Problems Need Solutions

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A short and simple story involving a mother and son. Enjoy!

I welcome your feedback so please do comment or mail me.


“What seems to be the problem Abi?” said the unknown woman while taking a sip of coffee.

“It’s Grant…”

“Your son?” asked the unknown woman.

“Yes. He’s started this new job as a club promoter. You know advertising the clubs on social media, bringing people to the event, promoting drink specials and so on.”

“It’s been a long time since I have been clubbing but I understand. What is the issue?” asked Faye.

Two women, Faye and Abigail were sitting at a local café sipping on their cappuccino’s and catching up. They were old friends that got together once a week to chat. Abigail and her son Grant lived together in a large house. Abi had filed for divorce from her husband three years ago due to constant “business trips” with his personal assistant. It all came out he was cheating on Abi and eventually she had had enough. In the divorce she got the house, custody of her son (he was 16 at the time) with visitation rights for her ex-husband and enough money to last them very comfortably for two lifetimes.

“The issue is Grant is constantly coming home with these women. You know, club girls, dancers or bartenders, I dunno! And he’s…he’s sleeping with them!”

“What’s the harm in that?” asked Faye.

“Well it’s three to four times a week. I mean, I never had sex that often even when I was single, and they are…so loud! Our house is large as you know but I can still hear him as if he is just outside my door. Both moaning, screaming in pleasure and…and it just feels so wrong! But more than that, I’m worried he will get an STD or get a woman pregnant.”

“Oh my!” Faye looked a bit flustered. “Have you tried talking to him?”

“No, I’ve been too embarrassed. I can’t tell him to stop having sex. I know it’s normal, but I’m concerned he isn’t being safe.”

“I see. What do these women look like if I may ask? Do you see them”

“I sometimes get a glance of them leaving the house or making coffee in the kitchen. I can’t even come downstairs properly as I don’t want to embarrass them, you know?”

“Yes, but what do they look like?” Faye asked.

“This is the thing…they all…how do I say this…have the same body type.”

“You mean they all are skinny, I’m sure!”

“Well yes, but they…all of them have…massive breasts!” Abi said in a whisper.

“Huh? You mean…like all of them are skinny with big boobs?” Faye asked.

“Shhh! Yes…” Abi said in a low whisper while giggling a little.

“Well you know what that means? He’s a boob guy! But more than that I think I know how to solve the problem.” said Faye confidently.

“How? I’ll try anything!” said Abi!

“He’s a young man, hormones raging and so on. He obviously has a high sex drive and I think it’s because of you.”

“Me? What? How do you mean?” asked Abi frantically.

“I think you should cover up less. I mean look at your figure, it’s stunning so why cover it up? You have massive breasts, a thick butt, big hips, slim tummy, long flowing dark hair, petite…”

“So you saying I should show off my body to my son and this will help him become less horny and not sleep around so much.” Abi interrupted.

“Well no…I mean that’s simplifying it too much. I noticed with my boys; they were less sexual when I was more comfortable talking to them about sex. Using the same method in a slightly different way, you could help Grant become more accustomed to sex and therefore won’t be such a man whore! And of course, talk to him about safe sex!”

Both women laughed. “Look, I’ll try it. I have some low-cut tops to show off these babies and my yoga pants to show off my butt. I really hope this works.”

“I’m sure it will.”

Then both women continued chatting about life and other things until it was time to leave.

When Abi got home, she went straight to her closet and found some clothes to wear. Sexy but not giving away too much. Grant wasn’t home yet, so she tried on various outfits in front of the mirror. She finally settled on a push up bra (2 sizes too small), tight white low-cut top, grey yoga pants and sports shoes. Her giant breasts looked so round and large. They bulged out of her too small top, pushed up by a huge bra. Looking beautiful, the busty goddess started getting dinner ready for her son.

Grant eventually came home. The door banged. “Hi Mom!”

“In here darling!” shouted Abi down the hall.

“Something smells great!” he shouted back.

“I’m making your favourite!”

“What a treat, I’m really hungry…been very busy with managing a new club opening and…”

He stopped and stared as his mother was busy at the sink. Her large bum wobbled firmly in her tight yoga pants and stuck out far from her petite body. He could make out the sides of her giant breasts even from behind her. Her thin tight waist looked so good and showed off a hint of skin of her sexy back. He couldn’t believe it. His petite, gaziantep zenci escort short mother never dressed like this. He felt his hard cock start to throb.

