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“Our friends Peter and Pam used to be active participants of polyamory, however, they have a problem.

“He is recovering from prostate surgery and wants to resume his sex life. His lady says he will need lots of stimulation to get started again. She has invited us to their condo to help stimulate his sex life next Sunday afternoon. Is that fine with you baby?,” Sarah asks with a huge smile.

“Yes of course. Isn’t he rumored to be very well hung?”

“He was before his surgery, that’s why they want us to help him recover his erection,” Sarah tells me as she shows me some pics on her tablet. “Almost as big as you baby, must be at least eight-inches, and rock hard and thick. And look at the way she is teasing his erection with the tip of her tongue.”

“Who took the pics, a male or female? Ask them if the person who took the pics can take some more of us when we visit?”

On the way to their condo we are both anticipating an exciting new sexual experience. “Has Pam organized a photographer?,” I ask. “An extra buzz for me if she has.”

“Yes she has, an extra buzz for me also, a thirty-year old male.”

When we arrive the photographer, Jim, greets us at the door with an expensive camera hanging from his neck and shoulders. He is obviously gay with a toned, tanned body and bare chested “Pam wants you to change into this,” he tells me as he hands me a skimpy silk dressing gown. “And Pam wants you to meet her in her dressing room Sarah.”

“I am ready for you two men,” the photographer tells us few minutes later. For the first time today I site Peter. Just as I remember, he is a good looking and attractive man for both sexes, wearing an identical short dressing gown to mine. Neither of us has a belt for our gowns as they show glimpses of our sex and Jim commences taking pics.

“Now you Pam and Sarah,” Jim calls out.

They both are both naked apart from killer heels as they strut out holding hands with confident smiles. As always Sarah’s legs and ass look sensational as she enjoys three males ogling her body.

Apart from her pics I had never seen Pam naked. Her body is an instant turn on for me. The same build as Sarah, better tits, her ass is not in Sarah’s league though, blond hair and contrasting trimmed black pubic hair at the top of wonderful long legs..

The two women had obviously discussed and arranged for each of them to remove the men’s gowns. Sarah first, as she slides off Peter’s gown and slides her hands over his naked chest. Even flaccid he has a large, escort gaziantep kızıl bayan thick cock I notice.

Pam follows suit and my gown drops to the floor before she slides her hands over my naked chest. Then she is sliding a hand along my semi-erection as Jim keeps taking pics.

“Do you want what your lady is doing to my man?,” Sarah teases as she teases Peter’s flaccid cock with two fingertips as he ogles my now almost fully erect cock.

“Yes, don’t stop,” he mutters as Sarah wraps a hand around his cock and slides it along his no longer flaccid cock.

“Your lady is licking and sucking my man’s nipples, do you want that as well?,” Sarah teases

“Your lady has given him a full on erection. He is thick and nine-inches.

“Is that a turn on for you looking at his big cock.

“Is that exciting for you?

“Do you like watching your lady stroking it?”

“Yes, I love watching.”

“We came here to help you restore your libido and give you your first erection in months. Mission accomplished,” Sarah tells him with a smirk. “My man is nine-inches and thick. You are almost as big as him.

“Your lady wants to give you a blow job. Your first one in months. She wants us to watch. What can we do to to make it memorable for you? Would you like to watch my man give me a tongue fuck before I give him a blow job?,” Sarah teases confidently.

“Would that be an extra turn on for you?,” Sarah asks as Peter lays back on a couch, his erection twitching as Pam kneels and prepares to blow him.

“You can watch my man tongue fuck me while I watch your lady suck your cock,” Sarah tells Pam and Peter as she sits close to him on the couch.

Electric sexual tension as they watch me lick my way up Sarah’s thighs and the tip of my tongue finds her clit.

Simultaneously Pam commences sucking her man’s erection as Sarah is almost chanting, “Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

Sarah and I both love sex with an audience and today is no exception as Sarah responds to the way I am swirling the tip of my tongue along and around her very wet cunt lips as she smiles for the photographer.

In a short time time she has had two orgasms, then a third as Peter groans and has his first orgasm in months.

“Now you baby,” Sarah whispers as Pam and Peter watch us change places on the couch.

An extra buzz for me as Pam and Peter look on as Sarah licks and sucks my rock hard erection. escort köle bayan gaziantep Then sexual heaven as she slides three-inches of my erection between her pursed lips.

