Property of Devil’s Outlaws (Part 8)

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Chapter 9: Hannah’s Warm Welcome Back

Hannah had no idea how she survived the next several days with Big Joe. Over the course of that time, the huge beast continued to take Hannah with him to many different towns and neighborhoods. Her purpose on these trips, of course, was to fuck whoever he commanded her to. Then, in the evenings, she was forced to pleasure the sadistic biker in unimaginably cruel ways. Every single night the Outlaw raped Hannah at least two or three times, and since he was such an anal aficionado, he hardly ever fucked the Asian’s pussy. In addition to fucking her, Big Joe also spent countless hours beating her and making her drink his pee and lick his asshole. The entire time Hannah was with him he had not pissed into a toilet or urinal even once, opting for her pretty little mouth instead.
It was on the very last day together that the wretched Asian had finally had enough. Unlike all the other days, Big Joe had no more deliveries or stops to make, so he’d literally spent the entire day fucking and beating the piss out of poor Hannah. He raped her at least half a dozen times during the day, tearing up her tight little asshole and vagina with his colossal shaft. And when he wasn’t fucking her, the Outlaw was busy choking, slapping, or thrashing the Asian with his belt, just for the hell of it.
By the end of the night, Hannah was in so much suffering and torment that she finally tried to bring an end to her nightmarish life. After Big Joe had told her to shower up, the miserable Asian stepped into the tub and immediately started chugging a container of shampoo as well as a bottle of draining fluid. However, Big Joe could hear the girl coughing badly, and when he discovered what she was doing he became completely enraged. He’d dragged the screaming, terrified girl out of the tub, tied her hands together behind her back, and then thrashed her all over her body with his belt for more than three hours. By the time the biker was too tired to hit her anymore, Hannah’s entire body was covered with crimson welts and bruises and she was screaming and weeping like a baby.
After giving her the worst beating of her life, Big Joe spent the rest of the night fucking the agonized Asian in her ass. Because it was the last night he’d have with her before returning her to Tank and the others, the enormous Outlaw raped Hannah as ferociously as he possibly could. He’d still been very angry about her suicide attempt earlier, and so he’d channeled that anger toward literally trying to rip apart the Asian’s asshole. Even with how hard he’d hammered away at the tiny opening it still took Big Joe nearly an hour to cum, because each time he came close to climaxing he would stop, just so he could torture the girl longer. Once he’d finally finished, he forced Hannah to get dressed and then dumped her in his truck before heading back to the main bar where Tank stayed.
“Home sweet home bitch,” Big Joe announced, pulling his Ford pickup into the large parking lot of the tavern.
Hannah looked out the window and shuddered at the familiar sight of the building. A little over a week had passed since she’d been abducted and brought here. It had been the longest week of her life, and just thinking about the countless horrors she’d had to endure was enough to bring tears to her eyes. Hannah could see a few Outlaws standing near the entrance of the bar, and she felt the goose-bumps all over her flesh as Big Joe came around and dragged her out of the truck.
The Asian struggled to keep up as Big Joe yanked her into the building. Hannah was so utterly drained from the many times the Outlaw had fucked her, and barely had enough strength to walk. The bikers outside gave her a warm, albeit vulgar, greeting as she passed them on her way into the bar. Hannah was surprised to see that there were just a handful of customers inside. She had no idea that it was almost 4 in the morning; time had lost any meaning to her long ago.
The few patrons that were inside all gazed at the Asian hungrily as Big Joe marched her to the back of the tavern. As they went through the swinging double-doors and made their way down the hall, Hannah could faintly hear someone screaming from inside the bikers’ lounge. She assumed it was the redhead, Ellen, whom she saw just a few days ago. The screams grew much louder as she got closer and closer to the room, and by the time she was standing outside of it they were blood-curdling.
“Yup, sounds like Miss Washington. This should be good,” Big Joe chuckled, before turning the door knob and entering inside.
As soon as she saw the redhead Hannah’s heart sank to her stomach and she felt so utterly sorry for the girl. Ellen was on her knees, with her face pressed against the floor and her wrists pulled back and tied to her ankles. She was screaming in complete agony as one of the bikers viciously beat her bloody, upturned ass as hard as he could with a metal cane. From the looks of it, the Outlaw had been thrashing the poor girl for perhaps an hour or more. The flesh on her buttocks was bruised everywhere and completely covered with scorching welts and cuts.
“PLEASE STOPPPP!! I SAID I’M SORRY!!!” The redhead wailed, sobbing in absolutely misery while the tattooed biker continued to beat her ass.
“You gonna start working harder bitch?! You gonna start taking your job seriously?!” The Outlaw shouted.
