belle, the older and rotund woman who organized these twice a month events. Tara reached inside her purse and drew out the entrance fee.

She watched as Peter spoke with a very small and round young blond woman. Her hair was cut exceedingly short and curled tightly about her face. Tara was reminded of the other woman she had met last time: Beth. This one also had that innocence of a woman-child. Was that wings on her back? Tara chuckled, she certainly looked like a cherub.

“Hello, Tara, is it?” asked Belle as she rifled through the sign-inn sheets. “We are certainly glad to see you back so soon.” Her genuine smile was one of the things about this place that had put Tara to rest immediately.

The other had been the fact that unlike the books she had read these people were not thin and beautiful like models. They were normal people just like her: older, rounder, softer. She actually could feel safe, pretty almost, parading around this place in the faux leather mini-skirt and corset that she wore. Once more she was struck with that feeling…like coming home, like she belonged here. Oddly enough it was the same feeling that she had once gotten when she went into a church.

Peter turned to them as the young woman rose and scurried off, skipped off would probably be a more accurate description. “Trouble,” he called out with a big grin. She could not find the will to be offended, not with a smile like that on the man’s face.

Since their meeting at the last event two weeks before and the messages that had flown back and forth the next day, ending with her asking him to be her mentor, they had messaged half a dozen or so times. He regularly checked in to see how she was doing and if she had any questions or concerns about the lifestyle as he called it…or just Pendik Ukraynalı Escort life. They had discussed the nature of Doms and subs, including his views on Dommes or female Doms. He was not a big fan of them, feeling like it was not something that came natural to most women, any woman for that matter in his views.

They had also discussed Beth, the little, or woman-child that she had met last time. Although as a mother, Tara felt uncomfortable with anything that smacked of incest or pedophilia but Peter assured her that Daddy/little girl was neither of those things. Even though she still did not get how pretending that your Dom was your daddy could possibly be sexy or even sane, he had reminded her that there was no place for her judgmental attitudes in the lifestyle. ‘Your kink is not my kink’ was the phrase he had taught her.

Of course, they had not discussed the one thing that bothered her most: Josh. What the hell was she doing with him? Not just because he was so much younger, but more importantly because of the way that they had just fallen into things. Everything she read about the lifestyle told her that such things were discussed, even negotiated, between Doms and subs. But from the first night, he had simply taken control and she had surrendered it…without question. While she desperately needed Peter’s advice on this, she was definitely not looking forward to what he had to say.

She returned his smile as she handed the admission fee to Belle. “It’s good to see you too,” she kidded.

She stepped to the side to chat with him as Belle turned to the middle aged biker that was in line behind her. She seemed to know him well, perhaps he was a regular. She admitted she was distracted as she made small talk with Peter about the weather, which was exceedingly hot, even for a Southern California summer. She found herself torn between looking for an entrance, some way of bringing up the subject of a private chat later with Peter, and watching the man.

He was not very tall, certainly less than six feet. His hair that was pulled back in a pony tail was the strangest mix of dirty blonde and dish water grey. But his light blue eyes sparkled as he joked with Belle. They hugged briefly and then the man picked up the large back pack on the floor and turned towards the restrooms that doubled as changing areas. He walked right into the ladies room.

She felt Peter’s fingers on her chin and heard his chuckle roll like the tinkling bells of Christmas over her. “Close your mouth, Trouble, before the flies get in.” He used his fingers to turn her back to face him, “That is Lady Laura. She is a cross-dresser. Remember what we talked about? Your kink is not my kink.”

Tara nodded her head and dropped her eyes. She had been well and fully reprimanded. Again. And just as it had when Mistress Havisham did it, it stung. More than just her pride. She wanted to fit in. She wanted to follow the rules here. She wanted to please these people. As she had her whole life long, Tara raved nothing more than to be a ‘good girl.’

He smiled and echoed her thoughts, “Good girl. Now go get you something to eat and chat a bit. We will talk later. Once the registration table dies down, I will come and find you. Jessie was not feeling well today, so it is just me and Pixie Dust.”

