Prom Night

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The light of a bright full moon illuminated the wide dirt road as Michelle walked along the edge. In the distance behind her, she could still hear the music from the North Shore Country Club – site of the Senior Prom. It seemed to the 18-year-old brunette that she had been walking for well over an hour, but a glance at her watch told her it was only five past two. Only a half-hour had passed since she’d broken up with her boyfriend, Bobby.

The night had started off perfect enough, much like that of any Senior Prom. All the girls had looked radiant in their prom dresses, the guys dressed to kill in their suits. At the center of it all had been Michelle Petrocelli and Bobby Fortuna, everyone’s odds on favorites to be elected King and Queen of Prom Night.

All through senior year, they had been the perfect couple. Bobby, the star quarterback of the All State Championship Team, and Michelle the leader of the cheerleader squad. Behind the scenes they’d had their ups and downs, but no more than any other couple their age. Bobby was always trying to score both on and off the field. Michelle always on the defensive, letting him score a first down now and then, but holding the line against a touchdown.

That had been her game plan, but one which she planned to change tonight. Unknown to Bobby, Michelle had made up her mind to let him have her ‘precious pearl’ as her grandmother used to refer to it. Up to this point, they had confined their activities to heavy petting and recently the addition of oral sex to their back seat adventures. Of course Bobby’s definition of oral meant that Michelle performed it on him but he didn’t necessarily have to reciprocate.

So it was no surprise to Michelle when Bobby announced about one o’clock that they should get out of there and he had something really special planned. It was no secret that several couples had already relocated to various motels in the area where several of her classmates had already surrendered their pearls.

With a smile in anticipation of what she knew was ahead, Michelle followed Bobby out into the parking lot. What did surprise her was finding Bobby’s best friend, Jack Nelson, waiting by their car.

“What’s Jack doing here?” She asked Bobby in a low voice as she held tightly onto his arm. “Are we giving him a life home?”

“Well I figured it would be more fun if we all went down to the Lantern Inn together.” Bobby replied.

“I guess we could give him and Connie a lift.” Michelle answered as she looked around the parking lot for Connie Foster, Jack’s girlfriend. “Where’s Connie?” she asked when she saw no sign of her classmate.

“Connie’s parents already picked her up.” Jack said nonchalantly, “It’s just going to be the three of us.”

At first, Michelle thought it was a joke, until she saw the serious look on Bobby’s face. He really expected her to let Jack join the two of them.

“Are you out of your mind?” She yelled, pulling her arm away from him and taking a few steps backward. “Do you think I’m some whore who’s going to roll over for one of your friends?”

“Calm down baby,” Bobby hushed. “It’s not like that at all.”

“It better not be!” she replied, trying to regain her calm.

“Of course not,” he continued. “It’s not like I want you to spread your legs for him or anything like that. I’m saving that special treat for me.” he added with a little laugh.

Michelle’s face registered only confusion.

“I just want you to give him a little head.”

“What?” she gasped; sure she had heard him wrong.

“It’s not like you’ve never given a blow job before,” he clarified. “And I have to say, you are good at it.”

Michelle’s normally pale face turned a bright crimson as her temper fared to a level she hadn’t reached since she was twelve. All the nights she had laid awake planning how special she wanted this to be, and now Bobby expected her to act like she was some cheap hooker.

“Are you out of your fucking mind!” Michelle exploded, her voice carrying across the parking lot.

“Baby, quiet down.” Bobby intoned. “Someone is going to hear you.”

“I don’t care.” she replied, unable to believe that this was the guy she was going to give up her virginity for.

“You don’t understand,” Bobby went on in a lower tone, hoping she would follow suit. “I’m in a lot of trouble. The only reason I got to play in the Championship Game was that I managed to pass the Math and English finals. And the only reason I was able to do that was because I bought copies of the tests from Jack. Now I owe him five hundred dollars.”

“You cheated on the finals?” Michelle asked.

“If I didn’t play in the Championship I could’ve kissed that scholarship to Northern State goodbye. Then where would I be?”

“I don’t understand any of this. What does that have to do with us and Jack.”

“I don’t have the money.” he answered. “My Dad had promised it to me as a graduation gift, but when he found the copies of the tests in my room he said I wasn’t going to get it.”

Michelle still didn’t understand.