“I AM!! I’M TRYING!!!” Ellen screamed, the frustration in her voice simmering.
“Trying ain’t good enough whore! You better work harder bitch! When we give you an amount you fucking hit it!” The Outlaw shot back.
“I know I said I’m sorry!! Please stop hitting me!! I’ll do better I swear!!!” The young redhead begged desperately, tears of agony streaking down her face.
“What, you think just ‘cause you’re Miss Washington that you can slack off?! You’re nothing but a whore now, get fucking used to it you little slut!” The Outlaw roared, whipping the cane across Ellen’s ass with all his power.
“AAAOOOOWWWW!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!! I SAID I’M SORRY!!!” The redhead screamed in sheer desperation.
“You were thirty-five hundred short tonight, so tomorrow night you better bring in fucking eight and a half grand, you got that???” The hefty biker commanded.
Hannah watched as the girl closed her eyes and wept in total misery. She looked toward the redhead’s ass and could see that both her anus and vagina were severely stretched open. The two holes were drenched with cum and more sperm was streaked all over Ellen’s inner thighs.
“Do you fucking understand slut?!” The biker snarled, delivering another vicious blow to the girl’s buttocks.
“AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! YES!!! YES I DO!! I WILL!!” Ellen squealed immediately.
“You fucking better bitch, or tomorrow night you won’t have any skin left on this pretty little ass,” the Outlaw warned, running the tip of the cane along Ellen’s bruised and bloody ass-cheeks.
It was fairly obvious to Hannah what the redhead’s transgressions were to have warranted such a horrendous thrashing. The bikers had apparently forced her to be a prostitute and ordered her to bring in a specific amount of money for them, and she’d clearly failed to do so. What the Asian didn’t realize, however, was just how many men Ellen had serviced throughout the night.
At about 8PM when the tavern typically began to get busy, and after the Outlaws had all fucked the redhead multiple times for the day, they’d begun whoring Ellen out. They’d given her strict orders to make $5,000 for the night, after which point she could rest until morning. The Outlaws all knew it was an absurd quota, considering that Rosalie, who was one of their top earners, brought them $2,000-$2,500 on a good night. Ellen had begged them to lower the amount, of course, but to no avail.
With no choice but to obey, the redhead quickly began soliciting random men in the bar to fuck her. Fortunately for the girl the tavern had started getting very packed around that time. She’d started off by asking for $100 per trick, but all of the men simply laughed and rejected her. Once she’d reduced the price to $50, however, she’d begun attracting quite a few clients. The Outlaws set up one of the small rooms for the redhead, complete with a bed and a bucket full of condoms for her customers.
Needless to say, it had been a very long and rough night for Ellen Duffy. After all, she’d been fucked about two dozen times by various Outlaws earlier in the day, and she had little strength left in her. Even though she should have been used to getting fucked pretty much all the time by the bikers, they were always so brutal with her that they left her in shambles, both mentally and physically. Thus, it had taken every ounce of willpower she had for Ellen to approach the many random men in the bar and ask them to use her.
Ellen began fucking her first customer, a filthy old pawn shop owner, at about 8:30 in the evening. The ugly john bent her over the mattress and rutted her pussy like the sexually deprived slob that he was. It took him just a couple of minutes to cum, filling the latex condom with his hot seed. When he was finished, Ellen had donned her outfit—which had been nothing but a micro-skirt, a tiny white halter, and matching stripper heels—and escorted him out to the bar. There had been a line of men waiting for her, and she simply grabbed the next one and took him to her room.
Over the next several hours, Ellen had proceeded to pleasure one man after another with almost no interruption. She’d spent a maximum of five minutes to recover, and cry, after each one of them. She’d assumed that as long as she did that, the quota she’d been given would be taken care of. By the time it was midnight, however, she’d started growing worried after counting her earnings and discovering that it was a paltry $900. It had seemed like she’d fucked a parade of men, and to see that she wasn’t even 1/5th of the way to her requirement had been beyond insane. It was at that point that Ellen knew she would not meet her quota.
Nevertheless, knowing how violent the Outlaws were, Ellen had continued to offer herself to the tavern’s patrons into the early morning hours. Most of the men had been content to ejaculate into their condoms, but a handful of them had forced Ellen to get on her knees while they finished off in her mouth. The redhead absolutely deplored swallowing semen, so this had been very difficult for her to handle. By the time there were literally no more customers for her, Ellen had fucked 31 men total, meaning she’d earned $1550 for the night. Ankara Escort As soon as she’d given the cash to the Outlaws, they’d grown furious, which was why she was on her knees now getting the thrashing of her life.