She nodded, knowing that Jessie was his slave. A woman that he had been involved with for close to a decade. Of course, her health was failing quickly and she did not make it to all these events even though she and Belle were best of friends. Tara had heard him speak of Pixie, what he called his service sub. She was still struggling to get her head around the concept. He was her Dom but being in a monogamous relationship with Jessie, there was nothing sexual about it. She added that to her growing list of questions that would have to wait until later.

She dropped her bags along with close to a dozen others against the wall and turned to leave, “Stay out of trouble, Trouble,” he teased as she walked down another dim lit corridor to the main dungeon. She could hear moans, the crack of whips and floggers and the occasional scream coming from the smaller dungeons along the corridor. But she knew the rule, if the doors were not open then don’t look. Private play it was called.

She stood just to the side of the main room, allowing her eyes to adjust once more. Just as the last time she Pendik Üniversiteli Escort had been here everyone seemed to be sitting about with friends, chatting and eating. It reminded her of high school with its cliques.

The jocks and cheerleaders were perhaps the Dommes and their boy toys in one corner. Although these women were a bit old and overweight to be cheerleaders, the boys would certainly fit on the football team. Come to think of it, the girlish laughter from that corner had the distinct ring of cheerleaders sharing some naughty secret. And Tara knew from the last time that when one of these women tied her toy to the cross for a flogging, the noise of both Mistress and sub could more than match a Friday night football game.

The older woman that she had seen talking with the man in diapers last time was once again holding court in another corner. She had the air of superiority…like the class valedictorian. Her group of friends deferred to her and seemed to be unable to move without her direction. If the other Dommes were flamboyant, there was a quiet power about this one that said she knew exactly who she was and what she was doing. Having watched her with a whip last time, Tara would have to agree fully with that assessment.

Then there was Mistress Havisham and a small group of others, mostly subs, although she noted that Master Watts sat next to Mistress H. She smiled when she saw Beth sitting at his feet wearing a diaphanous gown and collar. Here were the student council she thought. Those charged with making order out of chaos.

She sighed. As always she felt to ponder…where do I belong?

She was quite literally knocked out of her reverie and would have fallen flat on her face had two strong arms not come out to catch her. She stared up into the pretty face of…

Lady Laura?

If the biker she had met in the hall was cliché, non-descript almost, then this creature was…lively. That was the only word that fit. Hair that she had dismissed as scraggly and dish water grey now fell about a decidedly feminine visage. Like Tara she seemed to favor the natural look with just a light dusting of lip gloss and mascara.

Tara shook herself as the other woman helped her to stand once more, “I am,” the deep voice cracked. Then as if remembering herself she paused and when she began again her tone was higher, softer almost the kiss of a butterflies wings. “I am sorry. I was not looking where I was going.”

Tara shook her head, “Don’t worry about it. It was my fault. I should not just stand lurking in door ways,” she smiled as she held out her hand. “I am Tara.”

The other woman took her hand, but instead of shaking it or even kissing it as a gentleman might, she drew her into a quick embrace. “Laura, sugar. I saw you talking to Master Peter when I came in. Are you a friend of his?” She placed a hand lightly at the small of Tara’s back and moved them both of the way of traffic coming through the corridor and towards the kitchen at the back of the room. “How about we get something to eat before we try and find a place to sit? It looks busy today especially as hot as it is. I did not think there would be so many people here today. This place gets hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.”

Tara wanted to laugh at the sound of Lady Laura’s falsetto voice. Her tone that was just a couple of octaves above a whisper as well as the decidedly Southern accent made her comfortable in some strange way. She was reminded of her maiden Aunt Mary, the woman who was the keeper of Southern genteel womanhood. She would not have found Lady Laura’s manners or demeanor lacking at all as she ushered her into the kitchen.

The young woman inn the wings was behind the buffet table. Laura and she embraced. “You just look so adorable today, sweetie,” said Laura. As if remembering herself, she stepped back and made introductions that would have done Aunt Mary proud. “Tara may I present Pixie Dust. Pixie Dust, this is Tara. Are you new here, sugar?”

