(P)Rick Pt. 04

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The (P)Rick story continues at the request of a reader who is enjoying the series. A Pt. 05 is already in the works.

This series follows a married couple, Kristin and Dave, who have fallen under the spell of Rick, a man of means and considerable sexual prowess who has been nicknamed (P)Rick by some of those who have fallen into his orbit.

Readers beware that this story partly focuses on the otherwise masculine Dave who accepts the role of cuckold while his wife plays the part of the hotwife. There are scenes involving sexual activity between men. If that’s not your thing, you’ll probably want to stop reading at this point.

Otherwise, please enjoy. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.


Kristin and Dave held hands in the backseat of the Uber as its driver navigated through the busy Miami streets. The couple’s anxious energy left them quiet and unable to look at each other. Still, their interlocked fingers were squeezed tightly together, reassuring both of them that they were in it together no matter what the night would bring.

Rick had summoned Kristin back to town for another strategy meeting concerning the multimedia proposal she had presented to the board of the multinational corporation where Rick served as the vice president of communications. Rick had insisted that Kristin and her husband fly in for the weekend before the meeting. He wanted to “show them a good time,” as he put it in the message he left on Kristin’s voicemail.

Tall with a tanned surfer’s body, ice-blue eyes and wavy blond hair, women were almost supernaturally attracted to Rick. Bedding women was something that came easy for him, and he developed a carefree attitude about it. The attitude often came across as extreme arrogance, and it earned Rick the nickname (P)Rick.

When she first met Rick, Kristin was put off by his arrogance, but he also made her weak in the knees. He seduced her the first time when he surprised Kristin in her hotel room shortly after meeting her during a networking event. Kristin had been video chatting with Dave when Rick showed up at her door. She thought she had closed out of Zoom, but Dave was able to watch as Kristin willingly gave herself and all three of her holes to Rick.

Rick would have his way with Kristin three more times during her next trip a few weeks later when she was back in Miami to present her final proposal to the corporate board.

On the way up to the board room, Rick fingered Kristin to orgasm in a crowded elevator. When they had the elevator to themselves, he stopped it on an empty floor and had Kristin suck him off. After the presentation, Daphne, Rick’s vixen of an assistant, joined in to “celebrate” Kristin’s successful proposal. The occasion would mark Kristin’s first time having sex with a woman.

Rick, Daphne and Mitch, Rick’s ex-Marine best friend, would later visit Kristin and Dave at their hotel. Rick deployed Daphne to entertain Dave while he and Mitch had their way with Kristin in the room next door.

When the married couple returned to their Virginia home, they avoided talking too much about that night, but their experiences profoundly affected their sex life. Sex for the couple had always been passionate and frequent, but Kristin and Dave felt an increased desire for each other after returning from Miami. There were days when they would stay in bed all day instead of going to work. Plans with friends and family were routinely canceled as the two failed to quench their thirst for one another.

Her time in Miami had unleashed a previously untapped sexual reservoir in Kristin. She was now the primary initiator of all things carnal in the house. Kristin demanded that Dave satisfy her multiple times daily, and she was more aggressive in fucking her husband with her strap-on. There were several instances when Dave would come home from work to Kristin greeting him at the door wearing nothing but her fake cock.

Kristin’s libido kicked into a higher gear after receiving Rick’s message requesting her and Dave to return for another visit. Now the two found themselves hurtling toward a luxury condo in Miami’s SoFi district’s Portofino Tower, wondering what (P)Rick had in store for them this time.

Kristin broke their silence in the elevator ride to the 28th floor. She faced her husband and held his hands in hers, “No matter what happens this weekend, I love you and you alone.”

“Ditto, girlie,” Dave smiled.

They shared a long heartfelt kiss until the doors opened on Rick’s floor. Hand in hand, they walked on unsteady legs across the expensively marbled floor to the door of Rick’s $4 million home.

“Jeez! How much are they paying this guy?” Dave asked as he knocked lightly on the fashionably ornate metal door.

Before Kristin could answer, the door opened.

“Finally! I feel like I’ve been waiting all night for you to get here,” Daphne said excitedly. She leaned in to give Kristin a kiss on the cheek. When she did the same to Dave, Daphne took the escort vip opportunity to give his crotch a gentle pat.

Jealousy flared in Kristin’s eyes as Dave blushed. Daphne laughed, turning as she led the way into the condo. The married couple’s eyes locked onto Daphne’s seductively swaying ass as they followed her inside.