“Jack and I worked görükle escort out a deal.” he concluded. “He’s always had the hots for you, ever since freshman year. You take care of him, just this once and he’ll give me all summer to get the money. Otherwise some of his friends are going to break something on me that’s going to make my playing days over for good.”

Full clarity finally filled her face.

“You lousy goddamn bastard!” she thundered as she slapped Bobby’s face with all the strength she could muster. “If that’s all I ever meant to you, then you can get down and blow him yourself!”

With that she turned and ran as fast as she could down the walkway leading back to the road. Bobby made no effort to stop her, even though he knew it was a ten-mile walk back to Ridgewood Falls.

“Stupid cunt!” she heard him call after her as she ran. “There’s a dozen girls at this dance alone who’d lift their dresses in a minute to be my girlfriend!”

So there she was, less than a half-mile down the road and already tired of walking. Prom dress and heels made a lousy outfit for hiking. The gown had been a gift from her parents, costing more than Bobby had paid for those tests. By the time she made it home, it wouldn’t be worth more than a washrag.

“Shit!” she muttered under her breath as her heel caught in a small hole. “The way this night is going it’ll probably rain next.”

Fifteen aching minutes later, Michelle heard the sound of a car coming down the road from the direction of the club. Moving to the other side of the road to give it plenty of passing room, she could soon see the headlights come into view.

“Oh God,” she though as the lights grew larger. “What if it’s Bobby?”

When he hadn’t come right after her, she figured he’d taken the other road home. Now she didn’t want to face him.

As the car approached and slowed to a stop, Michelle saw that it was definitely not Bobby. Instead of the battered old Tercel that her now ex-boyfriend drove, Michelle was standing next to a 1999 chrome blue corvette convertible.

“Strange time for a nature walk.” said a soft feminine voice from the car.

The driver’s side door opened and out stepped one of the most beautiful women Michelle had ever seen. Almost a half foot taller than her own 5 ft 2, the woman had light blonde hair done up in an elaborate style. A low cut red evening gown barely contained an ample bosom, the size of which Michelle could only envy. Many were the times the young girl had stolen secret looks at her classmates in the showers and locker room, concealing her disappointment at her own 32-inch bust. Hanging between the crevice of the older woman’s mounds was an oval shaped diamond the likes of which Michelle had only see in fashion magazines. Resting on the ring finger of her left hand was a wedding and engagement ring set that matched the necklace.

“I had a fight with my boyfriend,” Michelle stuttered. “I guess I should’ve made sure I had a ride home first.”

It was only at that moment that Michelle realized how incredibly stupid she’d been. It would’ve been easy to have just gone back up the road and gotten a ride from someone else, or just even called a cab. She had been so furious at Bobby that she hadn’t been thinking right.

Her face also paled more than normal when she realized how dangerous a walk down this road at this time of the night could be. Never mind the chance that she might get hit by a car or attacked by some animal in the woods. What if the car that stopped had been filled with a bunch of drunken guys from the Prom? She could’ve wound up gang-banged or worse, left for dead in a ditch somewhere.

“Are you okay?” the older woman asked in a concerned voice.

“I’m okay,” Michelle replied, the color coming back to her face. “I guess it just hit me how idiotic it was for me to take off on my own like I did.”

“Can’t say I haven’t been there myself at one time or another,” the driver said. “Making stupid decisions I mean. Can I at least offer you a ride.”

“Could you ever!” Michelle exclaimed as she took a step forward and was reminded how sore her feet were.

“Hop in,” the woman said as she got back into the small car and unlocked the passenger door. “My names Samantha Clark – Worthington, but my friends just call me Sam.” she smiled.

“Michelle Petrocelli.” came the reply as the younger girl ran around to the other side of the car.

Settling into the passenger seat of the two seater, Michelle had a better chance to assess her rescuer. Her best guess was that Samantha was in her early 30’s and Michelle hoped she looked that good in a dozen years. The designer gown she wore made the Prom Dress that she had spent so much time choosing look like the rag she had earlier envisioned it becoming. It had to have cost more than her Dad made in a month. As the car roared down the road, Michelle felt she should be on one of those late night soaps her Mother loved, surrounded by this much elegance.

“Care to talk about it?” Samantha asked after they had been driving a few minutes.

“It’s eskort bayan kind of embarrassing.”