Abi turned around. “Is something wrong honey?” she asked.

“Huh? No…nothing…You look great mom!”

Abi smiled. She knew it was working and even though it felt weird to have her son look at her like that, she felt good about herself.

“Thanks darling…alright, dinner’s almost ready. Why don’t you go shower and come downstairs? After dinner we can have a nice chat!”

“OK mom!” he said as he rushed out of his room and went for a shower.

He came down later as Abi was serving dinner. They sat down and started to eat. Grant couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Her tremendous, bulging breasts shook and threatened to burst from her top.

“So tell me about the new club opening.” Said Abi.

“Well it’s a very large club, 3 dancefloors and an amazing sound system. I’ve arranged for some top DJ’s to play on the night and that’s what’s very stressful. Dealing with international DJ’s who cost a lot of money, but I’m making a good profit. Do you want to see a flyer for the party?”

“Sure!” said his mom smiling.

He passed the flyer to her. On the pinkish background were the DJ line-ups, the drink specials but what you could not miss was the busty girl in a skimpy outfit. Abi gasped.

“She’s gifted!” Abi laughed.

“Nah, they not real. They look it but they aren’t!” said Grant nonchalantly.

“How do you know”? asked Abi.

“Well I’ve slept with her.”

“Lucky you then!” Abi laughed. “Do you usually sleep with busty women?” The question excited Grant. He felt a stirring in his pants. Abi was genuinely curious and a bit excited. She knew he liked big breasts. His eyes lingered on his mom’s big boobs longer as he looked up.

The question caught him off guard.

“Huh? I mean…no…I mean yes…I…”

“I know you like big boobs darling. I’ve seen the women you bring home.”

Grant was a little embarrassed. They had not spoken about his one-night stands and just assumed his mom didn’t mind. Grant laughed nervously.

“Well yes, I guess I do like…well love big boobs!” he conceded.

He was very nervous and getting horny. Abi’s tits jiggled and pressed against her low-cut top. It looked like they wanted to escape. Each breast was much bigger than his head.

“I’m worried about you honey. Sleeping with all these women, well I just don’t want you to get an STD or get her pregnant something.” She said looking concerned.

“I’m always safe mom…I always…um…pull out!” he said seriously.

“But don’t you use a condom!” Abi asked looking shocked.

“Well the thing is mom, I…” he was looking embarrassed now. Almost ashamed. He stuttered his words out.

I…can’t…um…find one’s that fit!” he blurted out.

“What do you mean? Are they too big for you sweety?”

“Um…opp…opposite of that…ah…too small!” he looked down, ashamed and a little scared.

Abi sensed this and tried to comfort him. She was also shocked. How could there not be a condom that fits him. Is he bragging, she thought.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m sure that’s not right, I’ll…I’ll get you some in the morning and you can try those, OK? I’ll get ones that fit!”

“Thanks mom!”

“But darling, I am worried that you’re sleeping around too much. Even if these women at the clubs have big boobs, and you have urges. Do you think you could not bring them around as often?”

“Why mom?” he asked.

“Well, darling. I don’t want to embarrass you further, but I can hear everything. There is a lot of moaning, crying out and screaming!”

“OH GOD!” he said, covering his face with his hands.

“Sorry honey!”

“OK mom, I’ll be more discreet and not bring them home too often!” he smiled.

She wanted to change the subject to anything to stop embarrassing him.

“Thanks darling! Now tell me, how big are those boobs of that pretty girl?”

Grant was very excited, and his cock started to harden at the thought of discussing big breasts with his sexy mother.

“Oh those?” he said, feigning casually. Meanwhile he was getting very horny.

“She is E cup.” He blurted out.

“Wow that’s huge, darling!”

“Not the biggest I’ve been with.” He bragged.

Abi started giggling and started to feel excited. Knowing she had even bigger breasts than that excited her.

“So what’s the biggest breasts you’ve been with then, Mr. Casanova?” she asked.

“Um…trying to think. Whew, there was Mandy, she had enormous breasts but the biggest I’ve been with was Samantha. She was an G cup, all natural and slim. A far out dreamy looked appear on his face.

“Grant. Grant!”

“Huh?” His mom giggled.

“You were dreaming about her boobs again weren’t you?”

“Guilty!” he said and laughed a bit.

“You naughty boob boy!” she laughed. “So, do you think you could tone it down gaziantep escort with the women then? And will you wear a condom when I bring some home tomorrow?”

