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Winter had set in, and there was a slight breeze when Annie reached the office in which she has been working for the past few days. It was a quaint place, in the heart of the city.

Today, she felt faintly excited, not her calm and composed self. Her friend Joel will drop in after a long while. And she was ready to welcome him. She wore her tightest pair of denims, which was his preferred choice because it accentuated her hips and bottom. A black jacket, with a fur collar added a look of sophistication. She wore no shirt over her skimpy bra. Annie smiled to herself, recalling her sister’s words – “you are turning slutty!”

Perhaps she was getting a bit too bold. It was Joel’s effect on her. How she had been made to drop her inhibitions within a few months. From the quiet, conservative woman, that her friends knew, she was now much more spirited. She, who had only kissed her ex a couple of times and did some serious necking, could now give Joel a blowjob, which blew his mind. Nowadays she even swallowed his man juice, the taste of which she has come to like.

She felt warm, thinking of Joel. How he made her feel very special. He had made her confident. Encouraging her to become more outgoing, more intrepid. He had been her guide, and her best friend. And gradually she accepted him as her lover. She had started to love him when she was away, calling him over and over again on the phone sorely missing his presence.

Switching on her computer, Annie waited for some moments and surveyed the room. Modest in size, it was well equipped to function as a modern day workplace. Although part of an old structure, it had undergone several renovations and looked quite new. She knew that the office, mostly bereft of visitors, enabled her and Joel their private moments, which were becoming more frequent. Just the way they wanted it to be.

She missed him badly, and decided it was time to call him over soon. They would have more time together.

Joel’s phone kept ringing. May be he was in a meeting, the phone on silent mode. She sent a few reports to another office. She called again, no response. With nothing else to do, she took out her sketch pad, and the expensive artist pens – gifts from her lover. Her dainty fingers began to draw.

She started the first lines and the doors swung open. There he was, the smiling young man striding in. The eyes twinkling with a hint of humour and mischief.

Pleasantries over, he brought a chair closer to her desk. He scanned her face, and then his gaze fell on her jacket. “You are looking hot little lady!” he spoke in his measured tone. She thanked him, and quipped, “And you are looking handsome, my darling.”

They spoke for some time till Joel asked for some water. Annie rose from her chair to head for the water dispenser. It was then he saw her in her new jeans. It was quite a sight to see her in a skin fit outfit. He knew that below the jacket her protruding ass, the cynosure of eyes, is damn enticing. She had an ass that was meant to be touched, to be kneaded, to be licked, to be worshipped, and she knew it all too well.

Joel could not restrain himself. He got up and made it quickly to her rear. Before Annie realised anything he hugged her from behind. She was not surprised; she knew how swiftly her lover could act.

She relaxed in Joel’s arms. His masculine scent, as always, made her excited. It was a scent she had grown to love. She remembered the times she had laid over him, their bodies bare, her nose soaking in his aroma.

Joel’s hands didn’t remain idle for long. Raising the jacket, his fingers travelled to her belly. Soon they were caressing her smooth skin. Pushing his groin into her bottom, he increased the amount of pressure. His mouth went over to her neck. He started licking. He knew how to please his young lover.

But if he was daring, he was also cautious. Someone might just come in. Shoving his hardening cock into her ass and probing her navel, he released her. She did not like the release. But she knew what was coming. Joel knew how to offer an appetizer.

He looked at his watch, and she got the hint. She went outside, hung the closed-for-lunch sign, and locked the door. They smiled at each other. Visitors will have to wait for some time.

They came back to the table. Becoming somewhat shy Annie looked at Joel and found him staring at her. His look was one of adoration, but soon it would be intense, she knew; it was only a matter of time.

He reached for her eryaman bayan escort right hand. Caressed it softly and kissed … “God you have such beautiful fingers,” he said. She knew he was enamored by her hands and fingers, just as he was with some other parts of her body. She was getting warm. And he could sense it.

“Off to our special place,” he said, smacking her bottom with some force. Without a word, she moved away to their very own private place in a quiet corner of the office. She knew what to expect, and yes she was waiting for him to give the command. Opening the door she and went inside the restroom in a very feline way.

It was a confident Joel that joined her, a gentleman, and an understated stud, who knew how to make her feel loved and wanted.

Annie was ready, and inviting. She had removed her coat. Her well curved body was revealed above her waist. She was wearing her black lace bra, but the skimpy garment was already pulled over her pert boobs, or her beauties, as she called them. Joel was a sucker for them, and had actually named them. Now they were revealed just for him to enjoy. Her straight, silky hair flowed over her the sides of her breasts.

They were captivating. A bit large for her frame, peaked by small nipples in a colour that matched her lips. It was a bit difficult for him to decide. But then instinct took over. He went for her lips.

Soft, succulent, almost fluidic. A receiver and a giver. If only lips could talk. They lip locked. It was something they knew well. Joel was amazed how talented the young woman could be. She could have been experienced, he had thought at times.

