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She gazed out of the window, thinking about how marvelous he looked mowing the grass. She could see beads of sweat rolling down his forehead and watched as the breeze moved his hair. Going to the fridge she made him a glass of water and brought it outside to him. After he drank it, she ran her hand down his chest and grabbing his shirt she pulled him into her. With her hand on his jaw, she kissed him hard. The taste of salt from his sweat got her excited about her surprise for him later.

“What was that for?” he asked. “For being a wonderful and sexy man,” she replied, which made him grin and blush. When she turned to go back inside, he paused to admire he tight rear end. He loved how he could almost see the top of her thong above her shorts and how her butterfly tattoo could be seen. Turning to smile at him, she slapped her bottom and disappeared inside.

After the yard was mowed, she came out to admire his work. With her dark eyes she turned to him and asked, “Would you like to go for a ride?” The look in her eyes was one of adventure and he always loved her adventures. “Of course, let me go shower.”

“No, you are perfect just the way you are,” she replied, as she grabbed his hand and led him to the car.

Opening the driver’s door for him, he sat down and she handed him the keys. Before he closed the door, she leaned over, revealed her full breasts to him and slid her tongue along his bottom lip. She felt him shudder as she lifted his hand and pressed it against her chest. Her breasts felt so soft and delicate that he wanted to taste them, when she felt his grip tighten she released their kiss, walked around the car and hopped in.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

She replied, “You know the theatre across town?”

Looking up, istanbul escort he remembered, “Sure do, why?”

“We are going to that parking lot,” she happily answered.

Looking at her, he wrinkled his brow and started drive. There was nothing but silence in the car on the way to the theatre and his mind began to wonder. Are we going to watch a movie or go to a store? This is too strange, what could she be up too?

Pulling into a parking spot, he looked at her with wonderment in his eyes. She loved his eyes, their gentle blue color and the way he looked at her often made her heart pound. They gazed at each other for a moment and then he found out why she had brought him there.

The parking lot was fairly empty and the sun was setting. As he watched her, she began to unbutton her top. He gaze widened as he saw his favorite blue, lacey bra, holding her milky breasts. Leaning towards her, he traced his hand down her shoulder and followed the outline of her bra. She closed her eyes as his warm finger caressed her. With eyes still closed, she moved her hand over to his leg. Gently she began to message his inner thigh and slowly slid her hand under his shorts.

The closer her hand slid the tighter his thigh muscle got. She squeezed his inner thigh and felt his pants move to accommodate his growth. Needing to taste him, she unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over to him. Her kisses started at his ear and moved to his neck, where he felt her tongue swirl with delight. Sucking him into her mouth, she left a small mark of her passion.

Feeling the kisses on his neck, made his heart beat so loudly in his chest he forgot all about being in the parking lot of the theatre. He avcılar escort closed his eyes and began to enjoy himself. His lips fell open as her kisses continued down his chest.

He reached down and released his seat so he could lean back. Once all the way back, she slowly lifted his shirt. “You are amazing” he said as she began to glide her fingers up and down his chest. Raising his shirt, she found his nipple and without hesitation, her lips surrounded it. Gently biting him, he moaned and grabbed the door handle. He then felt her hand move down his chest to his stomach. Her fingers soon began making circles around his belly button, her lips followed. Leaving a trail of wetness, her kisses covered his stomach and followed his goody trail to her prize.

He looked down at her and smiled, seeing that she was heading down to where he needed her to be. He felt her kissing his stomach softly. Her hand gradually slid into his shorts and being to massage his manhood. Feeling how soft and warm he was, her hand effortlessly moved up and down. Barely grasping him, she moved to his balls. Cupping them she began to massage them. With her other hand she pulled his shorts down to reveal her candy. She had wanted to lick it and taste it all day and now was her chance.

As her mouth moved closer, his cock stood up, begging to be kissed. He leaned up to see what she was about to do when he felt her kisses envelope him. At the tip of his cock she ran her tongue around it wetting it. She could taste his juices as she swirled around his opening. Gently, she let her mouth slide down him. Her lips tightened around him and he could feel her teeth gently grazing him.

He needed to touch her, reaching over he began to rub her şirinevler escort back with great intensity as she sucked him. Pulsing up and down on him he could hear sounds of sex and his cock swelled with excitement. Then he felt her pull off. Shocked by this, he looked up and saw that she was removing her shorts. She was wearing red, lacy crotch less panties with sliver on the front. Once her shorts were off, she moved over him.

He could feel her strong legs straddle him. Instinctively he moved his hands to her heat. He tugged at the silver and then slid his hand down. He felt her wetness and wanted to push into her. She took his hand and pushed it up against her. She felt two of his fingers and guided them into her. She grabbed her tits as he began to pulse deep inside her. Her pussy was almost throbbing as his fingers went deeper into her.

Pulling his fingers out of her, he grabbed his stick and guided it to her opening and with great urgency, he entered her. He started rocking his hips pushing and pulling his cock in and our of her wetness. He could feel her stretch with each pass and her pussy tightening and getting hotter. She looked at him, bit her bottom lip and squeezed tightly around him.

She leaned down and met his neck with hot kisses. She ran her tongue up his adam’s apple, to his jaw, and into his mouth. Their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths erotically kissing. While they kissed he felt her hips begin to rock. His cock slid in and out of her so fast now that he exploded. She felt his warm liquid enter her and she began to climax. She pulsed and tightened around him so hard, they both let out deep moans. He grabbed her ass and pulled it into him, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into heat. Her crotch less panties worked like a charm. As their bodies released their tension, he ran his hands under the T of her thongs and squeezed her ass.

She felt his hand move up her back and when it reached her head, he turned it and kissed her gently. Their lips met and he rubbed his in circles against hers. She kissed his eyes and said “Thanks for mowing the grass so well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32