Pizza Delivery with a Twist Ch. 11

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So much has happened to me in the last couple of months. No time to dwell, I need to get ready for my shower date with Zack the Hunk. I removed all my clothing and hid the laundry basket in the closet. Getting ready means wiping myself down. It was quite a Friday night up to this point.

I used a wet wash cloth to remove any New Jersey Shoreline scents and arranged another wig and PJ’s in the bathroom so I could make a quick switch after the shower. I put on some lip gloss and a bath robe. I straightened up the rooms a little and made sure the bed was perfectly made. No mask tonight, just me. I hope he doesn’t get offended or turned off. I looked in the frig to verify there were a few beers and some snacks. All set. Now all I need is Zack and I had 15 minutes to spare. Please don’t stand me up!

I was about to send him a text when there was a light knock on the door. I peeked out the window and there was Zack’s car. Best night ever. I opened the door and greeted him in my robe and a smile.

“You are right on time Zack. That is so nice of you. Please come in. I’ll get you a beer.”

“Thanks Brie. I could use a beer.”

I locked that door behind us. I wish I had Fort Knox locks. I want him to stay. I headed to the Kitchen to grab him a beer.

“Take a seat on the couch. I’ll get the beer and be right there.”

I returned with two beers and opened them both. He wasted no time in downing his. Whatever it takes Zack, whatever it takes. I took one sip before I curled up to him.

“I don’t mean to seem in a rush, but I need to get some sleep tonight. You ready for that shower Brie?”

“Yes, in one moment. I want to let you know that I have to switch wigs after the shower and I won’t have boobs in the shower. I don’t want you to freak out.”

“I like certain things, but your hair color doesn’t bother me one way or the other. And I think your real nipples will be just fine.”

I stood up and extended my hand as to imply he should come with me. I led him into the bathroom and turned the shower on to warm it up.

“Get out of those dirty clothes. I will be right back.”

I went to the Kitchen and grabbed him another beer. I have an extra shelf in the shower, so why not. I returned to the bathroom just in time to see him completely stripped and ready. I reached into the shower and put the beer on the small corner istanbul escort shelf. He looked puzzled.

“I doubt if you will be the first person to have a drink in the shower. You can pee in the shower if you need to. Now get in there.”

He entered the shower and I dropped my robe. I posed and spun around for him before I entered the shower as well.

“Is the water temperature OK?”

“All I know is that your ass in OK.”

“That’s my cake silly. But thanks, I work hard to maintain it in tight form.”

“I like your cake. What flavor is it?”

“Well, it’s unbaked to this point in my life, but what is your favorite flavor.”

He didn’t answer, but he pulled me in, face to face and grabbed my cake with both hands and the squeezing began. I could feel his manhood growing rapidly. His hands felt really good.

“Does it bother you that I’m groping you and getting a hard on?”

“No, we are naked in the shower. I would be dis-appointed if your rod didn’t get fat.”

“When you said your cake is unbaked, you meant what?”

“I’m a virgin Zack. I’m unbaked. Now hand me that Loofah Sponge and that orange bottle so I can get to work on this very, very dirty body.”

“What’s so special about this sponge and lotion?”

“It exfoliates. That means it scrubs deep and removes all the dead skin cells. The lotion is a body wash, it will finish the job and it smells nice. I promised to make you cleaner than ever before and I am going to deliver.”

“Am I going to smell like a girl, like you?”

“For an hour. Don’t worry, your manhood will still be intact. Drink your beer. The warm water will run out soon. I need to get to work.”

Zack took his beer and I went to work on his back. All of his backside. Top to bottom. He was moaning so I took the opportunity to reach around him with my soapy hands and began to stroke his hard cock.

“I need to clean everything.”

“A new certain thing that I like. The soap makes it nice and slippery. I’m calling this one the Soapy B.”

