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I have to say, having a gorgeous woman waiting for me in sexy lingerie, waiting to enjoy my body as I did hers, was quite an intoxicating thing, although it was altogether unexpected. I enjoyed the feeling of Alexis Wash swallowing my cock, my head back in the soft area of her throat. Unlike the start of this, she was willingly taking it – Hell, she seemed if anything hungry for it, but that was not where I intended this to go, and finger under her chin, I pulled out, but I did let her get a‘last’ lick of it.

He was doing ‘that thing’ he did so well, Dammit. Alexis liked that he was positioning her and ‘using’ her as he saw fit. The ‘modern woman’ would never stand for it, but then again, those modern women never had it this good, either. Edge of the bed, missionary, propped on her elbows, knees raised and supported by His arms, she gave a tiny whimpering moan as she felt his cock rub her clit. She looked him in the eye as she felt it going down, and Alexis willingly opened her vaginal lips to receive the invader. She moaned aloud now, as she felt it pushing inside her, right where she wanted it. Alexis smiled &began to roll her hips.

Yes we were on some level linked now and damn was it nice. Alexis rolled her hips in response to my thrust, actually ‘rolling against me’ so to speak as I pulled out, adding to the resistance. She looked at me with an evil grin and chuckle. I marveled in watching that cunt expand around me as I slid in, then slick with her juices as I pulled out. Every few strokes, I would stop ‘all in’, my pubes rubbing against her clit, making her mouth pop open in delight…then back to slowly, steadily pumping. She wasn’t the only one living in the moment.

Alexis had that look. She knew he could tell, but she also did not care. It wasn’t like her to have that look already, but here it was. There was a certain something about being used this way. It may have started as fighting against Him, but now it was anything but, so when he got that ‘evil boy’ smile, not only was he incredibly cute, she knew something was coming, and it made her want to gush. He pulled her a bit closer while fully in, and, reaching around her thigh, he took two little fingers and j-uuuu-st touched her clit. And WOW did it have an effect.

I had to laugh out loud at the result. Escort Kızılay My pet arched that back, throwing her pert tits out, and went from a moan to a yell. So I did what any gentleman would do. I started pumping her HARD & FAST, and said “Come on, dammit…DO it!” and with each hard thrust I would ‘touch-pinch’ her clit. She threw her head back and screamed as she came at my command.

Alexis screamed like it was murder. She shook and convulsed as she came, hard. He had her that way, and she liked it, damn him. She was panting heavily now, and let him mover her, so that she was laying on her side in an ‘L’, be ass at the edge of the bed, lazy-dog style. Alexis smiled and pulled on her hip to open herself for Him. Again, his dick was the invader. The angle was different, & she liked it, especially as he now squeezed her breast. “Yes-s-s-sss…” she said.

I took my time, and as before, kept that slow, steady rhythm. At the start of this, I thought Alexi Wash to be my best conquest yet, and he was certainly showing herself to be just that. At this position, I had more lateral side-to-side movement, and I made the most of it. My pet was again moaning loudly, and I was sure I could make her cum again. She had already placed the Hitachi on the bed. Hmmm…..so I handed it to her. Lifting her leg, my pet applied the humming device to her. I did pick up the pace just a bit, and while this one was not so earth shaking, it wasn’t long in coming. Alexis again shook, her face red, as she had a second orgasm.

Alexis knew it was that side position that did it, so the application of the Hitachi just made that second orgasm hit her quicker. Before this, Alexis never knew she was multi-orgasmic, and right now she was not complaining. As her Lover began to reposition himself, she knew this was coming. She had only done this once before, and did not care for it, but she wanted to give it to him, so she concentrated on opening that part of herself.

My pet was certainly learning. She not only seemed to do what she could to get herself in position for Him, she kept a hand on that Hitachi. Now on her knees, her ass up, she looked back at me, cheek pressed to the mattress, and offered a knowing smile as the mushroom head of my dick pressed against her anus. Alexis expression Kızılay Escort changed. Oh, there was pain, but clearly she was trying to let herself accept me in total submission.