“Pay attention bitch, that’ll be you tomorrow night if you don’t listen,” Big Joe cautioned, jerking on Hannah’s hair while he pointed to the weeping beauty queen.
“You got your work cut out for you, that’s for sure,” the Outlaw standing behind Ellen declared. “Don’t worry though we’re taking you to McHale’s tomorrow. You shouldn’t have any problem making that eight grand over there.”
With that, one of the other bikers unlocked the cuffs around Ellen’s wrists and ankles and yanked her to her feet. The girl was still groaning in tremendous pain as he dragged her out of the lounge and to her private room. He tied the redhead’s hands to the bedposts and turned off the lights before exiting the musky room. Ellen closed her eyes and sobbed abysmally as she wondered how in the world she was going to make $8,500 tomorrow night.
Hannah, meanwhile, was finally reunited with Tank and the other bikers who’d abducted her just a week ago. Including Big Joe, there were six Outlaws total in the lounge, and they were all thrilled to have the little Asian slut back. They’d stripped off her clothing and made her get on her knees while they stood in a circle around her, all with sick grins on their faces. Hannah was trembling dreadfully as she knelt before the huge, tattooed bikers.
“You happy to see us again slut,” Tank asked, grabbing the Asian’s hair and pulling down on it painfully.
“Aaaggghhh! Pleeaaaasssee!!” Hannah yelped, as tears started to form in her eyes.
“Well we sure are happy to see you,” the Outlaw declared. “We’d all fuck the shit out of you right now, but I’m guessing Big Joe stretched you out pretty good over the last couple days. Yeah, I bet even those tight Asian holes of yours didn’t have a chance.”
“She’s still pretty tight though man, even after all that fucking,” Big Joe commented. “Shit, I fucked her real good too. I dunno, maybe these little Asian bitches were just born to be fucked with their tight ass holes.”
“Well shit, they gotta be good for something right?” One of the bikers joked, drawing laughter from all his friends.
“Look bitch, it’s late and we’re all fucking tired, so I’ll make this quick,” Tank began. “We’re all gonna take turns fucking that pretty mouth of yours. I wanna see how good Big Joe taught you to deep-throat. After we’re done you can go to sleep.”
“Please no! Oh my God please just leave me alone!” Hannah whined, her head slumping in complete despair.
“Let’s go, get that mouth around my cock!” Tank commanded, as he pulled his dick out within seconds and slapped it against the Asian’s face.
Hannah did not resist as the cruel biker grabbed the back of her head and jammed his huge cock between her lips. Although it wasn’t as monstrous as Big Joe’s, the biker’s penis was still at least a few inches longer than her boyfriend’s, and much thicker. Thus, as Tank started cramming his entire dick down her throat, Hannah instantly began choking on the massive shaft.
“Goddamn Big Joe, I thought you were gonna teach this bitch how to suck cock?” Tank asked, laughing while he watched the little Asian gagging on his prick.
“Lick it bitch, use that tongue and work it good,” the Outlaw commanded, mercifully pulling his cock out of the girl’s mouth and smacking the tip of it against her forehead.
Hannah was coughing wretchedly as she grabbed the base of Tank’s huge penis with one hand and quickly wrapped her soft lips around the tip of it. She began pumping her mouth up and down the biker’s penis with great passion, knowing that the sooner he came, the less times he would deep-throat her. Like always, his dick tasted so awful and no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, Hannah simply couldn’t. As she ran her tongue up and down the filthy shaft, she nearly puked at the sour taste of Tank’s dick cheese.
“That’s it cunt, work that dirty little tongue of yours, and fucking look me in the eye,” Tank ordered, pulling down on the Asian’s hair.
Hannah was crying openly now as she continued to blow the hefty Outlaw, looking him in the eyes the entire time. Several minutes went by as Tank stood before the girl in total bliss. He’d missed Hannah very much, and was greatly looking forward to fucking her every single day for the near future. Once he finally started climaxing, he grabbed the Asian’s head with both hands and held it still while he shot his load into the back of her mouth. Hannah squealed in disgust as the awful sperm was dumped straight down her throat. As much as she didn’t want to, she had no choice but to start gulping down the hot, sticky fluid.
“That’s a good little whore,” Tank groaned, running his dirty hands through Hannah’s hair while he emptied his cum inside her mouth.
“Uuuugggghhh!!” Hannah cried abhorrently, shrink away from biker as soon as he let go of her.
“Suck the rest of these guys off, then you can go to bed,” Tank instructed, as he pulled his pants back on and went out into the bar.
“Noooooo!” The Asian wept, as another Outlaw immediately grabbed her hair and yanked her toward his cock.
