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Pooja woke up in the morning, having a much soared ass cheeks and pussy. She was thoroughly fucked yesterday, by her husband. Actually, she felt like being used by her husband; and it was a new Raghav, she saw yesterday. She had no complaints though and wanted this Raghav always. She wanted a husband who can fuck her as if he owns her. But she knew that Raghav needs to be trained for the same as he has a heart of gold.

Pooja was naked in the bed and looked to her hubby, who was having a sound sleep. Pooja placed her hand on his cock. His cock was already semi hard and reacting to the touch of her wife. She started rubbing his cock and Raghav soon was rock hard. She was holding a hot rod now very tightly. Raghav was awake with a pleasing sensation.

“Honey, my dick needs its home. Ohh. You are beautiful.” Raghav said looking to her naked wife.

“Ohh. Really. Am I beautiful or a slut?” She giggled.

“Are you still angry for yesterday? I just got carried away.” Raghav pleaded, thinking that Pooja was still angry for getting fucked so roughly yesterday. Actually getting fucked like a slut.

Pooja gave a big laugh. She started fisting his cock slowly, teasing him further.

“Yes, I am really angry, hubby. You used me like a slut yesterday. I am still soar down there. Don’t know, what will people say when I will walk a bit funny today. And I just fucking loved every bit of it. But I am angry that you were fucking Rita in your mind.” She made a pity face.

She knew her husband loved her and she fucking loved that his husband was lusting for other women. She wanted now his husband to be a perfect husband slut.

“Oh, no baby. It was just your dirty talk. I love you.” Raghav feared.

He surely loved his wife but now he has a fire in a belly and lust in a heart to fuck Rita or any other women. But he doesn’t want to lose Pooja.

“I know you my baby. This slut can read you very well. You have a lust for Rita and you will fuck her at any chance you get. That bitch will just love your long fucking sessions.” Pooja was teasing and making him hornier. Her fist was doing magic on his hard throbbing cock.

“Hmm.. I fucking love it. I mean what you are doing to my cock.” Raghav’s cock wanted a hot juicy cunt or a sucking mouth badly.

“See, I told you. You want that slut very badly. Your cock is screaming to tear apart that bitch’s cunt. Baby, you want to make her your whore, isn’t it? A cheap little whore who’s all holes are open for you wherever you want, whenever you want.” Pooja’s fist was moving very fast now.

Pooja had a lust on her face. She wanted Raghav’s inner monster to take over him. Her cunt juices were flowing. She wanted him to fuck her roughly and badly again. She had a doubt how much her soar pussy can take it today. Images of Raghav pounding Rita roughly were going through her mind and she fucking loved it. She wanted her own husband to fuck Rita. Raghav was on the verge. He had a good control over his orgasm, but, these dirt talks were too much for him. He wanted to cum badly, no matter what.

Pooja sensed the Raghav’s predicament. But the bitch she was, she wanted to torment Raghav more and make her lust towards other women grow. She suddenly released his cock and got up from the bed naked. She giggled looking towards Raghav and moving backwards, away from the bed.

“Ohh. Poor baby. My dear husband wants Rita’s cunt. His hard cock is dying to get into cheap whore’s cunt.” Pooja just wanted to torment her husband more.

She turned and ran towards the bathroom, swaging her naked ass and giving him a cunning smile, making it more difficult for Raghav. Raghav was just stunned at Pooja’s torments and her cunning smile.

“Bitch, you are a cunning slut.” Raghav shouted. His anger was more than a lust than a love. His monster was awakening.

“Correction hubby. It’s MY CUNNING SLUT WIFE” Pooja shouted from the bathroom and started laughing loudly.

Raghav got up from the bed with his hard throbbing cock, fully erect. He knew it would be hard Sunday for him. It would take his monster lot to time to deflate if it doesn’t get its release. He could hear shower running from the bathroom and knew Pooja will not leave the bathroom now. It was a Sunday and he had no office to go and Pooja had her Sunday Social Service Group meet for first half of the day.

Raghav looked at his cock “Get down you idiot. My slut wife likes to torment you and you like torment to me.”

Raghav decided to occupy his mind for other things and get his Sunday exercise routine to begin. He thought it would help him to ease his situation. He started his yoga naked in the room itself. Raghav loved his yoga and meditation as he loved his life. Although, his wife made him insane, while, yoga and meditation kept him sane. It was quite a combination. He was about to start his yoga asana, Pooja opened the bathroom door and looked outside. She was naked and was hiding behind partially opened door. But purposefully her one leg up to high thigh and partial boobs were on display for Raghav.

“By kızılay escort the way, I just remembered that one of my boyfriend use to fuck me in the shower and I use to fucking love it.” She started laughing again and making pity face to her husband.

