Personal Magic Wands

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My wife was the one that discovered how our latest toy could be used for men, demonstrating how a ‘U’ collar attachment was perfect for using on a stiff shaft. Thus introducing me to the overwhelming power of magic wand vibrators, which did not take long to leave me gasping, cumming uncontrollably that first time.

Since then, she has remained very loyal to her first magic wand, allowing me to use the other one, which had only been bought as a backup to begin with, as it is very difficult to find such toys where we live.

And they are utterly addictive, providing unstoppable pleasure. Making experimenting with them a bit hard, as the pleasure sweeps away any ability to think. My wife is completely content with just getting off straightforwardly, tip on clit, for 20 or 30 minutes. I’m a bit different, in part because it is impossible for me to ride repeated orgasms the way she does.

I’ll admit to a bit of a fetish about taking pictures of her masturbating with a vibrator, tempered by the reality that good pictures are only remembrance and happenstance. Mainly due to my own horniness getting in the way, even as technical hindrances involving batteries have become more common.

Taking a day off from work provided the opportunity for us to indulge our various interests. She slept in till 10am – coming downstairs, nipples crinkled in the cool air, and beckoned me upstairs with a few flicks of her finger. The necessary arrangements of cables and towels had already been done, both vibrators at hand.

I’d explained my idea the day before, when she was playing with my nipple as I jacked off. It was pretty simple, in outline. After getting really wet from cumming, she would put a vibrator on my cock as it pressed against her clit. This took a bit of effort as I stroked, with the predictable result that it became easier to talk about what I hoped to do.

Not necessarily more coherent, of course, though the idea was fundamentally basic, with just a couple of elements. ‘Hot pussy .. press my cock .. vibrator. Where it feels .. feels .. hot slit. Then take .. pictures .. playing .. vibrator.’

After talking about it a bit more, while rubbing my nipple, she agreed, repeating the sequence back to me, making my incredibly horny. She is not really a fan of a camera’s flash, especially when she is concentrating on cumming, Beylikdüzü escort but she does indulge me – for more than 15 years, at this point.

In the present, following her upstairs, I’d made sure the camera was in hand and ready. She dove back under her blanket, presenting a bit of a challenge.

The first pic was taken after slipping her bottoms off, moving the floral patterned fabric into a frame of her bush.The scent was wonderful, though she quickly moved, muttering about cold air. Having taken at least one potentially artistic picture, it was time to indulge in more hardcore pleasures. Reaching over, I grabbed the waiting vibrator, bringing it across the bed, then sliding it underneath the blanket.

Making her complain about how cold the toy was against her skin. Gently suggesting she should be the one to hold it, pointing out that it would take very little time for things to get much hotter. I turned it on, giving it to her and reaching for the camera. The next couple of shots were uninspired as photography, in part because focusing on her naked body had made me hard, reducing my ability to concentrate on mundane matters.

Being distracted by stroking, I let the camera down as she began to masturbate in front of me.

The switched on wand only takes a couple of seconds after touching her to turn her into its willing servant. The changes to her pussy are primal, and irresistible. Watching her get wet, outer lips darkening and growing, glistening pink skin exposed and sexy. Her toes tightened as her legs began to quiver, her first orgasm taking maybe a minute.

Picking up the camera, I saw that the battery light was blinking. About par for the recent course, it seems. Moving her toy briefly, I took a couple of quick shots, trying to capture her turned on pussy’s state before the vibrator returned to its accustomed place. Her moans were soft but unmistakable, as she began to seriously pleasure herself.

I turned the camera off, stretching my left finger towards her pulsing ass, jacking off while teasing her. She tolerates picture taking, but only willingly allows her ass to be touched when she is really horny, and even then, only in the right mood. Over the years, the best way to ensure that she wants to cum while being fingered is to let my finger just touch the hairs Beyoğlu escort bayan around her ring as she cums. If she moves to have the finger starting touching her slippery skin, she pretty can’t stop.