Nearly an hour passed by as Hannah was forced to give head to the other four bikers in the room. They were all absolutely heartless, continually ramming their cocks down her small throat and nearly suffocating her. Every single one of them bashed the Asian’s face with their large cocks, also slapping and spitting on it as well. When she was finally done swallowing the last biker’s cum, Hannah instantly collapsed on her side and sobbed in sheer anguish. It took two Outlaws to drag the weary Asian into one of the other rooms and tie her down to an old mattress.
“Sweet dreams bitch, tomorrow you get to start your new job,” one of the men snickered, before turning off the lights and leaving the weeping Asian alone in the dark.
As she lay in bed naked with her arms and legs tied to the bedposts, Hannah still could not fathom what had become of her life. She thought about all her friends and family who must be worried to death right now. She knew with the destruction of her car and all her possessions that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to find her, but Hannah had to believe there was some hope. The alternative, that she was doomed to be imprisoned here in this tavern forever, was too terrible to even think about. She turned her thoughts to what the bikers were going to do to her tomorrow. Obviously they were going to rape her some more, probably in pairs for the most part. Her pussy and asshole were so ridiculously sore that just thinking about getting fucked made the Asian grimace.
It took Hannah seemingly forever to fall asleep, and then it felt like she was out for just seconds before the door banged open. Hannah’s eyes instantly shot open and her heart skipped a beat as Tank and another biker stomped into the room. They were muttering something to each other and Hannah could see the big smile on their faces as they quickly unlocked the bindings on her limbs. She whimpered very nervously as they grabbed her arms and dragged her into the Outlaws’ restroom.
“That’s your welcome home present bitch,” Tank proclaimed, pointing at the toilet and forcing Hannah to kneel in front of it. “You already done it before so I don’t gotta say much. You got an hour to get that shit squeaky clean.”
“No please!!! Please just stop!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!” Hannah screamed, covering her face in her hands and weeping in sheer frustration.
Tank and the other biker turned to one another with beaming grins. They were not surprised at the Asian’s reaction at all, and just one look at the toilet explained why. The Outlaws had spent the entire week turning the ceramic bowl into the filthiest mess possible. They could have made Ellen clean it, but decided it would be more fun saving the task for Hannah. The ring of the toilet was stained all over with yellow urine, and the walls of it were coated with dried shit and even a little vomit. Worst of all, the entire bowl was completely filled with the bikers’ shit and piss, such that none of the water in the toilet was even visible. It was blatantly obvious that the Outlaws had intentionally not flushed the toilet for several days, despite using it many times during that span. To Hannah, the stench of the waste station was beyond nauseating, and it was without question the most disgusting thing she’d ever seen in her entire life.
“No stop!! Please!!!” Hannah begged, as Tank seized her wrists and cuffed them together behind her back.
“Remember, you got one hour to get that bowl looking white as new,” the Outlaw instructed. “If it ain’t, I swear to God we will beat the fucking shit outta you, until your tits are bloody ribbons bitch. I don’t gotta remind you what Miss Washington’s ass looked like last night.”
Hannah continued to sob in despair as the bikers walked out of the restroom while chuckling together. She looked at the revolting toilet again and screamed in both horror and disbelief. It took several minutes before she summoned the courage to lean forward and run her small tongue against the piss-stained ring. After just a few seconds of lapping at it, however, Hannah cried dismally and pulled her head away from the nasty surface. The sour and salty taste of the dried urine was so gross, and far worse than drinking it from the bikers’ penis directly.
“Oh my God,” Hannah moaned, as she gazed at the toilet in disbelief.
It took the little Asian almost 30 minutes to clean all of the piss from the surface of the bowl. It was so mentally draining for poor Hannah, as she could never spend more than ten seconds licking the rim before having to spit down into the mound of piss and shit. She closed her eyes almost the entire time, and tried not to think about how old the piss was or how many vile bikers it belonged to. Somehow, she was able to keep herself from puking during the whole ordeal. By the time the top of the toilet was just about clear of urine, Hannah looked completely defeated.
“Oh my God no way, I can’t do this,” Hannah sobbed, as she stared now at the layers of feces and vomit that were caked all around the walls of the bowl.
There was so much of the filthy muck inside and all around the toilet that it was virtually impossible to find any spots of white porcelain. The Asian leaned forward and whined as her long hair was dipped into the gross mixture of urine and Eryaman Escort shit. She was shuddering in total misery as her face was just inches from the revolting mound of excrement. Hannah held her breath and pressed her tongue against the coated diarrhea. She took just one small lick of the terrible filth and instantly jerked her head back from the toilet.
“Eeeeuuuggghhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, shaking her head in complete revulsion.
