Oy Vey!

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(This is the first in a series about the experiences of two high school students as they discover each other and their own sexuality.)


This all happened about 20 years ago during the spring of my senior year in high school in a 40% Jewish neighborhood in suburbia. I was still a virgin. Being small for my age wasn’t really helping my chances at this point. Neither was the fact that because of a very late start with braces I still had them at age 18! My main hope was to get rid of them before heading off to college. I figured that would change my chances.

Lisa, another senior, stood about 5′ 1″ and didn’t weigh more than about 100 pounds. She had black curly hair that came down to her shoulder blades, dark eyes and dark “Mediterranean” skin. She was thin, with a great body, but nothing in the tit department except a nice set of nipples that stuck out nice and strong when she was aroused. She was a classic Jewish girl from the suburbs. I’m not talking about NJ Jewish. I’m talking Classy Jewish. Nice house in a nice neighborhood. She had her own car (admittedly it was a 10 year old Datsun, but when you’ve just turned 18 you don’t complain about that, even if you live in a neighborhood where many of the kids get Lexus’s on their 16th birthday). Did I mention that she was a virgin?

We first met at a party at a friend’s house. I was playing guitar and singing in the classic folk tradition (Cat Stevens, CSN, Beatles, S & G, James Taylor, etc.) while sitting on the floor of the living room and getting trashed off the keg. This was one of those classic high school parties that starts out with about 15-20 people and somehow turns into over 150 kids that are all running through the woods at one in the morning to get away from the cops that the neighbors called. She liked my singing. I liked that she liked my singing, and I thought she was really cute. I gave her my red bandanna that was wrapped around my leg. After monopolizing each other with talking and singing for about three hours, we left the party together with her friends just before the cops came, and went to Bob’s Big Boy for cigarettes, coffee, apple pie and more socializing.

After that we started dating. It started with simple dates: movies; dinner out; a hike; hanging out with friends in secluded locations while drinking and playing guitar, etc.

On our second date we kissed. We were playing in the playground behind the elementary school after dinner and a movie. We were swinging next to each other and I got off my swing and got behind Beylikdüzü escort her so I could push her really high. After pushing her up high in the air for a few swings, with both of us laughing, I let her come back down and pulled her back as if to push her again, but didn’t let her go. Then I stepped in front of her and held her up right in front of me. While still laughing a bit, I said, “I’m really glad that we met. You are really fun to be around.”

“You too,” said Lisa, “I feel really comfortable around you, and I like the way you sing too.”

Up until this point I had not had much experience kissing girls. I think I could count on one hand the number of girls I had kissed before Lisa, and I still marvel at how smooth this first kiss was. I was still holding her up on the swing so that her head was a little bit above mine, but we were in a very intimate position with her legs kind of wrapped around my body and me leaning into her. It was very easy and very natural to just let her come down a little bit towards me so that our lips would meet. Her lips were small and soft and she smelled wonderful. At that moment I remember her smelling like raspberries. Before long she was gingerly exploring my mouth with her tongue. She had the greatest tongue of any girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of French kissing. She moved it around in such incredible ways. She was assertively probing and exploring, and I was probing and exploring right back. We made out like this for probably twenty minutes before she said, “I hate to interrupt this, but what time is it?”


“We’ve got to go. I told my parents I would be home at 12.”

So, reluctantly, we walked back to the car. I think it took us about 10 minutes to make the 2 minute walk from the playground to her car because we kept stopping to continue our kissing and exploration of each other. We held hands all the way home, and even shifted gears while holding hands since her car was a stick shift. We drove back to her house where I had left my car, and parked directly across the street. Her parents were pretty cool, since she was the second daughter, but still a little bit protective of her. They would know that she was home since her car was there, but could not see us since we were parked in the dark.

Being the typical 18 year old, I had been hard as a rock for at least a half hour, ever since we had started kissing. At this point, I figured that she would go home and I would have to go home and take care of myself in Beylikdüzü escort bayan the same way I had always taken care of myself. It didn’t turn out that way.

