Peter’s College Swim Class Ch. 02

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I quickly lowered by boxer briefs to the ground and stepped out of them. The cold air of the locker room over my bare ass and dick made me aware of how exposed I was. I knew my backside was open for everyone to see so I quickly reached for the Speedo and stepped into it. As I pulled it up, I looked over to see Scott sneak a glance in my direction. He was still in his underwear, hesitating to put on his Speedo. I pulled it up fast feeling a little embarrassed that he might have just seen my white ass and perhaps even my penis. I was below average in size, and was always a little self conscious about it. I tied the draw strings as tight as I could. You could see the outline of my dick through the fabric. It wasn’t that noticeable, but if you looked close, you could make out the cut head of my member. I was so embarrassed. I looked over at Scott to see his progress and he was just pulling his up as well. I got a glimpse of his dick before it was hidden under his light blue Speedo. It was surprisingly about the same size as mine. A bit small for our age, cut and shrunken due to the cold open air in the locker room.

“You ready man?” I asked Scott when I knew he was done tying his suit.

“Yeah, I really don’t know about this, it’s so small.” He said as he turned around and looked at me standing there in just my bikini looking Speedo. I knew I looked ridiculous. I wasn’t in perfect shape, not all that toned. I was not fat by any means. I just had an average body.

“I know man, we are all in the same boat though. We all look this way at least.” I responded and tried to convince myself as much as him.

“Yeah, but we don’t all look like them.” Scott said pointing to Hunter and Adam. The most muscular guys in our class. I had to admit he was right. They were the only blond guys in the class and were the only ones who noticeably lifted weights. Hunter had a larger body, but was bulked up. Adam just looked like a model. Both seemed to fill out their Speedos well and had tan legs to go with it.

“Alright everyone, hurry up and get outside. We need to go over a few strokes before the end of the period,” Josh said as he walked down the room.

I turned and started walking behind Matthew out of the locker room. He seemed a little more confident than I was. For some reason I wanted to cover my front with my hands. I realized I looked stupid and stopped, but I could not get over the fact that the outline of my dick was open for all to see. Matthew was walking normally talking with hunter who was in front of him. I tried to act the same way, like being almost naked was no big deal.

Once we got out in the pool room, Josh motioned for us to get lined up on one side. Matthew was on my left and Brock was on my right. Brock was a calm guy, but I could tell he was shy as he kept his hands in front edirne escort of his crotch. He had a flat chest with just a few hairs. Otherwise he was perfectly smooth. His bright blue eyes staring at the pool in front of him. I felt better being next to him. Maybe a little more confident myself. Mrs Williams was writing something down when we walked out.

“Alright ma’am, they are all ready.” He informed her.

“Alright, go ahead and take the jump start position. I don’t expect all of you know how to dive, but go ahead and get ready. When I blow the whistle, dive in and swim freestyle to the other end. Once there, Josh and I will correct your form and then we will repeat the process. Once I’m confident that all of you can swim sufficiently to place in the class. That will be it for the day. So go ahead. Get ready.”

I leaned forward getting ready to dive in. I knew my dive looked pathetic, but Id try.

“Go.” She said and blew the whistle. I dove in. The water was freezing. I came up for a breath and started swimming to the other end. Freestyle was about all I could do, so I was glad thats all she asked for.

It was not too long before I got to the other side. I looked around real quick and saw Adam already out of the pool waiting for the rest of us to get back. I noticed again how perfect he looked. The guy resembled a Greek god. Blond hair, perfect abs, huge chest. He was laughing and pointing at something. I got out to see what it was. I looked to where he was pointing and saw Brock about half way down treading water. Josh was on the side of the pool handing Brock his Speedo. I was shocked. Brock’s suit must have come off when he dived in. Being out of the water looking back, I could see him try to put it on under water. His face was red with embarrassment. I could see his pale white, exposed ass under the water as he slipped his blue bikini over it.

“Brock, this isn’t clothing optional!” Adam laughed out loud joking.

“Wow, how humiliating, dork. Do you not know how to tie your suit? Need mommy to help you?” Hunter joked back and gave Adam a high five.

I felt so bad for him. He got to the end and lifted himself out of the pool, not looking at anyone. I have to admit, Brock was kinda cute. I mean for a guy. He just stood there trying to pretend he didn’t hear the jokes. Water still dripping from his brown hair down his smooth flawless skin. All the while his blue puppy dog eyes stared out over the pool. Adam and Hunter continued to joke around even Scott tried to fit in by joking. If it had been me, I would probably just drop the class out of embarrassment. It was my nightmare, and glad it did not happen to me.

“Alright, thats enough! Knock it off!” Mrs Williams yelled. “Do it again, two laps this time and we will call it a day. After elazığ escort that, hit the showers and I’ll see you next class.”

