Playing Terminator

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Keith was the doctor who had performed my vasectomy. I was 29 years old. At that age, he wanted to satisfy himself that I had considered it carefully. At the time he questioned me, and eventually we became close acquaintances. Keith would have seen my penis after I had my injection to put me to sleep. He may have handled it to move it out of the way, but on that cold morning it would have been about only 3 or 4 centimetres long, a far cry from its 20 centimetres when aroused.

Julie and Keith had similarities in their adolescences. At age 20, Keith had his first sexual experience. Donelle, a friend of his mother had seduced him while he had been helping her with odd jobs in her back yard. He was attracted to her cheeky sense of humour and always had a bit of fun with her when she came to visit. He was pleased to be asked to help her out in any way he could.

Donelle watched him finish raking leaves and adding them to the compost bin. As he put away the rakes she talked to him while she removed her clothes and stepped naked into the outdoor spa. He stood there with his jaw dropped and his eyes wide open. She and asked him to join her. By the time he stepped into the spa, his cock was rigid, large and erect.

After feeling each other for 20 minutes, she stepped back out holding his hand.

She said, ‘I don’t mind if you would like to fuck me Keith. I planned this before you even got here.’

They did exactly that over the next 90 minutes. He slid his cock into her from 5 different positions, each of which she seemed to know when to slow the pace during his build up, They finished with the traditional missionary position with Donelle lying spreadeagled on the ground.

As she was building to her climax, Keith was fucking her faster and faster.

‘This is my treat Keith,’ she gasped. ‘Really go for it. You’re making me come.’

It was a great start to his sex life. He was surprised how long he lasted after the build up and Donelle’s expert pacing in the spa and out of it. He thought he would come as soon as he touched her, but he finished up fucking her like a missionary for nearly ten minutes with the happy ending of his shuddering climax.


Keith’s wife, Julie, a librarian, had her first experience at 18 when she and Michele, one of her friends decided to get friendly with the sport centre ground keeper, after training for the netball game the following weekend.

It was a hot day and Robert Jacobsen, the thirty eight year old gardener agreed to drive close friends, Julie and Michelle, home after netball training. Michelle sat alone in the back seat while her friend Julie was in the front. Julie put her hand on the gardener’s leg and started probing for his cock and asked him what he would like to do to them. He was shocked and couldn’t come up with an appropriate answer. Then Julie said, ‘Michelle likes giving head. Would you mind if she tasted your prick Robert?’

He drove his car into an empty car park near a golf course and said, ‘Let’s go for a little walk. I know a place where I keep losing my golf balls. No one else ever goes there’.

They all got out of the car and climbed through a fence. Robert led the girls along a used path and found a clearing among some trees. They all sat on the grass and Robert laid back and laced his hands behind his head so that anything that happened was at the decision of Michelle and Julie.

He said, ‘You’re both too young for this.’

Julie said, ‘If you don’t, someone else will. We don’t want to be the last virgins in our team.’

Michele beckoned Julie out of Robert’s hearing and whispered to her. They both removed their nickers and returned to Robert taking a hand each and squatted over his hands so that his fingers could reach both of their vaginas simultaneously. He began to probe his fingers concentrating firstly on Michele with his left hand. When he located her opening, he focused on Julie with his right hand. She was wet before he had even begun. His penis responded immediately and hardened as his hands affected both girls.

Michele reached over and opened Esenyurt Escort the studs on his khaki overalls and exposed his swollen member, without removing her little snatch form his hand. Julie moved away from his hand but only to install her cunt over his face and manoeuvre it into a position where his tongue could get maximum penetration into her dewy hole.

He removed his fingers from Michele’s cunt and, with his hands at the top of Julie’s thighs, spread her lips wide with his thumbs and Michele noticed his cock oozing a copious flow of love juice. Kneeling between his legs, she bent down and began licking his rampant prick, tasting the flow of thick oil and swallowing it down greedily. But she was turned on by the slurping sounds Robert was making sucking on Julie’s cunt.

She demanded, ‘I want a turn on your face Robert. Let Julie have your prick.’

Julie crawled away to let the gardener taste her friend’s juices, knowing what that talented tongue would do to her. She straddled his body with her back to her Michele. She spread her own pussy wide as Robert had done to her and slid his pulsing cock into the space between her nether lips. With some effort she eased her weight on to the gardener’s large cock, silently watching both her virginity and his swollen cock disappear up her cunt.

Michele began gasping at the sensations of his hungry mouth roughly assaulting her twitching vagina.