She pushed her tongue inside his hungry mouth, and he responded. His reply was more passionate. He cupped her bottom. Drew her close. Shoved his hardness into her feminine mound. She understood. She thrust back. And he knew what to do.

Annie was in a world of her own. She only knew what she wanted. It was long overdue.

He sensed it too.

Annie adjusted. She spread her thighs apart. She wanted her pussy to feel the pressure.

He reached for her ass with sudden force. His fingers dug into her denims. He scooped her soft ass cheeks. He started kneading them. Softly at first, harsh soon thereafter. Annie could not complain. Her forefathers were from a land of passionate men and women.

She went for his crotch. Without much effort, she got her prey. She was not disappointed. He was wickedly hard. She knew she could be in control. Her supple hands grasped his stiff manhood and started squeezing. She was insistent, and Joel was surprised how fast the young woman was learning the preliminaries of cock massage. He slid his fingers under her jeans, found her panty clad ass cheeks and started squeezing.

Annie could hardly control her body. She removed her hands, and embraced her lover. He brought her closer; his rock hard cock poked her. He started pushing his hardened tool into her crotch. His hands kept kneading, squeezing her plump ass. They kissed like there was no tomorrow, tongues sliding, brushing.

They were exchanging saliva, no inhibitions, just the passion of an excited man and his swooning lover. He was about to explode, she was wet and warm. Both were lost in their own worlds.

Tugging at her pony tail, he broke the embrace and touched her heaving bosom. The nipples could have been erect for long. Joel could not resist. He started by kissing each nipple, and then started licking one after the other. After a while he started sucking. Annie was approaching heaven. She was feeling sensations which only her lover could provide. She held his head, caressing it, bringing him closer till his mouth was filled with a large portion of a boob. She had no shame; more than joyous, she was ecstatic.

Joel could not resist the supple flesh of his lover. He started biting a breast while kneading and mashing the other. Soft moans emerged from Annie’s mouth. She was pushed to the wall and her lover thrust his stiff cock into her. Through the denim, she could still feel his male hardness. Flashes of her recent experiences rushed through her mind. Joel, as she had learnt, was an expert in pleasing her. He knew the right moves; after all he had good experience. Her memory failed, she felt like getting him inside her. The boy, as he called his member, should have been trapped inside her. For a moment she felt embarrassed.

Joel shifted his attention to Annie’s other breast. This time the bites got harder. The escort sincan breast, already made sore by his mouth now was trapped in his hungry hand. He pinched the breast. Scratched the skin, and tweaked the erect nipple. He was goading the passionate woman to the precipice above the sea of physical sensations. She felt weak, yet excited.

It was a relief, when Joel broke the embrace, she couldn’t take it anymore. She looked at him, stared at his glazed eyes. Soon excitement shone in his eyes. She didn’t really know what to expect next. He brought her close to the toilet, the seat cover was down. He made her sit. He held her head, bent down and kissed her face, too many times. She sighed, she felt overwhelmed.

Joel looked at her. Strands of her auburn hair had fallen in disarray over her face and shoulders. Her pretty, black bra was dangling just above her tiny waist. She was glowing.

As she looked at him, he smiled.

She came up, and unzipped his trousers. His brief bulged out. Annie knew her boy had grown up. She smiled at her thoughts. A patch in the front was wet. She came close to his groin and touched. She slid her fingers and after a brief struggle pulled out his cock. Her boy was oozing precum.

Joel moved, bring it closer to her. Annie gripping his shaft, kissed the head. She got a taste of her lover’s juice. She fondled his balls for some time while with her other hand started massaging his throbbing cock. Annie knew what Joel wanted. She parted her soft pink lips to take him in.

But Joel stopped her, pulling her ponytail, or what was left of it within the band. She was surprised. Her lover was crazy about her blowjobs. He had said that she was getting better. Becoming more aggressive, he had said twice. He held her hair, looked at her. She was a bit confused.

His cock had not lost its hardness, but right now he wanted to pleasure this pretty lass. He knew that she would enjoy his loving in ways she wouldn’t have guessed. He went down on his knees and without wasting time went for the zipper of her jeans. The demure lady did not protest. She actually stood up so that her lover could pull down her denims and panties. The damp spot of her panties were not lost on him. Her body had responded to his moves, he smiled at her. He asked her to sit down.

Joel came close, bent down and took one breast in his hand. His other hand poked his manhood into the supple feminine flesh. The precum spread across the area over which the cock travelled. The other breast received similar treatment, more vigorously. Annie could feel her breast muscles getting taut when the glistening cockhead thrust against her nipple and the areola. Soon her breasts were coated by a thin film of her lover’s precum.

Her mind was filled with images of the time Joel had poured honey on her breasts and lapped it up like a hungry pup. Another time he had smeared ice-cream on his cock and let her slurp it up, even as her phone kept ringing. And she recalled lying on her parents’ bed, thighs gaping wide, with a mouthful of dark chocolate while he massaged her quivering pussy; her mother in the bathroom only a few feet away. Annie was surprised by Joel’s imaginative acts.