The little Asian closed her eyes and started bawling in sheer misery. There was no way she was going to be able to do this. The taste of the dried shit and vomit was beyond atrocious, and ten times worse than the urine stains. It was so revolting that Hannah could not even look at it for more than a few seconds without wanting to throw up herself.
“Noooooo!!” The Asian cried, after she’d willed herself to take another lick of the nasty excrement.
Hannah was shuddering in pure disgust as she stared at the insanely gross toilet before her. She truly had no idea how she was going to do this. She’d only licked the bowl twice so far, and for only a second or two each time, and even that had been so terrible. Even the idea of this command was too much for her to handle. The fact that she was now nothing but the lowest piece of shit whore, whose purpose in life was to clean piss and shit from toilets with her mouth, was absolutely absurd.
“Whoa bitch, you better start getting your ass in gear,” Tank advised the little Asian, after walking into the restroom and inspecting Hannah’s work. “You got 30 minutes slut. Remember, I want that toilet looking brand fucking new.”
“Please stop this, please I can’t, it’s so gross,” Hannah pleaded frantically, looking up at the Outlaw in torment. “I’ll do anything else, please. Anything else I swear, just please stop this.”
“Nope, sorry cunt,” Tank responded. “You see, none of us wanna clean that nasty thing, so that means you get the job. So hurry the fuck up, remember if you ain’t done in 30 minutes, your ass is gonna be real sorry I guarantee it.”
“Please!!! This is so—oh my God it’s so disgusting!! I can’t do this!!” Hannah continued to beg pointlessly. “I cleaned the top, the pee. Please just let me stop!!”
“30 minutes whore, then we see if you get to have any skin on your tits,” the Outlaw declared indifferently, before leaving the restroom.
Hannah felt the lump in her throat as the biker’s ominous words quickly sank in. She thought about the image of the redhead’s bloody, horrifically lacerated ass last night, and then bent forward once more. The Asian started sobbing as she pressed her tongue against the soiled bowl and used it to scrub away the crusty diarrhea and puke. This time she was able to keep her head down in the toilet for much longer. Hannah whined in total anguish as she finally began cleaning the Outlaws’ excrement from the toilet, holding her breath the entire time as she did so.
“Uuuaaaagghhhh!!!” The Asian shrieked, frantically spitting into the murky bowl once she felt the shit and vomit rubbing off onto her tongue.
Hannah was crying terribly as she repeatedly spit into the basin, desperately trying to get the horrid taste out of her mouth. After awhile, when she felt ready again, she took a deep breath and once again put her tongue against the crusty toilet. For the next 10 minutes, the despondent Asian repeated this action countless times, scrubbing the terrible excrement with her tongue and then quickly spitting the filth into the huge pile of shit and piss before her.
“Oh God,” Hannah groaned, tensing her shoulders as she felt the puke rising up her throat.
The Asian quickly leaned over the center of the bowl and proceeded to throw up inside it. Hannah cried dismally as some of her own puke splashed up onto the walls of the toilet. Her vomit was very runny, as she had hardly eaten over the past two days, and the color of it was milky from all the sperm she’d been forced to swallow recently. Hannah whimpered as she looked at the metal handle of the john. She wanted to flush it so badly, but with her hands tied behind her back it was almost impossible.
Hannah looked down at the grimy toilet and screamed in aggravation. After what seemed like an eternity of scraping the feces with her tongue, she’d still only managed to clean a few square inches of the scum off. It was the only area of the entire toilet bowl, other than the top of the ring, which was somewhat ivory. The problem was that the layer of shit was so thick and tough, that she had to scrape it as hard as she could with her tongue just to get any of it off. Furthermore, the insanely awful taste of the excrement was starting to drive her crazy.
“Ten minutes bitch,” Tank warned, once again appearing out of nowhere.
“No please! Please!! I can’t—I need more time, please!!” Hannah pleaded, looking up at the biker worriedly.
“Shit bitch, you better pull off a miracle or something,” the Outlaw snickered, as he inspected the sickening toilet. “You better start licking that shit up like its candy.”
“Please help me!! I can’t do this!!” Hannah beseeched the man, crying despondently as he simply smiled down at her in return.
“Let’s go whore, start licking! You’re wasting some valuable seconds,” Tank stated.
Hannah felt herself starting to blush as she turned back to the toilet and leaned into it. For some reason, the idea of doing this in front of Tank—or anyone—was so extremely humiliating. Nevertheless, she lowered her head back into the bowl and once again resumed cleaning the shit from it with her tongue.
“That’s right you little cunt, lick it, lick that nasty shit off,” Hannah heard the biker command. “Use that dirty little tongue and lick it good, you Asian piece of shit whore. This is all you are right here, a piece of shit whore. You’re not even worthy to clean that toilet, you little gook bitch.”