Alexis knew to breath, and had heard that to ‘push like in the bathroom’ and it would be easier, and she did so. “Ahhh..Owww….” she heard herself saying, but tried to keep it low. She found herself wanting to give this to Him, so she needed to follow thru. She felt the head pop right in, and Alexis looked back at her Lover, and managed a smile.

Her anus gave as I figured it would. Despite the ‘Owie’s’ she was trying to take it. Once I was ‘past the door of the club’ so to speak, it went smoother, & S-l-o-w-l-y I inserted the big boy. I held for a moment and let her catch her breath. I knew the thick part of my ‘pipe was yet to go, so pointing at the Hitachi, I let her apply it. In just a moment, her facial features softened, so I began to push into her.

“Oww-Ah..” Alex said, but she was doing her best. Actually once in it wasn’t too bad, once in. Alexis was thankful He was moving slowly with her, as opposed to just thrusting, and it gave her needed time. He had begun to move to pump now, and at her Lover’s direction, she placed the Hitachi to her clit, and it’s reliable humming goodness let her concentrate on something else. It certainly felt different….she wondered; could she do it again?

My pet moved and shifted under me, but she continued to take it. She didn’t even complain. In fact, she was now panting and groaning, but it was the ‘other’ kind of groaning. I was continuing to pump, slowly but deepening, and be-damned if she wasn’t taking all of it! It was quite a sight, seeing her asshole stretched around the girth of my cock. She was moaning now too, and as I pushed into her, she pushed BACK into me.

Alexis had the rhythm now, and her ass had accepted him. It was painful, yes, but she was impressing not him, but herself. Really it was that last bit that hurt, when he was at his widest. Alexis was circling the Hitachi a little faster now. The feeling of her in her as was distracting, and the pain too, but she could feel the wave. It was building. “Ow…I-John..I…Could..AH>!” she said, and she pushed back in to him a little harder. “Cum in me….” She finally got out, Escort Bayan and began to twerk her ass.

Yep it was time. I could hear what she was trying to tell me, so when she told me to Cum, well, I just couldn’t wait anymore, it was just too good. I’m glad the little bungalow was separate from the rest, because with some very fast thrusts I screamed a bellow that sounded like (Hell it was) a scream as I dumped every…damn…bit…of my load… in Alexis Wash’s asshole. And the best part was, she was having a screaming orgasm too.

It was the Hitachi that did it. The submission was part of it too, not to mention his being her second “hat trick” of three orgasms in recent weeks. No matter, because she felt his hips twitching and that pushed her over the edge. As her Lover was pounding into her she felt her 3rd orgasm, while getting it in the ass, no less. Alexis Wash let the orgasm wash over her, screaming, shaking, and trembling.


After it was done, Alexis was able to get a warm towel from the bathroom, and she wiped her Lover’s softening dick clean. Her Lover had collapsed into “his” chair. She was justifiably proud of herself as she wiped off her asshole and, dropping the towel into the other chair, she sat down facing Him, just as she had barely 3 months before.

“Well-well-well,” I said, “it would seem, Alexis Wash, you have greatly exceeded my expectations.”

Alexis leaned back, smiled and said “Let’s just say I’ve changed.”

I returned that smile, “Yes, you certainly have. It wasn’t until today, both when I saw you with the bank owners, then here. It was then that I realized, I have let a wolf into the henhouse.”

Alexis smiled. “Perhaps…Perhaps so at that. You know, Johnathan, I too have noticed something.”

“Oh?” I raise an eyebrow.

“You too have changed.” She said, as she stood. “You chose to develop me, yet you could have chosen very differently. I think maybe you want another wolf around.”

“well, perhaps so.” I reply, and also stand. Helping her up, I tell her, “But this wolf will still want to control.” And I tug her close.

“This wolf has much to learn, and likes being controlled.” Alexis responded. Stepping away, she tugged His hand and said, “Come on; let me clean you in the shower.”

As they stepped into the shower, she kissed her Lover and added “do two wolves make a pack?”

What I told the investor/owners was right. This wolf may yet surpass me. But wow was it going to be one Hell of a ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32