Perks of a New Family Ch. 02

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Sitting back in my own room I couldn’t believe what had just happened. As soon as Suzie had let me know that she knew I was there I expected her to lose her temper. I would have at least expected her to tell me to fuck off and slam the door but for her to just carry on didn’t make sense, unless she enjoyed being watched and it didn’t matter to her who was the one watching.

Lying back on my bed I couldn’t get the images I had seen out of my head. Her gorgeous long legs, firm tits, her ass and her orgasm soaked pussy were embedded in my brain and the more I tried to think of something else the more I couldn’t, and to make matters worse my cock was hard again. Knowing that Suzie was still in her room, and with her last words echoing in my mind, I resisted the urge to take my cock out and got off my bed.

Standing in my room, unsure what to do, I realised that maybe the piss-taking would now stop. She surely wouldn’t risk me blurting out what I had seen, especially if there was a room full of people, and even though I knew I never would she didn’t. Then there was what she said to me as well that I couldn’t shift from my mind.

Would I be alone in my room one night and she would just barge in demanding to watch me wank? Thinking about the possibility of that I wondered if I would even be able to get hard on demand. It would be embarrassing if that happened, then I would be back to square one and have nothing to hold over her.

I opened my door and looked across to her room, relieved to see the door shut, crept past and downstairs. Still no-one was home, that in itself was a blessing, and I hurried out the front door.

Wandering aimlessly, unable to think of anything else, I found myself in the town park and I sat on the first bench I found. If only I could get a girlfriend and be out of the house more that would show kartal escort bayan the two of them, but how could I get a girlfriend if I never had money to go out? Then the answer hit me.

It was devious and would probably get me in some serious trouble if anyone found out but it may be worth the risk. As Suzie seemed to have plenty of money she would pay for a few nights out, just enough until I found someone, and then I would promise Suzie that I had forgotten anything that I saw.

I had to think carefully how I would make it impossible for her to refuse. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go over the top and try for too many nights a week, but I didn’t want her to think that once would be enough. Pleased with what I had come up with I left the park, my mind a lot clearer, and headed back home. Maybe Suzie would still be alone, with a bit of luck, and then I would be able to put my proposition to her.

Arriving back home I found my dad’s car in the drive, that put paid to my plan for now, and went in the house. Not bothering to see where my dad was I went straight upstairs and into my room, quickly. I wasn’t sure why I rushed because with people here I didn’t think Suzie would try anything. I went to turn my stereo on when I heard a great crashing sound in the kitchen, which was directly under my room, and went to see what was going on. If my dad was in the kitchen I hoped that he wasn’t trying to prepare tea as, since he had married my step-mum, his cooking seemed more greasy spoon cafe than anything. That was one good thing about her, she knew how to cook really well.

As I walked down the stairs I listened for any further noise from the kitchen, but the crashing seemed to have stopped. Once at the bottom of the stairs I turned towards the kitchen and stopped suddenly. Dad was definitely in but he wasn’t alone.

Bent yakacık escort over the breakfast bar in the kitchen I could see the long legs of a female, which I assumed to be my step-mum, with her skirt lifted above her waist. Her skimpy panties were just below her knees and my dad’s trousers and boxer shorts were around his ankles. He was pounding away at the female in front of him, pulling her head back with her hair, and occasionally slapping her across the ass.

Looking at the time I knew my step-mum wouldn’t be at home yet, so what the fuck was going on. I watched as his cock rammed forcefully into the female a few more times before he withdrew.

“Sit on the bar Claire.” I heard him say but didn’t believe it.

“Let me suck your cock first.” She answered him.

“We haven’t got time she will be home shortly I will get out later somehow.”

The female turned and lifted herself onto the bar and then I knew it was really Claire. On her thigh, clearly visible was the dragon tattoo that she had done only a couple of weeks earlier.

“Why did you marry my mum?” Claire asked as she opened her legs for him.

“So I could fuck you whenever I wanted.” He replied before dropping to his knees.

Claire crossed her ankles behind his head and moaned loudly as he started to lick her pussy.

“Hurry up and fuck me I want to feel your cock fill me with your cum.” Claire panted.

I watched, unable to believe what had happened today. As if watching Suzie masturbate wasn’t hot enough, now I could see my dad fucking his step-daughter. I began to wonder what other sort of things were going to happen, or already had that I didn’t know about yet couldn’t take my eyes off the scene in front of me.

Standing up straight my dad held Claire’s legs wide apart and, with one massive thrust, hürriyet mahallesi escort rammed his cock deep into Claire’s pussy. Claire locked her legs behind him as he thrust hard and fast, begging him to cum. She massaged her tits roughly through her top as my dad continued to ram his hard cock into her. The two of them were panting madly as Claire leaned back on the bar and howled in ecstasy as she came.

“Fucking hell Claire I’m going to cum.” Dad said and I saw him tense his body.

“Yes cum for me I want it all.” Claire screamed back.

With a final thrust my dad grunted and emptied his cum into her. The two of them passionately kissed, as he thrust a few more times, then he took his still hard cock out of her pussy.

“Get straightened up quick she won’t be long.” He told her as he pulled his trousers and boxers up.

“I hope I don’t have to wait long for the next time.” Claire purred breathlessly as she slid off the bar.

As Claire bent over to pull her pants up dad swung his hand back before slapping her firmly across her naked ass.

“Told you I will make an excuse and get out later.” He said.

Quickly I backed away, before anyone saw me, and went back upstairs to my room. My cock was throbbing in my trousers and I slammed my bedroom door. Desperate to relieve the pressure in my pants I quickly pulled my jeans off. Looking down I could see my cock standing fully erect, pushing the thin material of my underwear out. Reaching into them I took hold of my throbbing cock and slowly started to stroke it, my hand moving up and down the shaft. As I slowly brought myself to the verge of orgasm I pulled at my boxers, ripping them in my rush to get them off. I closed my eyes and pictured everything I had seen, my wanking getting more furious. Images of Suzie and Claire filled my mind as cum spurted from my cock with more force than I could ever remember going everywhere until the last drops dripped down onto the carpet. No sooner had the last drops hit the carpet I heard the front door slam.

“Hi everyone I’m home.” My step-mum shouted loud enough to wake the dead.

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