I chuckled. The Soapy B. I own it. I released him and took my shower tools around to his front. I leaned back against the shower wall so he could look me over for a moment. Then I went to work on his front before the warm water runs out. We have been in here for a while, I need to work faster. I exfoliated the hell escort bayan out his chest. You know, his chest that forms a perfect V and points straight down to his dick. I turned around to shake my cake cheeks at him for a second. Then right back so I could run both of my hands down the shape of his V. I followed the yellow brick road until I was on my knees. His fat cock has been waiting too long. I opened my mouth and he moved forward. Full insertion. I was exactly where I wanted to be and I was sucking exactly the guy I wanted to. And suck I did. I think I may qualify as very experienced now. I heard no complaints from Zach, only groaning.

“It’s coming Babe. You want it in your mouth?”

“All of it. Don’t hold back. Fill my belly.”

He did not hold back. He had a lot to give and he gave it all. He almost fell. You’ve heard that most accidents in the home happen in the shower? This is how it happens. Hot sex in a slippery shower. And what happens after hot sex in the shower? Two people are wrecked.

“Are you balls empty Zack? Did I empty your full balls?”

“Yes Brie. You are amazing. How are you single? Are you going to suck my limp dick for a minute?”

“Of course, silly. I like certain things too.”

I put his soft dick in my mouth. You all know I sucked his limp dick. Who would I be if I didn’t put it in my mouth and clean it off? I didn’t want to let up but the water started to run cold. We both noticed.

“OK, go dry off in my bedroom while I attempt to change my wig. I will be there in a few minutes. Get another beer if you want to. Don’t put your dirty clothes back on. There is a bag for you on my dresser. I bought them today at the store. You can go commando until you get home.”

It was just a pair of sweat pants and a T shirt, but it would get him home. The wig switch wasn’t easy. I dried my real hair as best I could and put the other wig on. I’ll need a better process if this ever happens again. I also had a crop top and PJ Bottoms ready for me in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror for a moment. This is the first I did not have my implants on. It’s not that bad.

I entered the bedroom and switched off the light. The Kitchen light acted as a night light.

“Brie, that was absolutely amazing. I look forward to showering with you again someday. But you exhausted me. But thanks for a very Kurtköy escort clean body and these clean clothes. You promised and you delivered.”

“Does that mean you’re leaving now?

“Not just yet. I’m too spent to drive. Can I lay down in your bed for a while?”

I walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of panties. Blue will do. I dropped my PJ bottoms and bent over to pull up my fresh panties. I can feel him looking at me. Then I walked to the bed and pulled down the blanket and top sheet. I crawled in and held the blanket up for him. He took the hint and crawled right in as if it was his bed. My smile couldn’t be any bigger. He was on his back and I had my head and both hands on his chest.

“Did I make up for setting you up with Miss D?”

“The favor score card is clean. Although, I might still owe you after what just happened.”

He reached down and rubbed my cock through my panties with vigor. I’ll take any opportunity to have his hands on me.

“Can you release in your panties? I can’t do certain things yet? Oh, I guess that answers the question.”

Yes, I drenched myself. My fresh panties were no longer clean and fresh. Now I was on my back panting. I still had one hand on his perfect chest.

“Question asked, question answered. I need to change before I mess the bed.”

I got up and peeled the wrecked panties off and reached for the towel Zack brought into the bedroom earlier and wiped myself dry. I opened the dresser drawer to get a new pair. Of course, I exposed my cake to him while pulling up my second pair of clean panties in the last 8 minutes. I crawled back into bed and resumed my position on his wonderful chest.

“Thank you. I needed that. Thank you for this entire evening.”

I closed my eyes.

“You are very welcome Brie. It has been a great evening. I hope we can use the soap again next time.”

“Anything you want Zach, anyway you want it.”

“I would like to make a reservation.”

“What does that mean? What kind of reservation?”

“When it’s time to bake your cake, I would like be the one to turn on the oven?”

“Reservation accepted.”

I patted him on the chest, closed my eyes and fell into dreamland quickly. I think I woke up about an hour later. Zach was gone, but he left a most memorable night. I texted Suzie.

“I am as promised.”

“Was it good?”

“Best shower ever.”

“What does he want?”

“To bake my cake.”

“Is that what you want?”

“With your permission.”

“Then it will be.”

“Enjoy the wedding tomorrow.”

End Pizza delivery with a twist 11

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