We dove back and in and started swimming. I was surprisingly out of breath by the time I got done with two laps. I realized this class was going to be no joke. At the end, I reached up and pulled myself out of the pool. Matthew and Brock were still coming in as I walked to the locker room. I looked down at my pale thighs and tan shins. I wish I had the all around tan like Adam.

“Alright, school policy, everyone has to shower after PE. No exceptions. Once you’re done, your good to leave.” Josh said as I entered the room.

I walked up to him, hoping I could get away with not. “Um, can we shower back at our dorms?” I asked.

“No, everyone must shower here. For 10 minutes. And I will time. School policy.” He sternly replied.

“Ha, whats wrong Peter, afraid to shower with real men?” Hunter asked.

“Maybe hes got a vagina.” Adam said as he slipped off his Speedo. I looked over at him. He had the most toned ass I had ever seen. I looked away quickly, but not before Hunter noticed my glance.

“Wow, hes queer. He was totally just checking out your ass.” Hunter joked. I tried to ignore it and walked down to my locker as they continued to make fun of me.

Scott joined me shortly after. “I’m not going to shower here, I’m going to wait and then just leave.” He told me as he dried himself still in his Speedo. I thought about it, but Josh was still around. I didn’t want to risk it or be made fun of anymore so I decided to go ahead and shower.

As Scott pulled his shorts up over his Speedo, I lowered mine to the ground. Once again I could feel the cold air around my bare ass cheeks. I was shriveled up after getting out of the pool. I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped around my waist, picked up my soap and headed for the shower.

I got into the shower room and it was just one room with 4 shower heads. Adam and Hunter were on the end joking around looking like two professional swimmers, and Matthew was just getting in, so I took the only open shower head on the right. I took my towel off and nervously hung it by the door as did Matthew. It was then that I noticed that Matthew had the largest dick I had ever seen. He didn’t try to cover it. It was just swinging back and forth as he headed back to his shower head. He was a skinny guy with noticeable abs, but was hung like a horse. I quickly turned back around facing the wall and tried to hide my smaller dick from everyone’s sight.

Brock came in as I started to soap up, still facing the wall. I knew my ass was exposed. He just stood there trying to figure out what to do since all the shower heads were taken.

“Hurry up Brock. You have to shower for 10 minutes erzincan escort and the next class starts soon.” Josh said as he walked in fully clothed with a stop watch.

“The dork can have my spot.” Hunter said.

“No, you got five more minutes.” Josh replied. “Just team up with someone and share.” He told Brock, who immediately looked mortified. I glanced over and he was just scanning the room trying to figure out who he would go towards because it was clear Josh was not kidding.

“OK, hurry up.” Josh said annoyed at Brock as he grabbed the towel around his waist and pulled it off him. Brock quickly moved his hands to cover himself. Adam and Hunter started laughing. The poor guy looked completely humiliated and frozen. He and I made eye contact and I motioned for him to come over to me. I felt bad for him, and as much as I was shy myself, I could only imagine how it would feel to be out on display like that in front of those two Greek god looking jerks. He came over to me still hiding his dick with his hands.

“Ignore them man, and lets just get this over with.” I said as I soaped myself up with one hand and used the other to cover my penis. He nodded and started to do the same. As he soaped up, his arm brushed my side. His cold wet skin felt good against mine. I glanced over and saw the water run down his shoulders and over his baby smooth white ass that I had seen earlier when I checked his underwear size. The guy looked cute standing there embarrassed and naked like me. I probably looked the same to him, but it was good to be in the same situation.

We finished showering and tried to remain covered the entire time we did. Adam and Hunter joked the entire time. Once we were done, we grabbed our towels and walked back to our lockers. Scott was tying his shoes as I slipped my underwear on under my towel.

“Scott! Get over here.” Mrs Williams yelled as she walked in. I hurried up sensing that I did not want to be around for this and also did not want to be caught in my underwear by a woman. Scott walked over to her.

“I will not have you disobey my assistant or school policy. You will be punished accordingly for doing both by not showering.” She said as I quickly got dressed. I was the only other one in there, I saw Brock leave right when she started yelling. He was in a hurry to get out of here.

“Strip right now and bend over the bench!” Mrs Williams continued yelling at Scott. I could not believe what I was hearing. I glanced back and saw Scott begin to nervously take off his shirt and shorts. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

“Underwear too and bend over! Josh hold his hands.” She yelled. I opened the door and looked back one last time. She was holding a wooden paddle and Scott was completely naked with his feet on the floor and hands on the locker room bench facing me. His face was as red as could be. Josh held his hands in front of him. His dick was exposed and in Josh’s plane view. I walked out not believing what I just saw and as the door closed I heard a loud slap followed by a Scott’s little cry.

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