Tara noted the quick look of dislike that clouded the young blonde’s face for just split second before she plastered a welcoming grin into place. She shook her head, “Not totally new. I came to the last party a couple of weeks ago,” she explained.

Pixie squared her shoulders, “Yes, Master Paul has become her mentor. Not like he has enough to do with Jessie and me and his duties here.”

Tara Pendik Vip Escort smiled. So here was her problem…jealousy. The girl had nothing to worry about in that department that was for certain. As much as she respected Peter for his knowledge of this new world, he fit decidedly into the friend’s zone. There was not a single spark there…not like that. But then again if this girl was his non-sexual ‘service’ sub why should that matter to her anyway? Another in her long line of questions.

Laura handed her a paper plate before beginning to fill her own with meats, cheeses, bread and cookies. Tara smiled again. At last there was one lesson of Southern ladyhood that Aunt Mary could still teach Laura. A true Southern belle never did more than pick at her food. Laura may look more woman than perhaps even she did, but she retained the appetite of a man.

They finished filling their plates and walked back into the main room. Tara decided it was probably best to just follow Laura. She seemed to know what she was doing and where she was going. They made their way over to the area where Mistress H and Master Watts were holding court. Laura smiled and curtsied. Tara wanted to laugh. The woman actually curtsied. No one did that anymore. Laura lowered her eyes and whispered, “May we join you, Mistress?”

Mistress H looked up with a smile. “Of course, you may Lady Laura. You know that you are always welcome here.”

Master Watts cackled, “Damn, if you didn’t have the wrong equipment between your legs, I’d take you on a a sub. Best damned trained one I have ever seen.” Then his eyes turned back to Tara and ran up and down her. She had heard the term ‘undressing you with his eyes,’ but never until that moment had it felt so real.

Some part of her was frightened by this man, wanted to run as far and as fast as she could from him. But Mistress H merely giggled like a giddy young girl and placed a well-manicured hand on his arm, “Now, dear, stop teasing the subs.”

Tara’s eyes widened and she looked from the Mistress and Master to Lady Laura. They all laughed, “I forget you are new here. Master Watts and Mistress Havisham are married, dear,” explained Laura in a low tone that was barely audible.

More questions sprang unanswered to Tara’s fertile imagination. It seemed that was all there was in this world…more questions than there was answers to be had.

Before she could even take the seat next to Laura that was offered, Peter came through the door. He smiled and placed a hand upon her shoulder. He looked at them all. Despite their conversation about female Doms, he seemed to know and almost respect Mistress Havisham as they chatted. They talked casually about the number of people who had come and the weather once more. Then with a nod to Laura and the other Master, he said, “Come with me, Trouble.”

Tara dropped her eyes and placed her plate on the table next to Lady Laura’s. It was the first time that she actually noticed…but damn the woman’s legs were better than hers. And she had always thought her legs were her best feature. But this woman’s was exceptional: long and shapely accentuated by the short skirt and high heels that she wore. Their outfits matched so closely that they could almost have been twins. Except that somehow it did not feel right…how could this woman who was actually a man have better legs, manners and feminine mannerisms than she did? It was as if the bier made a better woman than a woman did.

She sighed and smiled at her new friend…and that was exactly what Lady Laura had become. Like that sweet girl who takes the risk to approach the new girl on her first day at school, Lady Laura had become the anchor that she needed. If she still found the transformation from hairy biker to Southern dame unusual, all she knew was that Lady Laura was the more ‘real’ of the two. It was as if that biker were merely a façade for the woman that dwelled within.

She flinched as she felt the pinch of fingers gripping her ear lobe tightly. “I said, come with me, Trouble.”

Her eyes sought out the comfort of her new friend, but Laura only smiled and shrugged, “I’ll save your seat.”

Tara thought about how true her assessment had been…abandoned by her new friend on the first day. To the principal…well assistant principal it would seem. Time to face the music. She could only hope that her new mentor might have at least a few answers to the many questions racing in her brain.

But no matter what…she was glad to have made at least one new friend…no matter how unusual Lady Laura might be. If only she was not so damned jealous of those legs. It really was not fair that a biker could look better in a mini-skirt than she did.

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