Raghav’s rage was now peeking and he wanted to just screw his wife so that she can’t walk straight. He looked at Pooja with a straight face.

“Oh really. So you miss him? Slut, I will get you for this.”

Pooja was laughing like a child. Raghav got up swiftly and ran towards the bathroom door to get in. He was very quick. But Pooja, was standing holding the door and sensed the Raghav’s intention. She was horny but she had more pleasure by tormenting Raghav. She was quick to push the door on his face and was able to shut it at perfect moment by beating Raghav by one tenth of a second. Raghav’s face and hand got hit on the closed door. Pooja laughter became louder and louder.

Raghav gave a big cry of pain, “oh. Fuckkk.. It hurtsss.” He was jumping in pain holding his finger and shouting frantically. Pooja’s laughter stopped and he could hear Raghav’s pain. She was now concerned. Her mischief might have cause injury to Raghav. She knew that Raghav was a tough guy and he can take the pain without making noises. She was really afraid now hearing the Raghav’s screams and imagined that he must be badly injured. She quickly opened the door to check Raghav.

As soon as the door opened, Raghav swiftly hold naked Pooja by her waist and pushed him along with her in the shower. Pooja, felt stupid, getting into Raghav’s trap. She started laughing and also pleading to Raghav to let her go.

“You bastard. I should have known. Haha. Haha… Please let me go. I will never tease you again.” Pooja started pleading and trying to get free from Raghav’s grip.

Raghav held her very firmly. Her boobs were crushing on his chest and her cunt was now rubbing on his hard throbbing cock. More she tried to moved, harder her cunt and boobs got pressed. Her nipples were standing stiff and her cunt was getting wetter.

“Shut up your fucking mouth, you cunt. Or else, I will shut it up with my cock. My cock would love it to do so.” Raghav was shouting in lust to his wife.

The water was making it difficult for Pooja to escape further. Both of them were totally drenched. She was now horny like a hell and too wanted a good morning fuck.

“Honey, I am your innocent and faithful wife. Please don’t call me a slut.” She replied with an innocent face. While her hand was rubbing Raghav’s cock.

Her lust and mischief could not be missed by Raghav. He kissed her lips roughly and he held her both of the hands above the head.

“No slut. No more games. I am going to make you pay for this. You will never remember that bastard boyfriend of yours.” Raghav’s monster was awake.

He placed his cock with other hand and placed it at the opening of his wife’s horny cunt. He pushed it hard and the already flowing cunt provided no resistance. The entire cock bottomed in her cunt at one go itself. Pooja, who had taken Raghav’s cock so many times, was shocked with such thrust and her pussy went on fire. Her mouth was wide open and a big scream came out “aaaahhhhhhh………………”

“Fuck, It hurt like hell. You bastard……” Pooja shouted with pain.

Raghav had no mercy for her wife now. He wanted to just fuck her. He let go her both of the hands and mauled her breasts roughly. He then brought his both hands behind her ass and groped it roughly. He was thrusting deep shots in her cunt. Pooja wanted to get out his grip, his cunt had unimaginable pain with the hard thrusts of Raghav, but it was making her juices flowing like never before.

“Son of a bitcchhhh… I am not a whoreee. You bastard. Have mercy. Oohhh.. hmmmmm…. Fuckkkkk….. I wanntttt ittt… Fucckkkk meee….. I am cummminnngggg……….” Pooja screamed.

Pooja came like a horse pipe. Her juices were flowing. She had held Raghav tightly and her nails were getting deeper in his back. Her boobs were crushed on his chest. Raghav, had no mercy on Pooja and even before her orgasm was to subside, he took her in her lap, his cock impaled in her flowing cunt. Her both feet were above the ground and that let his cock further impale deep in her pussy and reach her womb. That led her pussy to tingle further and her back to back orgasm erupted.

“fuuuccccckkkkkkkk……. What are you doiinnnggggg tooo meeeee……. Oooohhhhhh. Ohh mmyy gooodd… ooohhh… mmyyy goooddd…. Cummmmiinnnnggg. Agaaiiinnnnn….” Pooja came again.

She was fully satisfied. Her head dropped on Raghav’s shoulder and her moans were coming in small grunts. Raghav started fucking her slowly and her ass was being raised and dropped on his penis in a rhythm. She was bouncing like a doll on his cock. Her juices were flowing on his cock.

“Did you miss your boyfriend now? Tell me slut.” Raghav’s voice was hard as he was not getting exhausted with the long fuck and making her body jump on her cock.

“Hmm” Pooja etlik escort just nodded. She knew the impact of her nodding. Raghav increased her pace and started pounding her harder.