“Sometimes it helps,” came the reply as Samantha turned and smiled at her. “I promise I won’t think any less of you. And I think it would be easier to talk to a stranger than your parents.”

“Ain’t that the truth.” Michelle laughed.

Something about the friendly manner the older woman projected made Michelle want to open up. Before she knew it, she was telling the whole story of how she planned to give Bobby her most precious gift, and instead wound up being asked to play the whore to help pay off a debt.

“I’m nobody’s door prize.” she said as she concluded her story.

“You’re better off without him, Honey,” Samantha said as she made a wide turn. “He was a stupid bastard.”

“And I think he was planning a lot more that what he was saying.” she added as she looked out into the dark woods rolling past. “Why else would he want Jack to come back to the Inn with us. If all he wanted was for me to blow him I could’ve done that in the car. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“Don’t sweat it dear, words don’t bother me.” Samantha replied. “Only people can when they try to use them to hurt. I know that wasn’t your intent.”

“Oh not at all. It’s just that the idea that he wanted me to do it with both of them got me so mad. I still can’t believe that he wanted to share me.”

“Well, what he suggested can be an adventure,” Samantha said with a knowing smile. “But it was certainly crude of him to suggest something like that for your first time. Things like that should be your decision. It’s like a joke a friend of mine once told me. Why is dating more stressful for men than women?”

“Why?” Michelle asked, unable to even come up with a guess.

“It’s because a man spends so much time wondering if the night will end with sex, and the woman already knows.”

Michelle laughed out loud. It was both funny and when she thought about it, very true.

It then occurred to Michelle that Samantha might very well be talking from experience when she said that being with two men could be an adventure. She was sure, that if that was the case, it hadn’t been because some boyfriend had tried to pressure her into it. No, it had to have been on her terms.

It was strange, she thought to herself, what an hour ago she thought of as disgusting now seemed very erotic. Without realizing it, Michelle found herself staring at the dress draped across Samantha’s long legs and wondering what they looked like beneath it.

“It’s pretty warm for a June night,” Samantha said as they came up on a 7-11 by the road. “Want to stop and get something cold to drink?”

The unexpected question snapped Michelle’s attention away from the folds of Samantha’s gown.

“Sure…” she stumbled, realizing she was flustered and it had nothing to do with the heat.

Samantha was in and out of the 24-hour convenience store in a few minutes. In her arms was a small paper bag with two bottles of Coke.

“If you’re not in a rush to get home, I know a real cool place that we can drink these. It’s not too far away.” she said as she handed Michelle the bag and slid back into the car.

“That would be great.” Michelle answered without thinking. For a moment she had second thoughts, but then figured, why not. She was enjoying Samantha’s company, a lot more than that of girlfriends her own age.

Also, her parents really didn’t expect her home until the morning. It had been her Dad who had taken Mom to their own Prom and they still remembered what it had been like to be 18.

Of course since they did, they had also made sure that they’d had “the talk”. An event that included a trip to the gynecologist in order to prevent any accidents. They trusted her, they’d said, to make her own decisions. But better safe than sorry. Mom had even slipped a pack of condoms into her purse before Bobby had picked her up.

Well they certainly weren’t going to be used tonight, Michelle thought, or any night soon. If she never saw Bobby Fortuna again it would be fine with her.

“It’s not far,” Samantha repeated as she put the car in gear. “And it has the most beautiful view of the lake.”

Five minutes later, the blue Corvette was parked along the edge of Eagle View Lake. It was a heavily wooded area that opened into a small clearing. It was all but invisible from the road.

“This is so beautiful,” Michelle exclaimed as she admired the moon’s reflection in the crystal clear lake. “I’m surprised that no one else ever comes here.”

“It’s a carefully kept secret,” Samantha said as she took a drink from the bottle of Coke. “I went to college not far from here and this spot was one of the secrets of my Sorority. Just a quiet spot where a girl could relax and maybe dream a little. We never brought any of the guys up here.”

Michelle really didn’t hear what Samantha was saying. She was fascinated instead by a drop of soda that had spilled onto the older woman’s chin and flowed altıparmak escort down her neck, down to the valley between her breasts.

“I’m sorry…” Michelle mumbled in embarrassment when Samantha caught her staring. “It’s just that you’re so beautiful.”

