Preparing for a Shoot

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Dave at nineteen was an innocent, at least in terms of his sexual activity with the opposite sex, though perhaps not quite so innocent in terms of his thoughts.

Lynn was just as innocent in terms of action and even more so with her thoughts.

They knew each other through school and through the Shotokan Karate class they both attended in Dundee every Thursday evening.

Aged 19 they had both left school over a year ago and were now studying at Dundee University but lived at home, mostly to save money but also in Lynn’s case because her parents were worried about her being taken advantage of.

Lynn was Dave’s ideal woman, not too tall, not skinny but not an ounce of spare fat on her thanks to all the training she did. He wasn’t so bad himself on that front either though he had a couple of gradings to go to match her brown-belt.

They lived just a couple of streets apart in Broughty Ferry, on the East side of the city and so caught the number 7 bus back together. This particular Thursday instead of their usual quick drink in the pub before getting the bus home Lynn said, “Why don’t you come round to my place for a drink? We have most things and we can save a couple of quid each that way.”

“Sure, I’d love to.” came the quick reply.

On arriving at an ex-council house that had been tastefully refurbished Dave soon realised that Lynn’s parents were not at home. As Lynn, naturally the more talkative of the two poured out the drinks she started talking about the modelling she did to pay her way through university. As well as the money she also got to keep some of the clothes.

Dave admired the photos, none of which were in the least bit sexual, or wouldn’t be but for one thing. Lynn had a smile which combined with her soft, jet black hair and cheeky face which was x-rated. The clothes modelled were all things like jeans, sweaters, hats etc. The most daring thing on the list was a t-shirt and shorts which showed less than could be seen down any high street in Britain in Summer and less than in quite a few in winter!

Dave wondered where this was going. He knew Lynn well enough to know that she wasn’t showing him the photos for nothing. He had seen many of them before and preferred looking directly at her. As they drank their beers Lynn Carried on talking, “They have asked me to do a Esenyurt Escort lingerie shoot for a catalogue. My parents are away for a couple of weeks and when I suggested you could come with me they agreed.”

Dave was gobsmacked! Lynn’s conservative parents who were worried about her being taken advantage of letting him see her in several different sets of underwear! Within seconds Dave was worried Lynn would see his erection but didn’t move his hands for fear of drawing attention to it. To this point his right hand action had been based purely on his imagination and extrapolation from what he could see of her small firm breasts through the tight t-shirts she occasionally wore.

Of course Dave agreed! “I’d love to!” were his actual words.

Dave was not prepared for Lynn’s next salvo. If he was gobsmacked before this was the knock out punch! “They want me to shave for the shoot. Will you help me with that?” Dave’s innocence was fading fast.

“Only if I can take these jeans off. They are getting a little tight for some reason.”

Lynn burst out laughing. “Of course you can. After all if you get to see me naked it is only fair that I get to see you.” Perhaps, her innocence had started to slip.

They made their way to the bathroom and quietly undressed. If Dave’s eyes had had stalks they would have been poking out. With their firm nipples, Lynn’s breasts were even more of an attention grabber for Dave than they had been when covered up and as for the luxuriant mass of black curls hiding her sex……

Dave had been one of those boys who needed to start shaving early and had even had a beard for a time so he knew what he had to do next. “We will need to cut most of this off with scissors first.” He noted. Lynn opened a box on the chair beside the bath and handed it to Dave. “I think you will find all you need here.” She smiled and after putting the plug in the bath and turning the taps on, sat down and opened her legs wide.

Concentrating on the job Dave started cutting away Lynn’s pubic hair. When he had done all he could with the scissors Lynn handed him the beard trimmer. By the time he had finished the bath was ready and Lynn climbed in. “Why don’t you wash me all over before you soap me up for shaving?” She asked.

Dave didn’t bother looking for reasons not Esenyurt Escort bayan to comply but started by shampooing Lynn’s glorious locks which matched in colour if not curliness those lying on the bathroom floor. After doing her back Dave finally started to really enjoy the breasts he had admired for so long. A size above a handful Dave learned first hand of how a woman’s nipples react to being touched in the right way.

Lynn sighed with enjoyment, and felt a little sad when Dave moved down to her legs. All trace of sadness left however when he reached what a great-aunt had called, “the forbidden triangle.” She guided his hands and told him about how she played with herself. Under her instruction Dave learned about a woman’s inner and outer lips and of course the clitoris.

Gently Dave explored every fold and crevice of Lynn’s sex. Eager to learn he spread her lips with the fingers of one hand while those of the other traced circles round the intimate contours that made up her vagina. His eyes were riveted to the beauty he was touching. So different to the pictures he had seen.

Minutes later she cried out in joy at her first orgasm from a source other than her own fingers. “That was amazing!” She exclaimed. “Now, why don’t you start shaving me?”

Lynn arched her back, lifting her hips up out of the water and Dave took the soap and after producing a thick creamy lather worked it into her skin through the roughness of where he had trimmed her. Dave then took the razor and with firm sure strokes soon had her as smooth as the day she was born. He washed off the soap and shavings, savouring the feel of Lynn’s clean skin.

“I knew you could do it without cutting me.” She grinned. “Why don’t you join me and we can put the shower on to get rid of the shavings?

Lynn proceeded to wash Dave’s body in the way he had washed hers. Long before she reached his penis however he was leaking generous amounts of pre-cum. Lynn took a little of this on her fingers and tasted it before dropping to her knees and taking him in her mouth.

When some of his male peers had talked about oral sex Dave had thought it a bit disgusting though intriguing at the same time. Now he thought nothing with Lynn could ever be disgusting. His hands ran though her long tresses as she took a first Escort esenyurt tentative suck. “That feels wonderful.” Dave breathed as her tongue started to explore his head which was engorged and purple.

This level of stimulation was something Dave had ever experienced before and after being hard for over an hour with first talking about the lingerie shoot and then the shaving he wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m about to cum!” he gasped seconds before jet after jet of his sticky cream gushed forth. Taken by surprise, Lynn’s head jerked back and some landed on her face, some on her chest and breasts before her lips wrapped around Dave’s still gushing member to taste and swallow what was left.

When Lynn had finally extracted the last leaking drops of cum from Dave’s now flaccid member she stood up and Dave took the soap again to wash the cum from her body. When he had finished he put his arms around her and pulled her to him his cock, responding to being trapped between them by gradually growing again. They kissed, their tongues intertwining like two snakes intent on maximising the amount of skin to skin contact between them.

When they finally broke the kiss Dave moved behind Lynn and his hands caressed her tits and played with the nipples which were once again rock hard. She took his hand and brought it back down towards her pleasure centre and asked him to, “Do it again, Please?” This time Dave was more confident and his fingers seemed to naturally find their way to just the right places. Lynn’s breathing was getting faster as she made another request, “Suck my nipples!” Actually it was not so much a request as an order but Dave didn’t need any urging!

At the same time one of her hands found his once more turgid tool and started to slide it’s way up and down. This time Dave lasted longer and it was several minutes before Lynn directed his head to her clitoris and started rubbing it urgently against her rose bud.

Again her own muscles contracted and seconds later her abdomen was covered with more of Dave’s semen.

Words were no more needed than clothes as they dried each other off before heading to the bedroom. “Why don’t you phone your parents to let them know you won’t be back tonight?” Lynn suggested.

Dave made the phone call but it was not his mum or step-dad he spoke to but his step-sister, a year younger than himself but with years more experience. “has my older brother finally lost his cherry?” She asked.

“Wouldn’t YOU like to know?” he answered knowing that even if her teasing was not at an end, at least it would take on a different meaning from now on.

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