Hannah felt the tears starting to flow down her cheeks as she listened to the man’s depraved words. If she had a gun, she would’ve emptied every single bullet from it into the man’s body. But there was simply nothing she could do against him, or the countless other bikers who made her life a living hell. Hannah nearly puked again as she scraped the shit off the toilet with her tongue and accidentally inhaled through her nose. The stench of the huge mountain of shit and piss just inches from her face hit her like a ton of bricks, and she immediately started retching.
“Pleeeaaaassssee!!!” Hannah wept, pulling her head away from the toilet as far as she could.
Tank just laughed at the miserable Asian and continued watching her from the doorway. Eventually, Hannah bent forward again and proceeded to service the toilet bowl with her mouth. She really started licking it vigorously now, knowing that her time was running precariously low. The Asian knew what Tank and the other bikers were capable of, and how ruthlessly sadistic they were. She was bawling wretchedly now, as her tongue became completely coated with shit over and over again.
“Time’s up bitch!” Tank declared, stepping toward the Asian to examine her work.
“No please!! I’m not done, please I need more time!!!” Hannah shrieked in panic, as the Outlaw grabbed her hair and tugged her head away from the toilet.
“What the fuck is this shit bitch?! You call this shit clean?!” Tank roared, pointing at the filthy john.
Despite her efforts, Hannah had failed to remove even half of the crusty shit and vomit from the walls of the toilet. Even the areas she had cleaned were not totally white, but still somewhat partially stained with the Outlaws’ excrement. However, the fact that she’d been able to lick as much of the disgusting filth off as she did was quite amazing. Of course Tank didn’t see it this way.
“What’s it gonna be whore, ass or tits?” The Outlaw asked, pulling Hannah to her feet. “You’re losing some skin, that’s a given. I’ll let you pick, though, ass or tits?”
“Wait!! Please!! Just give me more time, please!!!” Hannah frantically begged, digging her heels into the bathroom floor. “I swear I’ll do it, I’ll lick it all! I’ll clean it all I promise!! Please just let me do it, don’t hit me!! Please don’t hit me!!!”
“You got another half hour slut! Then I’m seriously gonna beat the shit out of you,” Tank warned, shoving the petite Asian back toward the waste station.
Hannah immediately got down on her knees in front of the toilet. She watched warily from the corner of her eye as Tank removed his jeans and boxers. She expected him to pee into her mouth like usual and started readying herself for it. Hannah whimpered nervously, therefore, when the Outlaw stepped behind her and knelt down also.
“Please, what are you doing? No please I can’t, don’t do this,” the Asian pleaded, turning her head towards Tank as he pulled her ass-cheeks apart.
“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Tank snapped, raising his arm as if to hit the girl. “Turn around and start cleaning that toilet you little cunt.”
Hannah promptly turned her head back to the toilet and leaned forward. She whimpered fearfully as she felt a glob of spit land on her ass-crack. The Asian shifted around uneasily as Tank used his big thumb and smeared his saliva all over her raw asshole. When he was satisfied, the huge biker lined his cock up with Hannah’s anus then slowly started penetrating the tight orifice.
“Uuuuggghhh!! Please don’t!! Aaaaoowww!!!” Hannah wailed, writhing around in pain as the biker forced his penis deep inside her ass.
Tank was not as massive as Big Joe—nobody was—but he was still a huge man and easily one of the largest members of the biker gang. And while his cock may have been a couple inches shorter than Big Joe’s, it was almost the same thickness, which made getting drilled by him almost as bad as the other giant. Tank groaned delightfully as he felt the Asian’s sphincter stretching as wide as it could to store his huge shaft. Though it still put up quite some resistance, the little hole was noticeably looser than it had been the first time he’d plowed it.
“I see Big Joe’s been stretching you out good,” Tank stated, burying the last couple inches of his dick inside the whiny Asian. “Shit, he must’ve fucked this hole 20 times or something, I know he’s an ass man. I’m surprised it’s even this tight still, I thought Joey would’ve turned you inside out by now bitch.”
“Please can you stop?” Hannah begged, looking back toward Tank dolefully.
“Shut the fuck up and clean that toilet,” the biker replied, grabbing Hannah’s hair and shoving her face down into the bowl.
“No!!! Escort Bayan Wait!! Please!!!” The little Asian screamed, struggling wildly as Tank forced her head down until her nose was an inch from the shit mound. “Please stop!! I’ll do it, I’ll lick it, just please let go!!!”