“Yes mom, I’ll try!”

“Good. OK, well, I’m off to bed. Come hug your mom!”

They pulled in for a hug as Grant felt his moms’ huge tits crush against his lower chest. He was quite a bit taller than her, so her giant tits were felt from his stomach to just before his groin. He moaned slightly as he felt her breasts envelop him. The hug lasted longer than normal and just before he started getting hard, they broke the hug.

“Ah…Good night mom!”

“Sleep tight darling!” she said.

Both mother and son went to their separate rooms, dreaming of the horny talk. Grant whipped out his cock and pleasured it until he came hard and meanwhile, Abi rubbed her clit till she came and fell asleep.

The next morning was a Saturday. Abi got up feeling well rested and happy. She couldn’t remember why until the memories of last night flooded back. She felt that her talk with her son Grant went well and he was going to tone down bringing women home and practise safe sex.

She went to peek in his room and saw he was still sleeping. She slowly shut the door and went to shower and get ready. Once dressed, looking beautiful and sexy in a tight dress that hugged every curve especially her massive mounds on top, she left for the chemist.

Upon arriving at the chemist she made her way to the sexual health aisle. She looked at the various lubes and condoms. There was sensitive and extra sensitive and ribbed and flavoured condoms. There were so many to choose from. She found a good brand of condoms and went for the largest size they had called Length and Girth. The package said from 9-11 inches. A warm confusing feeling came over her. Was her son really that big. She gathered herself, took the box of condoms and went to pay. After paying and driving home she went upstairs.

She heard the shower running.

Abi knocked on the door gently. “Grant?” she said.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“I got the condoms you needed. It’s good for a month. I’m going to leave them outside the door. Will you try them on and let me know?”

“Uh…yes…sure mom!” he said through the door.

Abi left the condoms outside the door and went downstairs to make herself some coffee. Suddenly a weird feeling came over her. She had just brought her son some condoms and asked him to try them on. Was this normal, she thought? She convinced herself it was fine as she was looking out for her son and wanted him to practise safe sex. The one thing that she was still conflicted about was how horny she got when discussing the women he had slept with. Was it jealousy, or lust or what was it. She took a sip of coffee and thought hard. It had been many years since she had any type of sexual contact and this she thought, was the reason for her feelings.

I better go check on how he’s doing with those condoms. She walked upstairs, her heart beating and knocked on the door. “Grant?” There was no answer.

“Grant?” she called again. Finally, he responded.

“Yes mom?”

“How is it going in there? Do they fit alright?” Silence again.


“Um…mom. They…I can’t get it over…”

“Can’t get it over what darling?”

“Mom, the condom won’t fit!” It won’t go over my…Ah…OW! Fuck…Mom I give up!” he shouted through the door.

Abi was shocked, this couldn’t possibly be, this was the largest size they had. Her son had to be joking. Maybe this was his way of saying he didn’t want to wear a condom.

“Have you tried another one, maybe that one is faulty?”

“Mom, I’ve tried 3, they just won’t fit!”

Abi thought for a while. She needed to put a stop to this, there was no way her son was too big for a condom.

“Grant, if this is your way of not trying to wear a condom…”

“I’m trying mom, I’m not lying, it’s just too big!”

Her heart was beating faster now. Her son claimed his cock was too big for a condom. This excited her beyond belief. What was she going to do? She thought for a few seconds.

“Darling, I think I need to come in and try help you?”

“No mom, don’t do that…that’s…not necessary!” he said through the door.

“But how do I know you’re telling the truth and you’re just not wanting to wear a condom?” she asked. Silence.

“What you wanna do mom, ask me to show you my dick?”

The horny mother stood there, conflicted, thinking about what to do.

I don’t think I have a choice the mother thought. She thought longer for a few moments, then suddenly, Abi didn’t know what got into her, she opened the door abruptly and caught her son off-guard. He was naked and putting his towel away. Her eyes zoomed down to his massive manhood.

In front of her was her son, naked and with a cock so huge, veiny and throbbing jutting out from his body, it didn’t look real. It looked the size and width of 3 beer cans stacked on top of each other. Except this massive cock was attached to a skinny, but fit body. The thick mushroom circumcised head was red, probably from trying to squeeze the tight condom around it. Her eyes were glued to it for what felt like minutes.

Her son jumped. “Jesus mom! PRIVACY!” he shouted.