Daphne was dressed for the Miami nightlife. High-platform red heels and a short black mini-dress barely provided the necessary coverage of her feminine curves. The top half of the dress struggled to maintain its grip on her bouncing breasts. She came to a stop next to Rick in the middle of his lavishly furnished living room.

Rick greeted the couple, but his eyes were locked on Kristin, who blushed under his gaze. She felt his eyes travel over her body. Rick knew the territory of her skin intimately. He didn’t attempt to disguise his hunger for her.

Kristin was dressed in a white gauzy sleeveless dress that was parted down the center of her torso to just above her navel. She was sure that Rick could see her nipples hardening under the thin fabric.

Where Daphne’s short skirt was tight, Kristin’s hung loosely several inches above her knees. Kristin would never admit it, but she deliberately picked this dress, especially for Rick, because it would give him easy access to her body.

Reaching out to Kristin with a glass of white wine in his hand, Rick asked her, “Why don’t you join me on the balcony so we can catch up.”

Kristin’s hand slipped easily from Dave’s grasp as she immediately followed Rick toward the balcony without a word to her husband. It was as if Dave suddenly ceased to exist in Kristin’s view.

Turning to Daphne, Rick said, “Daphne, be a dear and get Dave ready for the evening. Once he’s dressed appropriately, we’ll head out for the club.”

Dave felt a pit in his stomach when Kristin left him without a word as she stepped out onto the balcony with their host. Rick looked back and offered Dave a knowing grin before stepping to Kristin’s side on the balcony. Dave watched as Rick took a swig from his wine glass and placed his free hand lightly on the small of Kristin’s back.

“Eyes on me, stud,” Daphne said, standing on her tiptoes in front of Dave to get his attention. “We need to get you ready.”

“Ready for what? I’m already dressed,” he replied, watching Rick’s hand slide slightly lower to the top of Kristin’s buttocks.

“You should know better than to ask that,” Daphne smirked. She grabbed Dave by the hand and led him into one of the bedrooms.

Daphne shut the door behind them and told Dave to strip. It was more of a command than a request. Without thinking, Dave began undressing. Taking his clothes off was easy compared to what Daphne had him do the last time they were alone together.

While he undressed, Daphne pulled a few items from a small suitcase sitting on the room’s king-sized bed. Once Dave’s clothes were piled neatly on the bed next to the case, Daphne turned to him and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Dave’s cock quickly started to harden and twitched toward her face. Daphne returned the greeting by popping his balls hard with a flicked finger.

“Who told you to get hard?” Daphne asked. She flicked his balls again for good measure.

“That’s a good boy,” she smiled as his cock shriveled under her watchful eye. “I need to put this on you. You’ll be wearing it for the weekend.”

Daphne slid a chromed chastity cage over Dave’s cock. He grimaced when she less-than-gently pushed his balls through the base ring. The little brass lock sounded like a jail cell door slamming in his ears when Daphne snapped it shut. She then strung the brass key onto a diamond-encrusted white gold chain.

“I’m not going to wear this all weekend,” Dave announced, examining the cage. “What good is my cock locked up in this?”

Daphne quickly stood up and grasped his chin in her hand. Her French-tipped fingernails dug into his cheeks.

“Who told you to speak?” Daphne hissed. “This weekend, you will keep your mouth shut unless told to open it and do as you’re told without hesitation. We will decide when and if your cock is put to use at all this weekend.”

When Dave didn’t respond, Daphne dug her fingers a little deeper, “You may let me know if I’ve made myself clear.”

“Y-y-you have.”

“Good boy,” she said and kissed his lips softly. “Just play the part of the ‘good boy,’ and I promise you that you and your sexy little wife will have the adventure of a lifetime.”

Dave loved whenever Kristin would take charge of their lovemaking, and it set the tone for him to easily comply with the strong-willed Daphne the first time he met her. Though startled by her sudden increase in forcefulness, he easily gave in to Daphne. Although he wasn’t sure about his cock being locked in a cage, Dave was eager to see where all of this would lead.

That eagerness waned a bit when Daphne held out a pair of fishnet stockings and told him to put them on.

She escort rus stomped her foot at his hesitation but told him again that he was a good boy when he took the stockings from her hand. “Don’t worry. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them.”