Hannah felt the man’s arm relax and immediately turned to the side and started wiping the shit stains with her tongue. She shrieked in pain as Tank gripped her skinny body and began slamming his cock in and out of her anus. Hannah tried to focus on licking the feces from the toilet, but the severe pain of getting her asshole torn up was just too much. After a short moment, the Asian just pressed her face against the scummy bowl and wailed in agony while Tank demolished her anus.
“Aaaaagggghhhh!!! Aaaaooowwwww!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around wildly as the searing pain eventually became unbearable.
Tank was no longer kneeling behind the Asian now, but was crouched above her ass with his boots on either side of her hips. He had both hands wrapped around the girl’s neck and was holding her head down while he pumped his cock in and out of her ass. The angle of penetration was excruciating, as the Outlaw drove his massive penis almost straight down into the small girl.
“Start licking that shit whore!” Tank commanded, slapping the back of Hannah’s head.
“Please, I will!! Just—Aaaaggghhhh!!! Please hurry!!” Hannah cried, struggling to cope with the ferocious fucking. “I can’t—I can’t when you’re!! Aaaauuuggghhhh!!!”
“I said lick it!!” The biker roared, slamming his entire cock inside Hannah’s ass before grabbing her head and forcing it into the bowl.
“NO!! NOOOOO!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” Hannah screamed in panic, as the Outlaw pushed down on her skull until the huge pile of feces was just an inch from her nose.
“Please stop this!!!” The Asian begged wretchedly, her neck straining to keep her face from touching the shit. “Please just stop!!!”
“Stick your fucking tongue out and lick that shit up right now bitch!” Tank commanded, leaning forward so that he could see the girl’s face.
Hannah groaned in utter misery as she flicked her tongue out and gently brushed the tip of it against the putrid mound of shit. As soon as she tasted the feces, Hannah screamed in utter disgust and immediately spat into the bowl. She tried to move her head away from the terrible mountain of excrement but Tank was holding it firm.
“No slut, when I say lick it, I mean fucking LICK it!!!” Tank roared, jerking on the poor Asian’s scalp. “Get your tongue out and start slurping that shit up like bitch you are!! I wanna see your tongue fucking covered in it!! This is what you get for not cleaning that toilet up in time!!”
Hannah was sobbing pathetically now as she gazed at the sea of shit and piss right in front of her eyes. She kept trying to twist her head away but the giant Outlaw held her hair firmly in his grasp. The smell of the bikers’ waste was so sickening that Hannah felt herself getting nauseous. She reluctantly leaned forward and lapped at the shit just twice before pulling back again.
“Uuuugggghhhhh!!! Pleeeaaaasssee!!” Hannah shrieked in pain, as Tank brutally yanked back on her hair so that he could look her in the eye.
“Open that mouth cunt!” The biker commanded, slapping the Asian hard across her face.
“God please just stop!!” Hannah begged, opening her mouth wide for the giant.
“What the fuck bitch!! I said I want your tongue covered in shit!! What the fuck do you not understand about that?!” Tank demanded furiously.
Hannah screamed in terror as the powerful Outlaw suddenly forced her head back down into the bowl. This time, however, he did not stop until he heard the Asian’s face splash against the chunky mixture of shit and piss. He pressed down on Hannah’s skull until her entire face was submerged in the excrement and then held it there for almost 30 seconds, which was an absolute eternity for the poor Asian. Tank groaned in absolute pleasure as the girl struggled wildly, involuntarily squeezing his cock with her tiny asshole.
“NOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Hannah screamed in absolute dismay and misery, once the Outlaw finally yanked her head from the mound of shit.
“You wanna do this the hard way bitch?! That’s fine with me!!” Tank bellowed, before dunking the Asian’s head back into the nasty filth.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Hannah screeched, closing her eyes just before her face brutally slapped down against the chowder of piss and feces.
“Yeah bitch, squeeze that asshole around my dick, nice and tight just like that,” Tank growled, keeping the Asian’s head down while she squirmed around madly.
This time he held Hannah’s face beneath the surface of the excrement for over a minute, smiling sadistically while the Asian thrashed around like she was having a seizure. Tank could hear the stifled, tormented screams emanating from the girl’s throat. Her slender legs were flailing about and she was twisting and turning her body like mad. All her chaotic struggles were for naught, though, as the biker easily held her pretty face under the muddy pile of shit.
“AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! SSTOOOOPPP!!! PLLEEEAAAASSSSEE!!” Hannah screamed, shaking her head back and forth in pure torture once the Outlaw finally let her up.