As we continued to make out in the bucket seats we both got more adventuresome and started feeling each other in more and more places. After a few minutes I made what I considered then to be a bold move: I felt her tits! She did have a bra on, but there really wasn’t any need for her to wear one. She was very much on the small tit side. She wasn’t flat, but there wasn’t much there. I’m not much of a tit guy, but the thing that really turned me on was feeling her nipples sticking out through both her bra and shirt. She was rubbing my chest and feeling my nipples too. After a few moments I reached up under her shirt and felt her tits and nipples through just her bra and continued to play with them for a minute or so before awkwardly trying to find the clasp to the bra. I did not have any experience with bras, but I had seen enough movies and stuff to know that the clasp was in the back, so I went looking for it back there. I was feeling along the back strap of the bra, and couldn’t find anything, when she said, “It’s in the front. Let me help you.” She then guided my hand to the clasp in the center and said, “I want you to undo it. This will be the first time any boy has ever taken it off.”

By this time I was really turned on and that line just turned up the heat even more. I must say that even though it was my first time taking a bra off, I wasn’t too clumsy as I unclasped it. I then slowly placed my hand on her left tit. The nipple, while not very large in diameter, was sticking out about a half inch and was very hard as I wrapped my hand around her tit for the first time. We continued kissing for about 5 minutes while I continued to feel her up and play with her nipples and she did the same back to me. I continued to be rock hard, but now I was really starting to think about getting my rocks off!

With my desire pushing me forward, I took her hand and placed it on my penis. Not only did she not pull away, but she started rubbing my cock through my pants and underwear. I was about ready to cum in my pants from the very first touch! As she continued to rub my cock (I found out later that this was her first time touching a penis), we also continued to make out. She was using her tongue to make little circles around mine and to generally drive me crazy. Since she was now feeling my cock, I figured that I should feel her Escort beylidüzü pussy too. So I slowly explored down from her tits to her stomach and slowly made my way into her pants and found the top of her frilly panties. Leaving my hand on the outside of the panties, I continued to explore even further until I slid my hand down between her legs and felt the wet, warm place at the front of her panties. I started to rub her through the underwear as she rubbed me through my pants and underwear. She started to moan and said, “That feels so good.” And then, “You are the first guy to feel me down there.”

I said, “You are the first girl to feel me down there too.”

We continued to rub each other in this awkward way. I was rubbing her and she kept moaning more and more and saying, “Mmmm… Rub it more….. Higher…… Yes….. Yes……..Mmmmm……” She was rubbing me faster and faster as I rubbed her faster and faster. Then she sort of stiffened, and quivered, while saying, “Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh…” As soon as she stiffened and quivered I shot my load right in my underwear. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced. I felt like it went on and on and on as I grunted in pleasure. As we both were coming down from our orgasms, we continued to rub each other, but slowed down the rubbing and our kissing. Soon we extricated our hands from pussy and cock and held hands while looking into each other’s eyes.

“That was great,” Lisa said. “That felt so much better then when I do it myself.”

“That was the best. I’ve never felt that way before. It was so strong.”

“I guess you made a mess in your pants,” she said.

While starting to giggle I said, “I think it was worth it.” She laughed too and we both had a nice giggle until we started kissing again. This time the kissing was slower and much more intimate.

With a sigh Lisa broke from our kiss and said, “It’s past my curfew and I think we better go now.”

“I know. I want to come with you, but I know that we can’t. We’re still on for tomorrow, right?”

“Of course we are. I can’t wait to see you again.”

With a lusty kiss we both reluctantly got out of the car and she went in the house while I drove home. All the way home, I had difficulty driving because I couldn’t stop smelling my fingers that had been rubbing her pussy. That only left one hand for driving my old stick shift VW. Those fingers smelled so good and just thinking about where my fingers had been made me hard again. When I got home I took off my cloths and buried the dirty underwear under the pile to take care of in the morning. Once in bed I continued to smell my fingers and it didn’t take long to cum really strong again while imagining what Lisa and I would do the next night.

(For those wondering, the title will be made clear in a later installment.)

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