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Jake’s red firebird engine was roaring, as he continued pushing the accelerator down. He was taking full advantage of the straight stretch of road to clear his troubled mind. The twenty-six year old couldn’t believe the turns his life had taken.

“What am I going to do about her?” Jake asked himself.

Any decision he made, would have to be his own. He was all alone, as both his parents were now gone. First, his mother died when he was young. His father raised him the best he could, but spent most of his time at business. Jake knew he raised himself for the most part.

Now, after a short illness, his father died. Being the only child, his inheritance was very substantial. But what upset him now, his father granted lifetime rights of the family house to his stepmother, Janet.

Six months after the reading of the Will, and he was still putting up with the thirty-eight year old prude. She spent all day moping around the house in her church-lady outfits. He had no hard feelings for Janet. They understood each other’s loss. But she was cramping the level of his hedonistic lifestyle.

Janet had runaway three casual girlfriends, the first night he brought them home, with her questions and frosty behavior. Jake would be the first to admit the girls were not of the top social caliber. They were only shapely attractive physical bodies to him.

Jake didn’t understand what his father saw in the five foot six slender brunet Janet. Her dark hair was slightly beyond the shoulder, and might have been her best asset thought Jake. She didn’t wear much makeup and her outfits hid whatever figure she had, if any. Overall Jake thought she looked fair, in a plain sort of way. But his dad had enough money; he could have had a supermodel. Janet didn’t seem special to Jake, except the way she waited on his father. His father never wanted for anything without Janet quickly fetching it. Jake didn’t know what their relationship was like; he was away at college for most of their six years together. After much thought, love was the only answer Jake could come up with for the attraction.

Living with Janet wasn’t all bad to Jake. She acted like a servant to him. She fixed his meals and did his laundry. Jake had always done those things himself and didn’t feel comfortable with someone else doing them.

Jake, However wasn’t about to live like a Monk or a teenager sneaking around to see girls. He wanted a bachelor pad house, and he wanted his house. Janet, on the other hand, wasn’t going anywhere though. When he mentioned buying out her rights she cried in such an unsettling way, Jake never brought it up again. If she left, it would have to be her decision.

Then a name popped into his mind, a name of a person who could help. Brandi was just the woman for the job. Jake had gone out with Brandi a few times, but she craved constant attention and excitement. She grew tired of her lovers quickly. Fortunately for her, she was a happily confirmed bisexual; so she had a larger selection to choose from.

When Jake got home, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He called Brandi the second he walked into his home. Brandi accepted the challenge, especially when he included a trip to Las Vegas.

Everything was now set up; either the wild Brandi would set standards for all other girlfriends to follow, kızılay escort or the prudish Janet would want leave the house.

Either solution would be fine with Jake. His life and house would be his to do with as he pleased.

The next afternoon Jake was sitting on the couch, when the door bell rang. He knew Janet would answer it. He slid over so he could watch his stepmother’s reaction. Brandi stepped into the house abruptly, surprising Janet. The twenty-eight year old Brandi was wearing a short green sundress that hugged her healthy curves perfectly. Her skin was tanned dark as usual. An exceptional tan considering she was a natural redhead. Her red hair was bright straight and lightly beyond the shoulder length. She wasn’t wearing a bra, she never did. Her B cup breasts were so firm she didn’t see the need.

“Can I help you?” Janet asked.

“Hi, you must be Janet,” Brandi said. The redhead reached out her hand to the startled Janet. Janet accepted the hand. “I’m Brandi. Jake did tell you I was coming over, didn’t he?”

“No, but he’s in the living room.”

Jake went to greet his guest. “Hey darling, you made it. I’m glad you’re here.” Jake gave Brandi a friendly hug. “Have you met Janet?”

“Yes we introduced ourselves.” Brandi released Jake and grasped Janet’s hands. “I’m so sorry about your loss. I can’t imagine what you been through.” Brandi’s voice was sincere.

“Thank you, dear.”

Brandi then hugged Janet tight. The hug lasted for a while. Brand began to let her hands roam slowly up and down Janet’s back. When they parted, Janet seemed to be a little uneasy.

“Brandi is going to stay a while.” Jake said.

“So that’s another for dinner then?” Janet asked.

“Jake said you’re a good cook. I can’t wait to taste your—stuff.” Brandi had a huge grin on her face.

Janet started to say something, but turned and walked away. Jake noticed Brandi’s hardened nipples were showing through the fabric of her sundress. Her nipples were the type that swelled out over the entire nipple, and were easily visible when she was excited. She was never embarrassed by them, and liked the attention they produced.

“Why would you want to get her out of the house?” Brandi whispered. She had a sparkle in her green eyes. Then with a much louder voice she says, “She cooks, she cleans, and she’s hot.

“Hot?” Jake could tell Brandi was already planning something. They walked to the couch and sat down.

“You don’t see it do you?” Brandi patted Jake’s arm and held to it as they sat.

Several times before dinner Janet checked on the couple to see if they wanted anything. Brandi made several specific requests, which Janet quickly filled, making the younger woman giddy. Jake thought he saw a tiny smile developing on Janet’s face, but it was hard to tell since she kept her face down.

Dinner went by in the same manner. Brandi would make an occasional request of Janet to fetch her something. Brandi didn’t say please or thank you, but Janet would hastily fill the request.

Jake felt like he could see Janet enjoying the meal and company. Brandi kept the conversation light and comfortable until the meal was near the end. Jake assumed it was part of the redheads plans; not knowing she had devised a plan that suited her.

Once the meal was over, etlik escort Brandi stretched her arms back making the material of her dress tight on her breast. Jake saw Janet’s attention was on Brandi.

“So which bedroom is ours, Jake?” Brandi asked while looking at Janet.