Still crouching above the girl’s ass, Tank yanked back on her hair so she was forced to look up at him. He let out a cruel laugh as soon as he saw the Asian’s condition. Hannah’s entire face was essentially covered with shit and piss. Tank could see tears of complete misery trickling from the girl’s anguished eyes and down the excrement on her cheeks. She coughed violently, spewing globs of biker stool all over the toilet.
“You look like shit bitch,” Tank mocked the little Asian. “Was that fun though? How ‘bout some more?”
“NO!!! DON’T!!! PLEASE!!! PLEEAAAAASSEEEE!!!” Hannah wailed instantly, gazing up at the Outlaw in sheer panic.
“Too bad bitch, I’m loving this shit,” the biker replied, spitting on the girl’s face before slamming her head back into the fetid waste.
As he held the struggling Asian down, Tank ruthlessly began slamming his cock in and out of her asshole. Each thrust took some effort, as the girl was clenching her sphincter so hard while she fought to free her head from the shit and urine. Hannah barely even recognized that the biker was fucking her again, she was much too focused on trying to hold her breath as long as she possibly could. Tank held the Asian down for about another minute, as he pounded her ass like a beast. As each second went by, Hannah started getting light headed and her lungs felt like they were going to explode. No matter what, however, she kept her mouth and eyes tightly closed.
“EEEUUUAAAGGGHHH!!! PLEASE STOP!!! NO MORE!!! PLEASE!!!!” The Asian slut screamed abysmally, once Tank finally yanked her head from the nasty bowl.
“Sorry bitch, not till I cum in this tight little asshole,” Tank declared, dunking Hannah’s face into the disgusting pond of excrement once more.
“Fuck that feels so good,” the biker grunted, as he pounded his huge cock in and out of the girl’s anus.
“AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed in torture and frustration, once Tank pulled her head back after leaving it in the shit for about 40 seconds.
The evil biker again forced Hannah to look up at him. Hannah kept her eyes closed, though, and was weeping harder now than she’d ever wept before. After a week with the terrible biker gang, she thought she’d seen the limits to their depravity, but realized now how wrong she’d been. Of all the unimaginable horrors she’d had to endure so far, this one was by far the worst. Even getting her ass fucked by Big Joe for an hour straight was better than this. Even getting beat all over her body by him and his belt was preferable.
“Don’t worry bitch I’m almost there, just keep squeezing me tight with that asshole!” Tank shouted cheerfully, as he slowly began lowering the Asian’s head again.
“NO!!! PLEASE NO!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEEEAAA—” Hannah frantically begged, just before Tank plunged her face into the terrible waste.
This time the biker held Hannah down until he climaxed inside her ass. It took him a little over a minute, as he furiously pumped his cock in and out of the Asian’s rectum. He came just in time too, as Hannah started suffocating and her body went limp. The instant Tank pulled her head back Hannah squealed in torment and coughed shit up all over the toilet bowl.
“OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! NO MORE!! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!!!” Hannah pleaded hysterically. “PLEASE STOP!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!”
“Relax slut, don’t you feel that jizz inside your ass?” Tank responded, jerking on the girl’s hair while he finished cumming in her asshole.
“Please just stop!! I can’t—I can’t take this!!! Please I’ll be good!!!” Hannah blubbered, as she continued to cough up more shit and piss.
The grin on Tank’s face was pure evil as he stared down at the miserable Asian. The amount Hannah was suffering right now was equally matched by the Outlaw’s joy. Tank looked at the weeping Asian’s shit-stained face and thought about how lucky he was. He also wondered what was going through her mind as well. Ten days ago this bitch was probably enjoying life, with her nice little 9-to-5 job, caring boyfriend, and frequent shopping trips she did with her buddies. But now here she was, on her knees with her face covered in shit and a huge, repulsive biker’s cock buried deep in her asshole.
“Welcome home cunt,” Tank whispered into the Asian’s ear, just before pulling his dick out of her bloody anus. “God I’m glad you’re back, we’ve all missed you so much whore. You’ll see later today, don’t worry. Now clean that fucking toilet like I asked. You got 30 minutes, if it ain’t clean by the time I get back, you’re getting fucked like this again by another Outlaw.”
Hannah bawled in misery as the biker let go of her hair and rose to his feet. She heard him march out of the restroom but didn’t turn to look. Her body was shaking badly as she struggled to catch her breath between sobs. She could feel the thick layer of shit and piss all over her face, but with her hands tied behind her back there was nothing she could do to clean it. Hannah looked down at the toilet and cried out in horror. Her violent and frantic struggles to free her head earlier had caused a great amount of the Outlaws’ excrement to splash up all over the bowl. The walls were stained everywhere with the filth and some had even gotten on top of the porcelain ring. Hannah’s head slumped forward and she screamed in complete despair before breaking down into a sobbing mess.

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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