“Bitch, did he fucked you this hard and make you cum.” Raghav continued his pounding.

“Honey, you make me cum like no one baby. Ohhh… hmmm… He lacked this stamina. Ffuucckkkk… harder…….harrdeeerrr.” Pooja was moaning.

“You are my slut. Remember that.” Raghav had a smile.

“Hmm.. Your slut wife who loves to get fuckeedddd harrdddd…..” Pooja was moaning now harder. His cunt was tingling again.

“Yes, who remembers low dicked boyfriend when his stud husbands make her cum with his big cock.” Raghav roared pumping harder and harder.

Pooja gave a smile. She knew her talk was making Raghav hornier and his jealousy was making her fuck harder. She was loving the way Raghav was fucking her. She was about to cum for the third time straight. She loved her husband and knew that he loved her too. The debauchery of her before marriage will not stop Raghav to love her.

Raghav was also on the verge and wanted to cum in her wife’s pussy. Raghav’s strokes very becoming harder and longer. Pooja sensed it and her cunt was also now on the verge.

“Fuuuccckkkkk….. You drill my pussy so hard… oohhhh…. Harderrrrr… bastard, make your slut cuuummmmmm…. Shhhitttttt…. Cooooommmmiinnnngggg.” Pooja came hardest of today.

Raghav, was also tired and was on the verge. Seeing her wife going berserk on his cock brought him to the point. He was now about to erupt, but he got suddenly distracted,

Ringgg. Rinngggg. The house bell ranged. Both of them looked at each other and said together “Kamna”

Kamna, was their house maid, who did the house chores daily in the morning. She worked for five to six houses in the locality. Both of them came to their senses. They have completely forgotten that Kamna would be there any moment for her daily chores. Raghav wanted his release so badly. But Pooja started trying to get released from Raghav’s laps. The bell ringed continuously.

“Leave me. She will leave if we don’t answer the door. There is lot of household chores to be done. Please let me go.” Pooja pushed Raghav harder.

Raghav, hesitatingly, let Pooja down and removed his hard cock from her pussy. Her juices were running down now from the vacuum. She giggled at the Raghav’s condition. She started cleaning her thighs and cunt of the juices urgently.

Raghav, stood their crestfallen. The bell rang continuously. Pooja suspected that Kamna may leave thinking that no one is at the house. So she shouted “Coming”. Surely, Kamna might have heard as the bell stopped ringing.

“Surely you have cum.” Raghav said looking at his naked wife.

Pooja started laughing at the predicament. “Oh, my poor honey. But my hubby is not cumminng.”

She came out of the shower, took a towel to rinse herself. After getting herself rinsed, she thought to open the door, without getting dressed as Kamna may leave. So she tugged the towel around her, which came well above her knees and showing ample cleavage. Raghav, continued to take shower and his hard cock was bulging to get down.

Pooja opened the door and found agitated Kamna standing at the door. She was shocked to see Pooja in such a state her eyes roamed all over body. Pooja could see lust in her eyes and also jealousy.

Pooja let her in and started tying her hair. Kamna’s eyes were not leaving Pooja’s luscious body even though she was walking in the house. Pooja quickly bolted the door.

“Oh, madam. You were having a bath. That took you so long to open the door.” Kamna said and finally drifted her lustful eyes from Pooja to her household work.

First, it didn’t hit Pooja what was a jealous look for. But then it clicked to Pooja. Kamna always had a lust for Raghav. She noticed many a time how Kamna looked at Raghav whenever no one is noticing at her. She had grazed at Raghav’s cock through her eyes, many a times, which Pooja noticed, but never thought much about it. Pooja’s eye glittered as if she had found gold.

Kamna was a voluptuous woman, a mother of 2 children. Her boobs stand out on her body and had curves at right places. She always wore a saree and her pallu surely hid her deep cleavage underneath, created by a very tight low cut blouse. If she drops her pallu, then any man would eagerly die in the deep valley of her boobs created by a tight blouse. Her elder child was a boy of 7 year old and a younger one a daughter of 2 years old. Her breasts were so full that one could think that there would be tank of milk in it.

Pooja knew that Kamna, was very sexually active and may be had an affair with the people in the society. But she was not 100% sure about it. Pooja imagined the picture of Raghav fucking Kamna and sucking those boobs. Her cunt again started becoming moist. Her mind had wicked thoughts.

“How are you Kamna? You are having a glow on your face.” She purposefully teased her.

“Madam, why demetevler escort would I have a glow? I had been working from last 2 hours.” Kamna replied, “You are glowing Madam.”

Pooja smiled and saw the mischief on the face of Kamna. She understood what Kamna meant. Pooja stretched he bod to full again exposing further to Kamna.