“Most people?” Dave asked aloud, forgetting that he wasn’t allowed to speak. Daphne glared at him, and he slapped a hand across his mouth.

“As I was saying, most people won’t,” Daphne continued. “But some people definitely will.”

Swallowing his dignity, Dave put on the stockings as Daphne slid on a pair of black latex gloves.

“Bend over and spread your ass cheeks.”

Dave’s face burned red, but he bent over without protest. He heard the familiar sound of lube squirting from a bottle.

“I believe I told you to spread those cheeks. There’s a good boy.”

His body jerked when a pair of Daphne’s lubed fingers abruptly inserted themselves into his asshole. She pumped the fingers briefly, spreading the lube inside of him. A plug would be the next thing to invade Dave’s hole this weekend.

Daphne held the butt plug by its T-handle as she generously spread lube over the business end. The plug was bulbous at its base but tapered down to a rounded point. She bent over and placed the plug’s tip against Dave’s spasming hole.

“You’re gonna want to relax,” she said. “This is going to hurt a little going in, but once it’s in, you’ll find that it’s pretty comfortable.”

Dave grunted as she pushed it in.

“Shhhhhh, be a good boy and take it,” Daphne cooed, admiring how Dave’s hole stretched around the base.

His body tensed as the broadest part of the plug passed the tightest part of his asshole. They both breathed a satisfied sigh when the plug was properly seated.

“You’re gonna thank me for this later,” Daphne said, slapping Dave’s ass.”You can trust me on that.”

Daphne whipped off her wet gloves and tossed them into a bespoke, expensive-looking trash can in the corner by the door. She picked up her phone and began swiping at the screen.

“Ah! There it is. Isn’t it funny how you can never find that one app when you need it the most? Let’s see if this works.”

Dave’s asscheeks clenched when the plug suddenly began vibrating.

“Nice,” Daphne smiled. “Does my good boy like that?” She increased the plug’s speed and vibration from her phone until Dave’s legs began to tremble.

“Whoa there, cowboy,” she laughed. “I’m just letting you know it’s there. Now, put your clothes back on.”

Daphne sat on the edge of the bed and played with the app as Dave put his black pants and light-blue dress shirt back on. She entertained herself by watching his reaction every time she changed the speed and intensity of the vibrating butt plug.

When Daphne led Dave back into the living room, Rick and Kristin were still standing on the balcony. Dave noticed that Rick’s hand was now under Kristin’s dress. He could tell she was enjoying whatever Rick was doing under her skirt by her heavy breathing.

The clacking of Daphne’s heels on the floor tiles alerted Rick to her and Dave’s return. Rick pulled his hand out from underneath Kristin’s skirt and led her back into the living room.

“He’s all set,” Daphne said as she sidled up to Rick and laid her head on his shoulder. She held Dave’s stare as Rick brought two wet fingers up to her mouth. Daphne’s tongue parted her bright red lips and licked his fingers. “Mmmm… she tastes as good as I remember.”

Dave’s cock tried to break through the confines of its cage as the need to kick Rick’s ass made his blood boil.

After Daphne handed Rick the necklace with the chastity lock key, Rick stepped behind Kristin and draped it around her neck. Kristin touched the key as she held her blonde hair up with her other hand. Rick kissed the line of her shoulder at the base of her neck as he secured the necklace – his eyes never leaving Dave as he did.

“What’s this key for?” Kristin asked, twisting it with her delicate fingers.

“It’s a surprise for later. Why don’t you go give your hubby a kiss hello?” Rick replied, pushing her toward her uncharacteristically silent husband.

Kristin walked up to Dave and avoided looking into his eyes. She looked slightly disheveled but not completely undone. Her face was red, and her lipstick was all but gone. When she tilted up her head to kiss him, Dave smelled the wine on her breath. On her lips, he tasted what could only be the saltiness of Rick’s cum. That answered the question of why she wouldn’t look at him.

“Now, Dave,” Rick said after Kristin stepped away from her husband. “I’m sure Daphne told you you’re not to speak unless given the appropriate permission.”

Dave remained quiet.

“That permission may only be granted by myself or my beautiful assistant here,” he smirked, giving Daphne’s supple ass a generous squeeze. “Your wife may earn the right at some point, but that remains to be seen. It really depends upon how well you follow instructions.”

The escort elit man who just had his fingers in Kristin walked up to Dave, who had to look up to meet Rick’s gaze.