Then Julie moaned softly at the pain as her hymen was torn and her virginity was lost forever. She felt a triumph as his cock was reaming out her tight little opening. She watched as he jammed his swollen prick inside her so that only his large balls were at the entrance of her cunt. She thought she would never see such a primal vision in her life as his tight balls jammed up between her legs like that.

She removed herself and turned her back crying silently at her pain and loss of innocence, but she was pleased she could share it with her friend.

She returned to the scene watching Michele grinding her dripping sex onto Robert’s mouth.

She whispered to her, ‘Your turn Michele. I’ve done it.’

As Michele changed her position and lowered herself onto Robert’s blood streaked cock, she let out a loud scream as he penetrated her for the first time.

While Robert and Michelle continued fucking, Julie straddled him on her hands and knees, bent down and started kissing him salaciously, tasting Michele’s cunt juice with some of her own.

Robert started a long series of extended strained groans as he ejaculated into Michele’s twitching cunt while he continued to be kissed by Julie. Michele was lightly rubbing Julie’s back and she responded by turning and kissing Michele’s mouth, which triggered her climax.

Then both of the girls took turns kissing Robert and each other while Robert kept fucking Michele for another 2 minutes. They stopped, lying exhausted in each other’s arms for another 5 minutes. Finally the girls stood up and asked to be driven home. Robert stood up and refastened his bloody overalls. He started up the car while the girls silently held hands in the back seat . Hehey drove back to Julie’s house and the girls left him in the car and walked away without saying a word.


Both Julie and Keith had begun their sex lives with older partners. They had finally persuaded me that it was time to further their daughter’s education. I was their choice to initiate Jeanie, but what was more important, I seemed to be Jeanie’s choice.

When I had finished levelling the position of their new refrigerator one day, I asked Julie, during coffee, when she wanted me to begin. She said, Whenever you’re ready.’

Not being one to procrastinate about these things, I left my coffee untouched on the table and left Julie to knock on Jeanie’s bedroom door.

She was slowly swivelling her computer chair, sitting on one bare foot, gazing at the monitor screen. She was wearing light green cotton short shorts and a faded pink polo neck T shirt with ‘I WANT EVERYTHING’ printed on the front with a small Esenyurt Escort bayan sewn-on badge in the shape of a charging bull below the print.

‘Hi Jeanie. Whatcha doing?’

‘Playing Terminator. Want a game Harry?’

‘Never played before. Finish your game,’ I said, kneeling behind her swivel chair.

‘No! It’s OK. I’ve been expecting you to call soon.’

‘Really! What have you been expecting?’

‘I don’t know. What do you want me to do?’

That was an invitation that aroused me just at the thought of playing around with her juicy bits. I was tongue-tied. Mostly this stuff is explored without speaking it first. I decided to continue with the verbal approach.

I spun her chair around so she was facing me, and I said, ‘I’d like to feel you all over, then we’ll see what develops.’

‘That sounds very nice Harry.’

‘Good. If you want to finish your game of Terminator, I’ll start without you,’ I said, grinning from ear to ear.

She remained facing me, looking at me. I pulled on her T-shirt from above and below her breast and watched her nipple harden. Beautiful. Then repeated with her other tit. She didn’t seem to mind me staring openly at her hardening tits.

She stood up and I turned her around so she was facing away from me. She reached her hands back lightly ruffling my hair. My cock had hardened and for the next two minutes, I rubbed my misshapen shorts against her perky round arse cheeks.

Still with her back to me, she loosened my belt and unzipped my shorts and lowered them. I slid my penis back and forward between her legs on her small green shorts. She pushed her shorts and nickers down and I could feel the wetness between her aroused cunt lips with my rampant cock.

I played with her small round tits and she thrust her chest forward and her hips backward. Her firm arse was rubbing lightly on my upper thighs, arousing me even further. I stood there just enjoying the sexy action of the weeping lips beneath her swivelling hips.

I reluctantly and very slowly withdrew my cock, turned her around and led her to her bed and sat her on the edge, showing her my swollen cock.

‘What do you think you’re going to do with that monstrosity?’ she asked with a measure of panic in her eyes.

‘Put it only where you want me to Jeannie,’ I reassured her.

I pushed her gently back into a lying position.

I lifted her legs upwards, spread them apart and said, ‘Hold these out about here.’

I placed her hands on her ankles and spread them as wide apart as she could hold them, and I said, ‘Close your eyes.’

I hesitated for a full 20 seconds while I examined her small juicy cunt. The uncertainty in her mind continued to heighten her arousal. She didn’t know where she would be touched next or what with.