Even at this point, though, I keep my finger from moving deeper. Depending on her motions, that finger might begin circling her anus, especially if her response is to spread her legs, making her pussy and ass even more invitingly accessible. She is beyond inhibition, no longer concerned about being ‘dirty’ as she cums. Sometimes, the wetness makes it easy for my finger tip to slide deeper, circling her anal ring from the inside, feeling her contractions.

Generally, this sort of game ends after a few minutes, followed by her saying she has used the wand enough. Still holding it right above her clit, waiting for me to give her a reason to cum a couple of more times. Today, I told her having her pussy really wet before my cock felt it would be perfect, so it only took her a couple of seconds to return the wand to her magic button. Her expression became completely sexual again, and unsurprisingly, the sight had brought me to the edge. Repeatedly.

Turning her vibrator off, legs still spread wide, we switched toys. My cock was not hard, making it a bit easier to organize the next steps. She abruptly turned on the vibrator to its highest setting, placing it against my cock. The sensations were incredible, bringing me helplessly to the very edge of cumming. Knowing that this would only feel better when hard, I begged her to stop. The vibrations really were too much, creating a certain numbing behind that first rush of intensely sexual contact.

Stroking myself while looking down at her spread pussy, the scent was exquisitely sexual. The vibrator off, spending a couple of moments sharing the company of someone who has just cum – repeatedly. Whose wet cunt lips were spread just by the tip of my cock, her hand over mine as I jacked off, almost to the point of orgasm, subtly seduced by how she had changed the rhythm along my shaft.

Her fingers played with my nipples as I knelt between her legs, my cockhead pressing at the top of her pussy lips. I managed to moan and pick up the vibrator, suggesting she use it on my nipples – ‘but only low power .. really.’

The sensation was quite uninteresting. Escort Bomonti Seeing if it would get better led to a pause in our other activities, lowering the intensity – along with my cock.

Followed by her Lowering the wand, grabbing my fairly flaccid cock with a hand, then placing the vibrator on top of it. She was mashing the collar down, but the vibrations were instantly sexual, making me gasp. She put my throbbing dick between her fingers, and after I begged for her to be a bit more gentle, it became a struggle to not give in to orgasm right then.

Slowly, growing more accustomed to the pleasure, cock still only half hard, she briefly removed the vibrator and turned the power up. Again, its touch made me gasp, utterly helpless, carried along a wave of primal power. And again, though more slowly than last time, the numbing followed.

Barely able to form thoughts, much less words, I asked her to turn it down. Which she did, after stretching my cock out, and running the vibrator from the base to just under my cockhead, making me almost collapse, both hands on the bed supporting me.

With the power reduced, I became coherent enough to plan ahead – or to remember my previous plans, as by this point, my mind had become entranced by the wand’s spell. Straightening, I picked up the camera, placing my horny cock against her cunt. The warm wetness was fantastic, as she positioned the toy in different ways, my cockhead nestling itself in her soft paradise, staying on the edge of cumming.

Picture taking was difficult, particularly at the most basic level of composition – everything interesting was blocked by the large head of the vibrator. Shifting a bit, it was possible to take a couple of shots, battery light flashing, the flash taking seconds to charge. I still wasn’t that hard, but the temptation to cum had become constant.

Having done what I had previously planned, it became time to completely surrender to the vibrator. My wife’s hand circled my shaft, moving it against her slipperiness, making me harder. She seemed to be getting hornier, sliding my cock around a particular area, my cock slit feeling the change.

It was incredibly kinky, knowing that her clit was pushing inside my cock slit, the vibrator turning us both on.

Words like ‘Don’t .. stop .. fuck yeah .. in my cock .. kinky slut .. toy lover slut’ poured from me, my wife squeezing her eyes shut tightly. Hot cum flooded as orgasm became irresistible. The sensations changing indescribably as semen flowed between us, pushing out against her clit as she pulled me tight, moaning in complete abandon as I felt her own pulsing contractions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32