“How did you recognized? Am I really glowing? Oh, Raghav is too much. He just is insatiable.” Pooja said, knowing she was revealing her personal life to Kamna.

“Madam, what are you talking?” Kamna became shy but had a lust in her eyes.

“Don’t be so innocent. I know you understood what I am talking. He drilled me whole night, and in fact, now in the morning, too.” Pooja said with a horny face.

“Oh. Madam. You are so beautiful. How come Raghav sir will control himself?” Kamna replied.

Kamna was now not feeling shy. She was enjoying her madam’s sex talk. Pooja knew that she need to heat up the conversation so as to know about Kamna more.

“He becomes monster in the bed, Kamna. What beautiful? He lusts for the pussy and especially boobs. He mauls me so roughly. Surely, his efforts have up my bra size.” Pooja continued to excite Kamna.

“Madam, its your duty to let your husband fuck you and give him what he wants. And your body also need good fuck” Kamna was now talking without any fear or shyness.

Pooja wanted the same. She wanted to make Kamna talk freely and excite her more about Raghav.

“Do you allow your husband to fuck you whole night? He must be fucking you so roughly.” Pooja said

“Oh, he drunkard. His train reaches the station before my engine gets even warm.” Kamna said enviously.

Pooja gave a big laugh at the choice of Kamna’s words. Raghav was still in the bathroom, completing his daily chores.

“And look at my husband. His train blasts off my engine multiple times before it reaches its station.” Pooja said with a mischief.

Kamna gave a smile to Pooja and set off to do her job. She was now really jealous of Pooja and fire in her cunt was roaring. Pooja knew she has hit the right nerve. She just wanted to confirm how deep the water is. Kamna has started sweeping the floor. She went near Kamna and whispered,

“Then who fire up your engine?”

“Madam, I can’t be lucky as you.” Kamna replied.

“Don’t be so innocent. I know you have an affair with the watchman. He looks strong build too. He must be blasting the fire down there” Pooja said, pinching Kamna’s buttocks.

“Oucchh. Madam, it’s nothing like that.” Kamna said. Pooja knew it was not convincing at all from Kamna.

“I have seen him staring and smiling at you. I have seen once you coming out of watchman cabin too. You can’t fool me.” Pooja teased Kamna and threw a stone in a thin air.

Kamna looked a bit nervous and shy. She replied, “I am just friendly to him. His family is back at village. And visited once to his cabin as he was feeling lonely.”

Pooja gave a big laugh and got what she wanted. She pinched Kamna on her waist this time. That made Kamna to jiggle and laugh. She left Kamna with her work and went to change the clothes.

Kamna said slowly “Lucky bitch.”

Pooja reached her wardrobe and started getting ready for her meeting later today. Her wicked mind was looking forward for Raghav to start his expedition. Pooja and Raghav both got ready and were having breakfast on the table. Kamna was in adjacent room, cleaning the room. Pooja looked ravishing in her deep neckline t shirt and tight jeans.

“Hubby, I will be back by afternoon and will not be there for the lunch. You can have Kamna for the lunch.” Pooja said with the grin.

Raghav coughed with the juice in his mouth, “What you said?”

“I meant to say that Kamna will prepare lunch for you. You had any other thoughts? By the way, she would be delicious for the lunch” Pooja grinned.

“You are impossible.” Raghav replied

“Oh really? Ask your fucking cock. Your cock would be ready to pound in her pussy at the first chance available.” Pooja continued teasing.

Raghav ignored Pooja and continued having breakfast. But he was imagining Kamna getting fucked. He had got the glimpse of her deep valley many a times and whenever he use to get caught by Kamna peeking into her cleavage, she always gave a shy smile.

“Are you day dreaming my hubby? Fucking Kamna on this very table?” Pooja whispered in his ears. She gave a mischievous look to Raghav and shouted “Kamna, could you please cum for Sir? He wants some juice.”

Raghav’s face became pale. Kamna, in the other room, was astonished why Madam want her for it. Annoyingly, she replied, “Coming Madam”

She brought the juice and bend down to pour in the glass for Raghav. Her saree pallu drop down and gave a good view to Raghav to enjoy. Her luscious cleavage was ever enticing. Pooja was looking at Raghav, who was enjoying the show. She purposefully drop her spoon down.

“Oh, shabby. Kamna, could you please pick it up for me? Pooja said smilingly to Kamna.

Kamna bent down further to pick up the spoon. He boobs were almost popping out of her blouse and Raghav’s mouth fell open. Kamna caught Raghav and gave a big smile to him and had over spoon back to Pooja. Pooja noticed Kamna liking Raghav having a glimpse of her lustful body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32