My cock was exuding a copious flow of pre cum. I smeared it onto my fingers and ran my fingertips through her cunt lips and mixed my juices with hers. I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs with my thumbs reaching inward to her labia and spread her wide open. Her opening seemed to be so small. I doubted if she could fit me inside her.

I made her wait for another minute.

What are you doing Harry? What are you going to do to me?’

I didn’t answer. She started trembling as I bent down and began lightly licking the wet flesh between her open cunt lips, just for fun. The taste of our fluids was delicious. She’d started whimpering even before I began licking her and I began grunting like an out of control wild dog, greedily licking and sucking and swallowing her cunt juice.

Soon her excitement was rising and my cock was pulsing urgently. As she was about to come I flattened my tongue and held it still against her clitoris. She began to twitch and I lost her clitoris.

I don’t think it mattered. Her high-pitched squeal signalled her climax while I was still trying to locate her clit with my avid mouth.

After she recovered her breath, I moved her to the middle of the bed.

I said, ‘I’m going to start working on you again. Escort esenyurt If you get back in the same mood you were just in, I wouldn’t mind trying to fuck you Jeannie.’

‘Only if you can fit it in, Harry,’ she said doubtfully, repositioning her-self on her bed.

I moved my cock to the entrance of her cunt and began to plough it through the juicy lips between her long widely spread legs.

Her response was increasing in intensity again and she was beginning to lose control. Before long, she gave into another climax raiding her helpless cunt.

She lay on her bed catching her breath and finally asked me, ‘Are you going to try and stretch me open, wide enough to get your cock in me Harry?’

I said, ‘Lift your legs up and bring them a bit closer together and try and relax. It will open you a little easier if you can.’

She said with a startled tone in her voice, ‘How could I be getting so turned on again this quickly? Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing and don’t stop unless you want me to kill you.’

She thrust her hips forward and tried to engulf the head of my selfish cock with her tight twitching little cunt. She let out a loud cry of pain that would have filled the house as well as those of both of her next-door neighbours.

She stopped moving as if totally exhausted and lay still for over a minute with the head of my swollen cock jammed up hard against to juicy but small opening framed by her extended cunt lips.

Then she started up again twitching her cunt muscles increasing my arousal with each squeeze on my cock for about 90 seconds. I gradually eased one inch of my rampant cock into her.

She gasped out loud catching her breath. ‘Have you buried that huge thing inside me yet Harry?’ she asked me.

‘No. I’ve just started. You have the tightest little cunt in creation. Look in the mirror,’ I told her.

With her knees close to her chest, and me hovering over her, she could see a swollen cock penetrating her drenched vagina, but still with another 7 inches to add to what was already inside her.

‘Do you intending fucking me with that?’

She had such a look of helpless innocence that I was torn between caution and uncontrolled fucking

I watched her face as I gradually slid my rampant cock about half way in, when I hesitated, then slowly all the way in. Her pain must have passed because I could feel her hips rising to meet mine.

‘Please don’t stop. It’s happening AGAIN,’ she squealed.

With about half of my cock in her, I could feel her cunt twitching. I quickly lost all control and started fucking her mercilessly, like 2 pigs in a pen. We must have fucked each other for somewhere between two and twenty minutes. I lost all idea of time.

I exploded, squirting semen into her, groaning loudly. Spurt after spurt of cum gushed from my cock and finally I fell on her, totally spent.

‘I’m fucked,’ I said.

‘Me too,’ she responded with a tired look on her half smiling face.

Just then Julie walked in on us with a box of tissues. Her mother was probably outside the bedroom door, listening to us fucking. She must have been able to see my balls jammed hard up against the light fuzz of her daughter’s pubic hair.

‘You two were a bit noisy. Are you OK dear?’

‘Yes mum. Harry has been lovely but you might have warned me about the size of his cock. I was frightened when I saw it.’

I climbed off her slowly slid my prick from her tight little hole. Julie watched me and gasped at the size of it.

‘I’m sorry Darling,’ she said. ‘I had no idea.’

There was just a little blood. Much less than I expected from a virgin. She reached for the tissue box and she removed 3 or 4 tissues and smeared her snatch, then gave me one.

‘Why don’t you two have a shower together?’ Julie suggested.

We did. She played with me in the shower, and I hardened again. We took our time soaping and rinsing each other.

‘Time to go,’ I whispered to Jeannie, turning off the taps.

We dried ourselves, and as we dressed, Julie called from the kitchen, ‘Come and have some refreshments you two.’

We spoke as if nothing unusual had just taken place on Jeannie’s bed.

As I left to return home, Jeanie saw me to the front door and asked if could she visit me in a few days. Of course, I accepted. I might need some assistance with my homework.

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