“You’re spending the night?” Janet asked turning her head from the guest. Jake was sure she was embarrassed. He thought the church going prude would say something negative, but she kept quiet.

“Yea, hopefully I won’t keep you up. I can’t help it; I’m a screamer, especially when I’m getting a good fucking.” Brandi turned to Jake. “Of course, I’ve been known to make others scream too.” Brandi pulled out and dangled her keys. “I need you to get my stuff out of my car lover.”

Jake took the keys and gave Brandi a kiss on the cheek. Jake was pleased how everything had gone so far, and he left the women sitting at the table. Janet had her head lowered. She stared at the meal on the table.

“That was a wonderful meal,” Brandi said. She run her finger on the plate and drew up some cheese sauce from her plate. Janet’s dark eyes glanced up at Brandi. Brandi stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. “I bet everything you got taste yummy.”

“Thank, you,” Janet face was flush and her breathing was clearly elevated.

“I’d like to get a shower, so I can feel all clean and fresh.” Brandi said. “I’d like that fresh feeling before I get my pussy filled by your strong hunk of a stepson’s cock. You can understand that can’t you?”

Janet didn’t answer for a few seconds but finally choked out a quiet, “Yes.”

“Can you tell me where the shower is, or do you want to show me?”

“The shower is upstairs third room on the right. It’s across from where you and Jake will — stay.”

Brandi got up and walked around the table to Janet, and gently stroked the dark hair. “You’re a darling.” Brandi turned and sashayed out of the room. Janet remained behind to clear off the table, as she always did.

Jake was coming up the stairs with the suitcase, as Brandi turned to go in the bathroom door. She waited for him. She swung her arms around him and kissed him. Then she says, “Boy-oh-boy, are you going to owe me big; when I get done here. I’m going to get a quick shower, you be ready when I get out.”

Jake just smiled. He didn’t like being told what to do, but he was so happy, he didn’t care right now. He knew the situation with Janet was already better. Maybe he could tolerate the woman a little longer.

After Brandi finished her shower, she dried off and walked out of the bathroom naked. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and was pleased to see Janet. Janet halted at the end of the hall when she caught sight of the naked Brandi. Then Brandi moved slowly towards Janet. Brandi stared at the older woman’s dark eyes. The dark eyes looked nervous but not fearful. Brandi stopped only millimeters from Janet.

“You are a terrific host,” Brandi whispered. Her breath fell on Janet’s lips.

“Thank you, I like to entertain guest.”

Brandi leaned in and gave Janet a kiss. Janet didn’t kiss back; but she didn’t move away either. Brandi’s naked flesh rested upon Janet’s clothing. Then Brandi broke from the kiss and slowly shimmied back to Jake’s room. She stopped and demetevler escort turned back towards Janet giving her a final view. Brandi was proud of her firm body. She worked at keeping it tone. Janet had her eyes fixed on Brandi’s curved behind before she turned around. Brandi enjoyed the attention. She loved showing off her allover tan. Brandi ran her fingers across her small triangle of red pubic hair above her shaved pussy. Then she blew Janet a kiss and winked.

Brandi left the door wide open to Jake’s room as she entered. Jake sat up on the bed, when the naked Brandi came in. He was only wearing his boxers. Brandi paused for a second; she knew Janet hadn’t walked by the door yet. She quickly walked over and snatched his boxers off. Jake went to grasp Brandi but she shoved him back down.

“You have a nice cock,” Brandi said loudly. She run her fingers down the stiffing erection, letting her fingernails scratches the base slightly. “It’s not long but it’s nice and thick. And it gets so hard. I like how it curves up a little, just enough. You need to put such a fine cock to better use.

“I’m trying aren’t I,” Jake said. He didn’t know Janet was outside the door listening.

Brandi lowered her head and kissed the cock softly. Then she traced her tongue up from the base to the tip. She glanced back at the open door and was sure she saw Janet’s shadow. When she turned back to Jake she whispered, “You’re clueless in what you’ve inherited.”

Jake didn’t understand what Brandi meant. His thoughts were pleasantly interrupted when she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock. She then swirled her tongue around the tip. The warmth and wetness made Jake’s mussels tremble.

Brandi removed her mouth from his erection. “More of that later, I need my pussy filled right now.”

She climbed on top of Jake and lowered herself onto him. Jake couldn’t believe how soaked and hot hers pussy was. She leaned down and gave him and open wet kiss. Their tongues intertwined. She broke the kiss so she could start raising her body up and down his rigid cock.

Her wetness was limiting friction so she increased the pace. Then she reached up left hand and gave her nipple a little squeeze. Jake could feel her pussy lips tighten and her body give a shutter from a minor orgasm. She let out a low moan. Once it subsided she put both hands down on his chest to help increase the length and speed of her motions.

Jake moved to meet her thrust the best he could. Then he reached up and pinched both her nipples lightly. Brandi started moaning loudly. Her pussy lips tightened and her body trembled as she rode through a terrific orgasm. She screamed in delight. He couldn’t hold back and shot his cum into her.

Brandi leaned down and laughed. “That was good but a little too quick.” She pulled herself off and turned her body over Jake’s in a sixty-nine position. She lowered her cum filled pussy onto Jake’s mouth. Then she looked out the door and saw Janet’s shadow.

“I wonder if we disturbed your mommy, Janet.” Brandi said loudly. Jake didn’t answer as his mind and mouth were concentrating on Brandi’s delicious pussy. As Brandi began to suck on Jakes cock the she watch the shadow move away.

For several hours Jake and Brandi tried multiple positions. The door stayed open and they were both very vocal. They ended the night back in the sixty-nine position. As Jake lapped up the warm juices coming out of Brandi; he felt good about what he had started. He didn’t know it was only the beginning of his inherited fortune.


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