Quebec Women Are Super

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The world is always talking trash about us. Black men and White women. But my Jessica and I are so into each other that we don’t care. My name is Steven Saint-Fleur. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Three years ago I moved here from Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. Just a guy with a dream. To attend Concordia University and make something of myself. The hopes and dreams of my parents rest on my shoulders. No pressure at all, right? Looking for love was the last thing on my damn mind.

When I came to Montreal, it seemed like a prison to me. Canadians were so different from my fellow Haitians. These people are weird with their hockey obsession and their weird way of speaking French, man. Quebecers speak French in a weird way. As a Haitian guy educated at classical schools, I spoke what is called Parisian French. Fortunately, I adapt well. I adjusted to life in Quebec. I enrolled at Concordia University, found a part-time job as a security guard and even made a few friends. Mine was a lonely life, however. I was surrounded by beautiful women of all hues in the City of Montreal but being painfully shy negated my chances. Yep, I’m a young Black man who struggles with shyness. It happens. We’re not all cocky and macho. Get used to it.

I attended All Nations Church, an African church located in the heart of Montreal. There were lots of pretty Black women there. I found myself attracted to several of them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t any good at chatting them up. I think my upbringing had a lot to do with it. When I lived in Cap-Haitien I attend College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours, an all-male Roman Catholic School. It was very good for my academic performance but made me painfully awkward around the opposite sex. Black women in North America are a really outgoing bunch. And they can be wild sometimes. They don’t have a lot of patience for a brother with an accent who is a bit shy. Thus, my loneliness persisted.

I focused on my classes at Concordia University. I’m a civil engineering major. I love engineering. Science at its purest. Pure intellect rather than emotion. Avcılar Escort And it suited me just fine. I won award after award and garnered national attention for my sheer intellect. Canadians always seem surprised to meet a smart Black man. They seem to think we’re only good for playing sports and getting in trouble with the law. Well, I’ve got a surprise for you. I suck at sports. Yes, I stand six feet two inches tall and weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I couldn’t throw a ball to save my life. I’m as nerdy as they come. Not quite as bad as that guy from the television series Family Matters but pretty damn close. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell.

I focused on school and work. Working as a security guard didn’t pay much. It did allow me to pay my rent and occasionally send some money to my parents in Haiti through western union. My parents, Francois and Elsie Saint-Fleur still live in Cap-Haitien. Dad works as a police officer. Mom is a schoolteacher. They’re struggling right now because things got worse since the earthquake of January 2010. It didn’t just take out much of Port-Au-Prince. It damaged the whole country politically and socially. Us Haitians are tough but we’re not exactly lucky in the grand scheme of things. By sending my folks a couple hundred bucks every few weeks, I was literally a lifesaver. Trust me on that one. Things are really tough in the Caribbean.

With so many worries in my life, I didn’t have time for romance. I’m twenty two years old and I’m not the most sexually experienced brother on the block. When I lived in the Republic of Haiti, I had very little time for sex. Too busy trying to win that international scholarship which the United Nations provided to select students from Caribbean nations to study in America, Canada and Europe. Now I’ve made it. I’m a year away from earning my civil engineering degree from Concordia University, a world-class school located in one of Canada’s top cities. My family is finally doing okay in Haiti. They’re getting by just fine. Academically, I’m on top of my class at school. So why do I feel like a loser? Gee, could it be because I’m the living Avcılar Escort bayan definition of sexless in the city?

Why am I always alone? I’m not a bad-looking guy. I’m tall. I’m polite and friendly. I’m smart. And I believe in treating a lady right. However, I’ve never been lucky with women. Cynthia, a gorgeous light-skinned Black chick I had a crush on while growing up chose my older brother Manny over me. These days, Manny is living in Miami with Ming, a Chinese-American woman he married. He turned his back on the family. He doesn’t even talk to our parents anymore. Yes, women have always left me for the bad guys. It seems if you’re a good guy, women think you’re a chump. They give their hearts ( and bodies) to the bad guys. It seems to be the way of the world. And there was nothing even a genius like myself could do about it.

Then along came Jessica Villeneuve. The five-foot-eleven, green-eyed and blonde-haired French-Canadian woman who took my breath away. I met her while grabbing a coffee and egg sandwich inside Tim Horton’s restaurant not far from the Concordia University campus. Tall, blonde and athletic. The personification of the western world’s standard of beauty. What men of all races crave. What Black women secretly despise. The blonde-haired White woman. Imagine my surprise when she came and talked to me. As it turns out, Jessica was a new transfer to Concordia University. She hailed from Neuville in Quebec and used to attend the University of Montreal. And she was a civil engineering student who had heard of the legendary Steven Saint-Fleur. Me. Wow.

We started talking about engineering, then the conversation drifted to campus life and other topics. That’s when I discovered this lady wasn’t just smart and friendly, she was simply awesome. I was smitten, but dismissed any thought of her with me. I mean, gorgeous blonde-haired White women don’t go for painfully shy and nerdy Black guys like myself. Hell, not even the Black women of the world, our own sisters, want anything to do with us so why would White women want us? Well, I was wrong. Jessica Villeneuve was very much interested in Escort avcılar me. In fact, she let me know she thought I was cute. Wow. I’ve never been told I was cute before. I’m just an average brother in the face department and I’m not athletic in spite of my big and tall physique. What did Jessica Villeneuve see in me? I was determined to find out.

We began hanging out together and before I knew it, we were seeing each other. I was smitten with Jessica. Finally, here was a woman who found my intelligence a plus rather than something weird. And she showed me there was more to me than my nerdy persona and brains. I’m an okay guy with a lot to offer. Man, how I wish I could see myself the way she saw me. She looked at me like I was a superman or something. Nobody looks at me that way. To most people, especially Black people, I’m an anomaly. A weirdo. Well, Jessica found me beautiful. Yep. I’m big and tall, with skin a very dark shade of Black, and don’t forget the nerdy glasses. And this gorgeous blonde-haired White woman found me beautiful. Wow.

Well, I fell in love with her. And you know what? She fell in love with me! Jessica told me that she was often at odds with her family and friends because she only dated Black guys. Well, I don’t date. Period. Black women found me weird and unappealing. And women of other races found me threatening because of my size and color. Jessica found me sexy. So sexy that she couldn’t get enough of me in the bedroom. She loved exploring every inch of my masculine body. Especially my long and thick, uncircumcised member. Folks, Jessica became the first woman I ever had sex with. For real. One night, she robbed me of my virginity. Simply took me home and sexed me down. She sat me down, kissed me, undressed me, sucked my dick and rode me to heaven. Yep, she climbed on top of me and impaled her pussy on my dick. And we fucked and sucked the night away. Yes, at last, I was no longer a virgin. Amen to that.

Jessica Villeneuve and I are happy together, folks. When we walk through Concordia University together, Black women and White men stare at us a lot. I found that really weird. Because, as God is my witness, Black women never looked at me before. They always found me too weird and unappealing. Too intellectual and not thuggish or a ‘real enough brother’. Whatever. My gorgeous Quebecoise likes me the way I am. We’re happy together. In the long run, that’s all that matters. Happiness.

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