Unknown to her, it was Joel’s desire to transform her from being a demure young lady into a woman who was confident of her sexuality, who knew how to use her body to enjoy sex. Maintaining her demure persona in public, she would be a hottie for her lover. A perfect lady in polite society, sophisticated in every sense, but a slut in the sleeping room! She was perfecting that act.

She had been a quick learner. May be she was not so inexperienced after all, Joel at times wondered. But that didn’t matter when she was naked in his presence. A young woman with a body that any man, provided he was not gay, would like to worship. Soft hands to grasp and massage a hard cock, a pair of lips and a mouth meant to please man meat. A pussy that looked pretty and tasted great too …

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound emerging from her denims that lay on the floor. His reverie disappeared. Her phone was on vibration mode. He went for it and quickly fished it out. Annie looked at the screen and took the call.

“Yes,” she said. No I am yet to have lunch. But feeling hungry now.” After listening for some time she quipped, “No I have got lunch here,” a pause, “Yeah healthy food… I hate junk food.”

Annie looked at her lover, she knew patience was not his strong point.

She elvankent escort bayan was right. He kneeled down and bowed his head. Slowly she parted her legs. The soft triangle, waxed and shiny, was puffy. The lips had swollen, drops of fem juice were appearing, he noticed.

He lost what she was saying as his head became ensconced between her thighs. He parted her thighs and her speech became clearer.

“I don’t need another dress right now, brother!” Looking at Joel she winked. Such a minx, he thought, as she cut the call. She held the back of his head and urged him to begin. He went for her other lips and said, “How are you tulips?” He had mentioned that two lips sound close to tulips. She had laughed.

He caressed Annie’s soft flesh and poked his nose to get her scent. He breathed on her parting and kissed both her nether lips. She felt warmth grow between her thighs. He gently pried open her reddening pussy. She knew what was to come, she waited. She caught hold of his hair, pulled his face tighter into her pussy. He resisted. His hands travelled to her breasts and started kneading them like dough. She badly wanted his tongue inside her pussy, but nothing happened. She had never felt so horny before.

Suddenly something hard probed into her orifice, definitely not his tongue. A slight tremor shook her body as it went further in. She realised it was a finger. Then it started moving in a gentle rhythm. She liked that, her lover was so unpredictable when it came to pleasuring her.

Then the hardness inside her increased in size, she knew they were two or more fingers. Then the fingers started another routine. They started to expand her pussy walls from time to time when they drilled into her warm and tender inside. The pleasure was becoming too much for her. Just as her throbbing pussy was adjusting to Joel’s restless fingers the size of the probe went up. Joel had entered another finger inside her. For Annie, it was a sensational feeling. She was lost. Involuntarily her pussy muscles started gripping Joel’s fingers. Her lover looked at her, jamming his fingers deep within her folds and not moving them. It took some moments before Annie regained her senses. She opened her eyes to see what had happened. Her talented lover was grinning.

Joel removed his fingers and her pussy made a vain effort to grab them from moving out. Petting her mound of love with his other hand, Joey bought his fingers to his mouth and licked each of them clean. He said she tasted as good as honey. She remained silent, but caressed his face. He pushed his fingers again, scooped up some juice and smeared them on her breasts. Bending her, he started licking each perky breast. Soon he was biting so hard there were love marks all over. She yelped.

He went back on his knees and parted her thighs more, and started kissing and licking her very wet pussy. Instinctively she started to raise her hips to get more of his mouth. Soon she felt his tongue travelling inside her volcano, the word Joel at times used to describe her pussy. Annie felt good, but she needed more. She wanted some hardness inside her, she badly needed her pussy to be filled. As if Joel understood her needs, he inserted two fingers a bit forcefully and started to bite on her pussy lips. What he did next only heightened her desire. The expert lover started nibbling on her clit. Soft moans emanated from her mouth. The young woman experienced feelings she had never had, sensations which were wholly new. She clamped her thighs around his head. Soft animal sounds replaced her moans. Her body started to shudder in delight.

Joel looked at this sensual creature, lost in carnal delight. He knew it was time she got his special treatment. He sucked her clit for some time and then increased the tempo of fingering. She sought to thrust her pussy against the fingers. She could sense that she was getting hot and the hottest part of her body was in between her thighs.

Their heat and the scent of sex increased, Annie was shivering, her body lost control as some hidden forces took over. Joel too was in another world.

Suddenly, from deep within her rushed out a stream of juice…

Joel couldn’t help but stick his tongue inside Annie as much as possible and clamped his lips to her fleshy opening. He savoured the warm, slippery fluid as fast as he could. His delirious lover continued to leak for a while. Joel could feel his hair being gripped by her hands.

Slowly her tremors subsided. Joel came up and gazed at his lover’s face. Her eyes were closed; wild strands of her hair covered her satiny face and neck. There was a radiant glow and a faint smile. For Joel, Annie’s face was that of a rosy angel! He wished he was a painter.

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32