“S…S…SORRY!” Abi stuttered and she slammed the door. She leant back against the door and took a deep breath. Her heart was racing, her breathing was shallow, and her pussy was throbbing and feeling wet. He really was telling the truth. She came to the realization that the condoms made for 11 inches of cock wouldn’t fit over her son’s massive erection.

She fled to her room, opened her drawer and whipped out the biggest dildo she could find. It was 9 inches, barely good enough but she shoved it in her dripping cunt and rubbed her clit and moaned until she came so hard, she almost passed out. After finally recovering from what was her most incredible orgasm in many years, a wave of guilt washed over her. She had violated her son’s privacy and had masturbated with a dildo pretending it was him. How could they face each other now?

Suddenly she heard the front door open and Grant shouting up the stairs; “I’ll be home later mom!” then the door closed. What was Abi going to do? She decided to go try other chemists. By the end of the afternoon she had tried 3 chemists, some even out of town and checked 2 online stores but was not able to find a condom that could fit. She wanted her son to practise safe sex but what if he couldn’t.

Abi came home exhausted and relaxed on the sofa and watched TV. Eventually she fell asleep. She woke up when Grant came back and closed the door. “Mom, I’m home!” he yelled.

“In the lounge!” his mom shouted back. “Darling, could I talk to you?”

There was no answer for a few seconds.

“Uh…OK mom!”

Grant joined his mom in the living room looking embarrassed and a little scared. Nothing compared to how Abi felt. “Uh…have a seat honey!” she said inviting him to sit down next to her. He sat down 2 places away from her. His head looking down.

“I’m so sorry for barging into the bathroom today…”

“Jees mom, please don’t…” he interrupted while keeping his eyes down.

“Darling, I must tell you, I know you’re embarrassed but I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy.”

“It’s fine mom…can I go know?”

“Yes, it’s fine, just wanted to apologize. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“OK, good night mom!” he said and slowly got up and went up the stairs. Abi was sure his eyes lingered a bit on her busty, voluptuous body.

She cleaned up a bit in the kitchen and then slowly made her way up to bed. She was still exhausted. She climbed the stairs and when she got to the top, heard a weird noise.

It sounded like someone laughing. The sound stopped. She listened carefully, turning her head. The sound had gone. She started walking to her room. There it was again. This time it sounded louder, but different. No longer laughing but, could that be moaning she thought?

She crept closer to her sons closed bedroom door and heard without a doubt loud moaning. Her son was masturbating. She couldn’t stop listening. The moaning grew louder and quickened. “FUCK…GONNA CUM!” he screamed through his door. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Abi’s heart was racing hard and fast. Her breathing was laboured as she listened to her son cum. Thinking about him jacking his monstrous cock excited her beyond belief.

She ran back to her room, closed the door and reached into her drawer again. After another powerful orgasm, she felt amazing. No longer guilty. She turned over and tried to go to sleep. Tossing and turning for hours, she decided to get up and get a drink of water downstairs. She walked passed Grant’s room and listened carefully. Not a sound. Abi went into the kitchen and poured herself some water and crept up the stairs. She passed Grant’s room and she heard moaning again.

Abi froze. She knew it was wrong to spy on her son, but the thought of his huge cock, couldn’t get out of her mind. She heard him moan. “Fuck…Fuck…yes…ahhh…fuck those tits…so soft!” Abi licked her lips and listened with her ear to the door. “Gonna cum…ahhhhhhh…FUUUUUUCK!” And seconds later there was silence. Abi again rushed to her room and whipped out the dildo and fucked herself to sleep. This happened every night for 3 more nights. She realised her son was masturbating furiously two or three times a day. He wasn’t bringing women home, but sure this much masturbation was unhealthy she thought.

The next morning, Abi called her best friend Faye and invited her for coffee at their usual restaurant.

They met in the late morning. After the usual chit chat, Faye asked about Grant.

“How is he? Did you chat to him about using a condom?”

“Well, I did and yes he isn’t bringing women home now, but…” she stared into the distance. Her face showed hesitation and confliction.

“What’s the matter?” asked Faye.

“He isn’t bringing the women around, but he is…masturbating…like a few times a day!”

“How do you know?” asked Faye looking shocked. “You’re not spying on him, are you?”

“No, I’m not spying, I’m just checking he is OK!” she said. Abi was lying to herself. Knowing her son had an enormous cock turned her on immensely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32