Pam and Peter’s naked bodies are wonderful eye candy as they watch Sarah expertly teasing my erection to orgasm with her lips, tongue and fingers. We both love sex with an audience and this is very special after today’s foreplay.

Extra special as they watch Sarah swallow.

“Awesome, you two are just fucking awesome,” Pam and Peter smile.

Later as we all wind down in their large shower room, Peter asks if we can have swaps.

“Can we Sarah? My man wants to blow your man while I lick you,” Pam smiles as she has her hands all over Sarah.

“Can we Sarah?,” Pam asks again as they tongue kiss.

“I want him to worship my ass first,” Sarah smiles as she stands with her legs apart and Peter kneels to kiss her ass cheeks as they continue tongue kissing.

“Your ass is magnificent, Sarah and I love watching my man kissing and licking it. A huge turn on,” Pam whispers as Sarah thrives on the attention as she clenches her ass.

“And for me,” I murmur as I watch and manage to tongue kiss Sarah as Pam runs a closed hand along my almost fully erect cock.

In the past I have kissed Sarah while another man licked and kissed her ass cheeks. This time is an extra buzz with his lady watching as he has his second impressive erection for the afternoon. And he wants to blow me while our partners watch and we have photos taken.

“Your cock is almost as big as Sarah’s man’s erection,” Pam smiles as I stand, legs apart with my back to the wall and glance at myself in the wall mirror as I slide on a cock ring. A blow job standing is always my preferred option I muse as I tease my rock hard erection with a fingertip. A huge part of a blow job is the visual turn on I remind myself as four people ogle my erection.

Sarah is sitting on a chair almost opposite with one leg over Pam’s shoulder with a hand on her head as she soaks up the sexual pleasure of her tongue on her cunt lips.

“Enjoy baby, your turn on is my turn on,” Sarah smiles as she watches Peter expertly lick the sides of my erection.

“Are you sure you want this?,” he teases as he licks and chews my nipples with one hand stroking my erection. “Harder?,” he asks.

“Yes,” I respond with a raging erection.

“Are you sure you want this?,” he teases again with a hand wrapped gaziantep kumral escort bayan around my shaft before he slides his wet lips along the tip of my erection. “Tell me what you want?”

He has full control of my erection as he repeats the word purple. Something Sarah does, the word purple naturally contorts your lips into the perfect head-giving pout. They are slightly curled and pillowy, which makes them feel wetter and creates ideal suction.

His mouth is wet and warm, like a vagina, His lips and tongue are living, roving, pieces of sexual pleasure.

The visual element of watching my erection slip in and out of his mouth is an extra turn on as the photographer takes pics.

“I love how my erection feels in your mouth. My cock is so hard in your mouth. You are making me very excited,” I whisper load enough for Sarah and Pam to hear.

“How does this feel?,” Peter asks just before he slides his lips back on my shaft. ”Is this wet enough for you, Are you close yet?”

His tongue is soft in his mouth as he moves up and down then uses the tip of his tongue to trace the head and frenulum of my erection, the underside where my circumcised head meets the shaft.

He is using the flat side of his tongue to lick from the bottom of my erection to the very tip and down again, with a few tongue flicks.

I have learnt deep throating, where my erection is so far into a partners mouth that it’s in their throat, is definitely an advanced skill. And Peter has very advanced skills.

Long ago I learnt deep throating can feel amazing to a partner, female or male, their throat is always tighter than their mouth. For me it’s a huge turn-on seeing my entire length fit inside a sexual partners mouth. Today is a huge visual turn on, especially with two women watching, one my partner who is obviously very aroused watching a man blowing me as the photographer keeps working.

I have lost track of the time he has been edging me.

“Your turn on is my turn on baby, and this is a huge turn on for me,” Sarah whispers as she stands close so I can hold her glorious ass in a hand.

“So close baby, so close,” I murmur as Sarah tongue kisses me.

The gay photographer has an obvious erection under his tight trousers as he stands very close to me so he can get a shot of me orgasming.

Peter is sliding a closed hand along my erection as he licks my nipples as Sarah continues tongue kissing me. Wonderful sexual pleasure. I can’t hold out much longer.

“So good, so fucking good, so good, so fucking good,” I moan loudly as four people watch me blow.

The next day Pam and Peter emailed us copies of the pics the photographer provided.

“You two are just fucking awesome. Can we have a follow up session soon?”

“Yes, very soon, we have some unfinished business,” Sarah emailed back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32