“There’s no need to apologize, Michelle,” she smiled warmly. “In fact, if anything I should feel complimented.”

Basking in the warmth of Samantha’s smile made Michelle feel a little strange inside. Then, when the woman ran a manicured hand down across her breast to wipe off the soda, the young girl felt her legs go weak.

“That soda hit the spot,” Samantha said as she drained the last of the bottle. “Guess its time we saw about getting you home.”

“There’s no rush!” Michelle said quickly. “I mean, can we stay here a little longer? It’s so nice and my parents don’t expect me home for hours.” she added, more than a little disconcerted by her quick plea to stay.

Michelle didn’t know how Samantha was going to react to her appeal. In truth, she didn’t really know why she had made it. She only knew that she liked this woman’s company and didn’t want to easily let it go.

“If I came home too early, I’d have to explain why.” she quickly continued, knowing full well that it was a rather lame excuse. “And I’d rather not have to tell them what happened.”

“Well we can’t have that now, can we?” Samantha laughed, a laugh that said she could think of a dozen reasons for Michelle’s early homecoming. “It is a really beautiful night and I guess we could stay here a little longer. My parents aren’t expecting me early either.”

Michelle laughed at that one too. Turning the radio on low, the two women sat back in the cushioned seats and listened. A cool breeze from the lake washed over them. Without thinking about it, Michelle found herself curled up against Samantha.

“Can I ask you something?” she said after a little while.

“Of course, honey” Samantha answered.

“Do all guys stay the assholes they seem to be when they are teens or do they get better?”

“Well there’s a loaded question,” Samantha laughed. “And not one with an easy answer. But I guess I’d have to say that like with everything in life, you sometimes have to sort through a lot of crap to get to the prize. There are some really good men out there of all ages, you just have to take the time and effort to find them.”

“And what’s a girl supposed to do in the meantime?” Michelle asked rhetorically.

“Well, I’ve been told we live in the age of technology.” Samantha laughed.

“I have a girlfriend that would agree with you there.” Michelle grinned. “She says Duracells are a girl’s best friend.”

“That’s so wicked,” Samantha replied. “But sadly enough many times true.”

“Is that what you do?” Michelle asked, then realized that she might’ve gone over the line. “Oh I’m sorry, Samantha, I shouldn’t have asked you something like that.”

“It’s OK, and I said my friend’s call me Sam.” she replied as she ran a hand through her hair. “And to answer the question, no I’m not into battery powered lovers.”

“What do you do then?” she asked, then added. “Sam?”

“Well let’s just say that a woman has other options and leave it at that. When you’re older you’ll probably figure it out for yourself.”

“Are you talking about other girls?” Michelle inquired.

Samantha seemed surprised by the question.

“Well I said you were insightful,” she said. “but what would a girl like you know about things like that?”

“I made out with Wanda Jacobs once.”

“Oh really,” Sam said. “And how did that happen?”

“Wanda was my best friend during junior year. She didn’t have a lot of experience with guys and asked me once what it was like kissing and making out. It seemed like of silly at first, but before we knew it we were really making out. If my Mom hadn’t called up to us that dinner was ready I’m not sure where we might have gone.”

“Anything after that?” Samantha asked out of curiosity.

“Wanda’s Dad died a week later and they moved out of state. I never saw her again.”

“I’m sorry, did you miss her?”

“I not sure, I thought I did, but after a while I wasn’t sure.”

“What does that mean?”

“I mean after a while I wasn’t sure if I missed Wanda or what we did.”

“Did you ever try it again with anyone else?”

“I thought about it, but there never seemed to be the opportunity.”

“Would you want another opportunity?”

Michelle didn’t answer with words. Instead she looked deep into Samantha’s emerald eyes, finding a kinship that transcended years. She reached for the woman’s hand and used it to stroke her shoulder length hair, guiding it down across her neck until in came to rest against the curve of her small breasts.

The brunette felt an electric thrill go through her as she felt Samantha’s nails caress her flesh. She was both scared and excited at the same time. A small part of her said no, but a larger part screamed yes. She knew that here, hidden in the moonlight, no one would ever know.

The blonde shifted in her seat and brought both hands to the side of Michelle’s face. A familiarity filled her face as she drew the girl closer and kissed her. Gently at first, their lips barely touching. Then harder a second time, her more experienced tongue finding Michelle’s.

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