“Outstanding!” Rick declared. “It takes a certain measure of strength for a man such as this to betray his every masculine instinct and bend to the will of another. Bravo, champ!”

Rick reached up and grasped one of Dave’s shoulders in a friendly but firm manner. “Dave, do you know what a cuckold is? You should know because I’ve made a cuckold out of you several times over at this point. In fact, I was just cuckolding you out on the balcony. And as much as I can see that you would love to kick my ass right about now, I know that there’s a side of you that likes it. With everything I know about you, I believe you even love it.”

Dave felt small under Rick’s grip and averted his eyes. He knew Rick wasn’t wrong.

Rick clapped him on the shoulder, then walked over to Kristin, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her tightly to his body. “And I have to be thankful for your willingness to share this amazing woman with me. Man, the way she just sucked my dick… who am I to tell you? You, of all people, should know how fantastic she is at sucking cock.”

Kristin squirmed against Rick’s side, struggling with conflicting feelings of pride and embarrassment. Those feelings didn’t stop her left arm from snaking around Rick’s waist or her right hand from resting on his belt buckle. Kristin finally looked at her husband when her hand left the buckle and perched on Rick’s crotch.

Dave gulped and felt another surge of vibration erupt between his butt cheeks. He turned and looked at Daphne, who smiled back wickedly with her phone in her hand.

Rick cleared his throat as Kristin grasped his cock through his dress pants, giving it a slow and tasty squeeze. “Now, Daphne pushed your compliance pretty far the last time, isn’t that right, my dear?”

“He certainly seemed to love my cock up his ass and the taste of his own cum, if that’s what you mean,” Daphne replied.

“Exactly! And Kristin has been telling me about your desire to taste and feel a real cock,” Rick said with a showman-like quality. “So, while I entertain your lovely wife this weekend, we’re going to see how far we can push your limits. How does that sound, pal?”

Dave gave a short nod in reply, but his eyes burned as hot as the cheeks on his face.

“Good!” Rick said happily. “Because that’s the price of your admission this weekend. You comply, or you can go back to your room and wait for me to return your wife. Are you in compliance with that?”

Dave nodded again, but Rick snapped this time. “SPEAK!”


“YES, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I told you he would be a good boy,” Daphne smiled at Rick.

“Great! How about you get the door while I escort these two fine women down to the car.”

Dave opened the door and watched Rick walk out with Kristin and Daphne. Rick had a hand on each of their asses.

The trio was giggling when they got into the elevator. Daphne’s head appeared through the open door.

“Come here! Come here, good boy,” she said as if summoning a puppy.

Dave stepped into the elevator to find Rick and Kristin making out. Daphne offered Dave a lewd glance before joining the couple. Her thumb pressed the app on her phone, and the plug in Dave’s ass began to hum. He stood in the corner, watching the three of them kiss and fondle each other, trying to ignore the growing pool of precum in his pants.

Rick had hired a limo for the evening. He sat next to Kristin opposite Dave and Daphne.

Rick instructed the driver, “Where headed to the Story.” It was Miami’s hottest nightclub. “But, how about you take the long way? I need to kill some time.”

“Yes, sir.”

Rick leaned over and whispered something to Kristin. Her face turned red, and she giggled. Then she leaned over and reached under her skirt, lifting her ass off of the seat. After sliding them free from her heeled feet, Kristin handed her panties to Rick, who held them up for all to see.

“She’s not going to need these anymore,” Rick announced, tossing the panties over to Dave. “How about you hold onto these for her, sport.”

As Dave stuffed Kristin’s wet panties into his pocket, Rick unleashed his cock. Dave caught a brief glimpse of its impressive eight inches before Kristin sat on it facing away from Rick. She sighed heavily as she sank down on its length. Rick pulled at the sides of Kristin’s dress, freeing her tits. She tugged on her nipples while beginning a slow bounce on Rick’s lap.

Daphne fiddled with her phone before setting it down beside her. When she leaned against Dave’s shoulder, she could feel the vibration of the plug coursing through his body. Daphne massaged Dave’s thigh as they both watched Kristin fuck Rick. She smiled when her fingers came into contact with the damp part of Dave’s jeans.

They had been on the road for almost 40 minutes before Rick was finally ready to cum. Kristin had already enjoyed several orgasms and was out of breath from her last one. Rick whispered something in Kristin’s ear that made her lean back and pull his cock from her wet pussy.

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